Secrets and Spies, Truths and Lies (9/10)

Summary:  CIA hacker Emma Swan is paired up with MI6 agents Liam and Killian Jones on a dangerous mission to track down an ex-spy who’s hunting and killing agents from both countries.  She thinks she has all the information they need to catch the defector, but sometimes the past is buried where even her expert computer skills can’t uncover.

A/N:   Nonstop action in this one, hopefully to make up for that last cliffhanger!

This fic is rated M for violence, and there will be some here. Nothing too graphic, but if you don’t stomach it, please be warned.

Header credit:  the phenomenally amazing @shady-swan-jones

Rated:  M, for violence, blood, and dark memories

Word count:  ~ 4,500 (~40,300 total)

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Ninth Circle of Hell

Emma had no idea what was going on.

One minute, she was furiously setting up the virus to wipe the program, the next she was being roughly pushed up metal service ladders to the main deck of Gold’s yacht.  She was scared, that was for sure, especially when Gold himself stepped out to greet them.  Everything Killian had warned her about, everything she’d learned about the ex-agent over the last week, didn’t help calm her nerves at all.  And the way Killian was looking at her as he pointedly avoided the other man’s eyes just flat out terrified her.

And then Gold held the gun to her head and threatened to kill her.  She swallowed, nerves twisting, wrenching in her gut, certain that Killian wouldn’t let him pull the trigger, but she couldn’t control her body’s reaction to being in danger.  She could only watch, frozen in fear, as Killian looked at her, flinching at Gold’s words.  He was just as scared as she was, if not more.  But there was something else, a different look in his eyes, as he resolved himself to give in to the other man’s demands.

Almost… an apology?

But when Liam emerged from the stateroom, unharmed, unguarded, it didn’t matter anymore.  She saw how Killian swayed on his feet, eventually falling heavily to his knees, shock written across his face.  Anger coursed through her as well - she didn’t want to be right, she didn’t want to think that Liam could betray his brother like that, betray her, the entire mission, and she’d spent the last day hoping she had been wrong in her original assessment.  

But Killian’s reaction had been so intense, and her fear surged to match her rage.

Emma wanted to do something, anything, but she didn’t know how to handle the situation - hell, she barely knew how to handle any field situation, putting her on this mission as her first international assignment was such a joke.  So she waited, watched, listened, hoping to learn something, find an opening, anything she could use to gain the upper hand.  They had her tablet, though by now the virus should have started its initial deconstruction of Gold’s program.  They’d also taken the silenced pistol Killian had given her in the car and all the extra ammunition as well.  She had nothing, and even if she wanted to fight the men beside herself and Killian, the three guards on the deck were easily much bigger than her, and armed.  Even with all the self-defense courses she’d taken over the years, she didn’t stand a chance on her own, and Killian wasn’t in any state to get dragged into a brawl.

She didn’t even know what to think about Liam anymore.

“No,” Killian whispered brokenly where he knelt on the deck, his eyes glazed as he looked off somewhere in the distance, unfocused.  “It can’t be.”

“Killian,” Liam tried again, stepping forward.  But one of the two guards next to Killian grunted and moved beside Gold, and Liam didn’t come any closer.

“How could you?” Killian muttered, still lost somewhere else.  “How could you work with him?”  He bit out the last word, finally turning his head to face his brother, but not before Emma saw the anger building steadily across his features.

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Do you guys ever notice Kang Chul has a way of scolding Yeon Joo about something and then giving her exactly what she wants like 5 seconds later?

  • Ep 7- Angry at her for keeping him alive and playing romance with him. Then 5 seconds later kissing her. 
  • Ep 10- Scolds her on the rooftop for drinking alcohol while on doctor duty. Then 5 seconds later drinking it with her.
  • Ep 10- Scolds her for breaking and entering So-Hee’s apartment and calls the police. Then 5 seconds later she’s in his car.

Whatever reverse psychology she using on this boy I WANT IT. He whipped without knowing it.

agthoven  asked:

So Star Wars Fullmetal Alchemist. The Jedi would of course be the state alchemists and alchemy would sort of be not encouraged outside of the order. I'm imagining during the Naboo crisis and Qui-Gon and crew land on Tattooine and they find Anakin. So Anakin would have found this book on how to do basic alchemy (because you need to know the basics at least) and Qui-Gon sees the raw talent that this child has and has to bring him to Coruscant because who knows what he could do on his own.

Ooooohooo see I was seeing it more as just throwing all the Star Wars characters into the FMA universe, but your idea is really nifty too.

What if Anakin was one of those people that can do alchemy without a circle, and that’s what interests Qui-Gon. To Anakin it’s just something he does as easy as breathing, but to Qui-Gon it would be “HOLY HOMUNCULUS THIS KID CAN DO WHAT????’. But it’s not trained alchemy, it’s more like… just natural ability. Anakin would still need to learn how alchemy works and all that, but it would be simple for him. He’s basically learning backwards.

(He could probably destroy Tatooine by mistake if left to his own devices.)

I like the idea too of alchemists primarily being in the Order, and anyone else that practices it is essentially going against them. But geez, that would suck for people that just don’t want to be forced to be space monks. Aw.


anonymous asked:

Hee! I follow you on tumbler for quite a while now because of your writings. And somethimes I also read your struggles. And it saddens me a little because you are very good.. You say of yourself you are not very good..everytime I read that I am like: "damn why does she thinks that way about herself" :( and I wish so bad I could do something to make you clear how damn good you are(like silly messages like this one). I am not not a big follower on blogs, but it is damn worth it to follow you!

So I’ve read and reread this several times now trying to figure out how to respond but I am at a loss. All I can say is thank you. Thank you so much. Honestly, saying thank you doesn’t seem sufficient. That anyone would take the time to try to assuage my neurosis with an incredibly kind (and not silly at all) message means the world to me. 

I know there are some creators out there who get used to these kinds of messages, some even become expectant of them, but I’m honestly so flabbergasted that anyone even reads my writing, let alone feels strongly enough about it to send me kind remarks. 

And I know that I don’t always respond to comments and I don’t say thank you to my readers enough and I worry that people think it’s because I don’t care, or I’m the type of person who expects these accolades. But in truth, I rarely know how to respond. Thank you’s really do seem so insufficient to me. I’ve never thought I am or ever could be good at anything. Ever. So the very idea of being praised in any way for something that I’ve created just seems so impossible. So I read and reread messages and comments. I try to respond the best I can and hope it’s enough. 

I hope that people understand that every reader, every like, every reblog, every comment, every message, every piece of art and writing I’m gifted mean everything to me.