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“Embrace the glorious mess that you are.” (Elizabeth Gilbert)

BONUS: Whiny Heechul in red.

Seventeen looks like...

Seungkwan looks like Eunkwang (BtoB)

Jun looks like Heechul (SuJu)

Jeonghan looks like Key (SHINee)

Woozi looks like Suga (BTS)

Vernon looks like Leonardo di Caprio 

The8 looks like Bambam (GOT7) 

Wonwoo looks like Jongup (B.A.P.)

Hoshi looks like Jongup (B.A.P.)

Dino looks like Jongup (B.A.P.)

Mingyu looks like this bunny 

Joshua looks like Gongchan (B1A4)

DK looks like Hyunsik (BtoB)

S.Coups looks like Miley Cyrus 

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Blackpink preview for Knowing Brothers!


five years with ze:a - music videos 2010 - 2014

❝ I tease her cause I love her.❞

Plot: You are Heechul’s girlfriend and are 20cm shorter than him. The other suju members always tease her & heechul will always defend her but the truth is he like to tease you too when nobody is around

Pairing: Heechul x Reader

Words count: 1.3k+

Genre: Fluffy

For anon, I hope you like it! 


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‘How do you even reach things, Y/N?’ A member teased.

‘We should get you a ladder for your birthday.’ Another added.

‘Shut up, Kyu.’ You pouted, ‘It’s not my fault I am short.’

‘Then what?’ Kyuhyun asked with a raised brow.

‘Ahhhh genetics maybe?’ You look at him.

A heart chuckle left Cho Kyuhyun’s lips, ‘Nice try, Y/N, but I do know that both your parents are tall and so is your brother.’

‘Do I need to spray you with the hose again, Kyu?’ A voice cut in the conversation.

And as if it was on queue, in walked the love of your life. Kim Heechul always seemed to be at the right place at the right time. Your height was something that always got people teasing you. It honestly wasn’t your fault and people generally tended to just look over it. But with a tall boyfriend like Heechul, people were bound to see the 20cm height difference.

‘Oppa!’ You yell, running into his arms.

‘Is my little kitten being harassed by our evil maknae?’ Heechul asked, cuddling you in a hug.

‘Gross.’ Kyuhyun rolled his eyes, ‘And I wasn’t the only one teasing her. Leeteuk hyung is also here!’

‘Then I will spray you both with a hose!’ Heechul defended, ‘Stop teasing Y/N!’

‘Aish, you are no fun Heechul.’ Leeteuk grumbled to himself.

‘What’s that?’ Heechul held a hand to his ear, ‘Talking to yourself already Teukie? Jeez I thought we still had time before the old age set in.’

‘We are technically the same age!’ Leeteuk defended, ‘You are a few days younger then me.’

‘Physically yes, but your mentality is way in it 60’s.’ A cackle left the younger’s lips.

‘Aish, let’s go Kyu,’ Leeteuk tugged the younger, ‘You are lucky your prince in shining armour came to your rescue, Y/N.’

Closing the door, Heechul pulled out his tongue at them. Yeah his mental age was way in its adolescence but his childish qualities is what made him most lovable. You still had your arms around his waist as he used looked down at you with a sweet smile on his face before smirking and bending towards you.

‘Aigoo,’ He pretended to complain, ‘I will have back issues by the end of 35 because of you Jagi.’

And there we go,You roll your eyes and step away from his touch, ‘Then eat more vegetables.’

Truth of the matter is, as much as Heechul was your knight in shining armour, he was also your pain in the ass. He was quick to defend your honour but quicker to tease you back. The one thing that made you fall for Kim Heechul was his childish quality, a quality that he used a lot since the two of you had started dating, and what a long three years it has been so far.

‘I’m only teasing sprite,’ His affectionate nickname coming into play.

‘I hate that name and you know it.’ A pout on your lips.

‘But it’s adorable, like sprites are cute and tiny but just as sassy and devilish.’ He pointed out, ‘And you, my little jagi, are just as devilish as I am expect you play the innocent card way to often.’

‘I hate you.’ You felt his lips on yours.

‘I love you too, now lets go.’ He grabbed your hand and pulled you towards the cafeteria.

Grabbing the food you wanted, you both said thank you to the ladies who served your food before walking to the table were the rest of the Super Junior members sat. Leeteuk, Kyuhyun and Yesung sat on one side with Shindong and Sungmin on the other. Shifting down, they allowed some room for the both of you to join.

