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This is the first time in my life that I became a showcase MC
Woollim’s team leader is a longtime friend of mine
I answered, “Yah, it has to be me out of loyalty!!” but I was worried a lot that I would ruin <Lovelyz> friends’ precious comeback stage😂
However, not only was I thankful to <Lovelyz> friends today, I was thankful for and surprised by their fanclub (Lovelinus)’ manner🤗😍
Particularly, seeing the beautiful close relationship between <Lovelyz> and (Lovelinus), I thought of (E.L.F) too.. I miss you, my babies🍬💙😢
I’ll be supporting <Lovelyz> and (Lovelinus) in the future🙌
Yein, don’t be hurt and I pray for your speedy recovery🙏
Ah! Lastly.. As expected, I did well as a showcase MC😃😃 Uhahaha!!!!😏😏
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translated by: 그리즈



☀️💫✨🌼 One Fine Day with SUPERJUNIOR |17021🌼✨💫☀️

                                           [SNS] Posts & Replies

💫 @yesung1106 : after long time ^^ #superjunior #holiday
☀️ Heechul comment on Yesung’s photo : As expected there is a difference between (your photo) and the one teuk uploaded. The photoshop is stunning
☀️ Yesung reply Heecuhul’s comment :
Yesung: Heenim Of course! Colour is the most important ~
💫 @xxteukxx : ..#meeting..#superjunior#sj#sj#superjunior.
💫 @siwon1987 : good day for good friends.
Yesung1106 comment on Siwon’s photo : kkkk
💫 @eunhyukee44 : I photoshopped it too, I love you members💙 #Superjunior #sj
💫 @eunhyukee44 : We got caught on the Time magazine #LetsBeCareful #Paparazzi #DNE
☀️ Yesung comment on Eunhyuk’s photo :
Yesung : hyu … (sighing noise)
Eunhyuk : Yesung Aesongie
☀️ Yesung comment on Eunhyuk’s photo :@yesung1106 : Are the two of you constantly tied together? Sigh ㅋ
@eunhyukee44 : @yesung1106 There’s an ahjussi behind with us too
💫 @leedonghae : 🐯
☀️ Yesung comment Donghae’s photo : is it V??


😍 Donghae SNS Updates & IG Live Trans Heechul & Yesung Comments | 170714 😍

@leedonghae : I couldn’t sleep to due to worries after I got hold of the news our beloved fans were waiting in front of the police station in the sweltering heart since a few days ago. I was worried if it was taxing on your health? Or did you guys eat? Also, a lot of people came from overseas so I was really touched and happy consecutively. I will noy let yiu guys be lonely from now on so lets make lots of good time together. Thabk you for waiting 1 year and 9 months. See you at fanmeeting next week ^^ and I will greet yoy with Super Junior album! I’m now extremely happy and sorry! Sleep a lot today since you guys waited overnight ^^ have a good dream I love you. Sincerely, thank you and I love you. -Police Lee Donghae- 

Yesung and Heechul comments on Donghae’s photo :
@yesung1106 : earnest earnest~~
@kimheenim : happy birthday 😍 lets call it even with this dorobbong 😏

Donghae IG live:

DH: Thank you
HJ: We’re out~
DH: Back!
HJ: Yeah!
DH: We back!
HJ: We’re home!!! DH : Ppl were waiting in such hot weather from yesterday early morning, I gained strength,I was really nervous
HJ: “nervous” (laughs)
DH: I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep, in the morning at like 5:30 or 6 is when i got to sleep, so after sleeping like 30/40 minutes. I got up in the morning &wondered is this is dream,is this real? this, uh, I’m so thankful to the extent where my words wont even come out
DH IG live: I’m really happy (Reading comment) You are so cute, English pls. (replying to comment) I’m going home rn
HYUKJAE WAS CLUELESS FOR THIS INSTAGRAM LIVE AS WELL LMAO, he was like “are you talking with them? can you hear me?!” HJ: who are you talking to? Can you speak to them too?
DH: mhmm
HJ: Can you hear me? Can you hear? Pls write in Korean everyone
HJ:(reading comment)Mexico Love u! Wow Mexico,we should go to South America once again
DH:We should
HJ: I want to go there again
HJ: Srsly,on my discharge and same on DH’s discharge, so many ppl came, again I feel like we couldnt greet properly so I’m sorry
HJ: But there is still out fanmeeting everyone! We have to have fun playing there~ Bye bye~
DH: yes, that…
HJ: Speak up, ‘yes that’ what?
DH : I came out on such nice weather,to the ppl behind,the right/left/front, I rly wanted to greet u all properly
HJ: /Growing Pains/
HJ: Go on, greet now, greet! Greet now!
DH: For safety reasons, I couldn’t be there long so I feel really bad, I’m really thankful and sorry
DH: I’m really sorry, and for as sorry as I am, I will work as hard in activities and love you just as much! /lip synchs to Growing Pains/
HJ: All tgt! (sings)
DH: I’ve been discharged, (cant hear) and returned to you all. Before I enlisted u said to return well and I have returned healthily to everyone so guys, fans, ELF, I will greet you first as Super Junior, with an album, I will return coolly
DH IG live: I’m really thankful for today! /waves bye while lip synching to Growing Pains again and Hyukjae is singing along/
Hyukjae was so loud rapping in the back while donghae was speaking 


[SELCA] 160627 Super Junior’s Heechul Instagram Update - Yeri and Kim Sae Ron

hxxnim: 조카들 밥 사주러 나온 에어로빅 강사 이모님🎠🎠 #예리 #김새론

[TRANS] Aerobics instructor aunt came out to buy food for her nieces 🎠🎠 #Yeri #KimSaeron

Trans. by: kepiko


                        🙌 Heechul,Leeteuk & Shindong 🙌

                   Instagram Updates & Comment’s | 170211

@kimheenim : Tonight at 8:50, on JTBC, Leeteuk and Shindong will be on <Knowing Brothers>!!👿🙈🙌
It’s been a while since I’ve done variety with the members!! There is not single lovey dovey moment so don’t expect anything😀😃☺😏
※A photo with Yesung who doesn’t have anything to do with thisㅋㅋ
#Leeteuk #Heenim #Shindong #KnowingBrothers
Leeteuk comment on Heechul ’s photo: please anticipate please worried… ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Yesung Comment on Heechul ’s photo: Nothing to do with this ? ~ Tonight, at 10pm, watch Voice ㅋㅋ 
@earlyboysd : what are you doing?? should I get ready to play TV ??? watch knowing brothers!!! #8:50pm #knowingbrother #shindong #leeteuk #heenim