Favorite Super Junior Pairings - Teukchul / 83line [Leeteuk + Heechul] (^_−)☆
“Jungsu-ah, it’s me. When it’s really time for me to talk to you, I suddenly don’t know what to say. Let’s be together for a long time, okay? Really, you are my only 83line friend. No matter what, thank you. I love you, brat!” -Heechul

Have we ended the day’s training? Or is it only the beginning now? We practised till very late at night… Everyone is very tired… Today, Jungsoo hyung has collapsed due to exhaustion again… He tiredly sits on top of the metal box and takes a nap… Even if it’s only for a few minutes while waiting for the car… He cannot wait anymore… He needs to rest… I stood in front of him and watched… Afraid that he will fall off the box because he’s too tired… I used my hands to support him… And watched him with eyes open widely… Ah… I usually don’t talk much… Let the dongsaengs play crazily… Because I don’t want to abuse my authority as a hyung and scare them… I’m someone who don’t know how to co-exist with others… Hyung must be really tired… He has to look after the cold and uncooperative me… And still have to mix with the rest he has just met… But he seems to have gone crazy already… Actually I really want to share some of Jungsoo hyung’s burden/ responsibilities/ pain… But… I only had to one chance to support you while you were sleeping, preventing your body from falling… We are their hyungs… But I only have you as my hyung… Jungsoo hyung… Sleep well for that short while…

Heechul’s predebut cyworld entry

which is this where Heechul support Leeteuk who is sleeping from falling

83line Facts and Quotes pt.3

-Leeteuk said that Heechul is the member he really likes because he listens to him well.

-Heechul said he will only listen to Teukie, in no matter what condition or situation, because he trust him so much.

-Heechul said if he switch place with Teuk , he will make Teuk go outside, drinking and making friends with everyone since Leeteuk is introvert.

-Leeteuk once gives Heechul a bag, red bag, really red, and Heechul always wore that bag everytime they go overseas.

-Heechul promises him, he will buy Nike shoes for Teukie but he didn’t because it’s too expensive.

-Heechul acts as Princess Hwang Jinni while Teuk is the prince in Goong T parody.

-Heechul once protests when he and Gunhee have the same hairstyle and same clothes, but never protest when he and Teukie do it.

-Leeteuk said when he was trainee, Heechul always ask him to go to amusement park with him… to find pretty nunna :v

-Leeteuk and Hechul both like SMAP (Japan group).

-Yesung about Heeteuk: “They both are scary hyung”

-Leeteuk once ask Heechul to eat in ramen restaurant in front of Teuk apartment, Hee’s response are, “There’s a ramen restaurant near your apartment? Why you never told me?” (IG)

- Heechul always told teuk about everything he does, because he doesn’t want teuk to become worried.

-When Heechul & Mithra will hang out with eachother, Hee will lie to Teuk and tell him He’s going to his parent’s House instead.

- Heechul: “You (Leeteuk) treat me like a kid, it very weird, I became weak in front of Leeteuk” (Sucamp Macau)

-Leeteuk: “Heechul’s eomma can’t come today, her son never invite her…” (Sushow)

-Heechul: “Donghae-ya,Leeteuk is a scary guy” (KTR)

-Leeteuk: “Kim Heechul? I really can’t read whats on his mind” (Starking)

-Leeteuk: “Heechul fashion style is really different than me, so that friend helps me to involve and seeing the difference in many style, thank you Heechul-ah”

-Heechul: “It’s Leeteuk… The one who is kind and generous” (KnowingBros)

-Leeteuk: “In this Super Show Heechul will cross-dressing as Elsa” | Heechul: “Huh? I what?”

-Heechul: “Why you let me talk alone?” | Leeteuk: “Because the question is for you and me”

-Leeteuk: “…HBD…” | Heechul: “…eung…”

-Leeteuk: “You’ve worked hard!”|Heechul: “Why are you suddenly send me a cheesy word like this?”

-Heechul: “You’ve worked hard! “| Leeteuk: “This kid is making me cry….thank you friend”

