I almost died laughing at this part! ^^^ xD 

Screenshots from Eviebot and Boibot #3! :)

Oh my god this video was so funny! I was definitely like Jack at the part of the video when he was like “I’m going to pass out from laughing help!” Evie and Boibot just say the dumbest things that make no since what so ever. But that’s what’s fun about the videos right? :D

All these posts about Serena wearing nurse outfit being fanservice. It’s just them showing her cute and things like that happened with other pokegirls too.

Also if you are talking about fanservice, TALK ABOUT SOME REAL FANSERVICE LIKE:

I tried to make this funny

I was tagged by maya-magica, basically the cutest patootie.


nicknames? Kat Woman, Katie I guess (everyone irl calls me Kathleen haaa)

relationship status? Single n ready to mingle *tips fedora*

zodiac sign? Sagittarius 

pronouns? they/them

blood type? Uhhhh idk, O probably

height? 5'4″ I think, either way one my best friends is a giant and I will wrestle him to the goddamn ground. I am the alpha.

hair color? Some weird light brown with blonde streaks

long hair or short hair? *~Mermaid status~*

righty or lefty? Righty-o

tattoos? Not yet, idk what i would get, maybe a skull of a ram or something

do you have any pets? I got a super excited cat named Noodles and a lazy asshole for a dog named Daisy

do you want to change your name? Maybe??? Idk

do you have a crush on anyone? Oh shit, I don’t know man, I can tell ya this, I ain’t anyone irl, that’s for sure :/

what were you doing at midnight last night? Writing fanfiction like the homestuck trash I am HAHA

what time did you wake up this morning?  8am??? Either way it was hella early and I was hella grumpy.

what are you listening to right now? Love me - Homestuck soundtrack (hey don’t judge, its the most peaceful music ever)

what’s one thing you like about yourself? I don’t really take shit from anyone anymore??? I don’t know I kinda stick up for myself now because I’ve learned no one else will.

what did you do for your last birthday party? Did I have a birthday party for my last birthday? Damn I don’t even remember haha.

what’s one thing you wish you could change about your life? Not getting into homestuck, fuck you insta-grahamf, are you kidding me? This shit is ruining my life wtf!

what’s one thing you can’t wait for? Hmmm, have a stable job and apartment, maybe becoming a new feminist icon? That would be something to be proud of…

how many people on your fb list do you know? Don’t got a fb suckas!!!!

have you ever talked to a person named Tom? No?

last time you saw your mother? this afternoon when she left for work.

first surgery? I had to get stitches a few times in my life, does that count???

first piercing? I got earrings when I was a baby but they fell out…

first best friend? You mean still my best friend? Shout out to ba-relyhuman, you meme-loving fuck.

first sport you joined? Soccer or Ballet, don’t know which came first. Either way I suck at both..

first vacation? I used to visit my mom all the time in LA because my parents are divorced 

first pair of sneakers? ???????idk man??????


last drink? Diet Pepsi, tastes like carbonated piss water

last phone call? Mi mami <3

last text message? To themisanthropicphilanthropist, aka the cinnamon roll

last song you listened to? Miss You - Bo En (seriously listen to it, it’s amazing)

last time you cried? This morning, I was overcome by super nice messages from people congratulating me about being agender!


what are you eating? Eating my dad’s fruit because he’s a prick that leaves his family without telling anyone

what are you drinking? Water!!

what are you about to do? Gonna finish up ch 2 of my fanfic, I’m gonna do it, todays the day, yes, ok, I got this.

are you waiting for something? Nothing really. Waiting for my family to stop being a bunch of assholes but yea, noting really

what is your dream job? Idol, like seriously I wanna be an idol. You said dream job!

would you ever want to get married? Eh, it’s whateves.

would you ever want kids? Fuck no, I like babies but I can’t handle 4-9 year old, they are monsters.


kissed a stranger? Dont think so….

fallen for a friend? OH HO boy, fuck that experience, fuck that. Not fun, not fun at all.

dated someone twice? No.

turned someone down? Yea, 8th grade, kid was a fucking douche nozzle and I wasn’t going to just take it and let him win. Hell no.

broken someone’s heart? Hope I crushed his, he treated all the girls in the class like shit.

been cheated on? Maybe, still don’t know to this day…

kissed someone and regretted it? HOOOOO yea. 

lost someone special? Friends yea.

been depressed? Oh shit yea, been to the hospital twice, oh yea, that was totally a fun experience.

drank hard liquor? HA NO! IM 17 AND GRADUATED HIGHSCHOOL AND I HAVEN’T DRANK (except for a sip of champagne at new years) OR SMOKED POT. I literally don’t know how I got through highschool without drinking or smoking (pot or cigs).

been drunk and threw up? Never been drunk

been arrested? Thank god no.

lost glasses/contacts?  I don’t need either, suck it graham.


made a new friend? A ton of new friends online, and a few irl.

fallen out of love? Yea actually, thank god, that was going to lead me nowhere hahaha

laughed until you’ve cried? Yea, it’s the best feeling ever

met someone who’s changed you? Some of the people online, not really anyone irl.

found out who your true friends are? Kinda.

kissed someone on your fb list? Don’t got one hun


yourself? Now I do, most of the time at least, I try to be strong for my friends who need help or have troubles.

miracles? :o) (someone punch me)

love at first sight? I used to, then I met Garnet. 

kissing on a first date? Who gives a fuck? You can go screw on the first date for all I care, doesn’t affect me. Go at it you noodles.

heaven? Eh, sort of, I tell myself there is because I have this tremendous fear of death and non-existence to the point where I come up with crazy theories about space and time to that there is no such thing as not-existing.

angels? I’m here aren’t I? Nah I kid, I mean, I want to believe in them, so that I can talk to them sometimes. Idk I got a fucked up brain. 

