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Can’t Forget {Tom Holland}

Summary : You and Tom broke up, Tom didn’t take it very well. This is just his point of view and how he felt.

Words : 600+ (Super short sorry)

Pairing : Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings : There’s a super super light smut around the middle of this writing.

A/n : This is super short, I’m trying out new things so this might be my worst writing.

She keeps reminding me that Y/n’s still gone. The memories of us are still haunting me, from days to days. They’re creeping behind my back. Flashes of images of us will constantly pop up in my mind.

I imagine the girl in front of me as Y/n as the girl strips down her dress, she looks nothing like Y/n but yet I can only see her in my mind.

I look at the girl laying underneath me, all I can see are the images of Y/n and I when we were together, and happy. The girl grips onto my arms as she moans, her mouth falls open from the pleasure. I stare at her, once again I see Y/n.

I can see Y/n screaming and moaning out my name as I thrust into the girl. I miss Y/n truly, this is the only way I can forget about her, that is what I thought anyway. It’s not helping though, I can see Y/n every time I look at the girl.

“Y/n..” I moan into the girl’s neck from the pleasure, though she’s not as good as Y/n.

“Y/n?” The girl heavily pants.

“What’s your name again?” I ask, thrusting into her once again.

“I forgot,” she smirks, but something about her smirks make me cringe.

I have to get my mind of  Y/n. But I can’t, nothing is working. Harrison told me to find new things to do to stop me thinking about her. Yes, filming gets me to stop thinking about her but constantly I would call Daisy Y/n when we are filming. It’s starting to piss the director off but I don’t care.

After the girl left, I sit on my bed resting my elbows on my knee with my head in my hands. I just hooked up with another girl, I’m trying too hard to forget about her I lost count of the girls I had sex with.

I rest my head on the heel of my palm as tears fall down my eyes. I pick up my phone, scrolling though the pictures of Y/n and I.

We were so happy. I don’t know what happened honestly. She said the distance was too much, when we call we would always argue about pointless things, maybe not that pointless but it was unnecessary. She said she understands that I’m busy filming but I’m not giving her any affection and that I rarely even text her, which is true. Sometimes I would ask her if she’s cheating on after I saw the article about her hanging out with some of her friends. We lost our trusts.

I sob as I look at our pictures, pictures of us smiling and laughing. I wipe the tears off my face and cough a few times when I choke on my own tears. Hiccups rise from my throats as I lean my back down on the bed and continue to cry to myself, covering my eyes with my arms.

I would do anything to get her back, but right now it seems like there’s no hope for me, no hope at all.


Imagine being the first and only girl in the Penetrator Russ bus.

Author’s note: HEY IT’S HERE, DON’T NEED TO HATE ME ANYMORE. Once more time I need to tell you guys how grateful I’m for having Alyssa as my beta writer! Please, please, go to her page @imyourliquor-youremypoison and tell her how much you’re thankful for making me suck less. And about the fic, it’s coming to an end guys :) THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. You guys are the best! ♥ my ask is always open to hear about what you guys think.

Part 1.

Part 5.

Part 7.

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You Are What You Drink

Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Reader x Stiles x Scott x Derek x O/C


Word Count: 2828

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           I can hear the music pounding from inside the club and I grin in excitement. Girls are lined up along the side of the wall in their tall heels and short skirts with guys eyeing them up and down waiting to get inside and start making moves on them.

           “We’re going to get you sooo wasted, I take my job as best friend to the birthday boy very seriously.” I giggle, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek and he chuckles.

           “If you guys can just remember that I’m human…” he mutters and Scott laughs.

           “I think the word you’re looking for is lightweight.” Derek adds, “Because Y/N is human too and she can drink just as much as the rest of us.”

           Stiles grumbles something incoherently and I wrap my arms around him, leaning my head against his chest.

           “It’s okay, I’ll teach you my ways.” I whisper in his ear, smirking.

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Thanks, Cas

Pairing: Sam x reader

Warnings: swearing, smut, the usual

Requested: yeperoni, on wattpad

Word Count: 2325

Tags: @winter-in-wakanda

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

“You ready?” Sam asks, knocking on the bathroom door where you’ve locked yourself away. It’s your birthday, and Sam is taking you out to a fancy dinner for a night of pretending to be normal people who don’t hunt monsters for a living. You went to a good bit of trouble to get dolled up; hair done, heels on. Taking a deep breath and smoothing out your tight black dress, you smile at yourself in the mirror.

“I am. But are you ready to see me?” You tease Sam, and he chuckles.

“Yes, I think I-” Sam’s words cut out as soon as you open the door. His eyes rake up and down, from your heels to your curls and back again.

“Told you to get ready,” you smile, and Sam licks his lips, running his hands over his suit jacket. He clears his throat, finally making eye contact.

“This is going to be fun,” he says mischievously, and you shoot him a questioning look. He quickly shakes it off, clearing his throat again.

“Shall we go?”


“Shoot, that soup looks good too. Sam, what are you ordering? Can we split… hey, are you listening?” You wave a hand in front of your boyfriend’s face from across the table, and you can see his concentration melt away as he stops staring at your water glass and returns to reality. You give him a confused smile, unable to figure out what’s been making him act weird all night.

“Of course I’m listening. I- wait, what was the question?” he asks, and you laugh, shaking your head. Sometimes you think you’re dating the smartest man alive while simultaneously dating the dumbest dork alive.

“Sam, are you sure you’re you alright?” You inquire, setting down your menu and leaning forward on your elbows. He nods quickly, licking his lips and diving into his menu.

“Want to split some soup?” He asks innocently, and you smile broadly. He may be a dork, but boy do you love Sam. You two have the same thoughts at separate times.

“Sam, I tried to ask you that exact question about sixty seconds ago,” you tell him, laughing lightly as a blush creeps up on his cheeks.

“Not how this was supposed to go, Cas,” you hear Sam mutter under his breath, clearly frustrated, and you feel more confused than ever. What the hell?

“Okay, look, I know something is- oh-h, ah, S-Sam,” you suddenly stutter. Your accusation was interrupted by an absolutely bizarre feeling between your legs. You clamp a hand over your mouth, because although it’s not a particularly strong feeling, you can’t imagine what the source is, which freaks you out.