‘Should we find a table that allows your feet to touch the ground Y/N?’ Yesung held back a laugh.

‘Or maybe one that has a lower table?’ Kyuhyun chipped in.

‘No guys, stop,’ Leeteuk ended the banter to your surprise, ‘We should have eaten at a place that allowed kids to eat free.’

‘Yah!’ A spoon went flying across the table, ‘My girlfriend is not a child.’

‘Her height could beg to differ.’ Kyuhuyn snickered.

‘I will punch you maknae.’ Heechul’s eyes narrowed.

‘Like you could ever.’ Kyuhyun challenged as the elder stood up and rolled up his none existent sleeves.

‘Stop,’ You pulled Heechul back down, ‘He has a point Chullie.’

The other members chuckled, ‘You are lucky she saved your ass now, Kyuhyun, next time you might not be so lucky.’

‘Sure,’ He rolled his eyes before Heechul pointed his chopsticks at them.

‘Now leave, my beaut and I would like to dine alone.’


‘Get going!’

Just shaking their heads, the other stood up and left. They had all finished their food anyway so it was only logical to leave. Alone at the table, you wanted a serviette that was on the end of the table. One would be able to reach for it in a jiffy, but you weren’t like everyone else. You didn’t wanna reach cause you knew Heechul would start his teasing again.

‘I know you need the serviette.’ Heechul cut your thought, ‘Would you like one my little sprite?’

‘Would you stop call me that?’


Not winning this argument, you allowed Heechul to grab it for you and lovingly wipe the side of your mouth. Bending down, he placed a kiss on your forehead. Heechul was an asshole at times, but loving just as much. Finishing up, the both of you walked to the studio but you lingered slightly back cause you had gotten a phone call.

‘Where is Y/N?’ Sungmin asked.

‘Probably still coming, you know her short legs can’t keep up with us taller people.’ Shindong said.

‘She is actually on her phone.’ Heechul pointed out, ‘Stop with the teasing, it’s getting old now, we have been together long enough for the short jokes to run out.’

‘Short jokes will never run out, we do it with Ryeowook all the time and its been more then 10 years.’ Leeteuk explained. ‘Plus, don’t act all innocent, we know you tease her as well.

‘I tease her cause I love her.’ Heechul defended as you stopped by the doorway and listened in,

‘And we love her as well.’ Kyuhyun stood next to Leeteuk, ‘And before you kill us, we love here in a brotherly manner.’

Your heart grew ten times in size. You loved the boys and treasured them very much. The teasing did use to get irritating but you figured it was how they showed love. Truth be the matter, you never had brothers so they fitted the roll quiet well. Smiling, you walked in and wrapped your arms around Heechul’s waist.

‘WAAAA THERE IS A LITTLE CHILD HERE!’ Yesung pointed at Heechul.

‘Ha-ha-ha, very funny,’ Sarcasm laced in your voice, releasing Heechul and standing where they can all see you.

‘Y/N! Where are you !?’ Shindong pretended to look on his eye level before getting a death stare from Heechul, ‘Okay okay I will stop.’

‘I heard what you guys said.’ You admit. ‘I love you all as well and if that is how you show your love then I will not ask you to stop. But there is one thing I have to ask from Heechul.’

‘And that is?’


BTS REALITY SHOW “The Reunion Special”

Heechul: Welcome bitches ~ I’m Heechul and tonight I’ll be hosting the reunion special you’ve been waiting for.

Key: /struts out as a crew member drags out a chair for him to sit in/ Make way peasant the queen has arrived~

Heechul:/what the hell/ Um wait what the fuck is this?

Key: Your co-host /smiles as he sits flawlessly/

Heechul: Um excuse me? I think you’re mistaken. If you’re looking for the “bad girls club” they’re down ratings.

Key: And if you’re looking for “Botched” I can call and have you set up an appointment. Your nose is looking a little crooked.

Heechul:/sips his tea/ And so is that hairline

Key:/scoffs/ Someones having a dry spell

Heechul: Jonghyun your bitch is barking!

Key:/lets out a petty laugh as he looks at the camera/ You’ve watched them shit..you’ve watched them grow. Army I give you BTS! 

BTS:/comes out all fly as fuck/ 

Heechul:/looking at himself in the mirror touching his nose/ Nose crooked my ass~

Key: So boys it’s been quite a while since we’ve last seen you, what have you been up to?

Namjoon: We’ve been doing great~ I mean we’ve been on tour and recently won a billboard award. Its just been crazy and hectic in a good way. Our time has been mainly consumed with hard work you know preparing for our next album.

