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How would I write a long distance relationship realistically??

Thanks for your question, darling! Sorry for the wait 💔

Long-distance relationships are challenging to write for those of us who have never been in one (or in any relationship at all heehaw) but I do have experience with long-distance ~friendships~, and I think some of the same things apply. So I’ll just share with you what I’ve experienced over the course of a few long-distance situations…

  • Distance sucks. Like no matter what the circumstances are, eventually, distance gets to you. Physical separation of two people who love each other creates a feeling of emotional distance, even if the relationship is healthy. The physical aspect of a relationship, whether sexual or affectionate or both, is important and provides chemicals that “bond” people together. The farther apart two people are physically, the farther they are physiologically.
  • Beyond physical distance, there are communication barriers. When texting, when calling, even when video-chatting — communication is different than in person. You struggle to explain things the same way (especially when texting). Your time is limited, so you feel rushed to talk and stumble over your words. Sometimes the phone connection is so crappy you just give up and stop talking. And this can discourage your characters from interacting.
  • Arguments don’t last as long. When you have limited interaction with someone you love, you don’t want to spend it fighting. So unless it’s a serious argument, you don’t perpetuate it — you pull an Elsa and Let It Go. This can cause passive aggressive behavior, though, as unspoken feeling build up behind the scenes.
  • Off days happen. Even when both people are in great places, feeling great, operating great — they’re gonna have days when they’re not in sync and can’t get a hold of each other. These are frustratingly common, and they can create frustration toward each other, even when it’s nobody’s fault. But if handled with grace, these days feel less stressful.
  • You don’t share everything, good or bad, that happens to you. Time constraints, running out of energy at the end of the day, not wanting to fight or put a damper on each other’s good days — any of these reasons create withheld information. Sometimes you just forget to share something with the other person. This is especially true of introverts, so if you have an introverted character, keep this in mind.
  • Distance makes you realize what you have. Not having each other everywhere you go, all the time, gives you a taste of what life was like before them. However, if two people are separated and realize they function better without each other, this can be a hard thought to shake even after reuniting.
  • Successful long-distance relationships happen!  They aren’t a death sentence.  Some people have to work in different states for years and their relationship comes out stronger.  It all depends on the people involved: their mental and emotional health, their emotional needs, and their personal responsibilities in life, work, and family.  If these things work together, there’s no reason this situation can’t have a happy ending :)

That’s just what I know – there are plenty of other issues and benefits to a long-distance relationship that I haven’t listed here.  But I hope some of this helps you!  If you have any more questions, send them in and I promise I’ll get to you <3 

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!


Hey guys, this is my first venture into any sort of fan fic. I’m not a writer by any means (just the research papers I’ve been writing for the past eight years of my life, which is a bit different than fiction lol), so don’t judge too harshly. Also, I just kinda wrote it out in one sitting so there’s that too. Anyway, the fic takes place fall of their sophomore year (so when S4 would’ve hypothetically taken place) and is sort of like a GM Semi Formal high school edition. Probably going to be 3 or 4 chapters, nothing crazy. Okay, here ya go :) Here’s chapter 1

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Yellow & Blue (Maya and Lucas one shots)

Read on ao3 | ff.net

The last person she expects to find standing by her locker the morning after her failed homework rebellion is him.

“What do you want?” She glowers at him as she opens her locker.

He looks so neat, with his blue t-shirt and grey hooded jacket and his stupid nice smile on his well rested face. In contrast, she’s had a sleepless night worrying about her unfinished homework, and her tired, late-shift working mother, and she’s thrown on the first set of clothes she found in her closet. Despite having showered, she feels scruffy and grimy next to him.

“Some help,” he says.

The amusement in his voice is at odds with the stupid nice smile still gracing his stupid cute face. It’s just an observation; she couldn’t care less about his stupid face. “And what do I get out of it, cowboy?”

A look of alarm passes over his face. “Why do you think I’m a cowboy?”

“You’re from Texas, what else does Texas have except for horses and cowboys?”

She knows she’s exaggerating, and probably being more than mildly offensive, but she doesn’t care. Besides, he seems amused rather than annoyed at her stereotypical view of his home state, so she doesn’t let it bother her.

“Maybe one day you can visit and see for yourself.”

Her head snaps up at that, and he looks stricken and red-faced when he realizes what he’s said.

“Uh— I mean— I mean—”

He reminds her so much of Riley’s goldfish Chelsea, with his mouth opening and shutting as he struggles to come up with an explanation or a response, that she has to smother a smirk.

“Save it, Heehaw. What did you want my help for?”

“Well, since I’m new here and don’t really know much about the school, or about New York, I was wondering maybe if you could show me around.”

He edges closer, the cockiness gone from his voice, replaced by a painful, earnest honesty. She wonders why the latter is more appealing than the former. Then she remembers she isn’t supposed to find anything about him appealing.

“Why are you asking me? Why not ask Riley? She’s the one who does stuff like this, helping people out, and being nice to them, and extending the hand of friendship, and all that crap.”

He laughs. “I’m sure she’d be happy to help. But I’m also sure you know a lot more about the school and about New York than she does.”

She narrows her eyes, studying him, trying to figure out what his motives are. She doesn’t know why he’s being so friendly with her, why he seems to want to hang out with her.

He looks at her hopefully, and he reminds her so much of Riley that her resolve to keep him at arm’s length crumbles. “What do I get out of it?”

“I could help you with homework?”

She stills as anger grips her. She knows she acts like she doesn’t care about school and homework, because it’s easier to pretend that than it is to let her classmates learn about her situation at home. But that doesn’t mean she wants people like him to rub it in her face.

“What makes you think I need help with homework?” she asks, her voice quietly dangerous.

He must have heard the ill-concealed threat in her tone because he definitely looks nervous as he hurries to explain. “I was at my locker round the corner, and I sort of overheard you and Mr. Matthews talking yesterday after we left history class.”

