heh heh cutie

Infinite mood boost:

just “some” clips/fancams of Infinite that would make your day better :)

  • 4K of The Eye perf. it’s lit
  • being thankful for this cute ass perf of Thank You
  • Sungyeol imitating Sungkyu singing 60 Seconds. 
  • Sungyeol in a suit, and chilling with a lil cutie
  • Nell Fanboy
  • that same lil cutie from the video above chills with Dongwoo
  • Woohyun and Howon gets gold medals and they’re too hype
  • idol sports way back when and infinite dancing heh
  • Sungkyu (and others) being embarassed by Woohyun dancing to Jewelry’s One More Time
  • woohyun swoon
  • have you ever watched sung-myung-jong trio dancing to Bangkok City
  • Hoya making gross hearts and forcing sungkyu and sungjong to throw up hearts. 
  • water bottle
  • sungjong laughing at sungkyu heh
  • hoya dancing ah-choo
  • heh sungyeol, man in love
  • aegyo set: Howon & Woohyun
  • 100 second aegyo 
  • sungkyu trynna dance but it aint going well
  • that one time infinite proved they sing well live ;)
  • pick me pick me pick me (sungyeol ft. howon)
  • myungsoo trynna rip sungyeols shirt off heh
  • myungsoo running back to his spot
  • sungyeol laughing at myungsoo running back to his spot
  • sungjong + soccer ball = not good day
  • everyone copying sungjong 
  • don’t
  • poor sungkyu & pt2
  • 뚜루 뚜루 뚜루 뚜루루
  • nam woohoo
  • 동우 성규
Catchprases masterlist

These catchphrases for ACNL villagers were collected on tumblr, contributors can be found at the bottom of this post. Remember not to capitalise catchphrases or add punctuation marks as the game takes care of this, according to wherever the catchphrase will show up in a sentence. However, do capitalise greetings and use punctuations marks in greetings unless you don’t want any.

Catchphrases for any villager

kweh / kupo / booper / ya know / your majesty / I guess / in America / in bed / ba-bang / nifty / cool beans / hella / pumbloom / *pees* / marmalade / darling / dear / sweetie / sweetheart / honey / love / imagineer / human / robot / friend / jeaaaahhhh / I’m lying / yes? No? / okey dokey / OK / I say / you see / you know / sugarcube / YOLO / TL;DR / orz / *censored* / in-game / …help me / [hiccup] / mean it / not again / why me / shut up / stop that / hmm… / yeah / ugh / you’ll see / dear / partner / bonjour / so funny / so sad / hon hon / no worries / gotcha / you cutie / go away / come here / mind you / same / so what / me, too / my child / golly / stay safe / take care / sniff

Catchphrases for normal villagers

dear / dearie / puddin’ / pumpkin / sweetie / mhm / mittens / sweet tart / honey / darling / heh / tea time / nutmeg / yippy / verily / books / hun / baby / :3 / kiwi / mango / plum / papaya / love / sweetums / love dove / balmy / doodles / breezy / ahaha / cupcake / hehe / nyah / if I may / lovely / my friend / my love / o-okay / flower / oh my / sweetheart / buddy / precious

Catchphrases for peppy villagers

yeah / girl / goof / sunshine / weirdo / for sure / lmao / like, yeah / omg / LOL / girl power / shiny / totally / totes / like OMG / y'know / yay / notice me / :3 / pudding / jeepers / doll / bonbon / zippy / sunny / rosy / hoorah / boosh / cutie pie / yayzies / boop / yo / hooray / my fan / aha / twinkle / sparkle / ta-da / teehee / bestie / [sings] / and like / much wow / wow / aww snap / superduper / sugar / silly / like / hm? / sugarbear