Jimin:/smiling as he happily shows off the billboard award/

Namjoon:/chuckles/ He hasn’t put it down since we won

Heechul:/laughs/ That’s so cute

Hoseok: And Jungkook hasn’t put him down since../forgets what he what he was gonna say cause he high af/

Jungkook:/holding Jimin/ Hyung I have no idea what you’re talking about?

Key: Wait…I thought Jimin was with Suga and jungkook was with v? 

Heechul: /scratches his head/ Did..we miss something?

Jimin:/laughs/ It’s complicated~

V:/expensive laugh and talks in a rich high voice/ Oh yeah you did~/crosses his legs as he pushes his Gucci shades up and sits in his expensive fur coat/

Jin:/sighs shaking his head/

Heechul: Um..V…you seem different..

V: You know I just feel like this year is about, like, the year of realizing things and stuff. You knoooooow?

Key:/whispers to Heechul/ why is he talking like that?

Jin: Taehyung has been on a bit of a ..how do you say..Gucci High

Yoongi: Everything he has must be Gucci..at first we uh thought nothing of it you know. We just thought “oooh heey it’s just clothes..it’s just a brand” but oooooh were we wrong

V: You know you’re just too much hyung~ he’s just ungrateful of what I’ve done for them


V: /sighs/ I helped you..I helped all of you~

Yoongi:/scoffs/ Yeah right


Jungkook: No one!You literally dressed Jimin by force this morning 

Jimin:/in a small voice/ Yeah..he…he did

V: Well at Least I’m not on steroids /glares at Jungkook/

Hoseok:/laughs all chill/ I knew it 

Jungkook: Bitch you don’t know shit! My muscles are as real and natural as Jimin’s ass

Jimin:Jibooty is all real and natural~ I even joined Sehun’s twerk team


Jimin: /pouts as he sighs/ Come on don’t be like that


Hoseok: Me bitch these hips do not lie

Jin:/pulls out a a bottle of vodka opening it/

Key:/gasps/ Jin when did you start drinking?

Heechul:/notices Jin’s sudden dark demeanor and choice of style/ Jin what the hell are you wearing? /gasps/ Are you going through menopause? 

Jin: No you dumbass! Since the show started these little assholes have been driving me crazy and namjoon /sighs as he sips his vodka/ his ass just…

Namjoon: Jin’s just under a lot of stress that’s all


Jin:/drinking his vodka/ I mean do you not hear this shit?! And fucking Namjoon started a fire in the shower this morning…a fucking fire..LIKE HOW DOES ONE EVEN DO THAT?!

Heechul:/looks into the camera as if he’s in the office/

Key: And I thought suho was fucked..


Jungkook:/stands up holding jimin like he’s a puppy/ UM JUNGKOOK DIDN’T AGREE TO ANYTHING /turns to taehyung/ The fuck is he talking about?!



V: Oh now you want to talk about our son?

Jungkook: Don’t you fucking start with me! He’s not mine!

V: I was better off as a single parent anyways YOU DEADBEAT!

Key: Hoseok looks like he wants to say something!

Hoseok:/seriously lost in thought/ Why do we get IN a car but ON a bus?

Jin: I’m fucking out of here /gets up and walks off/


Jin: TO KEN’S /keeps walking/

Namjoon: THE HELL YOU AREN’T /gets up storming after him/

Jimin:/pouts/ eomma and appa are mad~

Yoongi:/watching hoseok/… Dude…what the hell are you on?

Hoseok:/smokes his blunt/ some bad stuff dude

Jungkook:/arguing with Taehyung like he on an episode of maury/

Jimin:/trying to wiggle his little body out of Kookies strong grip/

Key: And that’s all the time we have folks!Thanks for watching this trainwreck~ I need a drink /gets up and leaves along with Heechul as chaos errupts on set/


Who Are You? (Heechul)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Hi there. Can I request heechul scenarios where your group had debuted for almost 3 years but still not that popular yet and you guys become guests on knowing brother and heechul take an interest in you. And you and him start going out after that. Thank you so much. Have a nice day 💖

Y/G/N: your group name

You were part of the rather unknown Korean rock group Y/G/N which consisted of four members 3 boys and 1 girl. After three years you all were about to call it quits but your manager had convinced you guys to stay together and try your best to promote the group. He believed you were an amazing group who just needed to be seen or recognized and then boom you could be the next CNBLUE. You weren’t a very well known group not that some of you weren’t known or anything, you had came into the idol world as a child actress who had a huge career ahead of you but you decided you didn’t want to be an actress and went into learning how to play the bass. Your drummer was an actor as well but none of you were not able to get your music career take off. 

