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alright !! either "Come home with me." or "You don't need to protect me." with Hoperai x3

Lightning had lived in the kingdom of Eden for her entire life. Even so, she’d never given much thought to the royal family. Sometimes they’d catch her eye when she passed by a newsstand or caught a headline online, but it pretty much went one eye and out the other

At least, this was so…until the fateful day when she was told she was the heir to the throne.

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Hi! I'm kinda new to BTS. Not really new but I only know the hit songs and some other songs but not the albums and their order. So the new one is the 3rd mini album right, so what are the previous two? Because I found 4 not only 2. And the other singles? I want to know. My question is clear right? but why do I talk too much? idk :/ anyway, please welcome me to ARMY fandom \:D/

HELLO DEAR ANON I WELCOME YOU TO THE ARMY fandom!! *fireworks* We do a lot of crying here but you probably already know that. Hehe~ And I’m not scaring you because it’s too late for you to turn back. When you start asking questions like these, you’re in deep and congratulations!!  First off before we continue I urge you to follow or bookmark the BTS twitter page HERE. We get selfies everyday. EVERYDAY. EVERYDAY!!! And more recently dubsmash everyday!! But anyways to answer your question, bighit/BTS totally has no chill and since they debuted in 2013 they always have TWO comebacks every year. They also often promote two songs.

2 Cool 4 Skool (mini?! Singles album)
- No More Dream
- We are Bulletproof

O!RUL8,2? (mini album)
- N.O

Skool Luv Affair (mini album then there was a special edition)
-  Boy In Luv
- Just one day

Dark & Wild (full album)
- Danger
- War of Hormones

In the Mood for Love Pt. 1 (mini album)

I think that’s it so far? Somebody please correct me I’m not really an expert on this actually. Heh~ Also the first three albums are a part of a school theme trilogy. NOT TO MENTION, they also have a Japanese Album: WAKE UP. But mostly comprised of the songs listed above but in Japanese version. See? TOTALLY NO CHILL AT ALL. ^_^ I urge you to listen to all the songs in all the albums I promise you’ll like them. Especially the CYPHERS!!! The cyphers are a rite of passage. You’ll understand when you listen to them. Hehe! I didn’t even list down the covers they have. They also make covers of songs.

I hope this helps!! And once again welcome!!! Are you ready to have your life ruined by these seven talented dorks? Just kidding you’re never ready. We’re never ready. You think you’re ready for them? Nope. 

EDIT: How can I forget? BANGTANTV. YES.

Your Secret’s Not Safe With Me|| Marley and Estela

The Traveler’s Roost was one of the shadiest spots in town, if you didn’t count every shop on Amity Road. The staff did little for upkeep around the place, and it was really a wonder that anyone actually checked in to a place like this. It was probably good, on that accord alone, that Marley had sent Avon on a wild goose chase at Haven Hotel instead. A smile played at her lips as she walked up to the motel, hands deep in jacket pockets, making sure she could place every emotion within the range. Nothing too suspicious as of yet, and it seemed that the front desk worker (the man she’d talked to on the phone) was as human as the passed out drunk guy in the parking lot.

The door made an awful squeaking noise as she pushed it open, flinching. She dutifully made her way up to the front desk and pulled out her badge. “I believe we spoke on the phone yesterday,” she said to the bored looking worker, who was flipping through a porno mag. Marley scrunched her nose. 

“Yer that detective, right?” he said, not bothering to hide his disgusting magazine. Marley nodded.

“You said you remember seeing someone matching the description I gave you,” she went on, giving a disgusted look at him before glancing around the motel lobby. “I’m going to need to know which room they were in.” 

He shrugged. “They didn’t check in or nothin’, think they were stayin’ with a pal.” He pointed down the hallway. “Saw them goin’ into a room down there. Uh, 15, I think.”

Marley smiled forcefully. “Thanks for your time,” she said, then turned, and went on her way, fighting herself from turning back around to yell at them man, as she could feel him looking at her. Disgusting.

When she reached room fifteen, she paused, trying to feel out if anyone was actually inside, or if this would be another B&E opportunity, hopefully without the closet shenanigans this time. But, no– the room was occupied. By someone with very restrained emotions, something a bit familiar to the feel. A slayer? Hunter? Not quite supernatural. Marley lifted her hand and knocked. 

What would a werewolf be doing with a slayer? 

A slow motion blue shell dodge that hopefully shows off when to use your mushroom better than my last gif.

Until playing as Ludwig in Mario Kart 8, I never really thought about the fact that the blue shell looks almost identical to his actual shell. Lud is such a cutie I ain’t biased :U

Drabble Dare!

Character: Dean Winchester  (note: though I added more than him - hope you don’t mind!)

Challenge: pool noodle, cat, yoga

Requestor: crowley-is-my-homeboy

A/N: I’d like to thank sweetasscas for sharing some Asylum14 posts with me, thus providing the inspiration for this fic. Heh heh heh.