If he overheard her telling Mr. Matthews that she has no one at home to help her with homework, he must have also heard Mr. Matthews say how she goes too far, and gets Riley into trouble. He’s probably already made up his mind about her, convinced that she’s a troublemaker. The thought both angers and saddens her.

But more, it makes his sudden insistence on hanging out with her suspicious. He either thinks he can be a good influence on her like Riley, and save her. Or he’s tired of being such a good southern boy all the time, and wants to break a few rules by doing something that he thinks is exciting and dangerous in this new big city. And he’s figured that she, being the troublemaker she is, can help him.

And, she has to admit, the latter sounds a bit farfetched. There’s definitely more than meets the eye with him, but overall, he seems to be a rule follower, just like Riley. But she’s yet to figure out his motive.

She stuffs some books in her locker before turning around to face him. “You often go around and listen to people’s conversations, Goody-Two-Spurs? Didn’t your mamma tell you that’s not polite?”

“I didn’t do it on purpose,” he defends himself, his cheeks and ears going a bit red. He looks embarrassed and irritated.

When she says nothing, just raises her brow in question, he shifts uncomfortably.

“Look,” he says, “You’ve been really nice to me ever since I got here. You came up to me and talked to me on the subway, and let me sit with you guys at lunch. I just want to say thanks.”

This is the first time ever that anyone’s accused her of being nice to them. It leaves her flustered. She doesn’t like being flustered.

Before he can so much as blink, she grips the neck of his t-shirt and yanks him closer, pulling his face down to her level. “Let’s get one thing straight, Cowboy. I’m a lot of things, but I’m not nice.”

“I don’t think I’d be talking to any of you if it wasn’t for you,” he says with utter sincerity, staring unblinking into her eyes.

Unknowingly, he’s done something no one’s ever been able to do before: he’s rendered her speechless. She lets go of his t-shirt without even realizing her actions.

“Besides, didn’t you say on the subway that we should hang out sometime?” His cheeky grin is back.

She stares at him, confused and frustrated at her inability to intimidate him. Most people back off when she gets in their face. But he just goes toe to toe with her and plays the game right back.

He stares back at her hopefully, eyes bright, that silly grin still plastered on his stupid face.

She inwardly sighs and reluctantly relents. “Alright. But I’m only doing this for Riley.”

When he frowns, puzzled, she rolls her eyes and explains. “Riley likes you and wants us to be friends with you. And you’re a Ranger Rick; you’ll get mugged if you wander around New York by yourself. And Riley won’t like that.”

He grins at her knowingly. “Nice to know you care.”

She glares at him. “And I don’t need your help with homework. I can handle it.”


“Save it, Hop-Along.” She slams her locker shut and saunters off.

He stares after her, sure she’s the most frustrating, hard-headed, stubborn person he’s ever met.

She doesn’t bring up the subject of homework again for the next few weeks, neither in school nor during the couple of times they spend together while she shows him around Manhattan.

But then, the day after Mr. Matthews fails her in their assignment on evolution, she accosts him in the library.

“Hey Ranger Rick, remember how you offered to help me with my homework?”

“You want me to help you?” he asks eagerly.

“Even better,” she smirks. “You can do my homework for me.”

He sighs. “I’m not going to do your homework for you.”

“But you’re a huckleberry, you love doing homework and all this school stuff!”

“Maya, no one in their right mind loves homework. Except Farkle.”

“And Riley.”

He gestures with his hands, as if to say “there you go”.

She whines, pouts, threatens, and wheedles, but he sticks firm to his decision, though he’s entertained by the increasingly crazy reasons she keeps coming up for why he should do her homework for her.

Finally, she gives out a dramatic, long-suffering sigh. “Fine, Huckleberry, don’t get your lasso in a knot. You can help me with my homework.”

He rolls his eyes. As if he’s the one who’s been begging her to let him help, and she’s doing him a favour by letting him.

But he’s smiling as she pulls him down to sit with her at one of the tables in the library. He’s not sure why, but he knows he wants to spend more time with his beautiful, fascinating blonde friend. And he’s not complaining even if it’s something as mundane as schoolwork that allows him to do that.

Maya’s right, he really is a huckleberry.

Hope you enjoyed this!

*sees someone with a pixie cut* hey guys watch out that crazy feminist is gonna get triggered and fuckin kill everyone heehaw please laugh at my jokes i’ve never felt the touch of a woman .

  • Lucas: Short stack of pancakes, would you...
  • Lucas: *gets down on one knee in front of Maya
  • Lucas: *ties shoe
  • Maya: COWBOY
  • Maya: SUNDANCE
  • Maya: HOPALONG
  • Lucas: *leans in for a kiss
  • Lucas: hahurrrr
  • Lucas: *holds a small black box with a diamond ring on it
Fic Rec #1

Fic Rec #2

Fic Rec #3

Stow Away Captains by xairylle (2k) Rated M complete Law/Luffy

Yes. So fun, the initial second-hand embarrassment (on behalf of our darling Law) almost scared me off cause I’m squeamish like that don’t judge, but I was just so intrigued let me tell you, I was making these funny faces, y'know, the ones where you’re reading something you probably shouldn’t be and there are those cursed others around (I get these horrible faces when I’m drawing and writing too ha) why must the world be populated so? Go read go.

them’s the breaks by coffindoors (1k) Rated M complete Law/Luffy

That summary though. I think Luffy is one of the hardest characters to portray, and can I say, oddly enough, even though the author admits an abundance of ooc-ness, I actually had no problems going along with this like it was great. Very smexy, extremely smexy. All hail the smexy.

Corrupt Confessions by grayclouds (2k) Rated M complete Law/Luffy

Can you guess? Demon Luffy and priestly Law, let the battle begin. Mortal Combat voiceover dude: K.O. Brief but sinful, just how I like my coffee.

Soul Searching by grayclouds (1k) Rated G complete Law/Luffy

You like this random little dollop of rated G between the sandwich of Lawlu porn? That’s my mentality when reading, all over the fucking place. So, kinda angsty (also, just noticed that a tag implies an open ending interpretation for this one, which is interesting since my mind immediately took to the depressing ending without ever knowing the other was an option so yeah, today I learned a little about myself).

Youthful Years by grayclouds (6k) Rated M complete Law/Luffy

HOGWARTS. That’ll get me to read anything. It could be Miss Bagel meets Mr. Donut but oh no they’re in different houses and I’d still read it. This one was a while ago for me so I can’t remember it well, but I remember this one scene that convinced me to rec it cause I thought it was perfect and great and wait yes it’s all coming back to me it was good.

The Snake by Guk (12k) Rated M complete Kid/Law

So there’s this snake, and it pretty much has an existential crisis and turns into jewelry- or not (heehaw). But seriously, Kid and Law bond over this cute little slip of green that hides under Law’s clothes and everything is just great. Read this one twice. You should too.

Forbidden Fruits by Reiki (135k holy shit I didn’t know) Rated T complete Kid/Law, Marco/Ace

So. I think I read this on ff.net, I could be wrong, but I think I did (and honestly I hate trudging through the slush there, not insulting anyone, just that there’s so much on ff.net that it takes forever to find one you’re genuinely interested in). HOWEVER, I liked this one so much that I had to rec it here and so I looked to see if it was on AO3 (my preferred choice of poison) and wala, it is. At first I was like eh. Then I was like ah. Then I was like OH. The development in this, the mental and emotional progress, astounding. It says T but I remember it getting pretty damn near M? If you want something long and chaptered and complete, here ya go. It’s a beaut.

How Many Times Will These Boys Fall in Love (spoiler: everytime) by Guk (28k) Rated M incomplete Kid/Law

Maybe you can guess by the title, maybe you can’t, but it’s one of those Tumblr prompt things with 16 chapters and going, so if you’re out on a long ride and want to just binge Kidlaw then here you go. They’re pretty diverse in theme with side-action from sub-bosses like Doffy and Killer. My favorites are: My Boyfriend’s a Pirate, Bring Law Next Time (with some Doffy action). Surprise You’re Married, and Law Has a Scheme (some Killer action woohoo).

Bloodred by Enziroth (5k) Rated M incomplete Kid/Law

This author just suddenly spits out a bunch of stories and I’m intrigued. This one caught my little eye with the sassy summary. Law’s a bloodsucker that only likes redheads. Kid’s a redhead (who also hunts darling creatures like Law so, y'know, interest piqued). Not usually into the whole vampire thing, so that certainly says something don’t it.

Black and White by Enziroth (4k) Rated M incomplete Kid/Law

So y'know how I was saying this author just kinda like appeared on my radar out of nowhere like a Pokemon pops out of the shrubbery? (a wild Enziroth appears, has a ring to it) Well, this is one of those fics. I got me a weakness for anything resembling a prison au, there just ain’t enough of them. Do be warned, non-consensual content (I mean, it’s prison so).

Unintended Consequence by itsmylifekay (7k) Rated T complete Zoro/Sanji

Ventured into the T section by mistake, don’t regret it one bit. Sanji gets Zoro a little friendship bracelet out of misplaced spite, and our darling swordsman actually wears it. The cutest thing, truly.

Shredded Letters and Telltale Expressions by tuna (fancy2na) (13k) Rated M incomplete Zoro/Sanji

Really curious where this is headed. We got two unlikely compadres (namely Nami and Zoro) bonding over the pains of loving someone who might never love them back. I love supporting characters that actually support the characters in a literal sense, if you know what I mean. Definitely on the look-out for further development. Also, apparently Nami can outdrink Zoro, who knew.

Not Just About You by sabershadowcat (6k) Rated M complete Zoro/Sanji

I really don’t want to mention the fact that it’s in 2nd person POV, cause I know that’s immediately gonna turn some people off, hell, I don’t even read 2nd POV, I don’t even know why I did, but I’m glad I did because I have this nasty habit of silently appreciating and stalking stories without ever showing my appreciation, and I actually commented on this one, that’s how stunned I was by this.

Blurry Face by barahands (6k) Rated M complete Marco/Ace

Marco and Ace. Ace and Marco. Haa. I had a hard time for a while reading anything about our freckled beauty because I mean, you-know-why. But this author be so smexy with their writing that I actually found the next rec by association. Pretty hot, give it a whirl.

Trust by barahands (5k) Rated M complete Marco/Ace

Sex done right like give me a fan and a cushion so I can faint Victorian style oohlala. There’s one line in here that killed me like yes please. I’m shameful I’ve read this twice now. Maybe I’ll go read it again, you can’t judge me. I mean, you can tell by most of these recs that I like my mature dose of naked butts right? So trust me on this, trust me on everything. Just don’t trust your life with me cause I don’t know what to do with those things.

I’ll Be Your Man by neverlandlumos (2k) Rated M complete Basil/Kid

Not a common ship. To be honest, not sure how I wound up here. Like I faintly recall thinking Basil’s hair would look good pinned up and then I read some porn? Not sure, but holy hell did this one take me for a ride. Sub Eustass done right like I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it done so right.

NOTE: I’ve got my own smattering of fics I’ve been working on, just click on the link on my smancy blog.

Also if you’ve got a rec send me a message I’m always in the mood for some good shit, like, even if it’s a totally under-the-boat pairing (kinda wondering about DrakexBasil lately no reason just)

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1) “My best friend thinks you are my girlfriend/boyfriend, though I just met you and this is awkward but let’s pretend we are a couple, I don’t want my best friend to tease me anymore tbh” (lucaya)

“You can’t be serious right now? How do you break both of your legs by tripping over your own feet?”

“I know, I’m a klutz Maya, I get it.” Riley’s voice sounded exhausted and like she was in pain, but to be honest Maya didn’t care at the moment. Riley was supposed to be at Giovani’s with Maya celebrating their friendiversiry as they had every year since they were seventeen, but she was spending the day in the emergency room instead. “Can’t you just cancel the reservation?”