“What do we do if we can’t get popular?” Jongkyeol, the lead singer asked as you buttoned up his school shirt “well I can go back to acting. I haven’t been in anything in a long time but I’m sure I could get roles. If that doesn’t work, we can just be normal people” you tell him. “I guess you’re right” he spoke as you smile. 


The door slid open as your guitarist, Geunsuk peaked in and all the cast members of Knowing Brother filled with confusion before the rest of you walked in. “Oh it’s Y/G/N” Kyunghoon called out as you looked surprised “they’re a rock group” he continued. “Are you the singer?” Soogeun asked you as you looked around at the others before pointing to yourself. “Me?” you asked “I’m the bassist. Jongkyeol is the singer” you told as you smiled sweetly. “Jeo Pongwoon” as the conversation shifted to your famous drummer. You felt eyes on you as you glanced over at Heechul who looked at you like he was trying to figure out who you were. “Y/N L/N? Like the child star” he spoke interrupting the current conversation before he was smacked. “Wait are you?” Hodong asked as you nodded lightly feeling embarrassed. “Let Pongwoon talk” you spoke as you were too embarrassed by your child self.

“You were so cute when you were little. What happened?” Sangmin spoke not meaning it as rudely as it came out. “I became ******* beautiful that’s what happened” you spoke your face was just as sassy as your tone as you shot the answer out almost instantly. Knowing it was bleeped out the room filled with laughter and shock that you would even respond like that because of how silent you had been for the past 20 or so minutes while the other members were answering things or getting picked on. “Now if 5 year old you said that” Janghoon spoke “I probably would have been hit on the butt by my mother” you told honestly “I don’t remember if she said she was going to watch this. She’ll call me and lecture me even though I’m 22″ you told them. “She will call Y/N and lecture all of us if we do something inappropriate and she finds out” Soogeun comments “and you always end up feeling like you’re a disappointment when she’s done” Pongwoon finishes. 


As the show went on they learned so much about Y/G/N. You guys could play your instruments and you could play them very well at that. You guys could even play the other members instruments as well if you wanted to switch it up for a song. You guys were honestly an underrated group like many others who got swept up under everyone else’s fame. “You look too cute for a rock band” Heechul comments not really caring as he began getting teased, his eyes were right on you as you gave him a look “she seems like she’s delicate” “these delicate hands can smack you pretty hard” you threaten getting closer and playfully swatting at him. “She’s the toughest member because people underestimate her based on the fact she’s a girl” Jongkyeol spoke. “She didn’t want to be a cute actress-” “I wanted to be a punk princess” you cut off the cute moment your group was giving you and you were hating all the compliments. “I am a punk princess actually” you finish. “I was trying to be nice” Geunsuk whined “I don’t want you to be nice. Tease me. This show is for teasing-” “and romance” Heechul cut you off giving a wink. “All this romance is really getting you even more single isn’t it?” you ask as his demeanor changed as the teasing started again. “She’s not like the others” Hodong spoke to him as Heechul laughed at it all.


“Thank you everybody for having us on. Please check out our new album coming out” Pongwoon told as you all bowed. Soon the cast broke off into small talk with the members as you had invested your self in Kyunghoon. You two were in a conversation before Heechul tapped on your shoulder “I was wondering if you wanted to go out for food later” he spoke as you stood there for a second before realizing his words. Little did you know you would find yourself in a relationship with a member of Super Junior. Your group ended up gaining more popularity from being on the show and of course when your relationship with Heechul was announced it also skyrocketed as people were curious about what you were. But over all your manager was right, all it took was being on Knowing Brother to boost your fame.

❝It’s not flattery when it’s the truth. ❞

Plot: Heechul and You have a big fight which results in you leaving without your phone

Pairing: Heechul x Reader

Words count: 1,8k+

Genre: Angst

For anon, I hope you like it! 


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‘Wanna have dinner, babe?’ Heechul asked through the phone.

‘Aish I wish I could jagi but I am really busy working.’ You confess, shuffling around the papers on your desk.

‘You are always busy, Y/N!’ He whined, ‘I miss spending time with you…’

‘I miss you too but oh….I have to go Chullie, my boss came in.’ You hung up and Heechul sighed as he looked at the phone screen.

