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batboo-spoopy  asked:

Heelix slowly walked up to Alois, bottom lip trembling and tail between his legs. He looked up at him with tears in his eyes and his thighs shaking. He'd come to Alois immediately after so he was wearing no clothes. He sniffed wetly. Was it true? Was everyone he ever met only after one thing from him? Did Alois' want that thing too? Water ran down his cheeks and he looked broken.

Alois turned to look at him, his eyes going wide. Oh, it was so easy to know what had happened, he had looked so many times in the mirror to see himself in the same state. His hands trembled. He wanted to wrap his arms around Heelix, and protect him forever. At the same time he wanted to wring that old man’s fat neck. 
“Heelix…I…how about we get you all cleaned up, okay…?” he asked softly, holding out his hand.

batboo-spoopy  asked:

As soon as the time came for Heelix's free roam he ran through the house on all fours as fast as he fucking could like an excited dog. And that's when he jumped and smacked right into Pearl, licking all over his face.

Pearl laughed, falling flat on his ass with Heelix in between in legs. “Hey now! Calm down, heh. Wild child.” he laid his hands on his cheeks to hold him still so he could kiss his nose

batboo-spoopy  asked:

Heelix heard his foster aun't say it to a random person before. They just moved into this new house and he noticed there was a little boy next door. He came out of the house and wobbled out to the fence. He was about five. He looked to the other side when he saw the fish boy, "Hello! Can I follow you home? Cause my aunt always told me to follow my dreams."

Pearl was sitting in a little kiddie pool with a sprinkler aimed in his direction. He had on a pair of water logged goggles since his eyes tended to dry out too fast. His babysitter was sitting in a longue chair-though she was hardly watching him, not like he could drown anyways with his gills. His mom was at work like always but he didn’t mind, she said she’d get him a toy shark!

When the other little boy spoke up he looked over and blinked. “But I’m already home.”