The Twins

Hair - stealthic, Alesso, facial tattoos + spiderweb stockings - thatmaloriegirl, cross/choker necklaces - black-le, septum ring and accalia necklace - leahlillith, long black gown I - fashionroyaltysims, long black gown II, dark crown, pleated skirt + rose headbands - salem2342, spiked crown - jennisims, lace tshirts - starlord-sims, layered skirt - sims4-marigold, frilly skirt, melting tights + creepers - tok–sik, mesh accessory top - ladyhayny, bondage top - jinglestartk, corset,  cross stockings - simspunk, garter socks - imadako, platform boots - vktsims, heelless boots, lipsticks - chisimi/ decayclownsims, eye shadow - tsminh-3/ bazlou, pale lips + eyeliner -  pralinesims, skin overlays - heihu and last but not least eyes + poses by juoo9082 xxx


We’ve may have found the perfect footwear to go with our Inflatable Unicorn Horn or Magical Unicorn Mask. These incredible heelless platform boots are called Unicorn Hooves. They are the work of Oonacat, an artist based in Salt Lake City, Utah who specializes in creating custom-made “heelless hooves” and “heeless paws” as well as awesome pairs of ears and horns.

Check out the Oonacat Etsy shop learn more.

[via Design Taxi]