heechul's legs

During concerts, Heechul said that he's very happy but once he goes back to the hotel, he feel depressed when he sees his injured leg swollen. One of the reasons why Heechul always get massages after concerts abroad is because of his leg. Hee's leg got bad again last year and the doctor advised that it would be better if he will not dance. But he's worried about Super Junior's comeback. He feels like he will kill the excitement of all the members coming back from army for next year's comeback because of his injured leg.

©  Heechul thinking about Super Junior’s comeback more than his injured leg ㅠㅠ


150130"With You All the Way" Weibo Update with Heechul

From the time the three star couples entered Perfect House, they encountered the many obstacles housekeeper Kim Heechul set for them. In tomorrow’s episode, what ways will the housekeeper think of to “torment” them? Will it have something to do with the secret gift box [mentioned in another post]? Our weibo staff says: “Heenim did a good job!”

trans by me (potatochul)