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Can I prompt you? Sayyyyyyy Darcy and Steve are together and he is restrained during sexy times. One day Tony drags Darcy into his lab where Steve has been hit with truth serum and is confessing allllllll the dirty kinky things he wats to do to Darcy

heh.  here you go, rated T for language and slightly inappropriate truths.


Darcy dropped her entire mug of coffee, with the last little bit of pumpkin pie creamer that had been surreptitiously dropped into Jane’s lab’s fridge two weeks after New Year’s (with a post it note attached to it stating it was to Darcy, from an admirer).  She’d made that bottle last well into the summer, just one week past the expiration date, too.  And now the last delicious mug was gone, running down the sink to join its coffee ground brethren (that she had mercilessly dumped into the garbage disposal in revenge for Tony calling out her staring at Steve Rogers at the last Facility wide get together)  

Rhodey ran into the common room and gestured with his hand emphatically.

“You have to get down to Tony’s lab. NOW.”

Now James Rhodes was the level headed one of the operation, really.  He was the only other person on base that seemed to have his wits about him.  Darcy relied on him to be the other steady hand when Tony went a little crazy with the science benders.  Pepper couldn’t be counted on all the time, due to her own incredibly busy schedule.  Jane and Bruce were laughably incapable of tending to their own needs, much less Tony’s.  And Steve and the rest of the Avengers were always busy.  

Especially Steve.  He was always going here or there with Sam and/or Natasha, looking for Bucky  Darcy didn’t see him nearly enough

Darcy chased after Rhodey, knowing that if the other steady hand of the Avengers Corral was desperate and rushed, then it must be something HUGE.  The elevator was waiting for them and they were running into Tony’s lab in less than forty-five seconds.


Darcy jumped back at the roaring shout coming from the middle of Tony’s lab and Rhodey had the good grace to put a calming hand on her shoulder, even if he was smirking at Natasha and Tony across the room.  In between the standing people, Steve Rogers was strapped to a chair with what looked to be steel restraints that he was actively trying (and succeeding) to bend and break.  

“And don’t give me that look, Rhodes, you fucking asshole!” Steve snarled out.  "I always wondered how you could have stuck by fucking Stark all this god damned time and now I know that it’s because you’re just as much of a son of a bitch as he is!“

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What if Yui surprised the boys with a romantic dinner?



♥Shu: Heh. Did you cook all this? The steak is on point… That’s really impressive. Well, let’s dig in.

♥Reiji: Oh, I feel flattered… You even lighted up candles and prepared the tableware. I didn’t know you had quite the taste.

♥Ayato: Woah! There’s so much takoyaki! This is amazing, Chichinashi! Did you do this all by yourself?

♥Kanato: You prepared a lot of food. But you didn’t forget the sweets, right? Ah, that cake looks really good. I want to eat it first!

♥Laito: Are~? So much food… Bitch-Chan, you really did a good work in here, nfu~ You even made some macarons! Ahh, I’m glad~

♥Subaru: This is… I was growing tired of Reiji’s cooking… And it even tastes good. How can I say it…. Thanks?


♥Ruki: Well, I guess it’s good not to have to cook for a night… Good job, Livestock. I might be nicer with you this time…

♥Kou: Ahh, there’s so much to eat! This is great~! I’ll reward you later, M Neko-chan~! But now, I’m going to eat all of this!

♥Yuma: Om nom nom, what a nice surprise. Did you use my vegetables, Sow? You did?! Then, that’s way better! Om~

♥Azusa: You did this… For me, Eve? Ah, I’m so glad… But I want you to come and have dinner with me…


♥Carla: Hm… I see you chose the finest ham. Well, nice work, woman. I might consider this.

♥Shin: Well, I guess it’s a nice opportunity to see how well you do at cooking, heh. Get over here, are you going to just stand there?

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Hello I'm one of your readers from qoutev from the story Love Or Obsession, and I would like to request a Jimin angst/fluff where Jimin gets angry and jealous that your not spending time with him and spending more time hanging out with Jackson from Got7. Love Or Obsession was really great btw❤❤❤❤👍👍👍❤❤❤❤

Sorry it took so long to answer! Thank you for your request, I really appreciate it ^^ You’re the only request I’ve gotten so far, so I’m sorry this isn’t perfect. I should’ve tried harder, but I hope you enjoy it. (Also, you didn’t tell me whether you and Jimin were in a relationship or not, so I decided to let you be in a relationship already, if that is not what you wanted, you can send in your request again and I’ll just write it over heh.) Anyway, here you go!