83line Facts and Quotes

This is going to be a long post :v

  • Heechul and Leeteuk both born in the same year (1983), it makes them same-age friend
  • They both born in july, with 9 days difference.
  • When they were trainees, Leeteuk said he is awkward with Heechul because he is the only one that have the same age as him
  • They stopped being awkward because they play game together, and suddenly they became close like friends for 20 years
  • They both good at play game called Street Fighters
  • Heechul thought Leeteuk seemed too easy to bully when he first came. But now it’s Shindong that’s much better to bully.
  • They’re both polar opposites
  • Heechul likes red, Leeteuk likes white
  • Leeteuk’s life has been panned, while Heechul life freely
  • Leeteuk talk smoothly, while Heechul is straightforward
  • Leeteuk loves white color, but he doesn’t do laundry at all till he was with Heechul in hotel (for SS3)
  • Leeteuk Disney’s nickname by Heechul is Peterpan, Because Teuki doesn’t want to grow up
  • They have fight called “Incheon Battle” and ith happened because Heechul doesn’t talk to Leeteuk about having military enlisment
  • Heechul used to share rooms with Leeteuk, but because of Leeteuk’s weird sleeping habits, he got his own room.
  • Although Heechul and Leeteuk used to share rooms, they rarely saw each other
  • In Bonamana Era, Leeteuk and Heechul share room again, but they’re getting busier so they‘re only see each other on weekend
  • They’re TV buddies
  • They always keep in contact with each other while in army
  • While Leeteuk and Heechul sharing rooms, they both make it half-red and half-white, the members look at it and they tought they’re in between heaven and hell
  • Leeteuk comment on Heechul’s red side : “I think I just burn my eyes”
  • Heechul comment on Leeteuk’s white side: “Just by looking at it, it think I’m going crazy”
  • Heechul and Leeteuk have same taste of music, they both thinks Jay Park’s voice is amazing.
  • He stayed in the dorm together with Leeteuk, Donghae and Ryeowook just to get closer with them.
  • They both have 1 older sister who are born in the same year (Heechul-Heejin, Leeteuk-Inyoung)
  • dongsaengs said that they both have sharp tongue 
  • Leeteuk is always the first one to cheer Heechul
  • They made agreement, Leeteuk is going to be MC in Heechul’s sister wedding if Heechul is going to be MC in Leeteuk’s sister wedding
  • Heechul only listen to Teuk when it comes to hairsyle
  • Leeteuk only act childish when he’s with Heechul
  • Leeteuk always say to ELF’s that He and Heechul are going to have subunit like D&E
  • Heechul make a fanfiction about him and leeteuk on instagram
  • Also, they’re both loves to bully dongsaeng together because they’re good at lying
  • Heechul only pick Leeteuk when it comes to pepero games
  • Leeteuk: “Heechul-ah, actually  you are my only chingu”
  • Heechul called Leeteuk, GaeTeuk which is short for Gaegireum Leeteuk(개기름이특) which means ‘Oily-faced Leeteuk’. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ(Note:In one of Radio Show Translation it says 개특(GaeTeuk) which means DogTeuk. But its’ actually a shortcut name which says Gaegireum Leeteuk)·         
  • Leeteuk is the one who take care of Heebum (Heechul’s cat) while Heechul is busy·         
  • Leeteuk: “I think Heebum likes me more than you!”·         
  • They’re both hold grudges for long time 
  • Q: ” Which one of you is more popular? (Leeteuk or Heechul) Heechul: We’re both well-known. We’re both really popular.
  • Heechul: We (with Leeteuk) don’t fight that often. If we did, it’d be bad. If we fight, that will uproot the pillars of Super Junior. NO ONE CAN STOP US.
  • Heechul: Although I’m same age as Teukie, he’s really a very good leader! There’s nothing he can’t do well.Despite the hard times, thank you for smiling always. 
  • Heechul: Although Teukie and I always complained ‘ah, I’m dying, I’m dying’ when we’re dancing, it’s really interesting!
  • Leeteuk: Thank you Heechul for being our Super Junior’s member, saranghae.~
  • Heechul: I’m always on Leeteuk side no matter what!
  • Leeteuk: The day I get my wings back, is the day I have to go back. Heechul: Maybe you were a chicken in your past life..
  • Heechul: Leeteuk is like the roof that covers us through rain or snow. He’s a good leader & protects us through everything..
  • Heechul and Leeteuk: “We’re getting old…” 
  • ELF: What is Oppas doing? Heechul: Going to slog(work hard) with Leeteuk — – Leeteuk: Going to slog(work hard) with Heechul ~ ^ ^
  • Leeteuk: He really likes girls. Eunhyuk: He can’t live without them.
  • Leeteuk on Heechul dating “Heechul has an eerie charm. He has a dangerous charm where people who fall for him can never come back out… If I was a woman, I’d be suffering”
  • Leeteuk:”When Heechul told me to tighten my seatbelt that day, i started crying”
  • Leeteuk: “Heechul’s favorite number is number 4, so let’s go with number 4!”
  • Leeteuk: “Later on the future, I’ll always ask Heechul to come and play because i enjoyed playing with him”
  • Heechul (defending Leeteuk): “Hey don’t you dare do that to my friend!”
  • Heechul: “In Super Junior i like Leeteuk-hyung the most, because he teach me about friendship”
  • Heechul (Supercamp): “Jungsu-yah, let’s  be together forever…really, you and me, friend of 83, saranghae you brat!”
  • Leeteuk (Supercamp): “This friend had been growing up little by little and always making me proud”

Day 2: Your favorite OTP 

The 83 Line


A)They look good together


B)They’re both so adorkable

C)They both thinks the other one is the weird one

D) They are so different 

E) Yet so similar


F)They’re the oldest thus they’re more mature than the other members

G) Heechul keeps bullying Eetuek and Eeteuk just laugh at it

H) They always get caught hugging somewhere

I)They’re Super Junior’s solitary ground <3