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NO. LET THE POOR MAN KEEP HIS Toes. Also, had a thought. What if the Force eventually gets so engaged (light, dark, gray) and it just rejuvenates Old Ben to be 40-looking 60 year old he should be instead of the 80-looking 60 year old he is? And Ben uses it as an advantage to escape or something going cause they ain't expecting him to all be be "40 years younger" at all. They think he's a severely old, very senior Jedi Master.

“Ben love?”

Ben opened his eyes slowly, his head resting on the pillow of his bed as he looked up at Qui-Gon, the other mans gentle hand stroking his cheek with tender care, a soft smile on the other Jedi’s face.

“…I’m dreaming…aren’t I?” Ben whispered.

Qui-Gon smiled sadly and nodded. “I’m sorry.”

“I’m not.” Ben leaned into the hand. “If this is my last view of you, then I’d have you smiling.” He whispered even as the other leaned closer.

“Don’t say that love, you have to come back home. You are not ready for the Force anymore and I am not ready to lose you yet.” Qui-Gon whispered as his hair fell like a curtain around their faces before gentle lips brushed the white haired Jedi’s own.

Ben was promptly shocked awake as ice cold water was poured on him, the Jedi gasping and sputtering in shock as he stared at the dark, blood stained and now wet floor he was laying on, his heart pounding away inside of him.

“Ah, you are still alive Jedi. Interesting. Lesser creatures hearts have stopped when I do that.” Damask is talking but Ben can’t quite look away from the blood on the floor.

“I am starting to tire of this game though.” Ben lifted his head slightly to finally look at the Muun again, his chest still heaving. “And your fragile shields aren’t really a match to me.” The Muun was staring at him, narrow eyed.

“We win nothing by dragging out the time now Master.” Palpatine offered from where he was standing by the door.

“Yes…all our careful planning and actions, wasted, all because of…this Jedi.” The Muun stood, eyes even narrower.

Ben blinked in return then cried out as it felt like molten lava was being poured through his mind, viciously ripping through the very fabric of what had so carefully glued him together. Viciously searching for the truth in who and what Ben really was.

And the blade passed through him, staring at the masked face of the man who had once been his padawan. So many lonely years on Tatooine. Setting up the Rebellion before leaving for its own safety so not to be connected to him and bring more of Vader’s fury down on them. Back further in his memories. Fighting Anakin on the lava shores of Mustafar. “I have the high ground!” Obi-Wan Kenobi dying among the flames and fires and pain as Ben Kenobi was born.

And the Muun pulled back, staring at Ben. “Time travel.”

Ben could barely breath, his hands pressed to his chest, tears as much as the water that had been poured on him streaking his face. He didn’t even notice Palpatine move to his master’s side, to busy clinging onto the little sanity he had preserved.

And then Damask was back, dragging Ben up on his knees by the messy braid. The Jedi hissed in pain, squinting up as he meet acid and rage filled yellow.

And back the sith went. “Show me MORE.”

The death of the Jedi order, the march on its temple, the desecration of it. Obi-Wan’s screams in the darkness where no one could hear him.

War, war crossing and raging all across the galaxy. Obi-Wan in the middle, fighting as hard as he could. Spirits flagging, Jedi’s dying, planets going dark and an ever growing darkness enclosing on the galaxy. And Palpatine like a puppet master at its helm.

Ben was dropped and he distantly became aware of a pain in his hand as the Sith Lord turned on his apprentice.

“Take him to his cell!”

Ben wasn’t sure who the Muun shouted at and he never learned if it was Palpatine or someone else because in that moment his consciousness faded away from the strain and the pain.


He woke to an almost blessed coolness against his face, back in his cell as his mind and stomach churned with pain.

Faintly Ben knew that the Sith had ripped through his mind as if it was flimsi but he couldn’t quite focus on anything except the occasional drift of snowflake that landed near him. And the pain that was becoming ever more real in his hand.

Ben blinked at that. Slowly, painfully, he shifted his hands to look at his palms.

In his left, there was a shard of metal, stuck into the palm of it, faintly oozing blood.

