heh idk what this is supposed to be

in coups’ jacket

(it looks better when you click on it; idk why it’s so blurry :p)

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tagged by: @phan-on-wattpad

name : shreya

nickname : shrey the bae, turnip, cheeto

star sign : leo

height : 5'4

sexuality : bi and proud

hogwarts house : gryffindor bitches

favorite animal : dogs, cats, giraffes

average hours of sleep : 2 ( i have medically diagnosed insomnia yay)

current time : 23:10 pm (central time zone)

dog or cat person : don’t make me choose bitch

blankets you sleep with : a navy blue one with snowmen on it because iT iS cHriStMaS hOeS!

dream trip : backpacking through europe

dream job : lawyer or entertainer

day you made your blog : am i supposed to MEMORIZE THIS what idk probably sometime in february

followers : 33

here’s the people i wanna get to know better:



@the-walking-trash-can (heh ily)





and of course