You look up at him, panicked, and feel your heart rate pick up at his expression. He’s smirking triumphantly. Your brows furrow, and you pull away your hand, opening your mouth to ask him what the hell is happening. Instead of words, all that escapes is a shaky sigh of pleasure as the feeling gets stronger. Fucking hell, it’s like Sam’s touching you.

“Enjoying yourself, baby?” He taunts, and with that, you know that somehow, he is touching you. Just.. without actually touching you. You glare, mouth sealed shut as you push your thighs together just as tight.

“I wanted to give you something special for your birthday, baby,” Sam says, and you grip onto the tablecloth desperately as the feeling takes over your clit.

“And so Cas lent me some of his grace. Turns out, he knows some fun angel secrets. Pretty powerful, isn’t it? Feeling me touch you with my mind?” he explains, outwardly loving this. You, however, feel like everyone’s staring at you try not to get any wetter than you already are. No way you’re coming in the middle of a fancy restaurant.

“Sam, stop,” you say through gritted teeth, looking around warily. Surprisingly, he does as you say, the sensation disappearing. You feel a little cold and left out in the wake of it, but try not to show your disappointment. This is what you wanted, right?

“Sure thing, baby. So, soup?” He asks cheerily, taking a sip of his water. You want to pull your hair out, but go along with it. Maybe it’s best to just pretend nothing ever happened.



“And can I get you two any desserts?” the perky waiter asks, and you smile at Sam, hoping he’ll let you get some obnoxiously chocolatey dessert. He nods slightly, and you brighten up.

“Yes, we’ll ha-aa- oh, uh,” you’re taken aback by the sudden pleasure between your legs. This time, Sam is going all out, and you swear you can feel his fingers pumping inside you even though you’re staring at them resting on the table in front of you.

“Are you alright?” the waiter questions, looking lost. You glare at Sam, mentally begging him to either let up or cover for you.

“Oh, she’s fine. We’ll have the chocolate mousse, please,” Sam brushes you off, and although the waiter still looks wary, he writes down your order and hurries away nonetheless. Meanwhile, the tension in you is building as Sam changes his speed constantly, switching from faster than you thought possible to tortuously slow.

“Are you alright?” Sam feigns concern, and you swear if you weren’t so desperate to kiss him, you’d murder him. You’re about to verbalize that when, of course, Sam puts pressure on your clit, sticking with the faster pace.

“Ah, fuck, oh, fuck you, Sam,” you whisper, clenching your hands into fists. You want nothing more than to throw your head back and enjoy the feeling, but the chatter all around you reminds you that you’re entirely in the open.

“Fuck me? Well, actually, I was kind of hoping you would do just that,” Sam teases, lowering his voice so no one overhears. You want to scream his name; he’s going so fast and so hard on you that you can barely breathe.

“S-Sam,” you whimper again, looking at him with pleading eyes. You aren’t sure what you’re begging for - an end to the torture or an orgasm - but at this point, you aren’t sure it matters.

“Are you close, baby? Are you about to cum in front of all these rich, elegant people? Are you going to cream in your panties and fancy black dress? Hm?” Sam leans forward, and hearing him whispering dirty words makes you feel even hotter, if that’s possible.

“Sam, oh god yes,” you try to stay quiet, but simply can’t. You lean forward, one forearm resting on the table, head hanging low. Sam is actually going to make you cum in a crowded restaurant.

“One chocolate mousse- uh, hey, are you sure you’re okay?” The waiter approaches, and you snap your head up as Sam once again takes away your pleasure in an instant. Your pussy aches in complaint, but you force a smile as the chocolate mousse is placed in front of you.

“Oh, I’m just fine. Could we get the check now, please?” You say, giving Sam a pointed look. He’s got a mischievous glint in his eye as he pretends to be confused.

“Don’t you want to eat our mousse, baby?” Sam raises his eyebrows, knowing full well you’re throbbing for him.

“We’ll eat it as the check comes,” you promise, and the waiter gives you both another weird look as he turns to get the check as you asked. Once his back is turned, you drop the smile and glare at Sam.

“There’s something fucking wrong with you,” you hiss through gritted teeth, but Sam just grins, picking up his spoon and digging into the dessert.

“Want more, is that it?” Sam taunts around a mouthful of chocolate, and your grip on your spoon tightens so much you feel you might bend the metal.

“I swear to god, if you use that mojo on me one more time while we’re sitting here, you will never again get to have sex with me,” you threaten, dead serious. Sam drains of a little color, nodding in defeat as he eats some more. You sigh, exasperated.

When the waiter finally arrives with your check, you’re more than a little relieved that Sam isn’t messing with you as you talk. You hastily pay, and don’t hesitate a second to get up and start walking out. You weave past other diners and feel as if they all know how on edge you are. Sam follows behind you, trotting along and outwardly showing his rejection. You aren’t sure why exactly he’s being so mopey and dramatic, but you don’t have time to care. You need him alone, now.

The minute you’re in the parking lot, you just about fall to your knees. Sam has started up again, and your knees are going weak, making you wobbly on your heels. Sam strolls up behind you, letting you lean on him for support as you hold in moans. He’s going slow again, nice and easy.

“Sam, oh, fuck, oh, I’m going to kill you, I swear. I said… fuck… no more,” you say, blissed out with your eyes closed and head leaning back. You can feel his breath tickle your neck as he laughs.

“Oh yes, you sound very scary. But your rules were not while we were sitting there. I’m entirely in bounds,” he teases as he nudges you forward. With his help, you stumble your way to the impala, ankles twisting in your heels every other step as Sam keeps the hits coming. He opens the door to the backseat and helps you lie down in it. You grab his jacket lapels in your fists and pull him down on top of you. It’s a bit ridiculous with his height, but that’s not your concern right now.

Still gripping his jacket, you pull Sam’s mouth to yours, kissing him passionately. He laughs a little at first, but melts into it with you, one hand cupping the side of your face as his hair tickles your cheek. Your tongue slides over his, and you’re moaning freely into his mouth as he keeps slowly building up speed.

