this also didn’t happen in a dream

“HIIIIII,” Bodhi answers the door. “You must be Hot Library guy! Sorry, Jyn can’t come to the door right now, she’s a bit busy -” 

“BODHI -” 

Cassian isn’t expecting the offscreen crash. Jyn comes hurtling out from somewhere behind the door, practically tackling Bodhi out of sight beyond. There’s a bit more yelling and thumps and someone shouting, “I was just kidding - OUCH -” 

He wonders what he’s gone and gotten himself into. 

Asking out Table Girl was honestly never his intention. Sitting down next to her simply became one less stress of the day. Sure, she was gorgeous, but for god’s sake, people went to the library to study, not to be hit on. He was determined to never say a thing until she did and even then, the words had just blurted out of his mouth before he could stop them! He never dared dream she’d say yes. 

Suddenly, Jyn is back in the doorframe, looking a 1000 degrees different than her usual sweats and hoodie combo. He gulps. 

He is so fucked. 

“Sorry about my mate,” she says, hastily. “He’s just pissed because I’m skipping on pizza night.” 

“Pizza Night?” He apparently decides on humour being the call for this one, because he makes a joke (something he is not known for in the slightest). “I’m on his side, that’s pure blasphemey.” 

There’s a loud laugh from behind them. 

“I LIKE HIM,” Bodhi’s disembodied voice calls out from no where. 

Jyn closes her eyes a moment. As a result, she misses the grin that spreads across Cassian’s face. By the time she’s gotten her composure back under control, he’s already reworked his expression to the totally cool, calm and collected vibe he’s going for. 

“Honestly, though,” he says, quietly. “If you need to reschedule or don’t want to go anymore, I understand -” 

“Oh, we’re going,” Jyn leans over to grab a leather jacket. She throws it on as she stomps out the door. “BYE, BODHI. DON’T WAIT UP.” 

“Wouldn’t dream of it!”