heel first landing

One Secret Too Many

A/N: Okay so, here’s a filled request in which you and Dylan are both cast members on Teen Wolf and get asked during an interview about your relationship. I put it under a cut because it got way longer than I thought it would - my bad! As always, feedback is greatly appreciated!!! :)

You don’t really have time to process anything that has happened the past twelve hours until you saunter into your hotel room, immediately kicking off your high heels and landing face-first on the king-sized bed. A few seconds later, you hear Dylan emerge from the bathroom. He’s changed into a pair of sweats and a baggy Mets shirt.

“Thought you and Shelley were gonna grab some In-N-Out together?”

“Too tired,” You respond, your voice muffled against the mattress. You feel the bed dip as Dylan lays beside you, tenderly rubbing your back.

“Yeah, I remember my first Comic-Con,” he says. “Posey almost had to drag me from room to room. I slept for like, eighteen hours the day I got home.”

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