“I want to really feel you inside me, Sam, no more teasing,” you whisper, and Sam groans. He nods, sitting up and closing the car door behind him. The sensations are subsiding, but you don’t mind, knowing you’re about to get the real thing. Sam reaches into his pocket and pulls out a condom, and you laugh a little.

“You came prepared, didn’t you?” you joke, and Sam laughs with you. Not wasting any time, you undo his pants eagerly. You let him put the condom on as you hike up your dress and shimmy out of your soaked panties. Sam realizes what you’re doing only when you’re nearly done, and pouts.

“Hey, I wanted to do that,” he whines, having finished putting the condom on his hard length. You try not to get distracted by it and roll your eyes at Sam.

“You’ve had more than your fair share of fun with teasing me, Sam. I’m ready,” you tell him, and he smiles, leaning down to kiss you again. He lines up with your entrance, then pauses, looking down.

“Holy shit,” he murmurs upon seeing how wet you are. He got you so close to coming that your arousal is literally dripping, and Sam licks his lips at the sight. You sigh impatiently, not wanting to wait a second longer. So you grab his lower back and push him into you without hesitation. It’s a little sloppy and it startles Sam, but the sweet relief is enough to make you moan nonetheless.

“Woah, eager, are we?” Sam says as he starts to thrust in and out against your slick walls. You hum in pleasure, gripping him tighter and pulling him closer. The fact that you’re both still nearly fully clothed doesn’t phase either of you, hands still roaming.

“Shut up and fuck me,” you instruct, and Sam kisses your ear, making you smile.

“I think we can manage that,” he replies, picking up momentum. Soon enough, he’s slamming into you hard enough to rock the car and you’re both moaning and sweating like crazy. His hair is swinging in your face, and your nails claw at his back through his jacket and shirt.

After a full night of teasing, you reach the edge of your orgasm quicker than ever. You try to tell Sam you’re close, but all that comes out is more moans. He seems to get the idea anyways, reaching a hand down to rub circles on your clit.

“Oh, hell yes,” Sam mutters as you reach your high. Your walls clench around him, your back arches into his chest, and you curl your toes in pleasure. You can hardly breathe, and feel Sam fill up the condom as you come down. He keeps thrusting through both of your orgasms erratically, losing control of his rhythm as he comes.

When you’re both done, both panting heavily, Sam collapses on top of you. You let out an ‘oof’ along with strangled laughter, and Sam giggles. Picking himself up again, he smiles down at you.

“Sorry, baby,” he whispers, leaning in to kiss you. You hold his jaw as you return the sweet kiss, reveling in the afterglow.

“You know that you’re going to pay for what you did tonight, right?” you say between kisses, pulling back and making him pause. Sam closes his eyes, sighs, and nods.

“I know.”

“Don’t look so sad. You’ll love my punishment,” you whisper the last part against his ear, and Sam gets that devilish smirk back on his face. He leans in to kiss you some more, but you stop him again. Hand on his chest, you look up to the sky - well, the car’s ceiling. He follows your gaze, and you smile widely.

“Dear Cas, please accept my many, many, many thanks. Amen.”


This is the result of a conversation with @permanentcross with her anons and the ideas they put in my head. Enjoy!


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It had been going on for longer than he could tell, probably. He was already on the verge of bringing you over his knee when you left the house, your cute little bum in need of a good spanking for all the teasing you’d put him through.

Harry was back for a week, free from his relentless shooting schedule for a little while before he had to go off again with Nolan and the production. You begged and pleaded with him until he was convinced to go back to the UK, stay at the place you shared now, instead of jetting off to LA. All because of a stupid party.

The start of your semester was just around the corner and your friends from uni were planning on celebrating the last year of suffering and bad nights of sleep with a big party on the next Friday night. Harry, your loving boyfriend, had agreed to go with you, after much pestering and begging and lots of “pretty please, baby, I’ll do anything you want”.

What he wanted, well, he hadn’t gotten it. He wanted a nice, quiet night at home with his girl, a nice take out and maybe he could make love to you, just the way you liked it - a slow, passionate, toe curling fuck in your warm bed, while you moaned his name in pretty little whispers and pleaded with him to just “please, fuck me harder”. That’s what he wanted.

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Stuart Twombly - Fuck You Better

warnings ; oral (male on female x female on male), lil bit of car sex, cursing, fingering, unprotected sex, just rlly smutty tbh 

 prompt ; in which you and stuart twombly hit the strip club, and your feelings about him are thrown into the open when another girl comes at him.

a/n ; my first stuart smut!! (how exciting) just something to suffice while i write the pregnancy series & the malia smut (: 

 Neon Hitch - Fuck U Betta 

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Hey! Would you be able to write a Daryl x female reader where he sees Aiden flirting with her and gets incredibly jealous & when she nearly dies on a run with Aiden, Daryl is one angry man (sort of like the Glenn vs. Aiden, Daryl vs. nicholas scene in the show) Thanks!

A/N: Yay!! Another request!! I have a few more to write and they should be up tonight and tomorrow hopefully!! :)

Song: BRB/Kiss by LANY

“Daryl, do you see my knife?” You asked, looking at the man you called your best friend. He chuckled and pointed to your belt.
“Oh,” you said laughing at your memory. You were not always the most aware of yourself.
Daryl and you were close as two could be. He had been there for you since the Atlanta group when he found you about to be eaten by two walkers. He and you clicked like two puzzle pieces. You couldn’t help but love him in a more-than-a-friend way. He was oblivious to your feelings thankfully. Though Carol claims he feels the same way, you don’t want to fuck up your relationship by putting out possibly unreturned feelings.
His face turned serious after a moment. “Are ya sure ya wanna go? I can always-”
“Daryl, I’ll be fine. I can handle myself. You know that.” You offered him a small smile.
“I know, (Y/N), just be safe.” You nodded and walked towards the group waiting for you with Daryl following close behind.
You were going on a run, hopefully getting some needed medical equipment and antibiotics. Plus, you could never have enough canned food just in case.
Besides you, Glenn, Tara, and Aiden, much to Daryl’s dismay, were going. Ever since you arrived at Alexandria with the rest of your group, Aiden has tried every tactic to get into bed with you. It made you feel uneasy to even be in the same room as him but you weren’t going to make a scene and seem uptight.
“Hey, (Y/N)!” Tara said, waving. You smiled and returned the gesture. Glenn smiled too seeing you come closer.
As you arrived next to them, Daryl still at your heels, Aiden turned to you. His eyes roamed up and down your body, looking at you like a piece of meat. Daryl growled from behind you.
You awkwardly cleared your throat and asked, “Are we ready?”