Jealous Jimin

“Hello?” you said, answering your phone.

“(Y/n)?” you heard your boyfriend say from the other side.

“Oppa, why are you calling?” you asked with a frown.

It wasn’t that you didn’t like Jimin calling you, but you had really not expected it. BTS was very busy with promoting their new album, so you didn’t get to see your boyfriend very often and mostly just texted when he had five minutes off.

“I’m home. We got to go home early today, but you’re not here. Where are you? I miss you”, Jimin pouted.

“Oh, I’m just in the city, getting bubble tea with Jackson oppa.”

You looked over at Jackson who was standing in line, waiting until it was his turn to order your bubble tea. You were already seated somewhere because the boy had insisted on taking care of everything.

“Jackson? GOT7’s Jackson you mean?” Jimin asked.

“Yeah. Oppa is ordering right now, so I’ll come when we’re done, okay?”

“Why don’t you come now?” the boy whined and you sighed because it was so adorable.

You started pouting yourself. “Because I’m out with Jackson oppa. I can’t just ditch him. I’ll talk to you later, okay?”

“Okay…”, Jimin grumbled slightly.

You just thought it was plain cute though and hung up with a smile on your face, waiting for Jackson to make it to your table.

When you got home later that evening, the house was very quiet.

“Oppa?!” you shouted while taking off your coat and your shoes. “I’m home!”

“Jagiya!” Jimin whined while rushing from the living room into the hallway. “What took you so long?”

Jimin came up to you and hugged you tightly while you were still struggling with your shoe. You giggled in his chest as he knew you were having a hard time, but just held you tighter. “I’m sorry. Jackson had a lot to talk about and he’s just so much fun to hang out with, I lost track of time.”

“But I’m fun as well”, Jimin mumbled while hiding his face in your neck.

You snickered, but hugged him back. “Unfortunately, you have no jams, so I’m not sure.”

“Yah!” Jimin looked up and got out of your grip to look at you with knitted eyebrows and an angry pout.

“Just kidding, oppa”, you smiled and ruffled his hair while passing him. “I’m going to make dinner, so keep yourself busy for half an hour, please.” Jimin could be quite annoying when he was in a clingy mood and you had stuff to do, so you were clearly warning him because it looked like he was having one of those moments.

Jimin didn’t bother you however and you could make dinner quietly without burning anything (something that had happened a few times before due to a certain boy annoying you). When you were done and called Jimin over he, however, wasn’t lively at all anymore. He just sat there, seeming to be deep in thought and didn’t give any reaction when you put the plate of food in front of him. You realized that he probably had had a rough time at work lately and needed some love, and you felt a bit guilty. You walked behind Jimin and wrapped your arms around his waist, giving him a back hug.

“Tough day at work?” You asked quietly near his ear.

Jimin snorted. “Day, week, month… it doesn’t seem to end. I just wanted you to be home when I got here to give me a hug.”

“I’m here now.”

Jimin didn’t answer that, he just sighed. You hugged him tighter and pressed a kiss on his head. “Eat. We can watch a movie and cuddle when we’re done.”

It seemed like after that day however, BTS got even busier. Jimin came home later or not at all so you easily became bored as you were just free from University for about a month. You hung out more with Jackson because GOT7 was done promoting their newest album and were enjoying a break themselves. Whenever Jimin called you however, you just happened to be with Jackson and your phone conversations turned shorter and colder. It seemed like he didn’t really want to talk to you and he ignored half of your texts. So, even though he was acting strange, you decided to visit him at work one day. It was something you didn’t do often as you didn’t want to be a burden, but you had brought some bottles of water and energy drinks for everyone, hoping that the other members wouldn’t be so annoyed with your presence if you gave them something in return. You stood outside the dance practice room, hesitant and nervous about entering. You could hear the music playing though, so you waited until the song was done and in the few seconds of silence you quickly sneaked inside, hoping the next song wouldn’t immediately start. The door loudly slammed in its lock behind you, causing you to jump up in surprise and turn around to the sound. When you turned back however, all the boys were looking at you and Jimin quickly turned off the music.

“(Y/n)? What are you doing here?” he asked confused and annoyed.

You smiled sheepishly and held up the bag in your hand. “I brought drinks for everyone.”