Faded green slowly sharpened as he stared at it. A thin shard of metal.

Slowly he got his fingers around it and pulled it out, ignoring the physical pain. The pain in his mind and soul was worse. He had felt worse pain on Rattatak

In the light from the window, the bloody piece of metal glittered between his fingers.


The bonds to Ben flashes to life suddenly.

Maul falls out of the Hall’s bed in shock even as Obi-Wan reaches to support the Zabrak.

Qui-Gon is already on his way out of the Halls, his long steps taking him to Mace and Yoda.

Ben is alive, they can feel Ben.

And then the bonds grow quiet again, Ben’s pain and fear echoing through them only faintly but still alive. Ben is hiding.


“I know, we’re readying a ship.”


By the time someone returns to the iced cell, only the cuffs are left in the snow drifting in from an open window.

The Jedi Master is gone and with him, the secrets of the future.

In a world where Sidious and Plagueis are Maul’s dads and they take their son on regular walks through the upper levels of Coruscant. They orchestrate assassinations to take place in buildings across the way so they can teach Maul how to identify killing technique from afar. Maul has yet to learn how to be subtle about noticing things, but come on he’s five. Learning process. 

Just another day in the life of Totally Not Sith Lords a Banking Magister and Supreme Chancellor.

Having read the Darth Plagueis novel has given me brand new context into just what a little shit Palpatine was at the opera scene in Revenge of the Sith. 

Like, he’s obviously asking Anakin a rhetorical question because there’s no fucking way the Jedi even knew Plagueis existed. Plagueis wasn’t some ancient Sith whose name was forgotten in the Jedi archives: this dude was alive and kicking up until the end of The Phantom Menace. Moreover, the dude had a public alter ego…the Jedi knew who Hego Damask was, knew he had close ties to Palpatine too and no one suspected a damn thing. The icing on the cake is referring to him as “the wise.” You know how many times Darth Plagueis gets referred to as “the wise” in his life? Fucking once, and it’s in a mocking way as Palpatine is murdering him. 

So when Palpatine is referring to him as “Darth Plagueis the Wise” to Anakin, it’s not only a rhetorical question but a pretty twisted inside joke. The degree to which it’s so impossible makes me wish Anakin had just said “oh yeah” just to fuck with Sidious a little bit.

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@firebugsworld: Hahaha, "right up until it ends" HA! That will not stop Me! I will push for sequels. And sequels to those sequels. FOREVER! On that note, how can you just end TwinSuns all ommonius of "for good or bad it ends" like WHAT??!!?? WHAT!!!??!!! Tell me ALL ABOUT THIS OMONOUS ENDING!!!!!

The chips were down and fate was rolling on forward.

That was the reason why Ben had accepted the invitation for tea at the Chancellor’s office, his body still healing from the whipping Ventress had exposed him to even as he heard rumors that she was paying the price herself for her failure to dispose of him.

And that brought him to this moment, sitting in the Chancellor’s office alone.

“Do you know what they say about twins?” Palpatine questioned pleasantly as Ben watched the man with his hands on his lap, watching the Chancellor make tea.

“I have a suspicion but I’m not sure if we’re thinking of the same excellency.” Ben murmured, tilting his head to so the curls of his red hair brushed his ears.

“They say that in a previous life twins were once lovers that could not bear to be apart and so they died noble deaths together.” The man chuckled, eyes flickering to Ben then back to the tea. “I’m not sure how much faith I put in that but its an interesting idea I must admit. Like the red thread of fate connection two souls or being born with a pearl in hand that belongs to someone else.” He didn’t offer Ben a cup and Ben did not ask for one as the chancellor sat down.

The two quietly stared at each other as the man took a slow sip.

Then Ben slowly looked at the door then back to the man. “Anakin’s not on Coruscant.”

“I know.” Palpatine hummed.

“Its always been important that he was out of the way.” Ben smiled. “How’d you manage it?”

“It seems the Council got a good lead on where to find both Grievous and Yan Dooku, would you imagine that.” Palpatine’s smile was starting to turn into a weird satisfied half grimace.

