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SUJU: When You’re In A Car Accident

I’m sorry I’m only posting this just now, but I it all written and my browser suddenly crashed, and I lost it all. So I went into a funk, spend more than a week trying to motivate myself to write it again, and here it is. Disclaimer, it’s extremely long.

For the sake of this, I didn’t say if you were a best friend, little sister, girlfriend, wife, etc, so you can just imagine it as you’d like.

I’m going to make different groups for this:      

The “I don’t have any kind of reaction” group would be Siwon, Shindong and Kangin. They would have the least amount of external reaction to the situation (my first thought about this three guys’ reaction was linked to the Spanish idiom “La procesión va por dentro” which doesn’t have an English translation, but means kind of everything that’s going on isn’t shown on the outside, but they’re dying inside)

Siwon would be devastated inside, but would still fetch water and coffee for everyone, try to get them as comfortable as possible for the long wait ahead, and then he’ll probably just sit in a corner praying. I can see him praying nonstop until he knows how you are and what’s going to happen from then on.

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Shindong, I believe he’d be the one trying to keep everyone thinking positively, making sure to hug the ones that are crying, and get them as calm as possible. I guess I only see him freaking out in private, once the doctor gives them the medical part and he knows what’s going on.

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Kangin I see as the one that wouldn’t stop fuzzing over everyone else, to try and repress the thought of you being hurt. I see him as the one getting food, blankets, hugging the youngsters, trying to calm your family down. I think he’d be the calmest on the outside. He’d only break down once the wait is over and he’s able to see you.

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The “I’m trying to be strong but this is more than I can handle” group would be Leeteuk, Yesung, Sungmin, and Eunhyuk. They would be the ones that would try to stay calm for others, but wouldn’t manage to fool anyone.

Leeteuk I believe would first make sure everyone else was safe and as calm as possible, and he’d be crying silently while making sure everyone is okay, without worrying about himself until the entire situation has passed.

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Yesung I think would be the silent one that doesn’t want to get in the way. He’d just sit in the corner staring at the wall or the floor, and allow his thoughts to take over. I don’t think he would cry until he gets either good or bad news, that’s when I think he’d break.

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Sungmin I think would be the silent one that’s crying alone. The second he realises he’s going to start crying, he’d go out to the pavement, or maybe lock himself inside a toilet and cry by himself, not letting anyone see that he’s crying.

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Eunhyuk… I think Hyukkie would have the widest reaction spectrum. I believe at first, he’ll try to get as much information as he possibly can, trying to make sense of the situation, then he’d stay quiet and process everything he was just told, staring at your friends and family members, and then he would break down, and start crying, possibly hugging someone who needed it, but he’d be deeply affected by the situation.

Then, we have the “Crying a river” group, consisting of Donghae and Ryeowook.

Ryeowook, I think, would instantly start crying nonstop until he gets news that you’re okay, and if the news are not good then, I think he would be deeply affected for a really, really long time.

Donghae, I believe, would last a little longer before he starts crying, maybe until he gets to the hospital, but then, the tears just wouldn’t stop. I really do think that he’d only stop crying once he’s able to see you, even if you’re not in the greatest of shapes.

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And finally, I really believe Heechul and Kyuhyun belong in a totally different category.

Although most members have been involved in some kind of traffic accident, I think the ones that have the most traumatic experiences were Heechul and Kyuhyun. Heechul broke his leg in five places, had to endure an eight hour surgery in which doctors placed metal rods inside his legs to help the broken bones align correctly, and suffered from pains because of that for two years, until they got them out; And Kyuhyun, we all know about Kyuhyun: was propelled about 20 meters from the van, and when he got to the hospital they discovered he had a fractured hip, pneumothorax from broken ribs, and facial scratches and bruises. He was on a coma for four days and had 20% chances of making it alive. So I really do believe a loved one being involved in a car accident would break them.

Kyuhyun, I believe, would be in denial at first, trying to convince himself it’s a joke, that you’re actually alright and this is an extremely bad prank. But once he realises it’s actually happening, I think he’d be crying, without a doubt. He’d need to be held and taken care of, would be extremely sensitive to changes in the mood or other people’s reaction. I think he’d be so concerned about you going through what he went through, he’d start crying all over again if he’d calmed down, and would be extremely sad now that he sees what everyone went through when he was the one in your place, which would once again lead him to worrying over you.

