[Project 1] Fan Art Photobook

Calling all talented and creative 4Nias out there!

So I’ll be going to Korea on the last week of October and like before, I’m planning to camp out for a couple of hours at Cube and hopefully see 4minute. And as usual, I’ll be bringing gifts for our favorite girl group! And this time, I’m inviting you to join me :)

Here’s the deal: I am looking for the cutest, most jaw-dropping, most creative 4minute fan arts out there to print on glossy paper and compile into a hardbound book. Please be reminded that this is not a contest so I have no prizes to give away. But if the thought of 4Minute receiving and seeing your fan art, and maybe (crossing fingers) even tweet a pic of it, excites you, then that’s all I can really offer. Don’t worry, all submissions and fan art will be properly credited.

Read on for details :)

How to submit: You can use the submission button (preferable) in this blog or send via email (heechulisnotgay@yahoo.com) your artwork. 

Deadline: Last day of submission is on October 7, 2012, 11:59 pm KST. However, if there are not enough fan art to include, deadline might be extended or this project might be shelved for my next trip to Korea (which would probably be early next year).

Requirements: The rules won’t be too strict but please try to follow the requirements listed below as much as possible so I’d be able to print them without having to edit (e.g. resize or add your name for credit purposes).

-Page size should be 8.5 x 5.5 inches (or approximately half of an a4-sized paper). Portrait or landscape is OK. 

-Credits (twitter handle and/or tumblr URL) should be placed at the bottom left of your art: Arial font, size 10, boldface if necessary.

-Choose only a maximum of two from the following to include as credit: email address, real name, twitter handle (just use @ sign then twitter handle), website URL, tumblr URL, among others. 

What types of art work will be included in the book?

Anything and everything! Chibis, vectors, hand-drawn art, digital drawings, 4Minute as some cartoon character, funny photoshopped pics, movie posters,  even a one-page comic strip or just anything you can come up with that’s unique or creative. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to include photo manipulations, but I might make an exemption if it’s really good. 

Icon sets, banners, signatures, macros, offensive and pornographic material won’t be published.

If you intend to include some text in your artwork (e.g. quotes from 4minute members, 4minute song lyrics), I suggest to keep it to a minimum. Ultimately, the process of choosing which submissions go to the book will be a subjective one.

How will submissions be chosen? 

Right now, I’m looking for 50 fan art to include but I might increase it to 100 if there are too many good submissions to include. All submissions that do not contain offensive or pornographic content will be published on this tumblog. You are still welcome to submit macros, icon sets, signatures, etc. (they will still be put up here), but I am telling you already that they won’t be included in the photobook.

As mentioned earlier, the selection process will be a subjective one. However, I will definitely take the fan art into consideration if it has so many notes, like 500 above or something

Again, I would like to emphasize that this isn’t a contest. So everyone, don’t be nervous! Multiple submissions are welcome. So keep them coming! Thank you!!

All updates and announcements about this project will be posted here :)

Congratulations to 4Minute’s first win for 오늘뭐해 on Inkigayo today! Sohyun’s expression after they were announced as winners represents all 4Nias to be honest since they were up against SNSD and 2NE1. Shoutout to all ponias who tweeted their fingers off the past couple of weeks. Well-deserved!