heel orton

Heel turn?

Randy orton is currently the most talked person in wwe. In social media he steals everyone the show. And that makes him successful. But not many know, randy wants to turn to heel again ( and i hope that happend soon) And he uses social media, so that the wwe can turn him to heel. In summerslam we see a face vs heel match aj style (face) vs randy orton (heel).

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No lie, 3 things I learned when watching Wrestling in Toys R Us :D 1.) Moms melt over a face over Randy, I just don’t know why, I’m like it’s Randy Orton 2.) Don’t watch wrestling in the baby’s section 3.) Randy Orton needs to become WHC sooner than later, and we want Heel Orton “O” No matter how many times I say it, it needs to happen :D

“What I’d like to see happen in the upcoming months: Reigns beats Bryan at Fastlane and Bryan turns heel. Randy Orton returns to feud with Rollins while Ziggler feuds with the now-heel Daniel Bryan. Roman beats Brock Lesnar for the title, and goes on to feud with someone like Rollins post-Wrestlemania. Or feuds with Bryan and Rollins eventually cashes in. Either way, the only thing I DON’T want is Bryan winning on Sunday.