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Apricot Hefeweizen (Wasatch)

Brewery : Wasatch
Beer : Apricot Hefeweizen
Style : Hefeweizen / Fruit Beer
Variance : Brewed with Natural Apricot Flavoring

8 / 10

Interesting. Verrrrrrrry interesting. If Wasatch has proved anything to me so far, it’s that they definitely have a way of creating some pretty damn interesting brews that really deliver on the flavor and this is a perfect example of that. While I’m not exactly sure what “natural apricot flavoring” is, I am already a fan of it even though I have never even tried an actual apricot. If you are thinking “How can you judge this beer and why have you never tasted an apricot?” back the fuck off because I am a picky eater so get the fuck over it. Plus they are fuzzy. What the fuck is up with that? A strong apricot sweetness starts things off with an almost jolly rancher like candy flavor before a slight wheat flavor mixes in bringing some more sweetness and a great refreshing quality before ending with a even more apricot flavor to close. This would probably be the easiest way to persuade your friends away from their Miller and Bud because of it’s fruity additions and it’s a great introduction beer to get you into the wild wide world of craft. As far as you pros out there, make sure you are a fan of fruity beers to start because I know it might be “too lame” or “too sweet” for some of you cooler kids out there but I’d definitely recommend picking this up as a delicious sipper.

Written by: Steve B.

Siebenhundertfünfundvierzigstes Bier:

Privatbrauerei Plank
5,2% vol.
Laaber, Deutschland

Im Glas zunächst wenig ansprechend, da abwasserfarben. In der Nase dann Banane, Trockenobst und leichtes Malz. Der Geschmack ist würzig, malzig und mit einer tollen fruchtigen leichten Bitteren. Im Nachtrunk kommt die dann nochmal schön heraus, was das Weizen super süffig macht. Die inneren Werte zählen eben doch mehr. Gerade beim Bier.


Widmur Brothers “Brotha From Anotha Motha”

82 B-

Brotha From Anotha Motha is a Bavarian-style Hefeweizen on rotational release. This marks my first experience with Widmur Brothers. I would first like to thank the Frank Creative design firm of Portland, Oregon for their thoughtful donation. Aromas blend the classic Pilsner grain quality together with hints of wheat and biscuit malts. Moderate sweetness is detected. Hops pull in a faint accent of lemon which melds to funky, fruity yeast that smells faintly of banana, clove, and vanilla.

The palate opens in smooth, sweet wheat while gentle grain flavors begin to unfold. Crisp carbonation pairs with a mild citrus element like lemon. Floral yeast blends a sort of wild flower character together with clove. Submissive hops emerge from behind in an herbal, leafy touch with suggestions of sage. Fruity highlights close in a blend of flavor similar to star fruit and orange. Muted bitterness settles, then closes with a clean mouthfeel.

Overall, I think this is a good domestic take on a traditional style. Drinkability is superb, because the sustain is incredibly short. On the downside, I think it ends up a bit too watered down. You all know this isn’t my go-to style, but it’s always refreshing to return to the foundations of beer. Widmur gave this a good shot. I’m satisfied.

Known Hops: Hallertauer, Alchemy

Known Malts: Pilsner, wheat, Munich


16 IBU

Portland, Oregon

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Hefeweizen (German wheat beer)
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