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Heechul’s first reaction, I think would be to get mad. He’d be extremely pissed, reacting badly to everyone, yelling at nurses and doctor when they don’t give him any information, and overall being extremely sensitive to anyone that speaks to him. But I think there would be a point where he’d snap and break. Although I really don’t picture him as the crying type, I see him as the catatonic type. He’d suddenly go into shock, locking himself inside his head, his mind running a reel consisting in concern over your situation, every single possible outcome, and having flashbacks, reliving his own car accident and the pain he was in. It would take a while to get him out of that state, he wouldn’t listen to anyone, but once he snaps out of it, I can picture him crying softly, not sobbing or doing anything dramatic, just tears falling slowly from his eyes and rolling down his cheeks. I don’t know why, but I picture him trying to learn how to pray, even if he doesn’t believe in God, because he’d want to do anything he can to help you survive, and there’s not much he can possibly do in this moment.

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That was long, I’m sorry. I try to portrait their reactions as truthfully as I could, this is me trying to guess how each member would react, after almost a decade of seeing the way they act, and how they react to stressful situations. I hope I did them justice. Also, I couldn’t find any gif that matched what I needed for Eunhyuk and Ryeowook in the Tumblr GIF search engine, so I had to Google them. All credit goes to the author of both gifs.

(I’m sorry Heechul’s was the longest, but he’s my bias and I’ve spent so much time the last nine years of my life following his every move, I really believe that’s the way he would react.)

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Title: Not All Bad
Characters: Baekhyun/Reader ft. Heechul
Genre: Fluff, Idol!AU
Word Count: 1,869
A/N: WARNING: Mild Language. I like Baekhyun in this scenario? But I’m not sure I like the way I wrapped it up, you know? I feel like there should be more to it than this, but it’s just a one-shot, so I made it short. X(


You burst out laughing, clutching your stomach and rolling around on the bed to only laugh more. Your good friend Heechul frowns at the foot of his bed, standing akimbo and watching you lose your breath.

“It’s not that funny.” He says after a bit, and you immediately drop your smile.

“I know. So if you do it I’m going to tear your guts out and cook it for dinner.” You snap at him, but he just rolls his eyes, used to your empty threats. He knows you wouldn’t lay a hand on him.

He presses some buttons on his phone and you leap up, eyes wide in panic. “No! Stop, please–” You beg, but he holds up a finger to his lips and smiles.

“Hello?” You hear a guy’s voice on the other end as Heechul turns the other way, pressing the phone against his ear. Carefully, you crawl up behind him and reach for the device, but he pulls away at the last second and glares at you. “Yes, why don’t you two come on over?” He bursts suddenly, and your blood runs cold.

Why are you doing this to me?! You mouth to him, falling onto your back and fake crying. Heechul nudges your leg in annoyance as he carries out the rest of the conversation in good humor before hanging up.

“It’s your lucky day.” He says, dropping his phone onto the bed.

“He’s too busy to visit?” You say hopefully, and he scoffs at you.

“No, he is coming over.” He says. “Alone.” You groan in frustration, covering your face in horror. How could Heechul put you in this position? Doesn’t he understand what he’s doing by inviting this guy over?

He’s not just any guy; he’s been your personal pain the ass since high school! But you’d be lying if you claimed you joined SM for a different reason than  him, and in celebrity interviews you’ve even hinted that you came to see  someone again, but never revealed a name. Even your band mates bugged you  about it, but you’ve stayed silent for five years and you plan on keeping it that  way.

Heechul’s been a good oppa, helping you and your band out whenever he can and he eventually became a close friend of yours. Which, unfortunately, led to him finding out about your little one-sided rivalry.

A knock sounds at the front door and Heechul smiles down at you. “He’s here.” He teases before running off to answer it. When he saunters back into the bedroom with someone at his side, you sigh in defeat. There’s no way to avoid it now without making it awkward.

“‘Sup Baek?” You greet, and he stops at the doorway in surprise.

“_____!” He exclaims. “You’re here too?” He asks, looking genuinely shocked, and you wonder why Heechul didn’t include that bit of information to him before inviting him over.

“Should I go?” You joke, but Baekhyun takes you seriously and shakes his head one too many times.

“It’s a pleasant surprise.” He promises, and damn him for making your heart beat fast. Why is it beating fast?

