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Dear Evan Hansen Songs If They Were Named by Jared Kleinman

Anybody Have a Map? - Parenting? Kinky!

Waving Through a Window - Jerking Off while looking at Zoe Murphy’s Instagram

For Forever - Gay.

Sincerely Me - Gayer.

Requiem - Holy Shit. Holy fucking shit.

If I Could Tell Her - Stalking Zoe Murphy

Disappear - A Memorial For Your Secret Gay High School Lover

You Will be Found - You Will be Fucked

To Break in a Glove - the HARD thing? heh heh heh kinky

Good For You - FUCK YOU EVAN

Words Fail - The saddest fucking thing I have ever heard

So Big/So Small - So Big… LIKE MY DICK


~A Short While After~

A random scene I dialogued and exaggerated in my mind between Sai and his gaster blaster Kai, featuring Lossi. I have zero explanation for this, so enjoy~

Sai and Kai belong to @butterapplego
Lossi is my noodle

rkm0855 instagram update
세월은 화살과 같다
Time is like an arrow*

Eunki’s comment: Wow..even i don’t say things like this..
Hyunbin’s comment: I’m going to Africa.

trans cr. nudongs (twt)

a/n: *is an old proverb that means time passes quickly, subjectively. Hurry up with your life because it will end before you notice.

Looking for SWEN to be... friends.

I just realized, that I’ve been in Once-fandom for 5 years and Swen for at least 3 years and I have no friends who I talk to in this fandom. Like seriously, NONE. I’ve talked once or twice with some people…. But I’d really like to know people, to have friends maybe :P To know my followers and mutuals. Hit me up or something, I don’t really know how these friendships work🙃


EXO-K as Sims; Character Traits

*slams head into a pillow*

Gosh - OK - first sorry for the random absence! Just suddenly got busy within life o-o

And not just that… but I got a question on my Wall on UT Amino about if there was a Fell!PJ, and if PJ is a jerk - is Fell!PJ more of a jerk?

And while I know there are Fell!PJ’s out there already that answer this as a ‘yes’ - I just… I suddenly thought how he WOULDN’T be a bigger jerk and in fact… would be TERRIFIED constantly. 

Just first - I never really think that Fell versions of out code characters can exist. Just due to how the multiverse is. 

But IF there was a Fell!Error and Fell!Ink - THIS is what Fell!PJ would be like:

Gosh - not much difference at first glance - but:

  • He is on edge all the time - Scared constantly. Always in fear. Hence why his left eye default is a circle - not a diamond like the original.
  • Instead of marching off angerly at 15 like his main counterpart - he runs away in a panic at 10. 
  • His fell parents? Both took him under their watch - altering between one, the other, or both. They saw PJ as an opportunity to craft him into what they needed - and used different tactics to do it. 
    (Again - honestly I doubt Error and Ink could have a Fell version anyway so I was just going on a huge idea burst with that one)
  • Fell!PJ moves from AU to AU - not to judge, but to hide. He feels more comfort in a solid world than the white void. Still - can’t stay for too long - he knows he leaves tracks behind. 
  • When and if he gets to know someone kind and is able to calm down - he will be more like original PJ - except he will catch himself on what he said and will apologize for it over and over. He doesn’t want to be anything like his parents - yet he still got that sarcastic yet straight forward attitude one of them has…
  • His splat mark on his cheek spreads out like a slap mark. It’s due to having been hit on that side too many times that the colored marks is just his way of ‘bandaging it up’

And well - his face colors look like this:

His hoodie is magenta/black, with the long sleeves below being purple/blue like his side pack. He would have orange and blue specks on his shorts and no ‘leggings’ like the original. 

As you can see - I thought WAY TOO MUCH INTO THIS GOODNESS.
(yet still don’t know what the parents would have done to make him that scared all the time… heh… hard for me to think of how a fell Ink and Error would be like I guess…)