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On the 25th of February, 2013, something gruesome was taking place around the Morrisania neighbourhood of New York. Severed body parts wrapped up in garbage bags and suitcases were being discovered scattered around the neighbourhood. The body was soon identified as that of 52-year-old Tanya Byrd.

Shortly after the discovery, her 25-year-old son, Bahsid McLean, was arrested for the grisly murder. Bahsid had a hefty criminal record and was said to have suffered from schizophrenia but had recently stopped taking his medication. An investigation uncovered that Bahsid had stabbed his mother in the neck after a verbal altercation about his reluctance to grow up. Following the murder, he decided he would dismember the body with a power saw because “if you can kill somebody, you should be able to cut them up too.” After her body was dismembered, Bahsid cruelly grabbed her severed head and posed for a smirking selfie with it in the bathroom mirror.

Tanya left behind a 6-year-old son with down’s syndrome, Nasyr. Family members would later say that Bahsid had always been jealous of his brother and the attention he often received. Bahsid was found guilty and sentenced to 25 years to life. In January of 2017, he was back in the news once again when the mother of his own child, 4-year-old Zamir, was arrested for his murder. Zarah Coombs confessed to beating little Zamir to death with a broomstick. She is currently awaiting trial.

Character Profile: ALKRENON

Profile for the character Alkrenon on the Moon Guard server (US). This is a quick character reference.

· Name: Alkrenon
· Species: Draenei
· Gender: Male
· Age: Young Adult

· In-Game Class: Hunter (Beastmaster Specialization)
· IC Class: Rangari Poacher

· Overview: A boisterous young draenei with a heart for adventure and a nose for trouble, Alkrenon’s constant travels usually end up in either one or the other.

· Theme: Frontline” - Pillar

· Physical Description: A tall youth, Alkrenon has wide shoulders and lean, toned limbs. His long, brown hair is held up in a messy foxtail, with thick strands of loose hair falling over either shoulder and over each ear. A similarly hued goatee sits on his chin which he keeps small and neat. His tendril and tail rings are silver and not gold. There is no immediate explanation of this change other than simple fancy; he just likes the color better. Naaru symbol tattoos, inked in dark blues and purples, run up to half-length down his tail, just below the crested ends, suggesting the design continues up his back. Twin horns protrude proudly from his bony crest, right above the frame of the handsome face.

· Aesthetics: This is someone that dresses for the job. The armor is a slimmer, more practical version of the heavier bulk most combatants would wear, but serves Alkrenon better when he can move quickly. Browns and tans are the most prominent colors, better to blend in forests and shadows - yet has never figured out who to get rid of that damn green glow from his spaulders!

Casual wear tends to be curiously well-tailored and expensive. Perhaps a little too expensive for someone who supposedly is on a poacher’s salary.

· Personality: People often know when Alkrenon’s around because he will be the one announcing it. He strives to be the center of attention in a room and wants others to notice him, often bringing up his many exploits to do so. He is loud on purpose so that everyone else hears him. Opinionated and stubborn, Alkrenon oftens says the wrong thing at the wrong time just to push buttons. However when consequences are close to being brought up he quickly tries to ease the situation so it won’t get to that point. He doesn’t like jail and his face is much too handsome to risk a fist to it.

On his own, Alkrenon seems to focus all his energy and extroversion to whatever he is doing, often at the end of a rifle barrel. He is a good shot and often tries to outdo himself just to see how well he can pull it off. Rarely will he take a shot he knows he cannot make and it makes him hesitate where others would’ve taken the chance.

He is prideful and takes things to heart, reacting to things with a degree of explosiveness that most draenei would remain stoic to. Laws are a challenge to take on and beat, already racking in a hefty criminal record of mostly misdemeanors.

This draenei has something to prove.

