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Preview of the ‘Ame Soeur’ mystic messenger fanbook that I’m collaborating with a friend for CF2016!


… Thanks, everyone. Seriously.

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Dear Evan Hansen Songs If They Were Named by Jared Kleinman

Anybody Have a Map? - Parenting? Kinky!

Waving Through a Window - Jerking Off while looking at Zoe Murphy’s Instagram

For Forever - Gay.

Sincerely Me - Gayer.

Requiem - Holy Shit. Holy fucking shit.

If I Could Tell Her - Stalking Zoe Murphy

Disappear - A Memorial For Your Secret Gay High School Lover

You Will be Found - You Will be Fucked

To Break in a Glove - the HARD thing? heh heh heh kinky

Good For You - FUCK YOU EVAN

Words Fail - The saddest fucking thing I have ever heard

So Big/So Small - So Big… LIKE MY DICK

god7girl  asked:

Sooo can you do a nsfw where the MC and the RFA+V and Saeran are on their honeymoon and they are still learning about each others bodies and trying new things and the MC wants to try giving them head? detail on Seven? hes my favorite. I hope this is worthy! ill understand if its not.

I didn’t do this one, it was this beautiful blog , if you didn’t like it, i could try to do mine version!

Warning: NSFW

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@lurkingcrow replied to your post “*sighs* I love Rogue One so much. I’m just so proud of my rebels, and…”

Oooh, does this mean we get a RO recap eventually ��������

Hell yes! Someday. I’m actually not sure which movie I’m gonna tackle on Snark Wars once I finally get through Episode 4, but Rogue One absolutely has many of the essential Star Wars ingredients I require. I would LOVE to recap Vader’s Lava Castle. I mean, I’m about 80% sure Lucasfilm put it in there JUST so I would write about someday anyways. ;) 

  • genji: hanzo what do you think father would think of us
  • hanzo: heh, its hard to know who he'd be disappointed in more
  • genji: im pretty sure it'd be one who reduced the other into a shell of a man, who has confined his younger brother to a life of belonging to neither man or machine..but sure brother go ahead

((okay this isn’t all that funny, the Mun just has an odd sense of humor, BUT the BTS meme I just reblogged, well, I'm​ currently on my phone and I can’t see some of the icons, and someone sent one (bless you i love you) and it’s one of the ones I can’t see… I just find that really funny, heh))