Maya took a deep breath before explaining why that wasn’t possible for the fifth time in four minutes. “You can’t cancel a reservation that you booked a year in advance with only ten minutes notice Riles. They already told me it would be 200 bucks if I did and I don’t have that kind of cash. The gallery is doing well, but not that well.”

Maya looked over to the hostess and couldn’t help but notice a tall man exchanging some desperate looking words with the her and found herself eavesdropping. This guy looked snooty and was probably complaining about his reservation being too close to a poor family. Maya rolled her eyes and focused on her best friend again.

“The nurse is telling me to hang up Peaches. I’m sorry, I will pay you back the cancelation fee.”

Maya sighed and pinched herself to make sure that this wasn’t some cruel nightmare. “Yeah, okay Honey. Feel better and happy anniversary.” She hung up the phone and let her head fall dejectedly into her hands.

“Husband issues?” A deep voice and a southern drawl snapped her back to reality rather quickly. It was the man who had been arguing with the hostess and he looked a lot taller hovering over Maya’s waiting couch.

“Not married,” she grumbled, unwilling to explain any further. The hostess was staring Maya down and she didn’t have the patience or money to deal with her at the minute, but she didn’t want to spend their friendiversiry at Giovani’s without Riley. It would just feel wrong.

“So you’re being stood up.”

This caught Maya’s attention and made her blood begin to boil rather quickly. Who did this man think he was to ask if she had been stood up? No, it wasn’t even a question. He was TELLING her that she had been stood up. This guy was an asshole and Maya didn’t care where they were, he needed to be put in his place.

“For your information,” she growled through gritted teeth. “My best friend Riley just broke both of her legs and is in the ER. I was not stood up unlike that stick shoved up your ass. Besides, didn’t anyone tell you? Asswipe is so last season.”

The man’s eyes flickered with something that looked like he was impressed by her, but it disappeared quickly. “Convenient how she broke both of her legs at once. She must be some klutz, huh?”

Maya’s eyes narrowed and she was sure she looked like one of those cartoons with steam blowing out of her ears. “What are you insinuating, HeeHaw?”

This earned a throaty chuckle from him that made his Adam’s apple much more prominent and almost distracted Maya. Almost. “All I’m saying is it’s awfully unlikely to break both legs at once. Besides, either way she isn’t showing and you did. That’s kind of the definition of being stood up.” She was about to fire back when he stood up and tipped an imaginary hat to her. “Excuse me, I have to use the restroom.”

As the man walked away from her, she felt pure rage. It was one thing to insult her to her face, but to imply anything about Riley meant war. When he returned from the bathroom she was going to give him a piece of her mind even if it caused a scene. This tall, dark, and handsome cowboy couldn’t get away with treating strangers like this and acting all high and mighty. Sure, he may look like Scott Eastwood’s long lost brother and sure he may have eyes that Maya couldn’t even decide what color they were, but if he thought-

“Excuse me, miss?” Another drawl snapped her out of her rage fit and she was met with a man in a rather dapper looking shirt and tie. “I am looking for my friend Lucas and the hostess said that you were just speaking with him. Do you know where he went?”

So Lucas was his name. “Oh yes, he just ran to the restroom. He should be back soon.” Just because Lucas didn’t know what manners were didn’t mean that Maya couldn’t be civilized.

“Thank you so much. The name is Zay.”

Maya nodded and accepted his handshake hesitantly. Why was this new guy talking to her? Did she have a sign on her that said “talk to me, I’m friendly!”?

“Maya. Nice to meet you Zay. You have quite an accent there.”

He smiled wide and nodded. “I grew up with Lucas in Austin and haven’t left the city much. I guess you could say it’s the southern roots.”

“I don’t believe many stereotypes anymore, especially the southern ones. Lucas proved a lot of those ones wrong to me.”

Zay chuckled again and nodded behind Maya’s shoulder. “Here he is now.”

Maya looked over her shoulder and was met with a much more afraid man than she had been talking to not five minutes before. He approached the two slowly and looked extremely hesitant. “Hey Zay.”

“Lucas, you failed to mention how beautiful she was.”

Maya’s eyes went wide and she looked at Lucas in shock. What the fuck? “Oh so Zay has heard about me?”

Lucas looked like he wanted to puke, but Zay kept talking. “Only every time we talk. He’s mentioned this blonde beauty for months and I told him I had to meet her when I came to visit, but he told me he wasn’t going to bring her. You must have noticed how surprised I was to see you sitting here!”

Maya felt a chill run down her back and her first instinct was to run. Who were these men and had they been following her? How had Lucas been talking about her for months when they had just met that day? She knew for a fact that she had never seen Lucas before in her life because if she had, she would remember that face anywhere. She knew that her face was probably looking a lot like Lucas’s horrified one at the moment, but she also knew she had to get away.

“Wow,” she tried to keep her voice level. “Um, if you guys will excuse me I have to go to the ladies’ room.”

She stood up and tried to focus on the clicking of her heels as she walked away to keep her from fainting or throwing up. This was the kind of situation her mother had always warned her of, but Maya wasn’t prepared to deal with it. She had been so set on getting away from them that she had trapped herself in the bathroom with no escape route in place. Her hands were shaking and a sudden knock on the door caused her to jump a lot more than it should have. “Just a minute,” her voice cracked.

“Hey, are you alright?” It sounded like Lucas’s voice coming from the other side of the door. “I’m sorry about Zay, let me explain.”

“Get the fuck away from me you creep!” Maya’s voice sounded a lot more broken than she had wanted it to. This was her worst nightmare coming true. She was going to be kidnapped. She was going to be forced to live in a shed, locked away for the rest of her life. She didn’t even have her phone to call for help because she had bolted so fast and left it on the waiting couch.

“Woah, woah. I’m not a creep blondie.”

“Your friend said that you had been talking about me for months. We just met today, so what have you been stalking me? Do you have a whole wall in your house dedicated to pictures of me? I bet you even have a bug in my apartment don’t you? Oh my god.”

