Naboo Month: Master and Apprentice

Cartoony sketch of young Palpatine and Hego Damask, because I loved their interactions on Naboo in Luceno’s book Darth Plagueis. Kinda sweet and kinda disturbing and very much psychologically intriguing.

The first part of the book scratched at the surface of each of their own issues: it was like peeking into a dark pond and seeing glimpses of something eerie moving there at the murky depths.

My gods yes, thought Vimes. You can find your average, amateur killers on every street. They’re mostly deranged or drunk or some poor woman who’s had a hard day and the husband has raised his hand once too often and suddenly twenty years of frustration takes over. Killing a stranger without malice or satisfaction, other than the craftsman’s pride in a job well done, is such a rare talent that armies spend months trying to instill it into their young soldiers. Most people will shy away from killing people they haven’t been introduced to.
—  The Fifth Elephant, pg 134 of the HarperTorch paperback

Inktober 2016 - Days 21, 22 and 23 - Darths Plagueis, Sidious and Maul

I didn’t have much time so I sloppily sketched these three from my mind, they’re my absolute fave trio of bad guys! I like that they technically speaking coexisted at the same time, even though there’s supposed to be two Sith at a time. :’)

(The yellow parts are actually golden and pretty shiny in reality!)

“I’ve always felt like out of all the members of Team Go, Hego and Shego’s relationship was the most significant. I think at one point, Hego would have been the dedicated, loving older brother, but when they became superheroes things just fell apart. Throughout Go Team Go and Stop Team Go, you can feel the tension between them. I personally think they are two characters who’s sibling relationship needs to be more explained, perhaps leading up to the true reason Shego left.”