So that’s that, folks! 

Two weekends, 56 hours of panels and 30+ authors later, we are done!! I know I’ve said it countless times already but man, the response and support that I have received for this event have been mind blowing. 

A huge thank you to everyone who participated, even if you were just popping in and out of chat. I’m so glad people have enjoyed the stream and hopefully some of you have been inspired by the authors who have taken their time to share their knowledge and experiences with the rest of us. 

If even one person has been motivated to start/continue writing because of this stream, then hey that’s all I could ever ask for. And I hope along the way, we’ve all made some new friends.

A couple of projects/ideas were discussed in the group therapy panel today and these were the Castle Fic Mentoring thingo and the Castle Nanowrimo in January one (which name I cannot remember right now). I’m sure more details will come soon about these so hang tight! 

Special thanks to these all the panelists who dropped by: 

98RockAngel Aalon | acertainzest | AllyLobster | Alyssa86inMN | brilliantmoxie | Chezchuckles | ColieMacKenzie | daphnebeauty |  FanficwriterGHC | Garrae | GeekMom | griever11honeyandvodka | IllusiveWritings | Ilovetoread09 | InkyCoffee | Ipreferwestside | ivyandtwine | jstar1382 | KrissaBelle7 | Lord of Kavaka | Madcrafter72 | nighttimerunner Oliviet | Pen to Paper WriterPerspex13 | Sandiane Carter  | seilleanmor |  Shutterbug5269 | SparkleMouse | The-KLF | whatifellinlovewith

If anyone has suggestions on what could have been done better / improvements, please let me know. I am always open to new ideas. 

Once again, thank you EVERYONE and I hope to see you next time!! I’m off to bed :) 


Round round round the world ~

I’m opening these as 2-inch acrylic charm pre-orders until the 20/10/2016! 

Bonus Jaehee: