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I don’t have a title yet and the synopsis is subject to alterations, buuuttt, here’s the draft of what’ll be in that little box on fanfiction.net ~

Title: ????? (to be decided)
Main Pairing: Gruvia.
Setting: AU.
Rating: M - for eventual smut/mature situations.

Synopsis: Juvia Lockser is in the midst of losing everything; her parents, her home, her happiness. Urged by her father to seek refuge in the home of a family friend, imagine Juvia’s surprise when, instead of the ever wise and doting Silver Fullbuster, she finds his estranged (and impossibly handsome) son asleep on the dojo floor instead.

That’s right – Gray is a martial artist returned in the absence of his father. He’s tsundere. He’s hot (and sweaty oho). And Juvia is staying in his home. Imagine the training. Imagine the fluffy nights when neither of them know how to cope with the trivialities of life. Imagine the sm u t.

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Perhaps a cartinelli drabble about how Peggy feels when Angie calls her "English" and decides to give Angie a nickname too?

One Saturday morning, as they lay on separate couches, resting in the heat (it was getting ridiculous this summer), with all this time to think Peggy brought up something, “Angie, Honey… you know how you call me English?”
Angie giggled, a little delirious from all of the heat, “Of course, English.”
“Well, perhaps you shouldn’t.”
“Why not?”
“Well… I mean…” Peggy began a little sadly, “I always liked those couples… you know where they give each other pet names, and it sounded so sweet. I always wanted to do that. But I don’t know… English isn’t very romantic. It’s just descriptive.”
Angie thought for a minute, “Alright sugar. Honey. Sweetie-pie. Lemon-drop. My Darlingest Sweetheart. Baby…”
“Oh do stop.” Peggy moaned.
“My caramel toffee, my sweet little pie.”
“Alright I take it back!”
Angie giggled.
“My little American Apple Pie,”
“I’m Italian.” Angie pouted.
“My little Italian Icy Gelato.”
“Better.” Angie giggled.
“I’ll call you my giggling gelato.” Peggy whispered from her couch.
Angie ran over and jumped onto her and cuddled her, “And you’re my British Bakewell Tart.”
“How do you even know this?” Peggy laughed, and Angie leaned down to kiss her.
“I’m very clever, that’s how.” Angie replied, and cuddled up to her. “I don’t even care if it’s hot anymore, I hate not being close to you.”
Peggy laughed, “Agreed… my American Apple Pie with Italian Icy Gelato.”
And they lay there together and giggled.

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You and your husband are so freaking cute. How tall are you both? I dated a guy who was 6'4" and I'm 5'2" (and three quarters because you have to count them when you're under 5'5"). When we stood next to each other it looked just like that picture you posted next to him!

Heehee why thank you! I’m actually 5′2″ even, and he’s somewhere between 6′3″ and 6′4″, haha. If you look closely you can see I’m actually standing on my toes a bit in that photo… and I’m still that tiny compared to him!

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Down with cis was funny until people started saying/using it too literally.

Ya, it could have been like a heehee meme. Then let it die, but ya.

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💘 (I love your blog by the way heehee)

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(i love your blog too omg)


#the oliver smile #the i’m-so-in-love-with-this-man smile

Misha's torment continues...
  • Misha:Not again...
  • Misha:Why were you hiding in my closet?
  • Misha:Not you too Jared
  • Jensen:JUST A CITY BOY
  • Misha:Jared, you're better than this
  • Misha:You two are grown ass men
  • Misha:Mark, really
  • Jensen, Jared, and Mark in perfect harmony:DON'T STOP BELIEVING!!!!
  • Misha:I am calling all of your wives