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You Are What You Drink

Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Reader x Stiles x Scott x Derek x O/C


Word Count: 2828

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           I can hear the music pounding from inside the club and I grin in excitement. Girls are lined up along the side of the wall in their tall heels and short skirts with guys eyeing them up and down waiting to get inside and start making moves on them.

           “We’re going to get you sooo wasted, I take my job as best friend to the birthday boy very seriously.” I giggle, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek and he chuckles.

           “If you guys can just remember that I’m human…” he mutters and Scott laughs.

           “I think the word you’re looking for is lightweight.” Derek adds, “Because Y/N is human too and she can drink just as much as the rest of us.”

           Stiles grumbles something incoherently and I wrap my arms around him, leaning my head against his chest.

           “It’s okay, I’ll teach you my ways.” I whisper in his ear, smirking.

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You know how when you’re starting out your lessons cover the basics: heels down, eyes up, shorten your reins.

Then as you progress your lessons get more specific. Shoulders tall to the deep one, counter bend through the turn to protect the bulge, use your calf without using your leg on a hot horse, etc.

And then there’s me with my renowned trainers still having to lecture me to put my heels down, look up, and shorten my reins as I’m warming up for the grand prix.