It was awkwardly silent for a while, until Namjoon shrugged and walked over. “Need a break anyway”, he mumbled while he took a bottle of water out of the bag. He was all sweaty and smelled horrible, but you still returned a smile when he gave you one. Soon all the guys came over except Jimin. You looked at him while biting your lip nervously, but he just crossed his arms and stared intensely at you.

“Come on guys, let’s get out of here for a minute”, Yoongi told the younger members, clearly feeling the tension in the air. When the door shut behind them, your heart felt like it would explode any minute.

You put the bag aside awkwardly and got the last water bottle out so you could go over to Jimin and give it, purely to cross the distance between you two.

“Why aren’t you with Jackson hyung?”

You got startled by the question and stood up straight with a frown on your face, completely forgetting the water bottle. “Why am I not with Jackson oppa? Because… I wanted to… see you?” you asked, wondering if that answer would satisfy him. Was he being jealous?

Jimin huffed and looked away from you, but didn’t say anything.

“Are you… jealous?”

“No”, Jimin said harshly. He was jealous.

You sighed and walked over to him. “Oppa, there’s nothing to be jealous-”

“I’m not jealous!”

You shook your head and crossed your arms over your chest. “Can we talk like mature people who are in a relationship?”

Jimin looked at you intensely, clearly trying to hold back a nasty comment.

“Nothing is going on between Jackson oppa and me.”

“Then why are you hanging out with him more often than with me?! People might question who your boyfriend actually is, (Y/n)!” he yelled, exploding.

“Honestly, Jimin oppa, if that was the thing that bothered you then you could’ve talked to me way earlier. Why did you stay silent?”

“I hoped you would’ve known me good enough to figure out I wouldn’t like it. Why would I talk about it? You’d only find me annoying.”

It was sad when Jimin became insecure like this and you did feel quite guilty, you just hadn’t thought anything of it because Jackson was fun and BTS and GOT7 were friends, so you thought it’d be fine.

“You’re more annoying now. Why don’t you trust me?”

“I do trust you…”

“You don’t trust Jackson oppa?”

“No, that’s not it. I do trust him. It’s just… it’s not a great feeling when your girlfriend spends more time with your friend than with you. You always respond with ‘I’m hanging out with Jackson oppa right now’ and that makes me sad because I cannot even afford to spend time with you right now and knowing that someone else is doing my job-”

You walked up to him, clearly seeing how much it hurt him and quickly pressed a kiss on his lips. “I’m sorry. I didn’t want to make you feel insecure”, you said quietly and gave him another kiss. “I’ll hang out less with Jackson oppa. I love you, Park Jimin. I know you would spend time with me if you could, but I know that right now you’re very busy and I’ll wait until you have time. Just come home and give me a hug every now and then.”

Jimin smiled softly and stroke through your hair before pulling you close in his embrace and placing a kiss on your head. “Whenever I get to go home, I will cuddle you until you’re fed up with me.”

You smiled and hid against his chest. “Good luck. Prepare yourself to lose that battle, though.”

Jimin chuckled. “I love you, (Y/n).”

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S brothers reaction to their daughter moving away from home? (Uni or an adult or something) thank you have a nice day

♥Shu: University? How bothersome… Is it too far away? Hn… But you’ll come back eventually, right? -he didn’t show it, but he actually was worried about the fact that you were going to live on your own.-

♥Reiji: I don’t want you to get close to any boy in there, miss! I want you to focus in your studies. Promise? Hah… You would be the first on this family who starts university. You should be proud.

♥Ayato: But why do you need to go?! I mean, you just could stay here! You don’t need to go to university, heh.

♥Kanato: No. No. You’re staying here. What makes you think I’m letting you go? Silly.-actually, making Kanato angry was way more dangerous than living alone in an apartment on the city.-

♥Laito: Oh~ Well, do take care of yourself at university! And don’t go fooling around with boys. Is that clear?~

♥Subaru:… No! You’re not leaving! I-I don’t know why you suddenly feel the urge to leave, but if you even dare to do so, I’m coming for you to bring you back!

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Hi I'm so glad i came across your blog I love reading all the fun asks and you do portray the boys really well !!! If you don't mind can you do the Sakamaki's reaction to catching there s/o listening to the song bad things by machine gun Kelly and when they catch her she blushes (≧∇≦)thank you !!! 😊❤

Heyyy I didn’t know that song. I listened to it and its pretty cool! Here you go~ ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

♥Shu: Heh, lewd… That’s not the kind of music I usually listen to… But I guess you could learn a thing or two from that song.