Santa Claus? Why is this a question, you better not be implying something.

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this is one of my favourite journal entries from Eric; as it’s really about NOTHING, & he’s doing things and just seems happy…

Heh heh heh. I sure had fun this weekend. Let’s see, what really happened. Before going to Rock-n-Bowl we stopped by King Soopers and me and picked up some big ass stogies. We then went to Rock-n-Bowl and I had a few cigarettes and one of my brand new cigars. We then went back to ’s house where her mom had previously bought us all a fuck load of liquor. Personally I had asked for Tequila and Irish cream, Vodka got his Vodka, and there was beer, whiskey, schnapps, puckers, scotch, and of course, orange juice! So we had some fun there playing cards and making drinks. We eventually made it to bed at about 5 AM. Got up at 10, went to Safeway got some doughnuts and then I took Vodka home. The bottle of Tequila is almost full and is in my car right by my spare tire and right by the bottle of Irish Cream. Heh heh. I’ll have to find a spot for those 

- Eric Harris 11/8/98

I wanted to draw andauril‘s Siryn Lavellan again, ‘cause last like I did, I completely messed up her hair. Plus, she has a pretty smile :)

There is an alchemist squinting extra hard at a certain forest sage that just killed a fluffy fox, and she is getting teary eyed about it. Now there’s a pout too. She’s lookin’ pretty ridiculous right now. Squinting intensifies.

Stormwinds of Time
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(Yeah, I’m not spamming your dash with seven chapters, so just go read it on AO3, yeah?)

Words: 6712
Fandom: Stormlight Archive, Wheel of Time
Spoilers: implied through Words of Radiance, explicit through Fires of Heaven
Trigger Warnings: Character Death
Summary: The Wheel of Time turns, and Desolations come and go. What was, what will be, and what is, may yet fall under the Shadow. Let the Dragon ride  again on the stormwinds of time.

[Dragon Reborn!Kaladin AU]

Many thanks to ailavyn-siniyash for the wonderful/terrible prompt.

(This may or may not be an ongoing thing. >.>)

Bloody Encounter

[ closed rp with scarsbyfate ]

He knew he shouldn’t of gone it alone on this mission, wadding into a hive seeder that had been around for as long as that one had was one of the worst ideas he had ever had. But at least if this was going to be his final mission he wasnj’t about to take someone along with him, it had started off smooth enough blasted his way in, muscled his way through what had come to face him. But once he was in the depths, the honey comb of tunnels the hive critters had dug he realized then and there he was in way over his head. Long story short he paid for it, thrall acolytes knights and all other kinds of hive creatures came after him, he didn’t stop fighting not for a second even as he acquired some serious wounds.

Even after getting out of the labyrinth of tunnels he was still being pursued, he had a number of slashes and cuts from encounters with thralls some deeper then others more superficial if they were properly tended to, black scorch marks from hive shredders dotted his armor , one or two having cut into him, but nothing that would out right do him in, the worst of it was a large slash across his chest, from his right shoulder at the top down to his left side just above his hip, given to him by a hive cleaver having just been lucky enough to step back in time to not get cleaved in two. He looked as if he had gone to hell and back and he was still charging through. he was coming down a dirt path in the cosmodrom in old Russia, thrall and Traveler knows what else chasing him down, he had his Devil You know drawn and even with his wounds it didn’t stop him as he turned around and fired into the crowd of thrall, he dumped the rest of the ammo he had in the weapon at the time, downing about six or so thrall as the last two closed in for the attack. 

He reacted quickly by grabbing his hand cannon by the barrel and went to use it as a kind of club, reaching up and grabbing one of the thralls by the neck, gripping tightly as he mercilessly caved the creatures skull in snarling as he tossed the creature off to the side and went to deal with the other, not realizing how close to a near by cliff he was, the fight having pushed him to the edge and when the second thrall collided with him they both went tumbling over the edge, locked hand to hand combat even as they fell. Luckily enough for Cale the Thrall was the one that got the short end of the stick, falling on top of it as they slammed into the ground.

He panted hard, the fall adding to the already battered feeling he had as he slowly pushed up from the ground. He noticed the Thrall trying to even with a shattered body trying to claw at him or at least attempt to. The crack in his helmet, a commando custom. Showing a emerald green eye glaring hotly at the creature. He didn’t have any weapons on hand to deal with the broken creature so he did the first thing that came to mind, he pulled his helmet off revealing his scar covered face, his chocolate brown mowhawk and the blood that was dripping out of the side of his head a wound he had gotten from the fall. He grabbed the helmet with his other hand and began to use it as a blunt fore weapon, CRACK CRACK CRACK could be heard as the Thralls face was caved in with the brute force he unleashed as he finished the creature off, the look in his eyes pure hate for it. But even as its body went limp he continued to hammer away.

It was as if he had some undying hatred for the hive, something that was deep seeded in him and it was coming to the surface, he finally began to stop, his attacks weakening as he panted hard and sighed as if some kind of weight was removed from his shoulders for the moment, the look in his eyes was a mixture of shame and anger. He slowly began to rise from the ground, stumbling slightly as he got to his feet, taking a deep breath as he said. “Fuck me…..This is gonna be one long fucking day…” he glances back up, it was a fairly decent fall, not something to scoff at but he knew there was no way he’d be climbing back out and that if the Hive were determined enough they’d be trying to find a way down to him.