heeeeey yeah!!

shapetrickster  asked:

"Heeeeey~! Trick or treat? I'm dressed up! Let's -steal- trick or treat people... I need sweets for my soul!"

  “ HELL YES! I’m gonna dress up as a spooookkyyy ghost, an’ scare the pantalones off of everyone! After that, let’s go see a movie while we smuggle our treats in!

Got7 Reaction: when they are drunk and they ask their crush out.

Hope you like it just-a-crazy-brigadeiro! :)


Bambam: “I mean look how cute I am! Who wouldn’t want to date me? I mean come on!”

Jackson: “Oh heeeeey. Um yeah I wanted to ask you something. But now I’m shy. Well not really. Maybe. I don’t know.”

JB: “I mean look at this sexy face. Wouldn’t you want this face next to you always. I would.”

JR: “You have no idea how much I love you. It’s so much…”

Mark: “Come on, date me! Date me, date me ,date me!”

Youngjae: “But I, I mean I like you a lot. A LOT a lot! Like so much!”

Yugyeom: *after he tells you he likes you he goes into a fit of laughter*

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