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Sorry to bother, but I was just reading through your MSA comic (again, cuz I love it so much) and I just started laughing at some of the expressions! Idk why! What if you put a small collage of the funniest expression in the comic? I would die laughing! (In all seriousness I love your comic and style, you have my support! :) kbye)


and let’s not forGET

DAY 3288

Jalsa, Mumbai                     Mar 29,  2017                   Wed 10:31 pm

Birthday - EF - Rajeshree Bhanudas Divkar . ….   Thu, March 30 .. Happy birthday to you Rajeshree .. have a wonderful day and may you keep happy ever .. 

The BMC, which is the Municipal body of the city, sent out urgent messages on the net and mobile, that there is a heat wave descending upon the metropolis today, and the next day, and that it would be advisable to keep drinking a great deal of water to keep ourselves hydrated and free from any untoward medical condition .. it could not have come at a more opportune moment  .. I was shooting in the open the entire day .. and yes the sun and the heat was in excess .. so what ..? there were no casualties .. no one dropped to the ground in a faint .. and I had to be delivering multitudinal lines with a heat - inviting shawl over my body .. I survived .. and so did many others ..  end of story ..

No … this is not what many would be thinking - the Nazi salute ! No not even in my conscious dreams would I make such error .. or attempt ..

It was just giving the DOP behind me, the position of my hand .. nothing more !

We needed some extra scenes for the film, and that is what it has been all about for the entire day ..

Hahahahahaah … the Aussies have had a most humiliating defeat in the recent Test series .. and they have been desperately trying to either belittle the Indian achievement, or make most unsavoury and ugly remarks, personal in nature .. particularly against our Captain Virat Kohli .. and this coming mostly from the Australian Fourth Estate ..

  • ( all this emanating from the PC that Virat held after one of the games, where he stated that some members of the Aussie team had resorted to unfair means on the pitch .. implying, not naming Steve Smith, their Captain, when he had sought help through gestures with his dressing room mates, on whether he should go for a DRS or not .. DRS being a reviewing system that traces the computerised playing of the game to help in giving and correcting any decision by the umpire, if the opposition felt he was wrong. Its like the ball tracing in Tennis games when the linesman gives decision and the player seeks a review .. now a very common engagement in today’s sports - technology taking over human power . The incident was immediately observed by the Umpire on the  field who intervened and stopped the unlawful act about to be committed .. this is what Virat rightly spoke about in the PC .. Mr Smith obviously did not like this and from then on, many different kinds of behaviour incidents kept occurring .. most repulsive of them all being, the mocking of Virat’s shoulder injury that he developed while trying to stop a boundary, falling awkwardly on his shoulder, having to leave the field, without playing any more .. thereafter every time an Aussie fielding at the boundary fell to save a 4 or a 6, he would get up and hold his shoulder, to mock at Virat’s injury .. even when Indian batsmen got out , the mode of displaying their joy was to mockingly hold their shoulder )

A media output gleamed about their observation that “Virat was the Donald Trump of Sports” .. I acknowledged their observation and complimented them on their acceptance that Virat was a winner, and indeed the President of the sport ! I am not sure why the Donald Trump comparison came up, but I would assume that they were in fact quite chuffed by the DON .. or was it otherwise ??

Yesterday a prominent player from Australia, Mr Brad Hodge, insinuated that Virat was not playing the 4th Test in Dharamsala, because he wanted to play for the IPL, thus getting the much needed rest and recovery after his shoulder injury  .. an attempted ploy on the part of Virat, to stay away from the Test so he could recover for the IPL - a more lucrative enterprise ..

I corrected his insinuation by stating to him that this was not true .. Virat stayed away because he wanted to tell the Aussies that even without him, India would give them a resounding walloping  .. which they did, so convincingly .. 

Hahahahahaahaha .. heha aaa .. 

Australia lost hopelessly .. they were beaten in every department of the game .. part of gamesmanship is to accept defeat in a most gentlemanly manner, compliment the winners and get on with life .. but they never did that .. they are hopeless losers .. pathetic in their attitude and desperate to put some lame excuses on their embarrassing loss  !!!

Today another Aussie media output has called Virat an ‘egomaniac’ !

Ya .. Mr Aussi Media, you observe right .. any Captain that has whipped your team thoroughly and convincingly, needs to have an ego .. and needs to be maniacal about it .. you got a problem with that ..??

Dear me I have raved and ranted for too long .. 

Good night .. and be with smile and happiness ..

Amitabh Bachchan 

So that’s it..

This didn’t made sense back then..

Why would Viktor suddenly ask about Minako as if he’s jealous?

Why would he ask Yuuri if he’s got a girlfriend when it’s their first serious talk?

Why did his eyes lit up when Yuuri said no comment?

Why did he want to talk about himself all of a sudden?

This was corrected, the word that was said was actually “lover”.

And why did he suddenly wants to talk about his lovelife before anything else??






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Excuse me, but I was wondering if you could tell us more about the programs you use! Also, you did a step by step example of how you do art, and I was wondering about the purpose of the the layer where the line work is filled in grey?

i use paint tool sai for most of my illustration!!! (you can find more info on my faq). the gray layer is just a fill to later help me with coloring by preserving the opacity so when i color, nothing escapes. my coloring is literally everywhere right now hehA so it really depends on my mood which coloring style i like. i use photoshop for effects and adjustments

hopefully that helps, but ill stream sometime if you still have questions.

Although most of you lost yours, we made some wonderful new memories together, didn’t we?

Thank you for the memories RuneFa! 

Happy 10th anniversary~


Y'all know what this is.

Choro’s taking Ichi to his first Nya-Chan concert to see what he thinks (also the cat-themed merchandise and food might please him). RUN, KARA!!
Lazy ass Kara panels, I am very sorry. I have no energy these days losientolosiento~

I can’t draw hats, backgrounds or furniture so have some lanky beanpoles floating around in the void lmao
Hope you enjoy!

Uneven panel numbers throwing off the balance fufufufufu!

EDIT: My absolute bad, guys, I overestimated the canvas size and wrote tERRIBLY SMALL. Lemme get that for you.

Choro: Ne, Karamatsu-niisan, want to come to a Nya-Chan concert with us?
Kara: Heh… No thanks, that’s not really my thing. But you two have fu-
Choro(off panel): Aw, are you sure?
Choro(on panel): You’d fit right in!
Kara: …


elliot in every episode: 1x02 - eps1.1_ones-and-zer0es.mpeg