“Man, I’m going crazy in here. How do we have all this crap lying around and not one deck of cards?” Dean leaned back in his chair, nursing a beer that had gone tepid.

“I don’t know, I think this is kinda fun. Like a study in historic customs, pre-Candy Crush era.” Charlie grinned as she popped the cap off the marker and took her position in front of the dry erase board.

“I’m not familiar with that era. Was it before or after the Renaissance?” asked Castiel, the shadows playing games across his face in the flickering candlelight.

“She means before you fried our generator, Cas.”

The angel’s brow fell as he looked to Dean. “You said it needed power. I was only trying to assist.”

“No use arguing about it now.” Sam smiled as he passed Charlie a dictionary, grateful for her well-timed visit. With her usual cheerful energy, they might actually survive this blackout. “We need to get some new parts, and until the storm lets up, we’re not going anywhere.”

“This’ll be fun, anyway. I haven’t played this since I was a kid.” She grinned as she turned her back, opened the dictionary to a page at random, and pointed to a word blindly. “Okay, someone watching the time?”

Sam dropped to a seat between the other two and held up a wristwatch. “One minute on the clock. Annnnd, go!”

Charlie turned to the whiteboard. While her sketch wasn’t a Rembrandt, all those hours spent scratching doodles while on hold at Roman Enterprises paid off.

“Pool noodle,” Sam announced as she finished up, twenty seconds to spare.

“Yes!” She and Sam high-fived as she swapped places with him on the couch. “And that’s how you play the game, bitches!”

Castiel’s brow knit. Here was the problem with observing humanity for centuries but rarely being an active participant. “They’re very good,” he said to Dean. “I’m afraid I’ll put you at a disadvantage.”

“Nah, we’re not beat yet.” Dean was grinning eagerly. “Wait’ll you see Sam try to draw.”

“Hilarious. Like you’re some kinda Da Vinci,” Sam murmured, turning his back and jabbing his finger between the pages to get a word. To the group’s surprise, he looked relieved when he faced them. “I’ve got this, no problem.”

“Rabbit…? Urm… Pikachu! What? You don’t know Pikachu? It’s a Pokemon. Uh… oh, dog! Or… wait! Is that a tail or a foot?!” Charlie shouted, practically bouncing in her seat.

With every detail Sam added, things got worse and worse.

“Time!” called Dean triumphantly.  

Sam looked over his work dejectedly. “It was a cat…”

“Oh, oh yeah! I … can totally see that. Entirely my bad, you did great!” But Charlie’s attempts to console were drowned out by Dean’s snorts of laughter.

Dean took a minute to soak up Sam’s glowering to satisfaction, then clapped his hands and drew to the edge of his seat. “Alright, Cas, let’s show ‘em what we can do.” 

Cas followed the same pattern as the others, but after choosing his word, he paused, eyes narrowed and frowning.

“Get a word you don’t know?” Sam asked.

“No, no. I’m ready. Time, please.”

“Go!” Charlie called. 

Castiel’s arm moved with broad, stiff strokes. Every line he added to the board drew a bit more confusion and concern from the faces turned toward him.

“Um… crawling? Baby?” Dean tried. “Cas, come on! You gotta give me more than that!”

Castiel glanced nervously between Dean and the board, his brow dipping as he pulled the marker across its surface, making it squeak under the pressure.

Charlie immediately went red, and Dean nearly dropped his beer.

“I don’t think that’d be in the dictionary,” said Sam, his mouth not quite certain if it wanted to smile or simply gape. “And twenty seconds!”

The angel’s nostrils flared in consternation. While he had misgivings about Dean understanding his work, he thought, at the very least, Sam would be able to grasp its meaning. Seconds ticking away in the back of his mind, he raced to clarify.

“Oh… wow,” breathed Charlie.

“5… 4… 3… 2…” Sam counted.

“EIFFEL TOWER!” Dean suddenly bellowed, his own skin showing a bit of red beneath the scruff.

“TIME!” Sam declared. And with that, they all went silent, each staring at Cas with varying degrees of incredulity. 

Cas flung one arm toward the image impatiently. He understood that he wasn’t gifted in terms of art, but he felt certain he had somehow become the punchline of one of Dean’s jokes.

“In no way does this even remotely represent architecture of any kind,” he protested, face obstinant.

He snatched the dictionary back up, thumbed back to his word, and held it before Sam’s nose. The whole affair was done in a very I trusted you, at least, kind of way. 

“I’m going to get a beer,” Castiel growled, storming away from the group.

“The hell is that stick figure porn supposed to be?” Dean asked, incredulous.

Charlie took the dictionary from Sam, who was laughing too hard to get a word out, and immediately followed suit, her shoulders shaking as she pointed for Dean. 



scrap doodles I suppose