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kiki-myaki replied to your chatdad: “youre a 15 year old girl sitting in the…

I have these types of conversations with my family much too often. They just don’t understand us…

haha yeah but at least im at the point where i can actually wear wigs in the house and my parents just say that rather than tell me off or freak out

infact my mum enjoys showing people ive just met pictures of me grey WHICH I GUESS IS NICE OF HER BUT OH MY GOD I DONT WANT PEOPLE TO MEET ME AS THE GIRL WHO PAINTS HERSELF GREY FLKJSDLKS 

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Captain Swan is the furthest thing from fan service. I won't touch the rest of the ninnies allegations, because they're ridiculous and skew canon, but the show runners, writers, and both Jen and Colin have been quoted dozens of times in interviews as saying that Emma and Hook was always in the plan. In fact Colin JUST SAID, like just now, at Fairytales, that he knew when he was hired that he would be a love interest for Emma. They aren't fan service. That's a fact.

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