The door suddenly swung open and Lucas was in the elegant bathroom with her. Of fucking course she forgot to lock the door.

“I have never seen you before in my life so calm down and let me explain before you go accusing me of being a stalker.”

Maya was silent, but her hands were shaking behind her back.

“That’s my best friend Zay out there and he still lives in Texas. I moved here for vet school about two years ago and he has been hounding me about a girlfriend ever since. I finally got fed up with it and made up some generic fantasy girl to get him off of my back and told him that she was out of town this week so he couldn’t meet her. The problem is, you look a lot like the girl I told him about and now he thinks you’re her. I didn’t mean to freak you out and I swear I’m telling the truth.”

Maya felt her body relax slowly when he looked her in the eyes. She believed him. “So no creepy wall in your house?”

Lucas chuckled for the second time that day and it made Maya smile as well. “No pictures or bug. Boy Scouts honor.”

“So I’m really your fantasy girl, huh?”

He rolled his eyes and frowned at her. “Was that really the only thing you got out of that besides the fact I’m not a stalker?”

Maya smiled widely and nodded like a child. “It jumped out at me.”

Lucas shook his head and ran his hand through his hair. “I guess I have to go explain to Zay that we can’t eat here AND I don’t have a girlfriend. This should be fun.”

“Why can’t you eat here?”

“I guess your have to book a reservation almost a year in advance and the whole restaurant is booked for the night. I all but begged the hostess, but she told me to go try TGI Friday’s.”

Maya burst into laughter and earned a small smile back from Lucas. “Since I got stood up, you guys can have my reservation. Consider it an apology for calling you a stalker and a creep.”

He shook his head adamantly. “I nearly gave you a heart attack, you don’t need to do that for me.”

She thought about it for a moment while her stomach growled loudly, earning a questioning look. “Hey, what if we compromise?”

“I’m listening.”

“I’ll stay with you and Zay and you can use my reservation and let him think I’m your girlfriend if you buy me dinner.”

Lucas rose his eyebrows in shock and disbelief. “Are you serious? You would do that?”

She nodded as her stomach growled again. “I don’t need a reservation for two and I’m sure they can handle one more person. Besides, I’ve been there with the imaginary boyfriend thing and I wish someone had saved me from that embarrassment.”

“Hey, if you ever need a fake boyfriend you can always call me.” There was an awkward silence and Lucas blushed when he realized what he had said.

“We should probably go back to your friend now.”

“Yeah, um just one more thing.”

Maya hummed, telling him to go ahead.

“What’s your name?”

Locked Together (a Kim Possible fanfic collab between me and TemporaryInsanity91)

This story was a collab between Daisy and Sharper. Find Daisy on FFn and Wattpad @ temporaryinsanity91 and find Sharper on FFn and Deviant Art @ Sharper the Writer. Special thanks to Chris for creating Heehaw the Hellacious Hillbilly. He’s a good friend and we both think he should start a reaction channel on YouTube xD Check him out on out on Deviant Art @ tennente. Thanks for reading. Let us know what you think!

Legal stuff:

Any recognizable Kim Possible characters and settings are created by Schooley and McCorkle and © by Disney. No profit is being made from posting this story, but the plot and any OCs do belong to us so please contact before copying or translating all or part of this story. Heehaw the Hellacious Hillbilly is an OC and created by a good friend of ours, Chris. Check him out on Deviant Art as Tennente.

The Fanfic is rated PG for brief language

Chez Couteaux, 7:15 pm)

“Hey. Come back.”

She raised her eyes from the cloth napkin in her lap, made greener by both the dark liner and mascara that created a soft dark fringe around them, and the shadows underneath them poorly concealed by makeup. Her soft, turquoise blue sleeveless dress made her red hair look even more fiery, and the natural paleness of her skin seem just slightly more tan and golden, especially in the dim, glowing light of the tiny white candles floating in the vase between them. Ron concluded, not for the first time, that Kim Possible was absolutely stunning.

She’d been determined to finish the mission in time for them to celebrate their fourth anniversary, but even though they had been extremely prepared and cautious, the mission became complicated. The villain, one with a ridiculous name and title she couldn’t remember—Heehaw the Hellacious Hillbilly?—had tried to take over her uncle’s farm in hopes of using his surveillance, robotic animal and farming technology, and land for his evil master plot. What should have been a simple rescue and capture turned into Ron being scarred for life again by a robotic horse, being held captive for two days with no food or water, and a whole lot of trouble catching the crazy horrible hillbilly, whatever his name was.

“Sorry,” Kim said quietly, picking at her nails. They were painted white, as were her toe nails, which she seemed to be staring at now. “I had hoped we’d be more up to this, but I’m kind of exhausted.”

“I understand.” Ron reached out and took her hand, squeezing it. “I get it, KP. But I know you. That’s not what’s on your mind. Talk to me.”

She shook her head, offering a smile he could tell was forced. “It’s nothing, Ron. I’m just… overreacting I guess.”

“For the record, you said that, not me.” She finally laughed, reaching across the table squeezing his hand. He squeezed it back. “I know better. But if you would just say it, KP, I would be happy to tell you how much you’re NOT overreacting.”

She sighed. “I just… I hated that that weird hillbilly villain diagnosed us so quickly. He knew that you’d be my weakness, or that I would be yours. He knew that splitting us up would be the easiest way to capture us, and he knew that keeping us apart would be the best way to make sure his plan would succeed. I… don’t like feeling like I’m a danger to you, that’s all.”

“Uh, KP… how many times did I get us captured?”

Kim’s face showed how unimpressed she was. “So? How many times did I get us captured?”

“Exactly. Does it matter at this point? Look. I’d rather get locked up in some lair with you any day—hell, every day of the week than be free somewhere without you, or worse, be free somewhere knowing that you’re out there fighting bad guys by yourself. And I know you feel the same about me. So don’t do this to yourself. Don’t blame yourself for how these situations play out.”