You had finally reached your destination: a small express medical building. The car ride was to say in the least, very uncomfortable. Aiden made flirtatious and sexual remarks from the driver’s seat the whole half an hour you were in the car, making you squirm slightly in the passenger seat and Tara and Glenn role their eyes in the back.
As soon as the vehicle stopped moving you jumped from the care, ready to get out of the tension-filled air. You popped the trunk and got your gun and extra ammo along with a machete. The rest of them got their weapons and you started to devise a plan.
“Okay we’re going to split up,” Aiden announced. “It’ll be-”
“That’s not a smart move. One of us could get attacked and have no way of surviving,” Glenn interrupted, giving him a disapproving look. Tara nodded in agreement as did you.
“Too bad, too sad, I’m in charge. Glenn and Tara you go find the equipment and (Y/N) and I will find the antibiotics. Any objections? Great lets go. And take any food you find.”
You groaned internally. Glenn and Tara gave you sympathetic glances as Aiden and you walked behind them. After knocking on the glass and hearing no walkers, you go inside. It was eerily lacking of the undead for being a medical center.
Still, you stayed quiet as Aiden silently directed Glenn and Tara down a hallway then leading you down another.
You both searched rooms but to no avail. It wasn’t until you reached the room at the end of the hall that you found anything. You looked at each other and nodded as you took a ready stance. He pushed the door open.
You almost screamed. In what looked like the cafeteria, there were over thirty walkers, all looking at you two. You both turned on your heels and bolted, hearing the moans of walkers after you. Adrenaline pumped through your veins as Aiden and you flew down various hallways, shooting at the undead when given the chance.
As you were shooting, Aiden’s hand slipped and instead of piercing a walker’s skull, a searing pain exploded in your shoulder.
“Shit!” You exclaimed, your hand moving to put pressure on the wound that was gushing blood while you were still fueled on the endorphins flowing through your body.
“(Y/N)! I’m so sorry! Come on, we’re almost there!”
As you reached the exit, you saw Glenn and Tara beside the car, casually chatting.
You screamed at them to start the car and they jumped at your alarmed voice. They quickly sprung into action with Tara starting the car and Glenn sprinting towards the two of you still escaping the walkers.
“What happened?!” Glenn angrily yelled while still running.
“I accidentally shot her- It-it was an accident! I-I swear!” Aiden shouted, panting.
You ran and ran even though you could see black at the corners of your vision. Sleep was tugging at your eyelids despite your mind screaming at you.
Just as Glenn came in front of you, you collapsed into a spiral of darkness.


“Move! Move!” Daryl could hear Glenn yell as the gates closed. Daryl could only assume the worst.
He ran to Glenn’s voice and saw him carrying a bloody body. Daryl could here himself yell something but he was too focused on the fact that Glenn was carrying his (Y/N)’s bloody body.
He sprinted next to Glenn and yelled for Denise, tears starting to gather in his eyes at the sight of your unconscious state.
Glenn set her on the table once they arrived to Denise and she stopped them.
“Denise, move,” Daryl growled. He wasn’t mad at her, he was just terribly angry at the situation.
“Daryl, if you want to see her alive, you better stay out. I need to remove this and you being in the room will not help.” She then proceeded to close the door.
Daryl was so furious that you were hurt. Mad at you for not protecting yourself, mad at himself for letting you go. “What the hell happened?!” Daryl yelled at Glenn.
Glenn sighed, tugging at his hair. “Aiden had us split up and she was with him. I guess they opened a door with thirty or so walkers and they got out of there. Aiden’s hand wavered as they were shooting and he shot her in the shoulder. She kept going, kept shooting until she passed out.”
And with that, Daryl saw red.
He didn’t say a thing to Glenn as he threw the door open and made his way to where Tara and Aiden were standing, covered in your blood. As he approached, their eyes widened.
“Look, Daryl, I-” Aiden started to speak but didn’t finish due to the fact that Daryl tackled him to the ground and had his hands around his neck.
Then Rick was behind him, pulling him off the bastard that shot you. Aiden jumped up, hands around his neck and eyes showing fear.
“Daryl, this is not the time,” Rick said calmly.
“If she doesn’t make it, you’re gonna wish ya were bitten by one a’ those walkers!” Daryl roared. He was still slightly resisting Rick’s hold but then stopped once the tears came back.
“What if… What if she doesn’t make it, Rick? I never told her,” Daryl whispered.
“We’re going to try everything we can, you know that.”
Daryl nodded and headed back to where you were still undergoing surgery.

Your eyes fluttered a bit, and then closed because of the bright lights above you. You tried sitting up but then yelped at the sharp pain that shot up your arm at the movement. You decided that laying down was probably the least painful option you had.
That woke up the sleeping Daryl that you just noticed sitting at your bedside. “(Y/N)?”
“Daryl, how long have I been here?”
“Two days.”
You were surprised. You remembered running from the walkers to the car but then you hit a brick wall. Nothing.
“I can’t believe you got hurt,” Daryl said, a hard look in his blue eyes. “I almost killed that prick, Aiden.”
You chuckled a little and then stopped once you saw him getting closer.
“I almost lost ya… And I don’t think I can deal with that again without tellin’ ya how I feel.” Daryl took a deep breath and avoided your gaze. “So I guess what I’m tryin’ to say is…. Er… I really…. Ya know… Yeah…”
Though he spoke little, the blush on his face and the passion in his eyes gave it away. “Daryl, I like you too.”
He lit up like a child at Christmas and carefully hovered over you and brushed his lips to yours, barely there, but still full of the words he tried to say.
“Now come over here and lay with me, Dixon.”

anonymous asked:

"You're a bitch" + "Don't be fucking rude"

this is inspired by the fact that I suck at putting on sunscreen and am currently Suffering, so I’m going to deal with it by making my fave freckly hockey player suffer too. 

