heels with wings

Girls like me are dangerous. Well read, well spoken.
The true daughters of the ancient Pantheon. We have Athena’s mind, we have Artemis’s freedom, we have Aphrodite’s beauty, we have Hera’s power, we have Hestia’s fire, we have Demeter's generosity
we have steel spines and strong hearts and a willingness to follow through. we are storms of our own making, with fire in our eyes.
we will not, cannot let others makes us weak, think that we mean less, think that we can do less
we were never allowed in the arena. 
oh, but that just made us hungry. that just made us learn to fight in back alleys, learn to scream in the silence of our homes,  learn to walk softly and carry a big stick. 
oh, but that just made us angry and we’ve finally been allowed to unleash that rage. we are weapons, with our killer smiles, our high heels, our winged eyeliner. we’ve taken what you all decay and made into arrows and daggers, little things that when used right can draw a whole lot of blood
oh, but that just made us fierce. that just made us lean on each other, that just made us grab each other’s hands and squeeze before the battle, that just made us turn our bruises, our sisters’s broken hearts, into bombs made for destruction
oh, but that just made us powerful. that just made us a family, like vines strong enough to wrap around a tree and pull it down when they work together, that just made us able to disappear like smoke, we will never forgot how easy it is to become invisible, that just made us queens, with crowns of blood, crowns of toil and sacrifice and also crowns of flowers, crowns of faith and hope
we are here
we’ve entered the bloodbath and we are never leaving
we are sirens, we are witches, we are angels, we are the true goddesses
and oh darling,
we’re fireproof
—  You Can’t Burn Us Any More by Abby S
Four Years After ~ Chapter Three

Not requested

Genre: Angst // Romance

Member: Park Chanyeol

Summary: (of this series) Four years after your breakup with Chanyeol, you are forced into collaborating with him on a song for publicity. From fan signings together, to song-writing together, you both eventually have to sing together in public. But what happens along the way of this song-making process between two exes?

Summary: (of this chapter) Okay. It’s been forever since chapter two. But chapter three is here now! Chanyeol does some questionable actions and says some questionable statements.

{Chapter one} {Chapter two} {Chapter four}

He looks into your eyes again and you can see something shift in the way he looks at you.

It’s not love.

It’s not regret.

It’s not hatred.

It’s longing.

“Since the song is practically based on us…” he says. “And you want a merry ending. Let’s have a merry ending.”

“What do you mean by that?” you ask, curious.

If you weren’t sitting so close to him, you wouldn’t hear what he says next.

“Let’s continue our love story then. And let’s end it with something happy. Me and you.”

What kind of shit just came out of his mouth?

Why did Chanyeol just say he wanted to continue his love story with you?

And what was the point of saying that?

Because if he knew you, he’d definitely know that you would say no, especially by the way you’re looking at him right now.

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eennoshita-shine  asked:

May I request Uno flirting with a tall chubby girl pls? (Like maybe she wonders why this guy is flirting with her when there are other women around) Thanks

It had taken your friends several hours to convince you to get where you were. Your roommate helping you choose your cute sequined dress, your university classmate lending you more makeup products than you even knew existed and your childhood bestie tossing you a familiar red cup of alcohol before going off into the dance floor later, you were stood in a corner of the large frat house, desperately trying to look cool while simultaneously not wanting to be seen. Even after all the preparation you’d gone through, you felt awkward and out of place. Your cute sequined dress seemed like a bed sheet in comparison to the tiny skirts and tops the girls around you donned, and the short kitten heels you’d picked out felt like stilettos when you saw yourself towering over most people at the party. Your embarrassment was about to consume you when you heard a voice calling from behind you.

“did it hurt?”

As you turned around to look at the owner of said voice, you were met by a pleasant surprise. In front of you stood the hottest guy you’d ever seen. Fairly tall and well-toned, with a beautiful mane of pink-streaked blonde hair. Looking up into his blue eyes, he cleared you of your confusion by speaking again to finish his line.

“when you fell from heaven.”

A pickup line. This guy who could easily be a model had just walked up to you and hit you with a pickup line. The confusion in your eyes got to him, but he mistakenly thought that you didn’t understand him. Fidgeting under your gaze, he tried to recover.

“‘Cause if it did, I’d be more than willing to help you out with that my angel~” he cooed, hoping his message would get through this time.

Still in disbelief, you forced yourself to look away from his eyes.

“sorry, I don’t do pranks”

“a prank?” he said, his voice sounding somewhat hurt, “why would this be a prank?”

“have you looked in a mirror recently?” you responded, still incredulous.

With your response, he finally started to get a grasp on what was going on. His eyes softened a bit as he went to get a little closer to you. He locked his gaze with yours and lowered his voice to a whisper, hardly heard over the thrumming music.

“why would I look in the mirror when I could be looking at you?”

And somehow, those simple words made you forget yourself. Your sequined dress was a ballgown. Your heels were wings lifting you up to heaven. With newfound confidence, you decided to try a line of your own.

“If you do ever want to look in the mirror, I’ve got a nice one at my place.”

Now it was his turn to feel disbelief.

The Difference

Canon Sophie: I,, will save the elves and the humans with my f i v e special abilities because this,,, is what I was made for,, but I’m not the Black Swan’s p u p p e t,,, look at F I T Z ‘ S eyes *blushes*,, I can’t do this a l o n e,, I need and appreciate aLL of my friends,,, except not dex lol

Fanon Dex: shannon why won’t you give me more page time and my name is not deck it’s dexter alvin dizznee which spells dad did you know that
Canon Dex: I’m sorry Sophie… oh you refuse to forgive me? That’s okay I’ll just hang out in the background for the rest of the series :)))))) *cries internally*

Fanon Keefe: hello my name is keef and I’m a literal piece of trash
Canon Keefe: I may have betrayed everyone but *finger guns* *cracks jokes* *runs hand through hair* I know my love,, Sophie will forgive me no matter what because I’m just great that way *cracks another joke* *dabs*

Fanon Fitz: I’m a gay trans boy and I love my boyfriend Deck and I’m sorry I actually have no characterization past this
Canon Fitz: *blinks* oh look Sophie blushed I WONDER what that means

Fanon Biana: lmao stand back everyone I got this because I can kick ass in heels and a dress and winged eyeliner and I don’t need any of y’all
Canon Biana: Sophie… *wipes palms nervously* will you… be… my fr-friend?

Fanon Tam: *wears Hot Topic* *applies eyeliner* *is a soft emo child*
Canon Tam: guys please remember that I dipped my bangs in molten silver for no reason other than to say ‘screw you’ to my parents also DON’T ANY OF YOU DARE TOUCH LINH THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE

Canon Linh: I AM THE GIRL OF MANY FLOODS *creates hurricane*

Fanon Wylie: I frolic in the meadows. I radiate pure joy and happiness. Flowers bloom where my feet step. The sun rises and sets at my command. I am a god.
Canon Wylie: *unconscious*