“I know… I know. I mean, I do. I feel that way about you. There’s nobody I’d rather be in a shark tank with, or surrounded by evil robot horses with, or tied up in the dark with.”

“Ooh, kinky.”

“Har har,” Kim said, smacking his arm. She hid a smile, but Ron knew that he’d broken her out of whatever dark place her mind had gone to. Well, mostly.

“Here are your appetizers,” the waitress said quietly, trying not to disturb them, but also wanting them to move their joined hands so she could set the hot plates down. Or, so that Ron wouldn’t be holding her hand anymore…

“Thank you,” Ron said absently. The waitress looked extremely flattered, but said nothing. Kim leveled her with an icy stare. If looks could kill, The waitress would have been vaporized. When she was gone, Ron grinned. “Is there a problem?”

“Yeah. She was… looking at you.”

“So? I’m looking at you. And I love what I see, to boot.”

Kim laughed again, this time looking away as her cheeks turned light pink. “Thank you.” She focused on her food, and Ron reached over and stole a bite. “Hey!” She stole a piece of his in retaliation, and her eyes closed as she put the bit of food in her mouth. “Ohmugawshf,” she mumbled around the mouthful.

Ron smiled at her. “Glad you like it,” he said simply, grabbing the extra plates and handing her one full of his appetizer.

After dinner, Kim thought about that moment for a long time. Ron held her hand and guided her as they walked along, occasionally moving her around cracks in the sidewalk so she wouldn’t lose her balance, since she was lost in thought.

The city was, and still is, struggling to rebuild from the alien invasion that almost wiped them off the face of the earth almost three years ago. During the day, various reconstruction sites rang out with the pounding of hammers, road work, and the beeping of cranes and trucks, solemn reminders of how close humanity had been to complete annihilation. The city owed an enormous debt of gratitude to Ron Stoppable since that day.

The recent financial crisis that occurred at the same time didn’t help things either. It especially wrecked the super villain industry, as only Professor Dementor was able to weather the storm. Jack Hench, whom built a multi-billion dollar  empire to finance super villains, was in complete ruin.With the sudden influx of funding, newer, darker more insane villains became new threats that national agencies and GJ combined struggled to keep tabs of. Enter Kim and Ron, the ones that had stopped a whole alien invasion. Their help was highly sought after, and between their classes, and cleaning up Middleton… and America… and the whole planet… they kept pretty busy.

In the past, she had always been the one completely in control, as opposed to Ron. She always felt that she was the one taking care of the boy who once feared the lawn gnome in his mother’s backyard. But after the invasion, Kim didn’t know what to think. Ron was no longer the coward, the distraction, the sidekick. It was a huge adjustment for both of them. Feeling herself suddenly relieved of caring for Ron, she felt that her focus as well as their whole dynamic had changed dramatically.

She was used to it now, though. In the years since, they had come back into sync, despite her personal troubles financing her education while the Possibles figured out where they would live, and his struggle to find what was next for him. Her family ended up buying a new home and rescuing what little they could from the destroyed Possible home, but that left very little room for them to help her pay for school, and with government financial aid being diverted into reconstruction projects across the country, Kim had gotten a job and negotiated with GJ for a scholarship to get her by the first two years of school. Ron had returned to Japan for the summer, honing his powers and spending a lot of time working on himself before joining her in Middleton University.

Since then, missions only got more complicated and more time consuming, and that had added to her struggles as well. But as her website insisted, she could do anything, and she did. With Ron at her side, she pushed through as always.

Their most recent mission had been particularly brutal. Heehaw Hillbilly (or whatever his name was) had captured and imprisoned her uncle and cousin, and she and Ron had quickly followed. The plan had been simple, really. the way the villain had set up security basically required a distraction. With them separated, it was easy to overwhelm them with security and capture them.

She woke up in the dark with no idea of how much time had passed and no idea of where Ron could be. There was no plan gloating or dramatic plan for their demise. There was just darkness. She was terrified that Ron had been harmed. She didn’t know where he was and she couldn’t talk to him. At some point, she’d convinced herself that Ron wasn’t with her because he was dead, and the dark place her mind went to then was what spurred her to act, sheer rage and revenge pushing her to find an escape route.

She found her uncle first, and got him into the control room to retake control of his systems. She found Joss next, and together they tried to form a plan. The ridiculous villain had almost gone through with his plan, and Kim was still preoccupied with finding and rescuing Ron, who had escaped and was looking for her, and in the chaos, Heehaw had almost succeeded in his plan… something about a robot horse army and evil moonshine.

Kim snorted as she walked, wiping at her nose. Moonshine was evil without the world domination scheme, anyway.



“You’re crying, baby. What’s the matter?”

“Oh.” She quickly sniffed and wiped at her face with the back of her wrist again . “I’m sorry.”

“Kim,” Ron said, stopping short and turning to face her.

“I thought I lost you,” she finally confessed. “I thought that crazy bastard took you from me and that I would never see you again. I…”

“Aww… KP, I…” Ron brushed the fresh tears from her face, kissing each cheek and her forehead. “I was scared too. They had me in this place and I had no clue how long it had been, or if you had a plan, or anything. But now that it’s over, all I can think is that what we have thought all along is true. We’re better when we’re together.”

“I’m my best when I’m with you,” she whispered. “I need you, Ron.”

“I’m here, KP. I’m not going anywhere. We got him. He’s not gonna hurt anyone anymore, and he’s not going to get us apart like that again.”

She sniffed, curling her fists into his shirt, under his suit jacket, and pressed herself against him. “Okay,” she whispered. “I love you, Ron.”

His arms went around her, hugging her close to his body. He pressed a kiss to her hair. “I love you too, you know. We’ve been through a lot, KP, but as long as I’m yours and you are mine, we’ve always turned out alright.” He loosened his embrace, placing one hand on her hip while the other gently rubbed her back. He kissed her forehead and looked into her eyes, smiling. “Come on, KP. I have something for you.”

