heel touches

a list of cute jimin things
  • holding items….with his mouth
  • nose scrunch
  • pouty 
  • when he smiles so big his cheeks burst!!
  • trips over..nothing
  • when he laughs so hard tht he flies to different corners of the room
  • when he hugs the members..yes….soft 
  • also,,, a comforting jimin engulfing crying members into his arms. they must be enveloped in love and friendship
  • big sweaters!! like so big he swims in it and he has sweater paws and he just looks like the most softest n most comfortable marshmallow 
  • the v shape ballerina position thing he does with his feet when hes standing. his heels touch n its like magic
  • soft tum 
  • dimples 
  • lil hands with lots of rings
  • taking nearly 30 mins to colour in a letter “A” and a heart 
  • bed hair 
  • baby jim in the cow costume 
  • big jim in the lettuce/cabbage costume
  • v pose 
  • lying on the floor 
  • when he cried when they got their first daesang but he didnt know it was a daesang so rly he was just thinking about the members and crying over how hard everyone worked. pure 
  • this is more painful than cute but sometimes jimin pushes his hair back n he has that rly big smile on his face and im melt 
  • his laugh can solve n cure anything like ur plant is dying?? u broke ur arm?? u havent done your laundry in 2 weeks?? ur sad?? solution: jimins lil giggles 
  • its also rly cute when he covers his mouth when he giggles ffkshskdfjdh
  • natural aegyo !!!
  • when hes asked to dance and hes all serious at first but then towards the end he gets all shy and giggly and he blushes and looks down at the floor and covers his face and ahhhhhhhh cutie
  • stuffing his cheeks with food!! 
  • at that one fanmeet where he was comparing hand sizes with a fan and he says in english “my hand is very big. your hand is very small” and leans back with this proud smile on his face like how can u not love him
  • his never ending lov for everyone n everything 
  • wearing literally every type of eyewear out there except for his prescription
  • that one log where he was in his cute lil pjs and was wearing his actual glasses for once 
  • sleepy!jimin
  • the slightly swollen left eye
  • he calls himself manggaetteok if that isnt the cutest thing
  • the way he speaks is so cute like u hear that lisp????? he invented that
  • how could i forget abt his cute lil tooth that sticks out!! the most precious thing!!
  • the way he looks so lovingly at the member who is speaking
  • his ballerina spins!! good!!
  • the frustrated yell or groan or whatever sound he makes aka that loud n raspy “aH !!!!” when the members are messing with the lil bundle of sunshine
  • when he bites his bottom lip when he smiles rly wide!! and when hes shy!!! ahhh!! 
  • his lips in general. good, soft pillows from heaven
  • snow filters :’)) 
  • u kno in that one radio interview where they were asked to demonstrate how they’d wake their gf up and jimin just “AaAAHHHH!!!!!!” real good bf stuff
  • that time they were stretching and warming up before practice n he reach to touch his toes 
  • how tiny his pinky is compared to taehyungs hfhdsghs
  • chimchim star
  • cute twt vids
  • gym teacher n class president jimin 
  • that time when sunshine line was on that vet show and jimin was making the dog move forward by maneuvering its front paws ahhhhhh lil bub
  • “my name is jimin and im…very cool guy”
  • when th satoori jst comes out :(( luv he 
  • jimin x cake is always a good combo (what type of cake??? u decide) 
  • his lips form a sideways heart if u look at his side profile. even better when his lips r parted a lil bit and his head is tilted down and gravity does its work n just…plumps his lips up even more
  • lil finger hearts….large arm hearts…..his actual heart
  • peeled tangerine jimin
  • barefaced jimin…….bon voyage was a blessing
  • speaking of bon voyage its rly cute how he jus luvs to take his time and care for the members and like u kno things like forgetting to put the address on his letter. a special snowflake
  • when he lost his luggage LMAO
  • holy shit when jimin tucked jungkook in!! like!!!!!! thats so cute and caring and so kind and pure
  • all of bon voyage was a just a blessing thank u
  • the end. not rly bc there are a lot more but i needed to stop myself

 tips for high heel beginners 👠💋

-don’t start out with super high heels. it’s better to start out a little smaller. they don’t have to be full on kitten heels but try to keep the heel 3 inches or shorter.