“Hmm, I imagine it was simple to suggest Qui-Gon and Anakin to be dispatched to deal with them.” Ben shifted in his seat.

He could already see three outcomes today.

One lead to his death before he could leave the office and would lead to the destruction of the temple without him to sooth Anakin’s temper.

One would lead to his death further down the road, his death by Vader’s hand in the council chamber where his twin was no longer his twin.

The last…

Ben tilted his head then smiled lightly. “You know, if would have been easier to keep Hego Damask alive for a few more years. He would have told you his secrets of immortality eventually.” He hummed.

The cup made a little click as Palpatine settled it back on its plate as he stared at Ben. “Hmm, so you do know.”

“I limited Anakin’s contact with you for a reason.”

Jedi and Sith stared at each other for a long moment.

“And delayed my election as a Chancellor somehow by a few years. I admit myself impressed by that since you were just a child at the time.” The plate and cup was settled down on the desk, faint steam still rising from the hot liquid.

“I could speak to Amidala. She was quite willing to listen since I’d already proved my ability.” The flash of intrigue in pale eyes.

“Ah yes your ability… knowing so much despite being so fragile. The chaotic nature of your Force as if you aren’t quite right set together.” He stood, his robes making a soft swishing noise as he started around the desk.

Ben didn’t move except to tilt his head to continue watching the man.

“Physically so weak…yet mentally your prowess seems to know no match.” Palpatine was circling slowly, like a skullpanther in hunt. “And that ability of yours to see like no one else. Predict the future almost down to the wire.” He chuckled. “So what do you see now little Jedi?”

“I’m not leaving this office of my own power.” Ben shrugged his slender shoulders lightly before tilting his head to the side and standing, turning so he could keep an eye on the sith while backing towards the desk. “But you won’t be able to use the clones to your advantage either.” His hands rested on it and he reached out through the Force.

“No?” The mans eyes flashed yellow.

“No. My brother and I ensured that. A modified EMP signal, set out to random bursts on Kamino, deactivating the chips from the moment they are inserted. Every clone out there has been exposed to it and their chips no longer function so you can’t use order 66 to your advantage to march on the Jedi temple. You can’t use any of the orders to your advantage.”

The two stared at each other then Palpatine laughed. “Oh dear, you really are a thorn in my side little Jedi. So I can’t use the clones and I can’t turn your brother. Bravo. That just means I will need to find a new way to control the clones does it not.”

Ben smiled slightly. “If you have time. My death would cause Anakin’s emotions to sky rocket. Did you know that we’re tied together? At distance without our bond, he can apparently feel my pain.” He offered lightly.

“So he will feel your death.” Palpatine chuckled quietly.

The lightsaber aimed at him should not be a surprise but Ben still finds himself pressing back against the desk in alarm when the man activates it and aims at him. “He should, yes. Most Jedi on Coruscant will feel it too but then again as a Sith lord, you already know that.” Ben licked his lips nervously and forced himself not to glance at the comms unit he had activated.

The universal comm code call to all available Jedi.

Each and everyone from the Jedi council chambers to the hidden sentinel watch rooms to the ships floating in space to singular Jedi comms unit.

To Anakin wherever he was.

He may not leave this office.

But his brother would know the why and by who.

‘There will be no Vader.’ He slowly looked from the glowing red saber and up to the mans pale eyes as the man said something meaningless that confirmed his status as the Sith Lord they had hunted for years.

And Ben smiled.


star wars relationships [1/?] darth plagueis & darth sidious

This is not a chase, this is a summoning. You need to get behind the eyes of your target and become the object of its desire. The same holds true when you summon the Force: you must make yourself desirable, fascinating, addictive, and whatever power you need will be at your command.

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Old Ben! D8 nooooo! Please more?!

Ben’s not sure where they are, it could be Hoth for all he knows as the light outside his cell never changes and neither does the temperature. It is always cold.