It had seemed like a good idea at the time.

Or… scratch that, it had never seemed like a good idea in Dex’s opinion. But most of the plans his teammates come up with seem like terrible ideas in the first place. They decided to hold a car wash to raise money to support the charity that Jack and his dad decided to start, designed to help educate young athletes about the importance of mental health, and to provide help to those who need it. Dex fully supports the charity and all that, but it’s the car wash thing he’s got an issue with. 

It had gone exactly as he’d expected. Chowder managed to convince the women’s volleyball team to partner with them, and he and Farmer were stationed at the end of the street, scantily clad and waving signs. Ransom and Holster were dressed in speedos (because of course they were) and spent the majority of the time flirting obnoxiously with the “customers”, the volleyball team, and their teammates. There was a lot of suds action and water spraying and screaming. Dex had tried to keep his distance. Bitty had on little short shorts and a tank top tucked in, running around serving lemonade and mini pies to the people waiting for their cars to be washed. Tango and Whiskey were the only ones actually working, dressed like normal humans in swim trunks and SMH t-shirts. Dex himself had gone down that route, donning his faded blue swim trunks and an old Boothbay High School Hockey t-shirt with the sleeves cut off.

And then there was Nursey.

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Gotta Go My Own Way | 2

Writing because it’s my loves birthday! He’s legally able to drink in the US now how exciting even though he’s been drinking beer since he got out of the womb. A little message before we begin, I just hope Calum’s birthday is incredible and filled with people he loves and cares for and vise versa. He is surrounded by amazing people who only want the best for him, and we also helped that happen by getting a hashtag trending for him and creating such beautiful fan art and beautiful birthday wishes to him. If I had one thing to say to him, it would be that in the 5 years I’ve been watching the band, he’s grown up to be such a beautiful and talented soul and a fucking gorgeous man at that. In more ways than one Calum is a gorgeous 21 year old and I’m proud to say that he’s been an idol for me. He’s taught me not to keep everything harbored inside because it’ll only come to bite you in the ass. He taught me to express myself even if the way I choose to isn’t what everybody likes or wants me to do. He taught me to think outside of the lines and be my own person, and to not be ashamed of it. I love Calum, and very doubtful that he’ll even see this, but I love him in more ways than one. He’s like a best friend to me even if I never met him. But getting to see the inner workings of his thoughts, watching him grow up and develop the way he has, and getting to experience life with him as my #1 is all I could ever ask for. I couldn’t have asked for a better role model in life. Now let’s get onto the story!

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Nia’s POV

“Mr.Jackson!” I called stomping angrily into the room where my tour manager, stage manager and a few tech people stood. They all seemed to be enjoying a conversation because of their soft laughter, but I quickly ruined it. As of right now, I didn’t care. 

“Hey what’s up Nia? You guys had an amazing show-”

Suddenly, we all stopped and heard loud laughing coming from outside the doors and through the hall. It was obvious it was a boy and a girl, and I annoyingly rolled my eyes before pointing at the door. “Do you hear that? That mess!”

“It’s Y/N and Calum I bet, they sound like they’re enjoying themselves.” He said so calmly. I stomped my foot out of frustration.

“But I only invited Liz Hemmings on this trip, but now Y/N had to ruin that! Can’t you do something to kick her off of the tour?”

A voice from outside interrupted us once again. “Calum stop pouring that water bottle on me! I’m getting soaked!” and then a loud shriek and laughter erupted. 

“And now they’re probably getting the floors and walls soaked do something!” I was getting impatient, then Mr.Jackson came up and set his hands on my shoulders.

“Look, Nia, I know you’re not too fond of her coming this tour. But she keeps the boys in line and most of all, she keeps Calum happy. That should be what matters if you truly care for him.” He looked me in the eyes trying to calm me down, but none of his words rang true in me. I needed them to see that Y/N wasn’t right for him, and that he’d be better off without her on his first tour.

“No, Damien.” I called him by his first name trying to intimidate him, and it worked seeing as he took his hands from off my shoulders and crossed them in front of his chest. “I own you practically, I can fire you and all these other people in a heartbeat. So before you go and try to tell me what to do, just remember who has the power to make sure you never get hired again.” I shot back staring directly into his eyes, not scared of defeat. He sighed before walking away to open the door.


Calum and I were throwing water at each other after their show, he was still sticky and sweaty from their set so I refused to hug or cuddle him backstage. He got playfully annoyed, and began trying to kiss me, but when I pulled back, he grabbed the water bottle next to him and splashed it at me by squeezing the water without the cap on. I gasped the first time as my whole face was drenched, and grabbed two water bottles remaining next to me, and did the same thing. He seemed dramatically offended, and chased me out of the dressing room. The other 3 boys just laughed at us and warned us not to get any of them wet. So that’s when we took it to the hallway, where nobody was at the time. I ran away from him laughing, still squeezing the water bottles when I looked back at him. Because of his unnaturally long legs and his agility, he caught up to me faster than I’d expected and grabbed my waist, his laugh ringing in my ear. The most beautiful noise you’d ever heard was this boy’s room filling laugh. 

He took a fresh new bottle of water, which I didn’t even know he grabbed, and opened it, pouring all the contents out on me. I shrieked, “Calum stop pouring that water bottle on me, I’m getting soaked!” and before I knew it, all the water emptied out of the bottle. I turned around and laughed in Calum’s face before lightly slapping his chest. He held my there and rubbed my forehead, making my already wet hair even more of a ratty mess. He did that cute giggle where he brings his lip in and it’s deep and raspy. I couldn’t help but get lost in the music that is Calum Hood’s laugh. He placed his hands on my cheek before leaning in and kissing my wet lips. I smiled into our quick kiss as a thought rang in my head. And BAM, I dumped the rest of the contents from my two bottles that I still had in my hands before Calum jumped back wiping his eyes. I laughed loudly, and next we were interrupted by a door opening loudly. Big footsteps strode toward us as we both looked up to see Mr.Jackson, and he did not loo happy. 

