After hearing that, I cried so much. Because… my father was extremely against my dream to sing. He always told me, “How can an educator’s son become a singer? It doesn’t make sense.” So he was against my dream… and yet protected it when I was unconscious. I cried so much. - Cho Kyuhyun on the car accident in 2007. 

Credits and full translation @ guixien

As requested, here are whom I hope to follow forever on Tumblr. These blogs are absolutely awesome and run by some of the most wonderful people I have had the pleasure to meet. They are truly admirable people who have great taste in Korean idols, lol. Please check them out (you’ll thank me later :D)

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All the hugs and kisses and flowers and chocolates and balloons to coveredinsapphires, myperfectyesung, play-it-lovely-heenim, melindra21, heelicious, superspeciallovejunk, hanfuckinggeng, and hees-petal just because.

lol no, it’s because they’re all awesome and sweet people I know I can talk to if I ever feel the need!


(Unless, of course, we share the same biases…)


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1. why did you start a tumblr account, and why this username?

i found tumblr for some reason interesting, there was something diffrent frm the beiginning - all the people who understand you and all that fangirling haha i really don’t know what I’d be doing without tumblr anymore

gaemq i wanted to have something with kyu in it and because i’m way to uncreative i choose gaemq. it represents kyuhyun just perfect and i wondered why ppl didn’t used it before me hahaha

2. who is your ultimate bias in super junior and why?


it’s because of all the small things haha 

i choose him as my bias when i didn’t know SJ at all I just watched the Sorry Sorry MV and picked randomly I never regretted

he can be so adorbs at times but mostly he’s so sexy and hot and i don’t think he really knows how much ;; you might not understand me but the fact he doesn’t strips makes him even hotter .. just like TOP from BB i think both of them are an example how to be effin hot without stripping

on top of that he has the most beautiful voice. I know a lot say yesung’s voice is greater but there is just something what made my heart decided it’s his. when i listen to it i can forget everything and just be happy 

3. who is your bias list wrecker in super junior?

arrg both hyukjae as well as donghae ;aaaaa; 

4. your favourite OTP 

i thought about it if it’s eunhae, changkyu or others i ship lots OTPs but i cannot really decide between

changkyu - 

evil maknaes couple, genius couple, gamemaniac couple haha what ever  they show their love in an other way and that’s what i love so much about them. and the duet just the way you are just topped it haha you can see they’re so happy to perform together. you never see kyuhyun say i love you to others often as well as changmin but they say it to each other on TV . ah i love their friendship 
eunhae - 
the couple which loves to do fanservice the most :DD makeing fangirls die because of shipping and squealing haha they have a realtionfriendship i really envy because they’ll always have someone catching them when they fall sounds cheesy but true they had the same dream being idols and now they can fullfil it together go on promotion together having duets … these two were meant to be together, seriously

5. what is your favourite super junior memory/moment? 

definitely Super Show 4 in Paris

since i have loads of time now i’ll translate my text about SJ i’ve written for my exam in german and post it later 

6. 5 things that people usually don’t know about you. 

1. I wear glasses in school

2. I love the Twilight-Saga, Vampire Diaries and was into HSM when it was their hype haha i still can sing most of the songs, i know the lyrics by heart xD

3. I don’t wear a bra when i know I’ll be home all day just because

4. Even though I’m a happy and mostly optimistic person, I cry a lot and that’s because of personal reasons

5. I spend more time in bed than spending time doing anything

lol i couldn’t think of a 5th thing XD

7. if you could be granted three wishes, what are they?

- meet all my friends i met on tumblr watching variety shows movies dramas together laughing fangirling and crying together 

- being goodfriends with everyone of SJ and married to some speacial one

- have a settled life in the furture somewhere in asia //cough sth korea

8. what do you do outside of tumblr?

i meet friends, play tennis, dance ♥, do a lot of work for school yeah :D

9. if individual covers are released for 6jib, whose are you gonna get? 

KYUHYUN’S ofc but there won’t be ~

10. you have twenty four hours to spend with your bias, tell me what you plan to do.

goooosh i don’t knowww >w<

just be with him like we’d known each other for a long time alrdy, do things we both love to, have a meeting with kyu-line because that are all my biases from the other groups lol, dorking around in SJdorm, being annyoingto other members haha get closer to everyone chit chatting about being together forever as promised :))

in the end i kidnap him get married because we get a long too well come back to SJdorm and throw sungmin out of their room to have some privacy time ahsgldsfd ;;

…playing starcraft together lol

11. your favourite pic/gif of your ultimate bias.

this is the reason why it took me so long to answer XD 

i have way too many pictures and gifs sooooo

adorbs asgfhaskgj

baby girrrrl ;;;

aaaaaaaaand this 

just because 

…that were 10 but who cares ;DDD

i could literally post all 582 gifs of him because he’s perfect