The window of his cell does not have a cover and flakes of snow drifts in as his breath fogs and his joints freeze, his body shakes and he curls more around himself and wraps the robe as best he can. It doesn’t ward of the cold fully but it keeps him from developing frostbite.

The narrow berth in his prison cell was never in use as it was as cold as ice and a droid came by once a day with whatever it was they served as food for him. Honestly, it was not as bad as snake though Ben had a suspicion his healers would not be happy about the lack of nutrition. Water froze within the hour if left alone and Ben had to drink it or hold it until he was finished lest he lose that days rations.

His fragile shields were holding for now but the conditions were certainly taking a toll on his body now that he was used to the warmth and comfort of the temple.

In his better moments, he thinks about those he has bonds to who can’t feel him and wonders if they are looking for him.

He remembers his bonding night. Qui-Gon’s slow and gentle hands guiding him, holding and stroking slowly and in awe. Soft lips along his neck and shoulder. The warmth of their shared bed, the duvet wrapped around them.

Ben wakes back in the cold and shivers all the more for the memory of warmth and comfort. His heart beats harshly inside him as he wonders about his padawan, if Maul is alive and safe. Palpatine had not been gentle his memory whispers and his wounded knee aches in remembrance.


Maul stared up in confusion, his sluggish brain feeling like it was playing catch up with the past as he struggled to sit up.

What had happe-BEN!

His midsection ached in pain and there was a sudden squeal in the room even as he sat up, eyes wide as he looked around, his mind logging the area as the Halls of Healing in the Jedi temple. But no Ben and he could not feel Ben even as the door was suddenly thrown open to a Healer and Master Windu standing there.

“Padawan Maul, calm yourself.” She ran to Maul’s side, healing energy instantly latching onto his midsection and willing the pain away even as she turned the heartrate machine off.

Maul however focused on the Master of the Order, yellow focusing on the man in desperation. “W-What happened? Where is Master Ben?”

“That’s what we wanted to know. His bonds fell silent and you were found in the Jedi ship on the verge of death Padawan. The shipping bay personnel found it odd that the Jedi ship was still in the bay with its ramp open and went to check. They found you, alone, almost sliced in half and you spent almost a week in a bacta tank. You lost some intestines and parts of your stomach but you will survive with no other damage but the scars and some minor inconvenience of your organs.” Mace offered as calmly as he could. A Jedi master was missing and a padawan had been found on death doors. It was clear who had taken him of course but still.

“I-Ben fell, we were walking up the ramp and then there was a flash of darkness and…Palpatine! Palpatine was there. He attacked and I…” Maul buried his face in his hands. “He took Ben. He must have taken Ben.” He whispered in horror.

“…We assumed it was the sith. Its good to know for sure but still. Maul, do you have any idea where they might have brought him?” Ben was not dead, not yet, no one had felt him pass into the Force and Qui-Gon was sure to feel his bondmate if he did.

“I…” Maul struggled to think. “Mustafar perhaps but that’s a known place, somewhere I know about. Koribban perhaps?” Maul wracked his mind as the healer was unplugging him from the heart rate machine now that it was clear Maul was awake and safe.

“I should have done more.” He whispered and looked up when Windu sat down on his bedside and rested his hands on Maul’s shoulders.

“You did much. The entire ships cargobay was covered in lightsaber marks and you almost died. You did your best.”

“It wasn’t enough. Ben is gone.” Maul argued.

“Yes, that is true. But we will find him.” Mace squeezed the others shoulders and the Zabrak hesitated before nodding slowly. “As it is, several Jedi’s are on the lookout for any signs of them or him and with your conscious evidence, we can appeal to the Senate since they are already fugitives.”

The Zabrak nodded once again and tried not to think about the state they’d find Ben in.

A week already in the Sith lords grasp?

His poor master.


“Ah, you haven’t frozen to death. That’s good, my master still wishes to interrogate you.” Ben looked up at the voice, meeting the caustic yellow of Sheev Palpatine’s eyes. It reminded him of another life with other eyes that had looked like that.

