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Reaction to the members hearing you moan/mumble their names in your sleep.

Leeteuk: I wonder if she needs something?

Heechul: As expected, she can’t get enough of me even when she’s sleeping.

Yesung: Did I hear her correctly?

Kangin: I wonder what she’s dreaming about..


Sungmin: Omo omo.


Donghae: [wakes up from beside you] Did she say.. my name?

Siwon: She loves me.


Kyuhyun: I’ll have to remember to ask her what she was dreaming about in the morning.


[TRANS] kimheenim: Lee Donghae guy fell asleep on my lap for an hour while we were moving.‘Ah my legs hurt. This guy is really out of his mind. This arrogant brat. Do I beat him up or not ㅡㅡ^’, is what I yelled in my mind but Heenim actually did not move an inch during the ride, worried that Lee Donghae-guy would wake up. But after we got off the car, I threw beating parade at him #Doroppong #Heeroppong #Rumor
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Funny story collection of Heechul & Donghae ㅋㅋ

50th first love of Heechul 

Heechul: Every time when I had feelings for someone like my first love, Donghae would say to me:

“Hyung, this is your 50th time first love.”

Heechul funny way to turn the lights off 

Heechul: I don’t like to sleep with lights off. When I was sharing a room with Donghae, we put a lot of dools next to our beds. I said to Donghae “Turn off the light”, Donghae said “It’s your turn tonight!” So I asked him to pass me the dolls, I would then throw the dools to try to hit the switch until the lights got turned off!” 

Donghae’s regret after eating 

Heechul: “When we were at the dorm, Donghae just finished his exercise and came back, I asked him to eat something, he would say no and said he had to build muscles, then I softly told him just eat a little would be fine, he would give in and ate, and then regretted it, and then blamed me!!”

Donghae’s weird habit of photo taking 

Heechul: “Donghae loved to take photos, and every time when we had gatherings, he would ask us to do all kinds of weird posts to take photos, and said that he would use those to blackmail us if SJ ever had to disband! But I would delete all my weird posted photos while Donghae had gone to sleep, haha haha!” 

Reason by Donghae why Heechul shouldn’t get married 

Heechul: I wouldn’t know if I would be able to get married, and I often told Donghae that I wanted to get married, Donghae would say to me: 

“Hyung you will then have to get divorced everyday, so might as well don’t…” 

Donghae is a sleeping baby 

Heechul: “I used to love drinking when I was younger. When I got drunk with J and went back to the dorm, we kept ringing the doorbell. Donghae’s room was just next to the door, but he never heard it, we screamed hard, he didn’t hear, we even climbed and opened the window to shout at him to open, even throw out the phones, our pens whatever we had to wake him up, he just still wouldn’t awake, so J and I would just lay outside by the door and slept there!!”

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Oops - Heechul

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Heechul Twitter & IG Update | 141105

@HeeZZinPang:Lee Donghae guy fell asleep on my lap while we were moving.’Ah my legs hurt. This guy is really out of his mind. This arrogant brat. Do I beat him up or not ㅡㅡ^’, is what I yelled in my mind but Heenim actually did not move an inch during the ride, worried that Lee Donghae-guy would wake up. But after we got off the car, I threw beating parade at him #Doroppong#Heeroppong#Rumor (T)

Daddy's Little Girl (HEECHUL)

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Parker was his world since you mentioned that you were pregnant with her. He moved so much of his schedule around for his little girl because he wanted nothing but the best for her. She had fashionable clothing since the day she was born, had the newest baby gear he could find, and had stuffed animals that would make any child jealous. He spoiled her to the point that you scalded him about it.

“I don’t get what the big deal is jagi” he spoke as he bounced his little girl on his knee “she doesn’t need to go on stage with you that’s all” you tell him as you look for a blanket in her diaper bag. “She’s a good looking baby. She need to be shown off” he tells you as he rests his head on top of her’s. “They have this magical think called Instagram where you can do the same from the comfort of your house” you tell him as you finally pull the blanket out. “I want to take my child on stage with me. I didn’t buy those noise canceling headphones for nothing” he whines as rubs her tiny tummy.

“Its her naptime. Even when you go out there she still needs to sleep or she’ll be moody the whole rest of the night” you tell him walking close to him to grab her but he pulls you down on the couch beside him “she’s not moody when she’s with me at night” he says bopping your nose lightly. You rolled your eyes “don’t come between a mother and her babies sleeping schedule Heechul its not a fight you’ll win” you tell him. “Don’t come between an over loving father and the precious creature that’s got him wrapped around her finger” he said sticking his tongue out.

As you reached to grab her she let out a whine making him smirk “she wants to be with daddy” he says proudly as you shove him lightly “she’ll use any excuse to get out of a nap” you tell him. He got up and walked towards the the bag he brought along and pulled out the headphones and the walked over to you and grabbed the blanket from you. “I’ll get her to pass out on stage with me and then I’ll pass her off to you” he spoke sliding the headphones onto her and then putting the blanket over her. “I love you jagi” he calls as he walks out of the room and heads towards the stage. Leaving you confused til he came back in about 45 minutes later with her fast asleep. “I told you I’d get her to sleep” he spoke with a smirk before rushing back out to the stage.


Leeteuk- Ryeowook
Leeteuk was curious of what Ryeowook was doing during his schedule, so he texted Ryeowook “What are you doing”. The response from Ryeowook was “Watching a movie”. But the problem here was that he texted Leeteuk informally (korean culture and speaking formally). Leeteuk got mad at Ryeowook for being impolite and Ryeowook started to become worried. Ryeowook ended up staying out in the living room until 4~5am to wait for Leeteuk to come home. Leeteuk who saw Ryeowook asleep while waiting for him decided to forgive him. Ryeowook says that Leeteuk never got mad at him afterwards.

Kyuhyun- Ryeowook
Primarily, Ryeowook hates the idea of fast born year in Korea (if you are born in Jan-Feb, you are considered to be the same age as the people born in the previous year). He called Kyuhyun over and told him to call him “hyung” because he was born earlier than him. However Kyuhyun spoke back saying “We entered school in the same year anyways” and refused to call him hyung, so Ryeowook was upset.

Heechul- Ryeowook
Ryeowook was going to record his solo song “One Fine Spring Day” the next day, so as a perfectionist, he started to practice the lines he felt needed more work on, the night before. The line that he was continuously practicing was “You are so far away”. Meanwhile, in the room next door, Heechul was trying to sleep. But with Ryeowook’s continuous practice of “You are so far away", Heechul became annoyed, so he ended up yelling “What are you so far away about!!” at Ryeowook.

Kyuhyun- Ryeowook

Ryeowook was pissed off at Kyuhyun who was playing games all the time, so when Kyuhyun wasn’t around, Ryeowook smashed his keyboard.

Heechul- Leeteuk 

Leeteuk and Heechul went out for a drink together. However, Leeteuk became so drunk that he started throwing spoons(?!) at Heechul. At first, Heechul picked up the spoons and held his anger down. Later on, Heechul couldn’t tolerate Leeteuk anymore so he left him behind and came home by himself. 

Heechul - Eunhyuk

Eunhyuk ate the egg on Heechul’s kimchi fried rice. Heechul was so pissed off at Eunhyuk eating his food, he flipped the table and left.

Heechul - Eunhyuk ver.2

During Don’t Don promotion, Eunhyuk didn’t like the idea of Heechul wearing red pants (he wanted the group to look unified together) so he told the manager to deal with Heechul about it. The clueless manager went up to Heechul and said “Oh, Eunhyuk doesn’t like that red pant you’re wearing, let’s change it” so Heechul got pissed off at Eunhyuk.

Heechul - Eunhyuk ver.3

It was Eunhyuk’s birthday and Super Junior were planning to go out and celebrate. However, for some reason Heechul was not in his best mood and refused to go celebrate. Eunhyuk was so sad about this fact so he cried.

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kimheenim: On top of my bed. The reaction of those brats living with me who saw my room are all different.. Firstly Ryeowook is like “ㅎㅎㅎㅎ” What I guessed is correctㅎㅎㅎㅎ(Just eat rice or something) Seems like it will be like this.. Kangin said “Our hyung.. He put it when he was sober but it makes people upset.. Just meet someone…..”!!!!!!!! This crazy calf you think you’re any better?! Lastly Donghae said “Hyung is slowly becoming a crazy guy” ^-^ And he got hit by me~♡ #Kidsparade (cr: 13elieveSG)


      👀  Kyuhyun & Heechul Twitter Update | 161029  👀

@hxxnim : Autumn is Kim Kyu!!🍁🍁
I just went to Autumn Prince Cho Kyuhyun-nim’s concert. Because I’m his fanboy😀😀 Thanks to Kyuhyunie, finally I went to women university for the first time in my life😍😍
Really good job👏👏👏👏
It’s really fun!! Even though my fingers and toes were almost gone because I cringed…😐😐 Our maknae did cute things really well….😧😧 Always be SJ’s and ELF side, stay healthy and keep singing🙌💙🎈
The content of the concert were ballads, and this stuff and that stuff blabla..🤗🤗
#TheReturnOfAutumnPrince #Kyuhyun #SuperJunior #ofcoursetheshowwindowgroupisSuperJunior #blabla ©sjstagramtrans

140204 - Sukira
  • Ryeowook: Schedules started this morning. Although Super Junior has schedules, Heechul was sleeping in the living room! "Hyung! Why are you sleeping here!?" Then Heechul said "it's too cold in the room." Heechul's room has 2 windows. Because the weather has become cold, the temperature doesn't go up much even if he on the heater.
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