Sweet Transylvanian

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by Trashland (Daderain)

Cas huffed a small laugh. “He does this every year.”

Dean glared at him. “Like you’re any better!”

“I run hot.” Cas said with a shrug.

His heels clicked on the sidewalk and Dean unconsciously slowed down so that the other man could move in front of him. His ass looked amazing in tight black panties, framed by garter belts, holding up black stockings on his muscular thighs. His calves flexed with each step in the platform shoes and the rhinestones on the heels glittered in the streetlights. The corset around his torso wasn’t so bad either, although, Dean preferred him without it.

Cas and Dean attend a RHPS showing (in costume) and get into some hanky-panky afterwards.

Words: 1316, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2e2CRvj
harry potter houses as things that are great
  • SLYTHERIN:looking killer in formal wear, perfectly crafted insults, sarcasm levels off the charts, an ungodly amount of eyeliner, knowing how to walk without making a sound, having very few close friends but you'd kill for them, horror movies, loving your heritage
  • RAVENCLAW:the perfect high ponytail, that moment when you figure out a complicated math problem, clear lip gloss, a perfectly crafted thesis statement, looking good in business attire, the carefully cultivated skill of reading while walking, correcting people's grammar under your breath
  • GRYFFINDOR:long road trips, volunteering in class, acting like an idiot with your best friends in public, action movies, dying your hair various shades of neon, the sound of a perfect high-five, high heels that click when you walk, winning an argument, recognizing a song playing in public
  • HUFFLEPUFF:soft hoodies, sitting next to the new kid, that awesome moment when someone you barely know says hi, helping your parents cook, long hugs, knowing the names of everyone in your classes, sunrises, sharing your snacks, waking up to texts from your best friends
Encounters of the Asgardian Kind

Victoria walked into the building of the UK division of S.H.I.E.L.D., her heels clicking on the tile floor as she made her way to the lift to head up to her cubicle to begin work. As she stepped off the lift and started walking to her desk she noticed a young woman, dressed rather oddly, standing nearby. “Good Morning, are you waiting for Agent Horne?”


Unofficial Home

Pairing: Luke & Female Reader (only because of the pet name princess other than that it’s genderless) 

Words: 1200+

Warning: sfw 

I’m making this into a series based on Luke getting his new apartment bc you guys don’t know how happy i am he’s settling down in Sydney !!!

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Part two

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