“No…I am still alive. I may be more fragile then the standard Jedi but I’m not all broken yet.” Ben offered before standing slowly, his back and knee snapping at him as he did and his already aching knee screaming at him.

Ben ignored it. He knew better then to show weakness in front of Siths.

He still couldn’t stop the shakes from the cold or the way his breath stuttered, his warm breath fogging the cold air.

Palpatine smirked at that and Ben’s heart sunk. “Put your wrists together.” The man drawled and Ben slowly did as told, wincing when they suddenly snapped together by the cuff on each and firmly trapped him before the sith stepped into the cell and nodded for Ben to step out.

Ben did, limping as he did, his knee screaming a protest in his head for each move. His legs and feet felt numb and he worried for the lack of sensation in his toes. ‘No, don’t think about that…not yet.’

He could think about the lack of sensation in his toes when he was no longer in captivity.

His mind turned to Qui-Gon, Qui-Gon’s soft smile, his gentle hands. Quinlan braiding his hair, his warm arm around Ben’s shoulder. Obi-Wan carefully checking in on him and making meals in the kitchen. Maul, gentle Maul letting him nap with his head on the mans lap. Mace and their tea in the councilors room. The tea plants he and Qui-Gon was gently tending to, encouraging the growth of. Their quarters, soft and warm and oh so bright.

But that’s not where he is. He’s cold and dark and as they enter a warmer room, dread coils in Ben’s belly as he looks up to meet the acid yellow eyes of another sith.

Hego Damask or as now Ben knows him, Darth Plageius.

The Muun meets them halfway through the dark room and Ben barely has time to see anything except a twisted red painting of a wailing man before the Muun had him by the chin and is tilting Ben’s head uncomfortably far up to meet the acid eyes with those thin fingers.

“And this is the thorn in our side, the one who turned your apprentice.” The man hissed out, eyes narrowed. “What a muted light you have master Jedi.” He offered, his voice almost softer then Maul’s even.

Ben stared up at him in turn, eyes watering a bit at the strain his neck and back was taking at the angle and hissed a bit when darkness almost lightly prodded at his damaged shields. “And such fragile shields your mind has too, it would almost be easy to smash them would it not.” The Muun continued.

He let go and Ben let his head drop, swallowing a bit before focusing back on the other sith again.

“So much has happened since you arrived, Master Ben Kenobi. Strangely enough, until your sudden arrival at the temple, there was no prior records of you anywhere.” The Muun continued and Ben felt more then he saw Palpatine shifted.

It was like being caught between two snakes, both ready to pounce.

And Ben was not sure which held the most danger to him.

Blocked from the Force, he had no warning as the Muun suddenly backhanded him, the smack loud through the air as the Force of it brought him down on his knees with a cry of pain as his knees took the brunt of the impact.

His cheek ached as numbing pain spread and he looked up, hands on floor to support himself as he stared up.

The Muun casually stepped back and sat down. “Well then fragile Jedi, lets play a game of who you really are…” One long fingered hand rose.

“What is your full name?”

Ben looked away and there was a little chuckle. “Come now, these are the easy questions…no? Oh well, you brought it on yourself.” The long fingers twitched and Ben gasped, his bound hands going for his throat as it closed in, depriving him of air.

For the first time in a long time, Ben Kenobi fears joining the Force. He is not ready anymore.


Darth Plagueis + Darth Sidious ¦ the Grand Plan

Political mastery and mastery of the Force. Someday soon, the Sith would wield both, with Sidious the face of the former and Plagueis behind the scenes, advising him about the latter.

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How would Palatine react to feeling the Jedi Temple be 'purified'?


“Apprentice.” The holo flickered as Darth Plagueis observed his apprentice. “A disturbance I have felt on Corucant.”

“Yes Master.” Palpatine took a deep breath, dreading what he was about to tell the Muun. Hego Damask rage could be terrible and often taken out on those he thought to be responsible. “The darkness on Coruscant seems to be deserting the Jedi temple, as if its been…cleansed.”

“Yes. I can feel it. The darkness inside the temple is evaporating. Changing. The Force feels lighter then it has in years.” The Muun could see his own plans unraveling before they had even begun.

