heels and candy

Twizzlers - Dally Winston Imagine

A/N: @mattsdillons, I hope you enjoy it! I know it’s not real long, but I’m working on getting better and longer writing!

Word Count: 298 

Warnings: None

Pairing: Dallas Winston x Reader

I walk into a small grocery store, wincing as a painful wave of cramps sweep over me. Narrowing my eyes, I set my gaze on the one thing that can ease my unfair suffering: Twizzlers. There’s one box left and I rush over to it, only to be slammed into by a blond boy wearing a brown leather jacket and an irritated look.

“Watch it, will ya?” He snatches the Twizzler box off the shelf and I ball my fists.

“Listen here, hood, I need those Twizzlers.”

“No, you don’t. Why don’t you just take a step back and let me enjoy my candy.”

A mixture of anger and cramp pain washes over me and I struggle to snatch the sweets from him. “Give me the candy,” I snarl.

“Doll, look. I’m taller and stronger and I got here first. Suck it up.” The boy turns on his heel and tucks the candy into his pocket before leaving. Dumbfounded, I watch him walk out of the store and out of my sight.

I’m brought back to reality by another cramping sensation. Sighing, I give one last longing look at the shelf where the Twizzlers had been and leave the store. I walk to my car, miserable until I see a small piece of paper and a candy box on the hood. I first pick up the white paper and read the black scrawl.

“Doll, you can have the Twizzlers. But, you better go to Buck Merril’s at 8 pm tomorrow or I’ll be real let down and may have to take them back. -Dallas Winston”.

I smile a small smile and get in my car, the note and Twizzlers in my hand, and drive home to choose something to wear tomorrow evening.