Catchphrases for snooty villagers

wow / peasant / dear / floozy / wild one / posh / darling / hrmp / oh dear / babe / um / hipster / fancy / fancypants / mrrrow / dawling / kisskiss / darling / dearie / sweetie / hey bby / #tweet / #selfie / my pet / dahling / belle / capiche / la-di-da / cheeky / swanky / uppity / ugh / right / honey / fancy / you wish / my pet / quite so / whatever / sweetheart / mon dieu / hmph / ridiculous

Catchphrases for uchi villagers

lil sis / son / pumpkin / sweetie / dude / lovely / sister / friend / aw yeah / maaan / sugar / little sis / mm hm / girls / sis / bro / awesome / dude / hey bby / hun / yeah yeah / yeah right / whatever / junior / dainty / precious / foxy / nifty / nimble / friend / sugar pie / kid / cutie / gotcha / am I right / cuz / dudette / sweetie / twerp / uhh… yea / 10/10 / neh

Catchphrases for cranky villagers

ugh / punk / darn it / lass / sprout / child / ugh… / you kids / urgh / sweet / dagnabbit / durnit / you child / tch / kiddo / who am I? / ech / Billy / ya jerk / get lost / snappish / maroon / huff / tart / crabby / surly / seriously / grumps / kiddo / youngster / boss / NOT / …I guess / MWAHAHAHA / suck it / or else / human / nyeh / hmph / [sigh] / munchkin / buddy / whatever / shut up / my head / sigh / I hate it / you baby

Catchphrases for jock villagers

booya! / dork / goof / speedy / hiyah / woah / crunch / hup-to / coach / teammate / mate / bud / guy / bam / 10k / carbs / champion / frat boy / you’re it / let’s race / T-DOWN / GOAL / football / sportsball / notice me / d00d / dude / brah / bruh / bro / dude man / player / rookie / pro / champ / tiger / lifting / exercise / energize / homie / get wreckt / ten-hut / ba-BOOM / *fistbump* / nerd / yo / rock on / yahoo / c'mon bro / up top / level 100 / brawler / *sweats* / carry me / snot

Catchphrases for lazy villagers

yessir / yawn / snooze / snore / munchie / drowsy / pip / snuffle / hmmm / mhmm / …yawn / I guess / *rumble* / FOOOD / peach / apple pie / tart / yum / yaaawn / biscotti / biscuit / cake time / snack time / let’s eat / milk bone / I’m hungry / *burrrp* / narf / word / mkay / mmm… / …zzz… / drowsy / toddle / truffle / dreamy / or whatnot / cookies / I’m sleepy / hrm? / mm'kaay / sluuuurp / duuuude / never mind / yo / snug / ehh jk / feed me / snoozer

Catchphrases for smug villagers

lol no / zoink / honey / babe / darling / m'lady / mistress / my liege / princess / my queen / my king / friend / dear / haha / fabulous / I say / sure / howla / chicky / hottie / woah dude / call me / notice me / #selfie / hey bby / m'dear / yessir / wise-guy / righteous / alright / cutie / heh heh / romantic / huehuehue / what, what / indeed / guvnor / says I / bien / eheh / my friend / believe it / told ya so / bonjour / starlight / love hurts

Animal themed catchphrases & greetings

Bears: cubby, roar
Birds: chicky, cluck yeah
Cats: me-wow, purr purr
Chickens : chicky, cluck yeah, cluckin’ a
Cows: partner
Cubs: roar
Dogs: growl, woof, bark
Ducks: quackers, duckyeah, quackowsky
Frogs: (greetings: Frogget about it.)
Goats: baah
Hamsters: squeak, squicky
Kangaroos: mate, matey, crikey, blimey, g'day
Koalas: mate, matey, crikey, blimey, g'day, eucalypbro
Mice: squeak, squicky, gouda, cheesy (greetings: Gouda see you!)
Octopi: inkling
Penguins: ice cold, sugar cube
Rabbits: thumps, flop (greetings: What’s up, doc?)
Squirrels: squeak, squicky
Tigers: growler
Wolves: growler

Greetings with fitting catchphrases

Get off my lawn & ugh (for cranky villagers)
Don’t talk to me & goodbye
Good to see you / I was worried!  & I hate it!
Howdy & partner
Got any food? & I’m hungry
Zappity Zap Zap & pachirisu (for Static)
Judge & witness
Honey & sting
Hey there & sugarbear
Sweet meet & sugar cube
Don’t hurt me! & ouch


Dessert/sweets theme
Catchphrases: snickerdoo / chocochip / jellyjam / meowringue (cat) / mooringue (cow) / creamsicle / lebkuchen (wolf; they always struck me as German-ish!) / sconesie / cinnaroll / honeybun / frostings / cuppycake / maraschino
Greetings: Snickerdoodleoo (chicken) / Chocochipper / Sugar'n spice

Alcoholic beverage theme
Catchphrases: mojito / cider / bubbly / bourbonne (specifically I have this for my snooty cat Monique as she seems French to me) / icewine (penguin) / amaretto (squirrel) / duckquiri (duck) / fruitini / baileys / sangria / sherry / kahlua
Greetings: Prost (wolf) / bottoms up / cheers

CONTRIBUTORS – thank you all so much!

katieshmatie, ar-te-mi-s, subliminal-asshole, bluesodacrossing, mayor-merlot, oaktincans, delilah-crossing, lasershield, kakkuja, faylian, kastrokingdoms, smokeyapaloosa, thestaticstalker, alwaysactually, mayorakito, jerseydevilapologist, mayor-brandy, mayorette, possibly-devon, pkmn-trainer-olive, ferotton, amibrazen, ifsbuttsandmeco, peppy-villager​, skye-crossing, pinkpeonii, aisemicr, mayor-jenn, crossingsnivy, elegant-mushroom, dordt-animal-crossing, shoujokay, miss-mismagius, webcomixwastaken… and several anons, thank you too!
Also thanks to rabbityfur who helped clean up the catchphrases.

I took the liberty not to include offensive catchphrases (explicitly sexual ones, ableism, (sexist) slurs, Japanese ones and AAVE). You are of course free to use the latter two if you’re Japanese/black but I didn’t want to support cultural appropriation with this list.

Falling in What? Pt. 2 (Jason Todd x Reader)

Pairings: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: swearing

a/n: Thank you guys for all the noice messages! I hope you guys enjoy part twoooo. ^_^

(Part 1)

“Hey.” Jason leaned on the door frame trying his best to look hot and cool.

Well in all honestly, he didn’t even need to try. You had just arrived at the Manor and things were already interesting. You have been waiting for this day the whole week, because Jason truly is a amazing and nice guy. You both had your fun during the ball, but who says you can’t have more fun. Once you told your sister you were going on a date with Jason Todd, she absolutely freaked.

She was sprouting out fake tears and crying about how her big sister has actually made an acquaintance. When she told Tim, Tim was a little more shocked and frightened. Jason was the older brother, but Tim was scared for his life. If Jason fucks anything up he might never get to see (y/s/n) again. In fact, before you came over Tim was educating Jay on the proper do’s and don’t’s for the date which Jason responded with a big ‘fuck you.’ and ‘i don’t need to know this shit.’

You giggled at Jason’s position telling him “You don’t need to act cool, Jay. You already are.”

He dropped his hands and held one out for you. You gladly took his hand as you both walked in the Manor. It looked stunning. Maybe you weren’t able to fully appreciate it when you were sulking and being alone, but now you could. You both walked through hallways with numerous turns. After a minute or so of silence you finally spoke up asking Jay “Where are we going?” You raise an eyebrow as he opened a door for you.

“Uhm. Well I didn’t want to be that guy who took you too a movie theatre, restaurant, or something cliché like that so..”

You stepped outside looking at the exquisite garden filled with flowers and creatures of pure beauty. Your eyes twinkled as you looked around. Jason smiled and loved seeing that look of wonder in your face. He once again closed the door behind you and you both walked to a picnic table.