“Hey Mr.Jackson, sorry about the mess we’ll get to it-”

“Save it Hood. I didn’t allow your girlfriend to come on this tour only to make a mess of the venue. You’re lucky I don’t make you pay the janitor who is suppose to clean this crap.” I was taken back at the way he was speaking to me. When I was first introduced to him, he seemed so chill and I actually thought he liked me. I gasped quietly to myself before turning back to Calum with a confused look on my face.

“Look, we said we’d clean it ourselves and it’s just water it’s not like it stains or leaves a scent.”

“If you’-he pointed at me-’keep making a mess like this at every show, we’re going to have a problem. If Liz was here, none of this would happen and you guys would be more in line than you are right now.”

“Mr.Jackson, Y/N had nothing to do with this. This was all my doing, I started to water fight and I brought it into the hallway, please don’t blame her.” He now stood in front of me after Mr.Jackson became extremely close when he pointed his finger at me. I wanted to speak up, to defend myself and not look like a helpless puppy who needs her boyfriend to back her up all the time. But right now, I was too stunned to even comprehend words.

“Then get to cleaning. We leave in 30 minutes.” and he stomped back to the room he came out of and slammed the door. My cheeks immediately got red and my skin seemed to be boiling in embarrassment. Calum noticed and brought me into his chest lightly.

Nia then came out of the same room about a minute later, walking straight to us.

“Man, what’d you guys do? Mr.Jackson doesn’t look happy at all.”

“He just got mad at us for all this water, but we said we’d clean it up.” Calum answered.

“I heard him yell at you Y/N, I’m sorry for that. You don’t deserve that.” She rubbed my arm giving me a soft smile. I only shrugged it off and said a simple thanks. When I first met Nia, she seemed sweet and nice and I wanted to get to know her more, and I was so thankful to her for giving my boyfriend this wonderful opportunity to tour with them and get discovered like he’s always wanted. But lately, she gets quiet when I’m around with Calum or ignored us when I’m at rehearsals and soundchecks. Her voice now sounds forced and fake, but I haven’t been thinking too much of it. I’ve never been that person to dwell on emotions that haven’t been proven. 

“Well I’d love to talk to him for you to calm him down but I was actually wondering if Calum would help me with my outfits for the next show!” She turned to him on her heel and smiled up at him. His eyes shifted down to me with a questioning look, and I understood what he was secretly trying to ask me. I slightly nodded and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, telling him to go and help her. He said okay and she, too quickly, grabbed his hand and led him down the hall to a room on the left, next to the room with all the boys. I stuffed my hands in my sweater pockets and scuffed my feet going back to hang out with Michael, Luke and Ashton. 

25 minutes past by, and remembering what Mr.Jackson said, I realized we only had 5 minutes left before we all had to set out for the next venue. I was scrolling through my phone before I got up and walked to the next door room. The door was cracked open just a tad, but enough for me to peek in and see what was going on inside.

What I saw shouldn’t have made me cringe or sink in my chest, but it did. My usually positive and optimistic mindset was crushed by the image in front of me. Calum unzipping Nia’s zebra shirt from the back, revealing her smooth skin and tattoo. Calum’s hands lingered just a little too long on her shoulders, before I coughed and stepped inside the room. I smiled a fake smile, and pointed with my thumb outside the door.

“There’s uh, 5 minutes before we leave. Just letting you guys know.” Calum had jumped when I coughed, and cleared his throat. He nodded, “Thanks babe. Let’s get ready to leave ok?” He hurried toward me, kissed my head and walked out of the room. I stood there, still dumbfounded, while all Nia did was smirk at me. She took the rest of her top off, not even caring I was in the room, when I realized, she didn’t even have a bra on.

Setting up the story! Hope y’all liked it! More to come with this story. Again, this is partly inspired by HSM2 (mostly surrounding the reasons why Gabriella left Troy and the resort). Send me messages or DM me folks.

agents (au isaac lahey one-shot)

Prompt: Despite their professional partnership, Saga and Isaac never seemed to particularly like each other. But, under their line of work, sometimes they have to pretend. This time, they’ve got the cover of a married couple.

Requested: “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.” with Isaac (from this prompt list)

Pairings: Isaac Lahey x Angel

Warnings: cursing maybe, mentions of smut, future newlywed/secret agent sex scenes coming

A/N: this is part one of my secret agent au w Isaac Lahey! I hope you guys enjoy this bc I kinda enjoyed writing it. I really love Isaac tbh. Let me know what you think!

Part II

“I’m sorry ma’am, come again?” I’ve been pacing back and forth in the general’s office for the past twenty minutes, trying to wrap my head around this mission.

“I need you and Agent Lahey to go undercover as a married couple,” General Argent sighs and repeats herself for my sake. “We believe that the couples in the Hamptons are involved in a smuggling ring that could bring down the most vicious drug dealer of all time. You two will be a newlywed, fairly wealthy couple who just managed to snag the mansion of the murdered owner.”

“I am an author, but I’m also an accountant. You are my beautiful trophy wife,” Lahey smirks and blows me a kiss.

“Shut up, Lahey,” I grit my teeth and turn to the general. “If you’re gonna torture me with this mission at least give me a better job. Please.”

“Unfortunately, there’s a very small list of things you can do in this mission,” General Argent sighs and looks through the papers on her desk. “You can have your own online business?”

“That’s perfect. Anything is better than Lahey’s trophy wife,” I visibly shudder and Isaac glares at me.

“You’d be damn–” Isaac stands and raises his voice but backs down when Argent raises a hand to stop him.

“Thank you for your time, Agents,” she stands up and opens the door for us, kicking us out.

“Thank you, General. Sorry about my behavior today,” I briskly walks past her and Lahey does the same.

“Agents?” She calls us and we both pause on the other side of the doorway, turning back to look at her. “Your sexual tension will be great for this mission. Fall victim to it as often as you can.”

Lahey and I stare at her, dumbfounded as she smirks towards us.

“You’ll figure out what I mean in due time,” she chuckles and rests against the doorway. “I’ve got outfits for you both in Saga’s dressing room. Go get changed and then come check in with me before you leave.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, why are both of our outfits in my room, General?” I cross my arms over my chest as Lahey crinkles his brows at her.

“You two are married now. Get used to seeing each other in the nude,” Argent swiftly closes her door as the rage builds inside me.

