Autumn Leaves

Summary: Halloween Special | Shit. Are those fangs?

Word Count: 1067

Member: Jimin


The weather was perfect. It wasn’t too hot out, and it wasn’t cold enough to have to wear a heavy jacket. There was a light breeze blowing your hair, swaying your sweater gently as you walked down the street. The heels of your shoes clicked on the cement, occasionally crunching a few fallen leaves as you stepped. The weather was perfect.

It took quite a while, but eventually you felt your fingers begin to chill due to the soft wind and lowered temperature. Deciding to warm up, you stepped into the first café your eyes greeted, breathing in the autumn scents and hearing the dull chattering from each of the tables. You waited in line, tapping the toe of your left foot along with the quiet music accompanying the soft noises in the building. The person behind you typed on their phone, the volume up enough so you could hear the small clicks with each letter they hit.

When you got to the front of the line, you offered a soft smile to the cashier before requesting a large, black coffee. You knew you wouldn’t be drinking it, the taste of coffee never touching your tongue in the way you wanted, but it would be something to keep you warm as you continued walking outside.

“Coming right up,” the cashier nodded, smiling brightly at you as you pulled out the correct amount of change, moving to wait for your order. While standing, you felt a pair of eyes on you, but ignored them in favour of looking around the back of the café. The store was decorated for fall. Strings of orange leaves were put up, hanging from the walls, and fake pumpkins sat on various places on the counter, grinning at the customers wickedly.

You could hear the coffee being poured and offered another soft smile to the woman who handed it to you, nodding at her before turning gracefully and walking out of the shop. The calm noises from inside the café ceased as the glass door shut behind you and your cheeks were quickly kissed by the gentle wind again. After a deep breath in, you began walking again, enjoying the brightness.

The pairs and groups of people passing by you brought glimpses of their lives to you. Whispers of love or loud laughter swam past you alongside the person, letting you into their conversations for only a moment. You smiled at anyone who met your eye and whispered a laugh when you caught someone’s humorous comment in passing. Still, as you walked, you felt a pair of eyes following your movement.

Instead of looking back, you continued on, keeping your pace and enjoying the picturesque world around you. Eventually, you grew tired and bored of walking, and stopped at a marvellous nature park you had been eyeing for days. You sat on one of the wooden benches, still gripping the unsipped coffee in your hands, despite it having gotten cold during your walk.

The colourful leaves danced before your eyes, screaming for attention as they slowly moved across the ground. They gently met with each other before pulling away, making an amusing show as you sat, transfixed by the beauty of this season. After a few moments, a body sat next to yours, not acknowledging you. Instead of greeting them pleasantly, you continued watching the leaves as they danced and jumped and flew, one ending up in your hair after twirling through the air.

“Let me get that,” a voice from beside you whispered softly, reaching his fingers up to untangle the fragile orange leave from your hair. “The world truly is beautiful in autumn.”

You simply smiled over at the man, taking in his bright orange hair and soft, gentle face. His cheeks were flushed a light pink due to the cold and he was smiling at you with the sun radiating from his grin. The two of you fell into another silence, this time aware of each other yet still peaceful. It wasn’t until what seemed like an hour later than he spoke again.

“Aren’t you cold?” he questioned, leaning over to you. “Would you like a scarf?” You turned to him silently, smiling and nodding slightly. He grinned and pulled a knitted scarf out of his bag, offering it to you. If he was the one wearing it, it would have matched the season perfectly. His orange hair and the light brown of the scarf representing the weather well. Instead, you wrapped it around your neck, breathing in the sweet scent accompanying it. The scent which must have come from the man next to you. “My name is Jimin, by the way,” he added gently, turning his shoulders to you only faintly.

You turned to him then, smiling widely yet not letting your gaze drift from his eyes. “I’m Y/N,” you whispered, leaning in to him. His eyes widened in response, looking you over with shock.

“Shit,” he whispered. You could hear his heartrate begin to pick up. “Are those fangs?”

“This is why you won’t talk to strangers in the middle of an empty park,” you whispered, your grin turning wicked. Within the blink of an eye, you were on top of him, two holes pierced in his neck. After what felt like only seconds but had to be many minutes, you pulled back and wiped your mouth on the back of your hair.

The man’s skin had turned considerably paler, his eyes frozen wide and his mouth hanging slightly open. You had to admit, the man was handsome. His lips were full and his eyes, had they not been wide open, were soft and warm. His hair hung only lightly on his face, framing his appearance well, and he was well dressed.

In respect, you closed his mouth and eyes, removing the scarf from around your neck and wrapping it around his, concealing the marks for now. With that, you left him sat frigid on the bench, walking smoothly along the gravel path, eyes once again wondering around the park.

The trees swayed gently in the breeze, some with leaves still falling off of them, while others were completely bare to the wind. Leaves swept under your feet and around you as you walked, rustling quietly. The heels of your shoes clicked on the pavement, occasionally crunching a few fallen leaves as you stepped. The weather was perfect.

harry potter houses as things that are great
  • SLYTHERIN:looking killer in formal wear, perfectly crafted insults, sarcasm levels off the charts, an ungodly amount of eyeliner, knowing how to walk without making a sound, having very few close friends but you'd kill for them, horror movies, loving your heritage
  • RAVENCLAW:the perfect high ponytail, that moment when you figure out a complicated math problem, clear lip gloss, a perfectly crafted thesis statement, looking good in business attire, the carefully cultivated skill of reading while walking, correcting people's grammar under your breath
  • GRYFFINDOR:long road trips, volunteering in class, acting like an idiot with your best friends in public, action movies, dying your hair various shades of neon, the sound of a perfect high-five, high heels that click when you walk, winning an argument, recognizing a song playing in public
  • HUFFLEPUFF:soft hoodies, sitting next to the new kid, that awesome moment when someone you barely know says hi, helping your parents cook, long hugs, knowing the names of everyone in your classes, sunrises, sharing your snacks, waking up to texts from your best friends
Encounters of the Asgardian Kind

Victoria walked into the building of the UK division of S.H.I.E.L.D., her heels clicking on the tile floor as she made her way to the lift to head up to her cubicle to begin work. As she stepped off the lift and started walking to her desk she noticed a young woman, dressed rather oddly, standing nearby. “Good Morning, are you waiting for Agent Horne?”


Unofficial Home

Pairing: Luke & Female Reader (only because of the pet name princess other than that it’s genderless) 

Words: 1200+

Warning: sfw 

I’m making this into a series based on Luke getting his new apartment bc you guys don’t know how happy i am he’s settling down in Sydney !!!

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Part two

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