“Wow, I didn’t know the 'not cute’ and totally 'not a big fluffy marshmallow’ could be think of something so alluring.” You spoke sitting down on the bench.
The extravagance of the garden genuinely struck you.

“whatever” He said as his face slowly flustered at the remeberance of you calling him cute. He sat down too and grabbed a basket from under the table. He placed it on the table and brought out two sandwiches and two bottles of water.

“Woah, you really prepared.” You smirked. He smiled and handed you a sandwich and place one water bottle on your side of the table. You were surprised that Jason was so sweet and thoughtful. You didn’t think bad of him or anything; it’s just that other thought harshly and badly of him. You could see where they were coming from, but if they could see him a little more maybe they’d realize what a sweetheart he was.

Although you did see a look of worry and anxiety in his eyes. His face looked battered and bruised. His words were sometimes vulgar and fearful. He had a some sort of shell that wouldn’t let others see his sincere self. Something had happened. You really wanted to ask him and just be there for him, but you didn’t want things to be gloom. Anyways, You felt that it wasn’t the time yet.

“(y/n)?” His voice snapped you out of your thoughts.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I was just thinking.” You said taking a bite out of your sandwich. He gave you a confused look with a slight grin.

“What put you into such a deep trance?” He asked laughing a bit.

That was the laugh you wished would just stay forever.

“Just random thoughts about life, I guess.” You laughed along with him.

“So, Todd, tell me a bit about yourself. All I know as of now is that you’re Tim’s brother.” You took another bite out of your sandwich.

“Well, I’m Jason Todd..I like guns, Shakespeare, and annoying the fuck out of Tim?” He said quite unsure. You giggled at his last statement. “You sure love Tim, don’t you?” You asked still giggling.

“Yepp, I love him so much that before he sleeps I tell him a story and kiss his forehead.” He remarked sarcastically. You burst out laughing at his sarcasm.

“I could tell.” You responded in between laughs.

This went on between you two. Just witty banter, ranting and thoughts. It was something you’d wish would last forever.

“So that’s why I don’t have a stable relationship with Bruce.” Jason said rubbing the back of his head. “because you’re a basically a rebel?” You asked before taking a sip from your water.

He nodded.

“Well, I don’t have quite the relationship with my father either.” You said placing an elbow on the table.

“Do you want to talk about it or..” He trailed off.

“I just don’t get along with him.” You sighed. Your father had the tendency to be busy a lot. You’d see him at the maximum of twice a month. When you would both see each other it was awkward.

“Oh” He huffed as you stood up. “Anyways It’s getting kinda dark, Jay. I think I’ve got to go before my sister gets here or starts assuming things.” You state with a hint of laughter. He stands up.

“Well, what would be wrong with that.” He said playfully. You elbowed him in the stomach and glared at him. “Tsk Tsk.” You giggled.

He lead you back to the entrance of the mansion. He opens the door for you like a true gentleman and you step out.

“Thanks for today. Like it wasn’t just an extravagant dramatic date or anything but past, thoughts, and talking was the best thing ever.” You smiled.

“way better then any cheesy shit.” He mumbles making you laugh a little.

“Night.” You say before giving a short, but sweet kiss.

“Night, (y/n).”

“Hey Jaybird.”

Nightwing landed next to the Red Hood and pat him on the back.

“Nightwing.” Jason grumbled.

“Whaaat? Anyways Tim told me about (y/n).” Dick said emphasizing on your name.

“Yeah sure, say her name out loud so every single criminal in Gotham will know of her.” Jason growled. He didn’t want any criminals knowing of your existence. He didn’t want you to be involved in anything.

“Geez, sorry. So I’m guessing you’re not going to tell her about your nightly activities.” He asks raising his hands in defeat.

“I don’t know, okay. All I know is that I don’t want her to be in a sea of agony and worry.” Jason says flailing his arms in arms in the air.

“That worried huh. I’m pretty sure there’s more than one person who’s worried here.”

“Why are you even here?”