It was then that Kim looked around and noticed that Ron had guided her to the entrance of Middleton Park. She’d volunteered there some weekends during high school, but since she graduated, she hadn’t had much time to see what had changed since the invasion. The trees that had been downed in one section of the park, had been removed and replaced with a beautiful memorial to the lives lost and the persons injured. The wall where Josh Mankey had once shown her his art had been overgrown with ivy and flowering vines,and the stone path that went around it and led to the lake had spots of grass growing between them. She looked up at Ron, curious. “Why are we in the park?”

Ron grinned. “You’ll see. Come on!” He led her toward the lake, and they skip-hopped across the stones, over the grass to the path at the edge of the lake. The path sat at the top of a hill, and they both silently contemplated the sun setting over the lake, brilliant orange, pink and lavander coloring set the lake on fire. A short walk away, there was a bridge that crossed over the stream that emptied into the lake.

The bridge was made of wood, the wood worn and stained by years of weather. In between the wood railings there was a long, chain link fence that was attached just after the invasion. “Remember this, KP?”

“Sure. I mean, it has changed some after the invasion. A lot, really. So much has changed in this park. But this bridge has been around as long as I can remember, and we’ve been here a couple of times together. Actually, last time we were here, your belt loop got caught in a piece of wire…?”

Ron glared as he saw a tiny smirk pulling at her lips. “Hilarious. I thought that went in the vault of silence!”

“It did,” Kim said with a slightly bigger smile. “Why were you asking about this?”

He smiled and led her toward the middle of the bridge. Overlooking the lake, the trees’ reflections became dark shadows as the water reflected the subdued pinks and purples, and the bright neon orange of the sky as the sun faded. In the distance, little neon lights flickered as fireflies danced through the trees, their lights reaching the reeds at the edge of the water and reflecting in the lake’s shadows as well.

“This is beautiful,” she whispered.

Ron kissed her cheek in response. “We’ve been together since we were kids, and I never in a million years thought this day would come. It’s our fourth anniversary, KP.”

She turned to him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and resting her hands behind his neck. With a smile, she said, “Really? I kind of always knew it would. I was in denial.”

“Is that what you call it?”

“Seriously. Josh Mankey, and that Japanese transfer guy, and even Eric, they were all just placeholders. The whole time, there was just some part of me that was comparing them to you. Clearly, nobody measured up.”

Ron grinned and circled his arms around her waist. “You know it, KP. This bon-diggety babe has the essential Ronness that no one can ever imitate.”

She giggled. “Whatever you say, Your Ronness.”

“Yeah? Well then I say we just stay like this until our skin sags and our driving licenses are taken away.”

She grinned at him. “They already took your driver’s license, Ron.”

“Okay well, you know what? It’s not my fault that that car had the wheel on the wrong side of the road—and we were being chased by evil singing robots! What was I supposed to do, stop at the yellow light? They should have been thanking me!”

“Ron, I was just teasing you.”

“I know. But my objection still stands!”

“It’s noted,” she said with another giggle. “Now tell me why you brought us here.” Her smile fell away when he reached into his pocket and retrieved a small box. Tears instantly poured from her eyes, and Ron startled when he saw her face.

“KP, what—what’s wrong. Oh—no, baby, it’s not that kind of box. Just look at it.”

Slightly embarrassed and feeling more than a little bit awkward, she took the box from his hand and opened it. There was a lock inside. Upon further inspection, she saw that that there were words on it. Tears welled in her eyes again as she read the inscription:

Kim and Ron
true love set us free
2007- forever

“KP, we had a lot of messed up things happen to us, and we did a lot of screwed up things to each other.” Ron remembered the morning they talked about her feelings, when she told him she wasn’t sure how she felt about his newfound skills. The argument that followed left him dazed and hurt, and he knew that she felt the same. She didn’t accompany him to the airport. He thought he would spend two months in Japan wondering if he would come home to a girlfriend, or if everything he had with her was ruined because he finally wanted to make himself better. In the end, Kim came to him, and they spent two days together making up before she had to go back home. He thought it was the best weekend of his life. Until now, anyway. “We fight and we make up, and we save the world, and those are only ever going to be things that I want with my best friend, with my partner. Those are only things I’m every going to want with you. I love you.”

She remembered the moment she saw him come through the door, ready to save her. She was on an Alien ship in outer space. Truly, He would go anywhere after her. More tears spilled from her eyes. “I love you too,” she said, throwing her arms around him and pressing her lips to his. There in the growing darkness, the clicked the lock around a link in the fence, and then Ron handed her the key. With a smile, she threw the lock into the river. She watched it sink quickly into oblivion, and she realized that Ron was right. From the moment she admitted to herself that she would go to the ends of the earth for him simply because she loved him, there had been weight that lifted from her mind and from her heart. Giving herself to him wholly to him was the only thing that truly made her feel free. She never wanted that feeling to end.

This time, when she turned to face Ron again, he was holding a different box, and was kneeling. Shifting, he pushed one leg out and rested his foot down, so that he was on one knee. Then he grinned up at her. “You can freak out now.”

sam i honestly have no fucking clue where i’d be without you as my friend. i don’t think i’ve ever stated it plainly but you are incredibly important to me and i’m very fortunate to know you. as funny heehaw laugh time we are there’s just a level to our friendship that i value an incredible amount, and i hope you understand that.

above all else i’m just incredibly proud of you. in the time that i’ve known you you have grown an incredible amount and have taken huge huge HUGE steps in your life and it’s just very cool. you’re a very inspiring person. frosting on de cake: you’re a wonderful musician who only keeps getting better. 

sorry for getting so deep lmao 

haven't shared a playlist in a minute, so here's what I've been listening to:

