heel lover

THE CAT’S MEOW - model: model: Mariah Morrison, Jana Knauerova  - photographer: Emma Tempest - stylist: Michelle Cameron - hair: Braydon Nelson - makeup: Asami Taguchi - set designer: Lauren Bahr - nails: Holly Falcone - W Magazine October 2015

  • Balenciaga shoes - Fendi dress

Today is a boots day with the cold coming back. I could not resist to take this opportunity to wear a casual slim pants with my wonderful knee high boots by Biondini. Elegant yet with a very sexy detail on the back that I tried to share with you. One of my favourites and such a soft leather 😍. Hope you will like as much as I do.

My new amazingly long boots: view from behind. I will post a few more pictures over the next days. I am just so amazed as they really do cover my whole legs. I even wonder if I could pretend wearing leather pants … heels measure 12cm and seem quite comfortable to wear. Have a great day everyone !


“12 Shoes for 12 Lovers” by Sebastian Errazuriz

12 uniquely designed shoes, inspired by the personalities and defining characteristics of 12 former lovers, each with a suiting nickname & accompanying story to match.

  1. “Honey” Natasha
  2. “Cry Baby” Alexandra
  3. “Gold Digger” Alison
  4. “Heart Breaker” Laura
  5. “Ice Queen” Sophie
  6. “Hot Bitch” Caroline
  7. “The Virgin” Anna
  8. “Jetsetter” Jessica
  9. “The Boss” Rachel
  10. “G.I. Jane” Barbara
  11. “The Ghost” Valentina
  12. “The Rock” Alice