-the chunkier/thicker the heel= the easier to walk in

-don’t be scared of platform heels. while they might look intimidating, they’re actually more stable and easier to wear as opposed to your standard heel because a) there’s less incline and your toes are closer to your heel and b) even if they’re high, the heels tend to be chunkier, so you have more support.

-heels aren’t the most comfortable shoes in the world but if your foot hurts as soon as your put them on, don’t buy them.

- when it comes to heels,it’s always better to size up then to size down. when in doubt, opt for a larger size.

- when walking on a flat surface, always remember to walk heel to toe, one foot in front of the other. 

-s l o w d o w n. you might think you can run in heels, but you probably can’t even power walk. take smaller steps and walk a little slower than usual.

-practice. walk around your house in heels for a while to get the hang of it.

-whenever you have the opportunity to sit down, do so.

-avoid walking on grass. if in some case you absolutely have to walk on it, try to focus your weight on your toes; almost like you’re trying to tip toe. your heel should still touch the ground, but lightly.

-avoid walking on cobblestone or any other sidewalk that is uneven or has cracks in it at all costs.

- when going up stairs, tilt sideways a bit. this way you’ll be able to put your entire foot on each stair and you have a less of a chance of tumbling down and busting your ass. also, hold the handrail at all times.

-if you have to stand for a while, switch putting your body weight from one foot to the other. this way you’ll be able to give each foot a break and it’s less painful.

-use cushion and gel insoles, they’ll make your heels a little more comfortable and you’ll be able to wear them for longer periods of time. doesn’t matter what brand, you could even get them at the dollar store; they don’t have to be fancy. 

- never take your heels off and walk barefoot. not only could you step on glass or something sharp but that’s just nasty and very tacky looking. always have a cute pair of sandals or flats on hand in case shit gets real.



Bellamy X Reader: Angst, smut

Request? Yes:

Bellamy smut where he sees one of the delinquents try to get the reader in bed, and he beats him up. Reader argues with him and he tells her he just wants to protect her, and sweet sex comes afterwards.

Author’s note: I wrote this pretty quickly, so I apologize if it’s got some grammatical/spelling errors. I just wanted to give something to my lovely followers that have stuck with me since the beginning. I really appreciate those of you that haven’t deserted me since the Harry era began. I know it’s probably sort of annoying. Xoxo. Hope you enjoy!

It’s probably been the best night you’ve had on the ground. All of the delinquents are surrounding a monster of a bonfire. There’s been no sign of grounders for a week, and everything seems so peaceful. Monty made up a large batch of moonshine and Finn found a stereo somewhere, complete with a collection of music more than a century old. Everyone is bubbly with alcohol and calmed by the tunes. Even Murphy lets his head bob along to the beat.

Your own body is buzzing with intoxication, just to the point of a pleasurable, meditative happiness. All of your nerves are electrified and the music digs its way to your core. It only takes a few moments of observing the scene before you’re on your feet with another small group of delinquents, swaying with your eyes closed. Nothing matters but the soft beat of the drums and the chill of the air.

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Naughty Girl

Series: Tom Holland Imagine

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Jealous Tom cause s/o that’s jealous can be hot asf sometimes

A/N: Going to be having my internet best friend Bri revising my imagines before I post them so less spelling errors c:

Hope you enjoy this imagine after my hiatus from my migraines xx 

When I’m not typing Im on my fan account (Tiemeupspidey) -Help me reach 1k on there pls :,) I make memes and edits 


Word Count: 3k

[Reader’s POV]

     Dragging the doe foot applicator against your lips, the lipstick colors your lips. The deep red spread against your lips making them look sultry. Music played in the room so you’d know your cue. Picking up your mascara, you untwist the tube taking out the wand. Brushing it through the false lashes you were wearing. A couple of strokes to each lash and you were set.

