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Will you draw jumin x zen ;w; ?

Hahaha yes yes these two are too cute together~

But I don’’t know if I should draw them cute…

– Jumin and Zen got shrunk… somehow (*°▽°*) –

…Or something more… idk… intense (?) \(★▽★)/

So I did both. ❤ ° ╰(▔∀▔)╯ ° ❤

I was playing destiny with one of those spottily playlist playing in the background and in the middle of a strike boss fight a super sad song came on and then my teammates started dying, and the traveller is dead, the hive have taken over earth, the darkness is here… It was awful.

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Happy New Year! Thank you for offering doodles! How about the Tenth Doctor's New Year's enthusiasm juxtaposed with Alec Hardy's complete lack of it?

…Happy New Year?


lol silly kookmin doodles, inspired by gohan/videl (their learn to fly scene)…. and friends hahahaha (the obscene b-day cake ep, and the jellyfish sting ep lol

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i got tagged to post 6 selfies from 2016 by @whelvenwings, @thebloggerbloggerfun, and @vinnie-cha!

most of my mutuals have already done this so i’m tagging whoever is reading this and wants to join in on the selfie party!! 🎉

μ's bakery au ideas (1/?)

(official twit thread here) (various ideas will be thrown in the thread first before i pile them up in a post like this)

  • their bakery is combined with a cafe
  • it is sponsered by maki (damn maki u rich)
  • very popular (bc of the *coughs* cute girls *coughs* n also bc their stuff r very good)
  • Rin n Hanayo mostly make pastries like cupcakes, macaroons etc etc
  • Maki is a special case tho (bc she sucks), she mostly makes sandwiches bc she can add all the tomatoes she wants
  • Honks specialize in bread (well of course right) (its honks)
  • Umi is generally ok with everything, but she sticks with making pastries n bread
  • Kotori specialize in making cheesecakes! her cheesecakes r the best, there’s only like 3-5 per day n it always get sold out
  • Eli, Nozomi n Nico make cakes
  • Eli… mostly makes chocolate cakes.
  • she is good at other cakes too but she. just. makes. chocolate. cakes.
  • Nozomi can make a variety of cakes, but she never uses caramel
  • also nozo is good at making donuts! but still no caramel tho
  • Nico is the best at mostly everthing, so she’s the head baker but no one calls her that smh

(more ideas under the cut)

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HOW ABOUT HARRY ft. A PUPPY or a whole pile of puppies (i'm excited to see this happen ily)

Harry had never felt any animosity against animals.

He had loved Hedwig, that snake had once done him a big favour in his youth (it had made him laugh, which was a huge thing back then) and he had always laughed himself silly whenever Sirius changed into animagus form.

And now, staring at a huge pile of puppies - so many of them crawling over each other, yipping happily up at him - he felt like his heart would melt into a tiny puddle of love.

They were all golden Labradors, looking up at him with these dopy, glassy eyes full of wonder and trust, almost as if they were curious to who he was, why he was almost on the verge of tears (cuteness overload), why his face was breaking in two due to his wide smile.

“Draco,” Harry breathed finally, not daring to take his eyes off the puppies, “what did you -”

“I love you,” Draco said simply.

Harry looked to the dogs, staring and staring and staring until he was sure the image would be imprinted in his mind forever, before he finally felt calm enough to reply, “I love you too.”

Because he did.

(He loved Draco almost as much as the puppies. Which was saying a lot.)

Vore Prey Asks
  • Nom: How do you feel about preds giving you a little nibble or two (not enough to hurt, though)?
  • Mmm: Have preds ever told you what you taste like? Do you have any clue how you taste to predators?
  • Audio: Do stomach noises intimidate you when you're trapped inside, or relax you?
  • Company: Would you rather be eaten alone or with a friend?
  • Marshmallows: Does it bother you when preds ingest you when there's already food in their stomach?
  • Regrets: Do you ever have that moment when you regret letting your guard down around a predator?
  • Beat: How do heartbeats make you feel?
  • Situated: How long does it take you to make yourself at least remotely comfortable?
  • Pounding: When someone ingests you without your consent, do you relax and try to find a way out calmly or make a major fuss and unleash hell on their innards?
  • Whoops: How do you feel about accidental Vore, and do you blame the predator for it?
  • Explanation: Do you think preds need to tell you why they swallowed you?
  • Sorry: If a predator apologizes, do you forgive them?
  • Zzz: Do you end up falling asleep inside your predatory captors? Why? If no, why not?
  • The Fear: Are you phased by Vore, or are you perfectly comfortable with sliding down a predator's throat?
  • Picky: If you had to pick anyone you knew or looked up to to swallow you, what person would that be and why?
  • Bro: Do certain friends swallow you to show affection?
  • Metabolism: Are you easy-to-digest or indigestible?
  • Hard to Stomach: Do you typically force preds to spit you out?
  • Cocoon: Are stomachs a calming or unnerving place to be?
  • Pain Relief: Do you ever go down and try to cure a predator buddy's illnesses?

“I told you, Newt,” Theseus said, leaning forward in his chair to put his elbows on the table. “You’re like marmite; people either love you or they hate you but still keep you around just in case.”

Percy snorted suddenly, surprising Goldstein, at the dry look the magizoologist gave his brother. “Thanks,” Newt said. “I feel so much better now.”

Theseus, you’re an absolute twat to your brother and I fucking love you for it heh