· Talents and Weaknesses: Alkrenon can shoot a fly in between a talbuk’s horns from over a thousand yards away. He can sneak across rocky terrain without disturbing the pebbles under his hooves. Hardly beast or brute is a challenge he can not eventually learn to take down. He learns quickly and has adapted to Azeroth and its many customs and languages faster than most draenei.

But he is incapable of taking the most direct, simplest order because he refuses to. He is stubborn to the core and has no social achievements. None of this is surprising. 

He is at conflict with himself, hating the kind of person he is but unable to stop. Pride is a hunger he has to satisfy, attention is an addiction he has to sate, knowing well how he behaves and that it earns him no favors or friends, but he lives for those moments where he knows everyone’s eyes are on him. There are some days where he doesn’t want to be Alkrenon; it is very tiring to keep it up. It is also, however, what everyone else expects of him, so he continues.

Females are especially a weakness for him. Every hook-up he manages with one is with conscious intent to breed

· History (WIP; simplified): Alkrenon was born on the planet before Draenor, but he grew up on the latter and considers it home. Elder brother to Mikaeel and first son of Israfeel and Alkiri. While Shattrath City was being construction the family lived at the edge of Nagrand on a temporary settlement; his father helped in construction and had guard duty while his mother was a homemaker and teacher to the boys. 

Alkrenon’s life was as good as any draenei youth of the time. His father was captain of the Peacekeepers, and he and Mikaeel - practically best friends as well - attended the same institute. They both wanted to be Vindicators when they grew up so they studied and trained hard. Alkrenon was especially gifted with the Light. A lot of people expected Alkrenon to be an exceptional paragon of the Light when he grew up, and the boy expected no less of himself either.

Alkrenon was one of the valedictorians of his age group that would represent the contingent of the new generation of in-training Vindicators, stepping up to demonstration of mock combat and Light wielding techniques that was part of a “graduation” ceremony. As the match began and wore on Alkrenon found it harder and more difficult to summon the Light, like a distant sound fading away slowly, until it was completely silenced. Many assumed that the youth was merely showing off by holding back the Light, but the more he struggled under what was supposed to be an even match turned one-sided made people realize there was something not right. The match was called off. 

The elders assured that Alkrenon had merely been nervous and there was nothing to worry about; it had happened before, after all. The Light would return, they said. It did not. The Light remained silent after days, weeks… years.

Angered and embarassed Alkrenon left his home, left Shattrath, and returned to Nagrand. There he grouped up with a group of herders that raised talbuk and elekks, and learned both the profession and how to hunt and ride and use a bow. Alkrenon enjoyed this newfound freedom away from the city despite the bitterness still left, pushed down and away, in his heart. 

He trained with the Rangari for several decades, honing his skill with both the arrow and the saddle, until he was kicked out for continuously disobeying orders and refusing to work with partners. Alkrenon felt he did need to be told what to do and certainly not any help and he was determined to keep it that way until the very end. 

As tragic as the genocide against the draenei by the orcs was, Alkrenon was elated for it. The Vindicators that he was no longer associated with were now going to the herders and rangari for safe passage across terrain most city-draenei had never heard of. Alkrenon had never felt more empowered and entitled than during that time. Draenei listened to him, they obeyed him; they went where he told them to go and did what he told them to do. They all depended on him.

Azeroth proved to be a place where Alkrenon could explore and make something of himself in a world where anything was possible. No longer bound by social or cultural limitations Alkrenon is determined to make a niche for himself.

“A conscienceless, Satanic criminal with poor hygiene, rotten teeth and no prospects.” 

The hefty criminal record of Richard Ramírez began in 1977, when he was sent to a juvenile detention unit for a series of petty crimes, including robberies and minor assaults. He received a probationary charge for marijuana possession a few years later, but after this, his record remained clean. However, when he moved to San Francisco and then Los Angeles, he developed a serious cocaine addiction. This is also when he started to break into houses and became an expert burglar. In 1984, his murder spree started as he killed his first victim, 79-year-old Jennie Vincow. He would carry on to become one of the world’s most notorious serial killers.


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