   Sitting down in your chair you look at yourself in the mirror. The lights illuminating the room making your highlight pop. Turning your head to the side, the glitter reflects make you grin. The sound of your phone dinging has you look over. Picking it up you smile at the notification on the phone.

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nedzu,,,,,,is a good boy,,,,whos a good boy? him.

fool (m)

member: kim taehyung (ceo!tae)

genre: smut 

sent in & written by, al-sof (penname)

Originally posted by mvssmedia

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Okay but picture Kara and Lenas’ feet touching at some point beneath the dinner table as Jack starts answering one of Kara’s journalistic questions. They just accidentally touch for like 2 seconds but Kara glances at Lena when she picks up Lena swallowing.

When Lenas’ heel “accidentally” touches Karas’ foot again they just stay connected until Kara and Monboob have to go. And as Kara is leaving the restaurant, toning out Monboobs questions about why you have tiny fires on the center of your dinner table - Kara walks with a crinkle in her forehead and wonders why the only thing she got from the interrogation was that she didn’t want to stop touching Lenas’ foot.

Because where is the lie

anonymous asked:

You've written quite a lot about Shiro's flexibility - do you think he could do the splits? How would the other paladins react to this? <3

Man, they’d find that out almost immediately.

‘Cause Shiro is So Damn Serious about stretching before exercise.  He’s not going to let them hurt themselves at training because they didn’t properly prepare themselves.  If they try and skimp out, he will literally stand over them and watch until they’re stretched to his satisfaction.  Do not test him on this.

But that also means Shiro participates and gets himself warmed up too.  Since Shiro is already a pretty bendy guy, for him to get actually loose, and can get a bit… more.

The first time it became a Topic was when Shiro bent his leg back until his heel touched the back of his head.

“I didn’t know spines could move like that in real life,” Pidge noted, looking up from trying to touch her toes.  Her fingers were still hanging a stubborn inch above.  “I thought it was only in movies.”

Lance’s brows rose in interest.  “Can you teach me to do that?  Seems like a desirable trait, if you know what I mean.”

“I don’t want to know what you mean,” Keith replied flatly.

“We’re not gunna have to do that, right?” Hunk asked, eyes narrowed. “I know this is training, but it’s gunna take a lot more than a day’s practice to get me doing that.”

Shiro shrugged smoothly, as if he wasn’t folding his body nearly in half.  “No, no one has to learn to do this.  If you really want to, Lance, I can show you some stretches to help.  But this isn’t something I expect you to pick up in a week.”  He dropped his leg, then leaned backwards until his spine cracked.

Lance considered.  “Can you do a split?”

For a moment, Shiro tilted his head.  Then he moved his left leg forward and his right leg back, his arms folded at the small of his back.  He continued at a steady pace until his thighs were flush to the floor, still without so much as touching down with his hands for balance.  Then he shrugged.

“Yeah, definitely not doing that,” Hunk snorted.  “If I pushed you, would you fall over?”

Shiro stared back flatly.  “You’re welcome to try it.  I don’t recommend it.”

“Hmm, pass,” Hunk decided.

Pidge grinned and stepped forward.  “Can you get up without using your hands?”

Considering, Shiro nodded.  “I should be able to.  I could before.”  

“How about now?”  With that, Pidge wrapped an arm around his shoulders and clung to his back like a backpack.  For a moment, Shiro grasped at the air, struggling to regain his balance.  But then he caught himself, and with only a few moments of hesitation, managed to get on his toes and push himself up.

From her position four feet off the ground, Pidge whooped.  “Useful information.  If we ever need to, you can just carry me around.”

“How about no,” Shiro replied.  “You can use your own legs.  Down, now?”  When Pidge nodded, he bent at the knees so she could climb back off.

Keith snorted.  “Does that mean it’s time to start, if you’re done showing off?”

“Shiro’s not showing off!”  Lance defended loyally, scowling at Keith.  “He’s just-”  Then he paused, looking Shiro over.  “You were totally showing off, weren’t you?”

Shiro only grinned back.