[TRANS] 141203 Heechul Talks about Puff in Dream Girls’ New Book

Hear What Super Junior Kim Heechul Says: “I am very deep red, Puff is cool mint green!”

The first time you saw Puff…

Because we were only coworkers, at the first meeting my only thought was, “so this is Puff,” kk. Puff is very bright! Like a child of light (Taiwanese idiom). Puff is also very cute. When I’m in a bad mood, I look at Puff’s face and my mood immediately gets better. I also really like her round eyes.

Puff is very considerate. I’m a person with rather big mood swings, but Puff always understand my thoughts. As the time we’d been working together got longer and longer, even if I was angry she always knew how to calm me down. I think Puff is very observant, because she would often say to me, “Oppa gwenchanha? (Cherry oppa, are you okay?)” “Oppa, hwanasseo? (Cherry oppa, are you angry?)”

On-stage Puff vs. Off-stage Puff

I know that Puff is really big in Taiwan, even though I’m also the Space Big Star (haha ^_^). Puff would often secretly take care of the staffs around us, and would even bring a small notebook to record things, which made me think she places a lot of importance on people’s relationships. Even when we were out having meals, she would pour alcohol for the new staffs. This kind of personality made all the staffs really like her.

Cherry Oppa and Puff’s Relationship Style

Privately, our relationship was completely not awkward; in fact, we got along even better in private. Actually, at the beginning the two of us were a little awkward, until we went to Geoje Island for the honeymoon filming. After going out together with the staffs to eat, drink, and chat, I finally got comfortable with Puff, but the day after I was hungover during filming ^^. After that time my relationship with Puff became better and more natural.

During filming, the staffs arranged a lot of romantic stories and cute things for us. Because I’m not a very romantic person, and don’t understand what girls are thinking, these things gave me goosebumps all over my skin, and I said I didn’t want to do them. Every time there was this kind of situation Puff would help me and ask, “Cherry oppa, are you okay? Cherry oppa, are you angry?” She would comfort me like this, and in my heart I thought, she’s definitely working harder than I am, I’m sorry, thank you. Even though I didn’t say it out loud, I would still hug Puff to thank her. I remember something I said once, “Today, except for Puff, everyone else isn’t satisfied, so today when I film I will only look at her face” (writing like this, I want to gag…haha). Thinking back, I was more romantic off-camera.

Uh…we don’t have any common interests. I like video games and anime…the two of us also can’t cook, haha. During the secret show, there was one time it was just me and Puff by ourselves resting in the car. I kept playing games on my cell phone, and Puff just sat quietly and watched me play. I said to Puff, “Cherry oppa is awesome! What do you think? What do you think? Wahahahahaha.” Puff said, “Yes, Cherry oppa is awesome!”

After we got out of the car, the PD and the scriptwriter asked us what we were talking about in the car, and also said they had intentionally left us alone in the car. I replied, “I just played video games, that’s all.” The PD, the scriptwriter, the managers, and the stylists, with helpless expressions, all said to me, “You really don’t understand women!” I replied angrily, “So what? This is a very important game!” Puff, standing next to me, helped me and said, “Cherry oppa is very cute when he plays games.” …^_^.

Kim Heechul’s Ideas about Puff

Puff is like a cat! When Puff was taking wedding photos with me, there were some scenes that we shot with cats, but because Puff and I both really, really like cats, we would often play with the cats and forget to take pictures.

I think Puff is like a pine tree, because no matter whether she is on or off camera, she always keeps the same serious attitude. (Note: in Korea, pine trees represent never changing)

Puff is mint green. I am very deep red, and she is cool mint green.

Kim Heechul wants to say to Puff…

Cherry oppa doesn’t know how to express his feelings, has big mood swings, and didn’t take care of you well, but you always took care of me. Thank you for being so good to me. Even though at the beginning we were only coworkers, as time passed, I became more honest with you, and like a child, more and more sincere. When I go to Taiwan let’s drink soju mixed with beer (haha).

Right, I know your legs are very pretty, and girl groups won’t wear very much clothing even in the winter. Cherry oppa is most worried about this (haha). Take care of yourself and don’t catch a cold. Even though we won’t meet often, you can’t get sick, or else I won’t keep looking at you. This kind of visit is good, it makes me think of how things were before with us. It’s already been more than a year…I miss you…

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