You and Kim Heechul had been a couple for two years. You worked for the advertising agency that hired Heechul for many of their adverts and commercials. At first you found him very obnoxious, but soon found him to be very shy around people he didn’t know. After long phone calls, many texts  and a kiss under the moonlight, you became his. Heechul now sat in the studio with a sad sigh as Leeteuk walked in with a shocked look on his face.

‘Ah Heechul-ah, you still here?’ The leader asked.

‘I was about to leave,’ He stood up, ‘Why you here?’

‘I’m prepping for Produce 101 with BoA before she leaves.’ His dimple smile coming out, ‘Any plans for tonight?’

‘I was going to get dinner but Y/N is busy again.’

‘She seems to be busy quite a lot these days.’

‘More like weeks.’ His shoulders slumped, ‘I feel like her work is more important then me.’

Heechul felt a reassuring arm around his shoulders, ‘Don’t be silly, you know Y/N loves you. Go home and have a good dinner, bath and then get some rest. Okay?’

‘Thank you hyung.’ Heechul turned and hugged him

Walking towards his car he thanked Leeteuk mentally. Park Jungsu was not only his leader, but also his friend and brother. He always knew how to cheer Heechul up just like how Donghae knew how to calm him down. Driving home he arrived to an empty apartment. Shedding his clothing one by one, he entered the shower. The hot water soothed his muscles from a long day. Changing into some comfortable clothing, he poured himself some wine and went through his social networks. Scrolling through twitter, he all but spat out his wine at the picture on his screen. It was his lover with friends and out having dinner.

‘She said she working!’ He growled as he pressed dial on his phone to be taken straight to voice mail ‘What the fuck!’

Pouring another glass of wine, he began pacing up and down. Three glasses down, he started feeling dizzy as the sound of the front door opened and closed with you inside the house. You placed your keys and phone on the table before shedding your coat and hang it up behind the door.

‘So you ditch me to have dinner with your friends?’ His voice was low as you let out a little squeal.

‘Don’t do that!’ You held a hand to your chest, ‘And I didn’t ditch you Heechul.’

‘Then what is this!’ He held the phone to your face with the picture on the screen.

‘Are you stalking me?

‘You forget you are the girlfriend of an idol, people are always watching!’

‘And they are dumb,’ You rolled your eyes, ‘It was a business dinner. We closing a deal with this major Japanese advertising agency.’

‘That still doesn’t give you the right to lie to me!’ He threw his phone onto the couch.

‘BUT. I. DIDN’T!’ You spoke every word individually, ‘I said I was busy with work! What is with you, tonight!?’

‘You are always busy Y/N! Do you know I haven’t once woken up to you in bed for the past month?’ He pointed out, ‘Or even gotten a proper conversation out of you?’

‘You know this is my work, Heechul.’ You defended, ‘Advertising is a 24/7 job.’

‘And so is a relationship, to which you have forgotten about!’ His eyes narrowed.

‘How dare you say that!!’

‘Simple. You have forgotten what it’s like to have the company of another!’

‘Why are you acting like a child, Kim Heechul?’ You asked, looking at him with stern eyes that was laced with tears.

‘BECAUSE I FEEL NEGLECTED!’ He finally exploded, walking with a slight wobble to you, ‘I have been put aside and placed second to your damn job!’

‘It must hurt to feel that way, hey?’ You asked with a raised brow, ‘Must hurts to be constantly put second because of a job, to wake up to a cold bed…TO SIT WEEKS WITHOUT A PROPER CONVERSATION! Now you know how it feels, because that is what I feel when you are constantly busy with you music and entertainment work.’

‘THAT IS MY JOB!’ He hissed, standing right in front of your face.

‘Are you drunk?’ You ask, smelling the alcohol on his breath.

‘That has nothing with what we are talking about now!’ Voice firm as you sniffed.

You knew that Heechul and alcohol was never a good thing. He never became violent but more vocal. More vocal than he already was a a sober human. Many times he had broken down in tears because of emotions that had been bottled up inside of him and had been released by a couple bottles of Soju.

‘You know what Heechul, I am going out.’ You turned on your heels.

‘We are not done here!’ Heechul held onto your arm.

‘Well I am!’ Your tone matched his, tears falling ‘You finally understand how it feels to be ignored and put aside because of work. That has been my life for two years now and not once did i ever complain! Now that I just happen to be busy, you feel like a neglected puppy. Well sorry Heechul but thats LIFE!’