“Master, the changes seemed to start happening two years ago, when the Force cried out last time.” Palpatine ventured and Plagueis nodded in agreement. “Yes apprentice, and I believe it has to do with the broken Jedi.” The man hissed out.

The broken Jedi, the Jedi with the faded green eyes and broken Force spirit who went by the name Ben Kenobi. Palpatine had only seen him in the flesh once and had dismissed him as a threat. But now…

“What is your wish Master?”

“Bring me him. We need answers or at the very least to eliminate a threat we failed to see.” Plageueis stared at him. “Do not fail me Sidious. We do not have the luxury of the Jedi finding us out, not yet.” The hologram died out, leaving Sidious in the dark of his office.

“I will not fail.”


Qui-Gon chocked on his tea, coughing harshly while Mace pounded on his back. “W-What!?” He coughed at Yoda.

“A mission for Ben we have.” Yoda offered rather cheerfully, still sipping his own and pretending not to see the outraged expression blooming on Qui-Gon’s face.

“I know he is much healthier but I highly doubt Ben is ready for a straining mission yet. Especially not after the Sith shrine.” He growled.

Mace hid a smirk in his own teacup.

“Assigned a mission partner he will be.” Yoda continued. “Two years and two months since he arrived, Healer Che confirm his health. Physically Ben is able.”

“Its the mentally I question. He sometimes looses himself in the middle of conversations still.” The long haired master sat up, setting his cup down so he could have a more even ground with his grandmaster. “There is a high risk he could do that in the field.”

“Trust him you should.” Yoda countered and Qui-Gon looked away. “Its not that I don’t trust him but…I don’t trust the rest of the galaxy with him. He’s…had enough pain.” He sighed, could you blame him for wanting to wrap Ben up in a blanket and just hold him forever. “Do you blame me for wanting to shield him?”

“No. But perhaps you should hear where the mission is?” Mace raised his eyebrow.

Qui-Gon sighed. “…Fine, where?”

“Colate-Fu.” Yoda smirked at him.

“…The…the spa moon?” Qui-Gon blinked. It was considered a tourist destination, a highly popular one too for people with expensive taste.

“Good for him the healer says it will be.” The cunning green troll offered peacefully. “Courting him for several months you have now.” He continued.

Qui-Gon stared at him before slowly smiling. “I’m his mission partner.”

“There’s a trade dispute on Colate-Fu. The mission is of course official but…no one said you two had to come back the moment you were done.” Mace smirked at his old friend. “Unofficially, this is the Council’s bonding present to you two.”

“Bit early.” Qui-Gon chuckled, suddenly feeling a lot more relaxed.

“Only because this was a perfect opportunity honestly. We would have waited for the actual cermony but you know how hard it is to get away sometimes.” Mace shrugged.

“Bonding will happen when?” Yoda butted in.

“W-Well I’m not sure. I mean…”

“You’ve been courting him for half a year.” Mace raised an eyebrow.

“…I don’t want to push him. If his shields were stronger I may suggest a bonding ceremony now honestly.” Qui-Gon sighed, setting his cup away and leaning his elbows on his thighs with his hands stapled under his chin.

“A bonding ceremony may strengthen them.”

“Or be the thing that tears apart all the progress that’s been made. I know I’m prone to bantha rushing people.” Qui-Gon sighed again.

“Qui-Gon, you’re stubborn and sometimes you steamroll people yes. But you’d never hurt Ben.”

“Not on purpose.”

“Worried you are that you hurt him will?”

“You’re not?”

“After the way you behave around him. No. You’d defend him with your last breath.” Mace shrugged. “I’m honestly more worried what would happen if someone hurt him in front of you but I trust you to keep onto your light.”

Qui-Gon mulled over that before looking at them both. “…So…I should…bond?”

“Pair bond for now perhaps. Full on bondmate ritual can come when you two get home.”

“Big celebration it will be!” Yoda cackled.

“You just want cake.”

“Yes. Delicious cake for old masters.”