The Abigals: Always
Allah-Las: Catamaran, Catalina
Angel Olsen: White Fire, Lights Out, Unfucktheworld, All Right Now, Only With You, May As Well, Endless Road, The Waiting, Free, Tiniest Seed
Billie Holiday: All of Me, Billie’s Blues, I’ll Be Seeing You, Crazy He Calls Me
The Black Keys: I’ll Be Your Man
Blind Willie McTell: Little Delia, Come On Around To My House Mama
Bo Diddley: Pretty Thing
Bob Dylan: Went To See The Gypsy, Pretty Saro, Folsom Prison Blues, Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat, She Belongs To Me (The Cutting Edge version), It’s All Over Now Baby Blue, Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues, She’s Your Lover Now, Absolutely Sweet Marie, One More Cup Of Coffee, Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right, Corrina Corrina, Girl From The North Country, The Times They Are A-Changin’
Bobby “Blue” Bland: I Pity The Fool
Clear Plastic Masks: Baby Come On, When The Nighttime Comes
The Coasters: Poison Ivy
Cotton Jones: Blood Red Sentimental Blues
David Bowie & Queen: Under Pressure
Dead Ghosts: Summer With Phil, You Don’t Belong, It’s Up To You, Waste My Time, Anything For You, I Will Be Gone, When It Comes To You, She Likes It, I Want You To Know, What To Do, James Brown, I Want Your Love
The Doors: Universal Mind, Gloria, Who Scared Me, Rock Me, The Woman Is A Devil, Back Door Man, The End, The Changeling, Love Her Madly, Been Down So Long, Cars Hiss By My Window, Crawling King Snake, The WASP, Riders On The Storm, Roadhouse Blues, Queen Of The Highway, Touch Me, Wild Child, Love Me Two Times, Hello I Love You, My Wild Love, Five To One
Elmore James: Dust My Broom
Elvis: Fever
Etta James: I Just Want To Make Love To You, Stormy Weather, I’d Rather Go Blind
First Aid Kit: Emmylou, Ghost Town, When I Grow Up, The Lion’s Roar, In The Hearts Of Men, To A Poet, My Silver Lining, Stay Gold, Wolf, Wills Of The River, I Found A Way, Shattered & Hollow, A Long Time Ago
The Frights: Uncoiled
The Growlers: Sunset Girl, Hoopity Hip, Old 8 Legs, Empty Bones, Swamp Stomp, Red Tide, Old Cold River, Wet Dreams, Heehaw Stomp, Barnacle Beat, Tijuana, Acid Rain, Dull Boy, Rare Hearts, Dogheart ll, Tell It How It Is, Humdrum Blues, Nobody Owns You, Ego Of Man, Drinkin’ The Juice Blues, People Don’t Change Blues, Someday, Naked Kids, One Million Lovers, Pet Shop Eyes, Beach Rats, Living In A Memory, Derka Blues, Ancient Mirrors, Modern Bummers Blues, No Trees In The Desert, Red Tide (original), Freedom Children, California
Hornet Leg: We’re So Ugly
Howlin’ Wolf: Smokestack Lightnin’, Evil (Is Going On), Rockin’ Daddy, Shake For Me, Howlin’ Wolf Boogie
Jack White: I’m Shakin’
Jimi Hendrix: Foxey Lady, Voodoo Child
Jivviden: Misplaced, Dead On The Vine, Better Now, Peripheral Complications, Always Bleeding, Love (At 70mph), Head Honcho, Scrawny Hipster Blues, Lame Snake Dream, It’s All Fine
John Lee Hooker: Hastings Street Boogie, Boom Boom
Johnny Cash: Further On Up The Road, Folsom Prison Blues, Ring Of Fire, Come Along And Ride This Train, I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry, One Piece At A Time, I Feel Better All Over, She Used To Love Me A Lot
Julie London: Cry Me A River
The Kinks: Long Tall Shorty, I’m A Hog For You Baby
La Luz: T.V. Dream, Easy Baby, What Good Am I?, Sunstroke, Phantom Feelings, Call Me In The Day, I Can’t Speak, True Love Knows
Lantern: The Conjurer
Lightnin’ Hopkins: Bring Me My Shotgun
Little Walter: My Babe
Little Willie John: Need Your Love So Bad, I’m Shakin
Lou Reed: Walk On The Wild Side
Mac Demarco: My Kind Of Woman, Cooking Up Something Good, Robson Girl, Baby’s Wearing Blue Jeans, Salad Days, Blue Boy, Treat Her Better, Let My Baby Stay, Brother
Mountain Man: Animal Tracks, White Heron, Soft Skin, Loon Song, Honey Bee
Muddy Waters: Got My Mojo Workin’
Nancy Sinatra: Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
Night Beats: Love Ain’t Strange (Everything Else Is), Sonic Boom, Outta Mind, As You Want
Nina Simone: Feeling Good, Do I Move You?
Patsy Cline: Walkin’ After Midnight, I Fall To Pieces
Ramblin’ Jack Elliot: Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
Ray Charles: Come Rain Or Come Shine, A Fool For You, I’ve Got A Woman, What’d I Say
Robert Johnson: Cross Road Blues
The Rolling Stones: Beast of Burden
Sacagawea And The Hunters: Escalation
Sam Cooke: Bring It On Home To Me
The Seeds: Can’t Seem To Make You Mine
Shannon And The Clams: Ozma, How Long, It’s Too Late, Gone By The Dawn, Corvette
Taj Mahal: Leaving Trunk
The Tallest Man On Earth: It Will Follow The Rain, Steal Tomorrow, Walk The Line, Fields Of Our Home, Singers, Beginners, Dark Bird Is Home, I Won’t Be Found, Pistol Dreams, The Gardener, Into The Stream, This Wind, The Dreamer, To Just Grow Away, 1904, Bright Lanterns, Wind And Walls, You’re Going Back, Thousand Ways, A Lion’s Heart, The Wild Hunt, Burden Of Tomorrow, Troubles Will Be Gone, The Drying Of The Lawns, King Of Spain, Love Is All, Thousand Ways, I Want You (Bob Dylan cover)
The Velvet Underground: Oh! Sweet Nothing, Sweet Jane