Heechul jumps onto the bed next to you, leaning against your bent legs and picking up his phone again. “Well, I don’t have any plans, so just sit with us until something happens.” Baekhyun doesn’t seem to mind and falls onto the mattress, right by your head. When you gape at him (because he nearly crushed you), he smiles at you.

“Word on the street is that you hate me.” He says, and you feel your nerves getting worked up.

“You shouldn’t believe rumors.” You reply nonchalantly, starting up your phone so you don’t have to look at him. It takes forever to load, so you don’t watch it.

“So it’s not true?” He asks quietly.

“I didn’t say that, either.” You tease, making him pout in confusion.

“Chingu-ah, which one is it?” He whines cutely. You peer at him, thinking that this is exactly why he bothered you. He’s literally perfect; no matter the angle, situation, expression, or even mistake he makes. You both shared the same dream in high school, yet he’s in a much better position than you are.

You’re not envious, just fired up. You’ve always used him as a motivation to get better; a goal. He’s just as cute and childish as he was back then, but somehow, he’s manlier and respectable, too.

“I can tell you.” Heechul chimes in, and you kick his side so he shuts his trap.

“I don’t hate you…” You murmur, and Baekhyun misses it.

“What? Say it again.” He says, scooting closer to you. His shoulder is pressing into yours, and with his eyes still on yours, you have to look away in order to pretend you aren’t blushing.

You don’t like him. You can’t. He’s your rival (even though he doesn’t know that), and he’s your old classmate (which he probably doesn’t even know either).

“I said I had nothing for lunch, and that I’m hungry so Oppa should make some for me.” You blurt, kicking Heechul again so he’d go an do it. He sits up and squints at you suspiciously before he gets an idea. He agrees too eagerly and scitters away to the kitchen.

Without him acting as a barrier, Baekhyun seems too close to you on the bed.

“You didn’t actually say all that, did you?” Baekhyun asks curiously.

“No.” You answer. Your phone is finally on, and you open up your camera. “I said that I don’t hate you.” You make a weird face in the screen.

“Good.” Baekhyun says, scooting even closer so that he’s in the frame. He grins and raises his eyebrows at the camera, making you laugh and you take a picture.

“But I don’t like you either.” You tell him quickly, so that he doesn’t get any presumptions.

“Now you’re confusing me even more.” He laughs. He’s handsome, so you take another picture.

“You’re my enemy.” You say dramatically. “We’re rivals so I battle against you without you knowing it.”

“Ah, guerrilla warfare is your tactic, huh?” He chuckles. It makes your skin tingle with delight.

“Okay lovebirds,” Heechul announces when he comes back into the room. Baekhyun sits up with a jolt and makes a face at him that you can’t see, but it seems to make Heechul uncomfortable. “I’ve run out of good food, so have some chips.” He tosses two bags of doritos in your laps before falling on the bed again.

“Thank you, Oppa.~” You sing, using your best aegyo on him. Heechul gets annoyed when you do it, which is why you’re always doing it around him. Baekhyun gapes at you in surprise, and you don’t notice it when he starts to blush at your acting.

You also don’t notice that he took out his phone until he snapped a picture. “Did you just take a picture of me?” You startle, jaw dropping at him. He grins guiltily before pocketing his phone.

“Don’t hate me for it.” He jokes.

“Get over here.” You threaten, crawling over to him and whacking his shoulder playfully. He gasps in mock hurt and animatedly expresses his pain to Heechul.

“Hyung! Help me! The evil demon has come out!”

“It takes one to know one.” Heechul replies, without even looking over. He feels he’s too cool to get involved in, for lack of better words, “youthful idol problems”.

“Y tu, Brutus?!” Baekhyun yelps at him when you pounce, locking him underneath you with your legs.

“Sit still,” You order, groping for his phone, but he dangles it over the edge of the bed so you can’t reach it. “Baekhyun.” You say sternly, and he starts grinning anxiously.

“Calm down!” He exclaims when you stretch over him, trying your hardest to pin him down and reach for it, but his arms are longer than yours by just enough, and you can’t. “It’s just a picture.” He giggles.

“Yeah, a picture of me.” You grunt, giving up on holding him and you crawl up his body to snatch it. He gasps, and you sit back on his stomach to scroll through his photos. You finally find the one with you in it, but pause, because you realize it’s not the one he just took.