Ripping your arm from his touch, you grabbed your keys and walked out the door. Tears streamed down your face as you ran to the elevator and eventually got into the car. Stepping on the gas you drove, to where, you had no idea. This wasn’t the first time you fought as a couple, but it was the first time it had resulted into something like this. The evening sky weighed heavily down on you as you drove through the streets of Seoul.

Heechul sat on the couch with his head in his hands. He himself had tears in his eyes as he tapped the side of his head repeatably and cursed himself. He never looked at this from your perspective and he felt guilty for not trying harder. Lying down on the couch, his head spun around in circles from the wine that still ran rampant in his system. The tears caused him to close his eyes which had him down for a good two hours. Shooting up from the couch, he saw it close to be midnight.

‘Y/N?’ He called your name hoping you came home but received nothing back. Shuffling around he found his phone and called your number to only hear it ringing on the table, ‘How can she forget her phone!’

His head beat heavily from a headache as he started phoning every person he could think off. Call after call he was given the same answer to a point were his worrying  started to turn into a panic. Running out barefoot, he jumped into the car and started driving around. He thanked the gods that you took your car which would be easier to spot. Driving up and down his mind filled with frightening thoughts.

What is she ran out of petrol?



Not liking those possibilities, he stepped on the gas and didn’t even care if he was breaking the speed limit. Place after place he fell short as he parked the car off and rested his head against the seat and thought hard. It had been a good hour and he still fell short of finding you. He hated the idea of you two fighting, but he also hated that you ran away. Sighing, a thought popped into his head and he was back on the road. Arriving, he jumped out and ran through the local park. The night was cold as he came close to a bridge that crossed over a small pond and found you sitting on it with your legs dangling over the edge and arms resting on the banister.

‘You know better than to run out.’ His voice causing you to sigh as he took a seat next to you.

‘And you know better then to run around barefoot,’ You pointed at his feet, ‘You going to get sick.’

‘And so will you.’ He pointed out as you both sat in silence for a few minutes before he spoke again, ‘I’m sorry, I never knew you felt that away about me working so much.’

‘I knew it was your job, Heechul,’ You confessed, ‘I understood.’

‘But you should have told me,’ He looked at you, ‘You are my girlfriend, and I am not a mind reader. You know I don’t know what goes through that pretty little head of yours.’

‘Just go home Heechul, I am not in the mood for your flattery.’

‘It’s not flattery when it’s the truth,’ He turned to face you, ‘Listen to me, Y/N. I felt hurt because its weird to think that you don’t need me as much as I want you to. A man is meant to provide for his lady and make her live a comfortable life, but you live a life of instant coffee, convenience store food and long working hours and I hate seeing you strain yourself.’

‘I know you hate the idea of me working but I enjoy it.’ You confess, ‘I need you very much, but not for your money. I can earn enough of that on my own, but all I need you for is to love and hold me through the nights and reassure me that I am not loosing my mind. Advertising can make a person mad.’

‘You should try being an idol.’ A slight chuckle left his lips as he held his head, ‘I am sorry for shouting at you, I was partially drunk as well and you know that never works well with me. But please tell me if you ever feel hurt in anyway because of me. I never wanna hear you suffering in silence. Kim Heechul treats his woman with honour, love and care!’

Inching close, you rubbed your noses together before placing a sweet peck on his lips to have him pull your lips back with a firm hand. Your initiation of the kiss was to just reassure him, but he wanted to prove his apology. Slowly yours lips moulded together with your  one hand wrapped around his shoulders and the other held his cheek lightly. His hands wrapped around your waist as he pulled you closer.  Heads tilted to the side, his tongue brushed over your lower lip asking for entrance. Smiling against his perfect lips, you opened your mouth and allowed his strong muscle to slip in. Air was needed as you broke apart and pressed your foreheads together.

‘And I love Kim Heechul.’

‘I want you to never hide your true feelings, okay?’

‘Never, now lets get you out the cold before you get sick, because a grumpy Kim Heechul is a pain in the ass!’

i interviewed my mum and this is her bias list.

Seventeen: same as me, Diva Boo EXO: CHEN ???? VIXX: HONGBIN !!! BTS: hoseok NCT: “there’s something about his hair” ; Mark SHINee: Taemin Super Junior: “aren’t they really old?” “no mum they don’t grow old” ;; Heechul B1A4: “he looks like pooh” ; CNU Monsta X: Wonho Day6: Jae

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