“If Doom does, in fact, want to turn over a new leaf… both you and I know it can be done.” [Invincible Iron Man #5]

*slathers this post in sunscreen* AH-HE-HE-HEEEEM!!

Hello hello, one and all!! Do you like summertime? Tired of your day-to-day chores in your lord’s army? Wanna go to the beach?! Well, you’re in luck, because you – and potentially all your friends – just won one all expenses paid trip to the Outrealm’s most famous Hotrealm!


  • a lighthearted and drama-free fire emblem-centric summer holiday event hosted by @fellbranded and @armsthriift!!
  • events such as volleyball, sand castle contests, scavenger hunts, capture the flag, and more!! 
  • potentially a movie night on the weekend of the event!


  • the fire emblem community as a whole! awakening? heroes? fates? echoes? tellius? jugdral? ocs? fankids? come on in, the water’s great! everyone’s invited to have fun in the sun!
  • not in the fandom but have a fire emblem verse for your muse? that’s cool! hop on in with the rest of us!


  • …we’ll, uh. get back to you on that. but definitely sometime this month! if the event turns out to be a success, more could be planned in the future! 


  • Here on tumblr, of course! once the details have been ironed out, we’ll post a tag for the event!
  • a sideblog will also be made to help with organization!


  • why not? the community getting together for a big party in the summer sounds like a blast! 
  • your muses in beach wear and having fun in the sun! 
  • the chance to interact with people you don’t usually interact with! 
  • it’s been really depressing over the last little while… why not do something fun alongside the drama? 

if y’all are interested, feel free to like or reblog this post, and follow the sideblog when it’s made! we hope to see you there– don’t forget your floaties! ❤

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