“So first, she wants us to be married. Now, she wants us to see each other naked,” I mumble under my breath as Lahey and I get into my office. “I feel like I’m a pornstar.”

“You, pornstar?” Lahey scoffs and I glare up at him.

“What is it, Agent?” I throw him a bag with his name on it and he catches it effortlessly.

“I bet you’re all about the foreplay, all about the body worship,” he pulls off his shirt, revealing a toned torso. I groan inwardly, knowing that I’d see this site multiple times a day.

Originally posted by dont-be-such-a--sourwolf

“I’m sorry, what was that?” I pull my own shirt off and turn my back to him, pulling my pants off in the process. I pull a nude dress out of my bag and slip it over my head.

I turn back around to face Lahey and adjust the neckline of my dress. I catch him ogling me before I clear my throat and his eyes move from my chest to my lips and finally my eyes.

“I SAID that there’s no way you’d be a pornstar,” he smirks and comes over to me.

“And why is that?” I lean down to strap on some heels as he watches me, his eyes moving up and down my legs.

“Because I bet you’re all about the foreplay, you want him to praise every bit of you, to tell you how much he loves you,” he whispers and I look up at him, smirking.

“I can’t tell you just how wrong you are, Agent Lahey. Screw the foreplay,” I sit up and finish buttoning up his shirt. I slowly trace my nail up his throat and to his jaw. “And who says my partners in bed are guys, hm?”

I watch him as his eyes grow darker, fists clenching at his sides as he holds back from touching me. Deciding to take it a step further, I rest my hands against his chest.

“You better learn how to satisfy me if we’re gonna act as a newlywed couple, Lahey. We can spend the first day working on that,” I whisper, my breath fanning against the taut veins of his neck. “Ready to go, Agent?”

I Want to be Free (closed rp with samezukasharkmatsuokarin)


Tonight was the same as every other night. Get dressed up. Go to the club. Have a few drinks or something else to make his head spin, and then find his target. It wasn’t hard to find one, if he was being honest. Sometimes he dressed up as a girl for a change in clientele but it was all the same.

Only this time, things had gone a bit south. Usually by the end of a conversation, the man had figured out he wasn’t biologically female. Or they didn’t give a fuck, as long as they could see his pretty face and he was good.

This one, however… Had not realized. And had reacted very badly. Haru was pressed against up against the alley wall, an arm across his shoulders and a knife to his throat. His favorite dress had been ripped at the shoulder and he hoped he could fix it.

Oh, and get away from almost certain death. But this guy was big and strong and he was having no problems holding the other hard against the wall, hard enough for his shoulder blades to dig into the rough bricks. He let out a soft whimper as he felt more pressure being applied to the knife at his throat and breathed shallow and quick.

“I should fucking cut that fucking thing off!” the man snarled, his eyes glancing down in a way so that there would be no doubts as to what he was talking about. “Almost had me fooled! Who would want that, bitch? Huh?!” He pulled back only so he could slam Haru against the wall, hard enough his feet left the ground and his head to snap back against the hard stone. He had lost one of his high heels. Tears finally welled up in his large eyes, spilling down his cheeks.

He was going to die. And no one would miss him, because no one cared. Who would ever care for someone dirty like him? “Please… Stop…” he slurred out. He had bitten his tongue and blood was dribbling over his lip.

You know how when you’re starting out your lessons cover the basics: heels down, eyes up, shorten your reins.

Then as you progress your lessons get more specific. Shoulders tall to the deep one, counter bend through the turn to protect the bulge, use your calf without using your leg on a hot horse, etc.

And then there’s me with my renowned trainers still having to lecture me to put my heels down, look up, and shorten my reins as I’m warming up for the grand prix.

Here or There? (Parrish)

Requested by anonymous: Can I have a Deputy Parrish imagine where the reader goes to the precinct and while he’s working she try to seduce him, like a lot, and it works and he gets all red, but then Sheriff Stilinski comes in and Parrish starts to stutter and becomes even more red…

You bit back your smile when you saw him hunched over his desk, working away like he always was. Parrish loved his job, and you loved him, but sometimes he just worked too damn much. You walked over to his desk, heels hitting the ground with every step. You hadn’t dress up so much, just heels, jeans and an extremely low cut top, but you had dressed to impress. You were going to get Parrish’s attention tonight. He glanced up to see where the heels were coming from then glanced back down. His eyes shot up again when he realized it was you. You could see them widening a little as he looked you over, gaze lingering. “H… Hey… What are you doing here?” He asked. You smiled and walked around the desk so that you were leaning against it next to him. He looked up at you, eyes focusing solely on your face. You could tell that he wanted to look elsewhere though. “I came here to see you.” You said simply, biting your lip and smiling at him. Parrish raised an eyebrow. “To see me?” He asked. You nodded your head and looked around. The place was empty except from the two of you. “Why would you come here to see me?” He continued. You gave him an offended look and moved so that you were sitting on his desk. “Have some faith in yourself Deputy! I came here to see you because for some reason you’re all I can think about.” You watched as a light shade of pink spilled onto his cheeks. “I’m all you can think about?” He asked. You nodded your head, “It’s really becoming a problem.” Parrish grinned and shifted in his seat. He leaned back and kept his eyes on you, his work becoming a thing of the past. “Look, Jordan, we both know that we both want each other right?” He half nodded his head and you felt your smile growing. “So that means that all this sexual tension is happening between the two of us…” You continued. “Mhm…” He said, encouraging you to go on. “So why don’t we help ease the tension, go back to mine, or better yet…” You looked around and then patted the desk, “do it right here.” His cheeks went red when you suggested having sex on his desk. By the way he blushed you could tell that it was something he had thought of before. “Deputy Parrish? Do my eyes deceive me or have you fantasied about fucking me on this desk?” His cheeks went even redder. You grinned and began leaning towards him. “I’m all about making fantasies become real.” You said, eyes locking with his. He stared at you, mouth gaped open and cheeks a furious red. “I… I don’t… Sheriff!” You looked behind you to the see the Sheriff standing at the door, eyebrow raised and arms crossed. “Deputy, are you busy?” Parrish quickly shook his head. “No! No… No… Ah… No, of course not.” You didn’t think it possible but his cheeks were going even redder. You looked away from the two men and hid your laughter behind your hand. A silence settled across the room and you could feel their eyes on you. You slowly looked back, a small grin still on your lips. “She… Ah… She was just… Going.” He said, nudging your thigh with his hand. You slid of the desk and nodded your head. “Sure. I was just about to leave…” You said. You walked across the room and brushed past Stilinski, nodding your head at him. “Sheriff.” He let out an amused grunt and watched as you stopped at the door and looked back at them. “Deputy, I expect to see you later. At mine.” You watched as Parrish’s eyes bulged and his jaw went loose. You grinned and left the precinct. “I am so so sorry about that. I promise it won’t happen again.” Stammered Parrish. Stilinski looked at Parrish and let out a hmph. “Sure it won’t.” 

anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother you, but can i suggest a prompt? How about Claire and Owen at their wedding when shes walking down the aisle to them kissing? Vows, tears and all?

an: if by tears you meant my own, I’d say this was a successful prompt

Owen can’t breathe.

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anonymous asked:

i'm sorry to shit on your post about marilyn, you made excellent points to anyone whos ignorance overwhelms them in a case like her's, but she did sleep with producers and writers to get part way to where she ended up mainly because, in her words, 'if you didn't do it, there were a million other girls who would.'

No she didn’t. Where is that quote from? Your source please? I have quotes from her autobiography that disprove this. Not some badly written Daily Mail article.

She admitted the exact opposite. Here’s her talking about an experience with the ‘casting couch’ in her autobiography.

“What do you want me to audition?” I asked.

Mr Sylvester picked up a script from the desk and handed it to me. It was the first movie script I ever held in my hands. 

“Which part do you want me to read?” I asked. I could hardly get the words out of my mouth. I kept thinking. ‘Get hold of yourself, you’re an actress, you musn’t let your face twitch.’

“Try one of the long speeches.” Mr Sylvester said.

I looked up at him surprised. He seemed almost as excited as me. I opened the script and began to read. 

“Would you please raise your dress a few inches.” Mr Sylvester interrupted. I lifted the hem above my knee and kept on reading.

“ A little higher please,” said Mr Sylvester.

I lifted the hem to my thighs without missing a word of speech.

“I will always love you,” I read in the throbbing voice I used for ‘Hail To Thee, Blithe Spirit’, “no matter what becomes of me, Alfred.”

“A little higher,” Mr Sylvester said again.

I thought that Mr Sylvester was probably in a hurry and wanted to audition my figure and emotional talents at the same time. Still reciting from the script, I pulled my dress up and uncovered my thighs. And suddenly Mr Sylvester was on the couch. For a moment I was too sick at heart to move. I saw Mr Sylvester plain

The whole thing was a fake. He didn’t work for Goldwyn. It wasn’t his office. He had pulled the audition gag to get me alone on a couch. I sat with my dress up and the treasured script in my hand while Mr Sylvester started pawing me. Then I moved. I socked him in the eye, jumped up, kicked him, and banged my heel down on his toes - and ran out of the building.


From “Marilyn: her life in her own words” by George Barris

I think I had many problems as the next starlet keeping the Hollywood wolves from my door. These wolves just could not understand me. They would tell me, ‘But Marilyn, you’re not playing the game the way you should. Be smart. You’ll never get anywhere in this business acting the way you do.’ My answer to them would be, ‘The only acting I’ll do is for the camera.’ I was determined, no one was going to use me or my body—even if he could help my career. I’ve never gone out with a man I didn’t want to. No one, not even the studio, could force me to date someone. The one thing I hate more than anything else is being used. I’ve always worked hard for the sake of someday becoming a talented actress. I knew I would make it someday if I only kept at it and worked hard without lowering my principles and pride in myself.”


Here’s a quote from Maurice Zolotow’s biography on Marilyn which was written when she was alive.

“Marilyn has never co-operated in studio-managed romances. She almost never went out with a man who she didn’t want to go out with. She would not exchange sexual compliance for a line in Hedda Hopper or Louella Parsons or a story in Photoplay Magazine. And she never submitted to sexual advances even if they could help her career. I’ve been told this many times, often by persons who had tried to seduce her in bygone years, men, often who were in a position to put her in good parts if she went on a weekend with them to Palm Springs, Tia Juna, or Las Vegas. The conclusion of these men is summed up in this statement by a producer, “Marilyn never slept with a man who could do her any good.

Birthday Present

For the purpose of this oneshot, we’re going to pretend that the final Omelia scene of 12x15 did not happen and the lobster dinner went ahead and everything is fine and dandy. So this is set a week after that…

WARNING: it’s Moanday somewhere on the west side of the globe still so it’s a smutty one…

Twenty-three hours at the hospital- what a great way to spend a birthday, he thought to himself as he pulled his truck into his drive and looked towards the twinkling lights of his trailer that had been hung and left from years before (perhaps when Izzie had temporarily lived there). In the shadows of the dark deck, he could make out a figure. He frowned, knowing he wasn’t expecting anyone, and stepped out the truck with a guard up. It wasn’t until he was about ten steps away that he saw that it was Amelia Shepherd.

She was sat on a chair watching him approach, a devilish smile on her face and one slender knee crossed over the other, swinging the high-heel up and down impatiently on the end. His eyes swept over her bare legs shining in the low glow from the lights behind her. He could see every curve of muscle and every dip of definition. Immediately his mind went to a dark place.

“Hi,” he smirked.

“So last week you told me it was your birthday, and you said a week would give me enough time to buy you a gift…”

Owen closed the distance so that he was standing on the ground just below the deck, his hands in his jeans pockets and his leather jacket feeling too hot for his body as he looked her up and down. Her hair was framing her face in perfect curls and her eyes were glowing blue even in the dark light. Her lips kept hinting at a smile before clearly being told off by her mind and falling back into line.

“It turns out that wasn’t enough time…” she continued, standing up and revealing her outfit. Owen’s jeans immediately started to tighten as he looked north of her knees to see her bare thighs, her crotch only just being covered by an impossibly short mini-skirt.

“Amelia…” he whispered in shock.

“Yes?” Her voice was the only thing innocent about her.

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