♥Reiji: I didn’t know you listened to such indecent songs… *sigh* Why are you blushing? Stop trying to act innocent with me. You’re not escaping from me now.

♥Ayato: What does this means, Chichinashi? Heh, do you want me to recreate those lyrics with you?

♥Kanato:…. So, this is the song you ’ve been humming lately? Haha, she’s blushing, Teddy… Dirty, right?

♥Laito: Ne, Bitch-chan, why are you blushing like that? Is it because you wanna do “bad things to me”? Fufu~ Well, I have time for you right now~

♥Subaru: …… What kind of songs do you listen to? Ugh, don’t give me that look… *blushes slightly* D-DAMMIT, why are you blushing like that?!

If  VIXX Members have girlfriends:
  • N: I recently went to the zoo with my nephews and we had so much fun. If I will have a girlfriend I would love to go to the amusement park, although I don’t enjoy getting on scary rides.(laughs)I would like to be a boyfriend who can make his girlfriend happy every day. I am not sure if I could though, I just wish I could be one.
  • LEO: I like to meet a girl who is wise like my mom. She does not have to be older than me but I want someone I can lean on to.I am a type of boyfriend who gives everything to a girlfriend. Yet if she does something wrong such as to cheat, I turn away very coldly. If she doesn't, then I will do everything that I can to make her happy.
  • KEN: I don’t need anything else but she got to have irresistible desire (?).I have never done preparing an event. So if I get a chance, I would love to do one for my future girlfriend. She would love it, right?
  • RAVI: Going on a date? Not in a place like here (arboretum). If I go on a date with my girlfriend, I would go to Hanok Village. How they look is important to me. And I want to see the overall harmony of person’s appearance and in that sense, I am a fan of an actress Lee Ha-Nui.
  • HONGBIN: My ideal type for girlfriend is pretty specific. I wish my future girlfriend has a pretty smile face, half-moon shaped eyes, and long straight hair. Is there any woman who can only look at me and no one else? In fact, if the weather is as good as today, I won’t mind doing anything. It would also be good even if I just go for a walk; all I want is a "dreamy girlfriend".
  • HYUK: I get jealous easily. I wish my future girlfriend would have no guy around her. And about her appearance, I wish she looks pretty For Me.If I get a girlfriend, I would like to go to Hallasan. If I go to such challenging place with someone I love I would feel very pleased. It would be better if we face all sorts of hardship as we climb up the mountain?
  • source: STARCAST | trans by: realvix

i’ve been missing here and my main (for the most part) i’ve been so busy m’guys..

but i’m here not to complain about that HEH i’m here to LET YOU GUYS KNOW


so i’m going to start con merch prep very soon and i really wanted to do something to interact more with my followers! so to the smol borderlands fandom that i’ve grown with, i wanted to do a small thing for it! it’s not much.. i’m still a small time artist as far as AA goes -sweats- as the cons progress and so will my art, i’ll make more elaborate stuff.. since this is only my second table ever, i wanted to try something new! 



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Marinette was nervous and determined to let him know just what she felt for him. Even if he was getting married. She mustered enough courage to confront him right before he had to walk down the aisle. "Adrien, I just wanted you to know that I've always loved you. I know I should have told you sooner and I still know you have feelings for Ladybug too. Don't marry this girl. You don't love her. You love Ladybug. She then gently placed a kiss on his lips then pulled back, expecting the worse.

My muse is getting married to the wrong person. Tell my muse what would your muse say in order to get them to change their minds?

[Wow, so this was just gonna be Adrien reacting to Mari’s kiss, but IDK what happened. Suddenly this transformed from an rp reply into a oneshot drabble fic. So, uh… yeah… here you go. Heh heh]

Adrien stayed frozen in place, face flushed. All of his second guessing and anxiety over his - practically arranged- marriage coming crashing down upon her words. He was a wreck. 

What in the world was he doing going through with this? How did Marinette know he loved Ladybug? Why was his heart pounding in his chest? Why did he felt jolts shooting down his spine when her lips pressed against his? Why did his stomach flip and his breath hitch and his hands start to move for her waist? Why did she flee so fast? And just how long had she been in love him?

He gasped as his knees gave way. Sinking to the floor of his dressing room, his hands fumbling to loosen his too tight tie. He felt light-headed. His stomach felt like he swallowed about a hundred akuma. Why couldn’t he seem to breathe? 

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