Dear diary,

England came over today again, wanting to talk about America. I mean, I understand that America is a large country that he raised and lost, but honestly, he needs to suck it up. He seems to have forgotten that I had most of South America to raise on my own, and almost all of them declared independence from me. Does England know how that feels? Of course not. He doesn’t care about any of my countries, all he cares about is America and won’t shut up about him.  I think one day I’m going to go to him with all my problems with Romano and Mexico, see how he feels afterwards. 

Art from: X

Submitted by: theotakuat221b

some stupid spamano gakuen au wherein spain is a tomato delivery guy

And he takes a one last glimpse from his watch before turning at the corner, where he finds Lovino and his brother –sometimes that muscular friend of Feli would be there, other times it was the quiet one and on very rare occasions, both of them would be present– and he is tackled by Lovino’s younger brother to the ground.

“Buongiorno, Anton!” the Italian greets as he crushes the Spaniard with his ‘morning hug’ –but of course, Antonio can’t help to greet him and hug him back because Feli was so damn adorable –like his brother, but he’d probably get punched for saying that. Lovino heads straight to his locker, the obedient student he was, and ignores them per usual.

His name is Antonio Fernandez Carriedo. He is one of the privileged select few in the entire world handpicked by the school itself to attend the prestigious academy, World Academy W.

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