In fact, you’re in a lot of these photos, all in angles where you aren’t looking at the camera.

Beneath you, Baekhyun’s laying eerily still, gouging your reaction. But you don’t know how to react, so instead, you delete the latest photo and throw it to the side.

“There, it’s gone.” You mumble, looking down at him.

Suddenly, you realize your position, and you roll off of him in embarrassment. “Cute.” Heechul comments, and you both look at him in horror. He’s had his phone tilted up the entire time, but you both thought he was just scrolling through the web.

Now, the camera light is as glaring as the sun, and you realize he’s been video taping the scene. From the beginning.

“Heechul.” You growl, turning red, and he raises his eyebrows at you in surprise.

“No honorifics? I must be in trouble.” He laughs, leaping off of the bed and making a mad dash for the door. “See you two later!”

“Yah!” You shout after him, throwing a pillow and missing him by an inch, before he’s out of the hotel room. “Holy Hell, I’m going to rip the shit right out of his ass.” You grumble, and Baekhyun gapes at you with conflicting emotions. Part of him is terrified, while the other is… impressed.

“Evil demon, indeed.” He chuckles behind you, and you look at him timidly, forgetting he was there. He smiles at you, and you lie back on the sheets in defeat.

You can’t ever beat Byun Baekhyun, your rival since meeting, but that won’t stop you from doing your best. You guess that if you’re always striving to be as good as him, you won’t ever be better.

Besides, this little visit Heechul set up didn’t turn out all that bad.

(He’s still going to die, though.)

During concerts, Heechul said that he's very happy but once he goes back to the hotel, he feel depressed when he sees his injured leg swollen. One of the reasons why Heechul always get massages after concerts abroad is because of his leg. Hee's leg got bad again last year and the doctor advised that it would be better if he will not dance. But he's worried about Super Junior's comeback. He feels like he will kill the excitement of all the members coming back from army for next year's comeback because of his injured leg.

©  Heechul thinking about Super Junior’s comeback more than his injured leg ㅠㅠ


161122 Taxi -Heechul talks about the accident on the way to Hae’s father’s wake

“Me & Donghae are like real brothers, we adore each other to that extent. We’re extremely close”

Heechul said that since he’s very close to Donghae, he felt he needed to go to Mokpo for Donghae’s father’s wake then he got into a car accident

During concerts, Heechul said that he’s very happy but once he goes back to the hotel, he feel depressed when he sees his injured leg swollen

One of the reasons why Heechul always get massages after concerts abroad is because of his leg

Heechul’s leg got bad again last year and the doctor advised that it would be better if he will not dance. But he’s worried about SJ’s comeback

Heechul feels like he will kill the excitement of all the members coming back from army for next year’s comeback because of his injured leg

Heechul still ended it with a “Our members, thank you very much, I love you”

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kimheenim: Who..? #YourHeechulissmilingbrightly

kimheenim: My Mom who wants to see a grandchild.. haa.. But Mom. I also want that too but there is no girl who wants to marry me (T^T) #ASUKA #Mom

convo: (sends picture of sexy AsukaHee)

Me: Mom your son is not dating a girl and has this kind of hobby, what to do you think?

Heemom: stop being awkward (embarrassing) i want to see a grandchild

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I'm not big on kpop, and I couldn't name a band to save my life, but fucking kim heechul made me lose a bet tonight, I swore they were pictures of lady gaga. I'm a 23 year old guy into metal and indie, and thanks to fucking kim heechul I shaved 1 leg and 1 arm. But I have mad respect for this dude and his bandmates, cause shit if it don't take balls for 15 bros to dance in heels. yours was the first blog I found, just thought I'd give some kpoppers a good ol giggle, that is all.

HE’S GOOD RIGHT??? i’m sorry you lost the bet but this message just made my week omg bless u


150130"With You All the Way" Weibo Update with Heechul

From the time the three star couples entered Perfect House, they encountered the many obstacles housekeeper Kim Heechul set for them. In tomorrow’s episode, what ways will the housekeeper think of to “torment” them? Will it have something to do with the secret gift box [mentioned in another post]? Our weibo staff says: “Heenim did a good job!”

trans by me (potatochul)


131228.SMT WEEK-SJ-treasure island-Miracle

dressing up like the old days :)