For AMOK, I decided to “hijack” some jeepneys and pay for everybody’s fare. Jeepneys (in this island, multicabs) are some of the most common means of transportation in my country. They’re kind of like buses, but smaller. The standard jeepney fare in the capital (Manila) is P8.50, I think, but where I am (Cebu), it’s just P7.50. Or P7, if you don’t have change.

So this is how I ran AMOK: I went to the end of the route I chose where jeepneys tended to be empty. I flagged one down, sat in the front seat and briefly explained to the driver (in my poor Cebuano) that I would be paying for everybody’s jeepney fare. As each passenger got on, I paid the driver their fare. I made a sign so people won’t be confused, but because I was an idjit, I didn’t bring tape. Hahaha. Everytime someone tried to pay, the driver had to explain to the passengers that they didn’t need to. When the jeepney got back to where I got it, I flagged another one down and repeated the process. :3

One of the passengers in the second jeepney thought I was a nun and said, “Thanks, Sister.” It was how one would usually address a nun. And then all the other passengers started to address me as such. ^^;;

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot of cash (day before payday, tsk) so I was only able to hijack two jeepneys. And sorry for the shit pictures. I couldn’t take a lot because I was alone. And shy. :3