heechul and his boyfriends

❝ Are you ready, Omega? ❞   Part 7

Plot: Heechul ABO universe (Alpha, Beta, Omega)

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Pairing: Heechul x Reader

Words count: 2,2k+

Genre: Drama and angst

For anon I hope you like it

‘Chul it is way to early to be sending me death threats, ‘ Leeteuk groaned, ‘Can’t this wait until tomorrow?’

‘No way in hell am I going to do such things!’ Heechul seethed, ‘You bett-’

‘Jagi, who is that?’ A sleepy female voice asked, cutting Heechul’s train of thought.

‘It’s just Heechul, go back to bed Sora.’ Leeteuk affectionately spoke to his wife, ‘I am just going to talk to him on the balcony.’

Leeteuk swung his legs off the side of the bed before leaning and giving his wife a kiss on the forehead. She smile softly as she watched her husband get off the bed and walk away. While the elder was making his way to the balcony, Heechul paced up and down his apartment while hissing to himself. He had never been this angry before in his life and it irritated him to know it was over Min Kyunghoon. Once Leeteuk was securely on the other side of the balcony door, he returned his attention to the phone that was placed at his ear, ready to hear Heechul who was slowly loosing his temper.

‘Now why are you calling me at this unearthly hour?!’ Leeteuk asked.

‘You are lucky that the shock of your betrayal doesn’t have me there and punching your face in,’ Heechul threatened, ‘How dare you interfere?’

‘Heechul at this point all you are doing is giving me a headache, and I have Sora for that,’ Leeteuk joked but then began to massage his left temple with his free hand, ‘Now please stop shouting and explain to me why I am yet another target to your heated anger?’

A sinister chuckle left Heechul’s lips, ‘If only this was my ‘heated’ anger then maybe you would be able to repent for your betrayal.’

‘Betrayal?’ The elder reported.

‘Why the fuck is Min Kyunghoon arriving at my apartment like an old friend?!’

‘To be fair he is your ex boyfriend.’

‘That isn’t the point!’

Leeteuk now had his index finger and thumb pinching the bridge of his nose in defeat, but mostly out of frustration. This was honestly a conversation that could have been discussed in the morning and not at the moment Leeteuk was about to fall into his deep slumber. This was a question he kept on asking. Why couldn’t this be discussed like normal people in the morning? But now Leeteuk stood outside in the cold evening and receiving a scolding from his deranged best friend.

‘Fine, then I am sorry.’ Leeteuk let out a long sigh.

Heechul chuckled deeply, ‘Trust me Park Jungsu, you are going to do more then just simply say sorry! You fucked up hard this time, my friend!’

‘But Heec-’ With that, the phone line went dead and he hung his head low, ‘I’m fucking dead…’

Meanwhile you had entered your apartment after Zhoumi had dropped you off. You placed your clothing in the washing basket and then took a seat in your small lounge. Looking at the money in your hands, you suddenly felt very dirty regardless over the fact that you did shower after the sex. You had hoped Heechul was okay and wanted to phone him but that seemed like a bad idea. Sighing you picked up your phone to give Amber a phone call, but someone beat you to it.

‘Hello?’ You answered, not even checking the caller ID.

‘Omega?’ A familiar voice sounded as you gulped, ‘It’s Heechul.’

‘Yes I ahhh…are you okay?’ You finally mustered a sentence.

He chuckled, ‘That is exactly what I was about to ask you. I do apologise for Hoonie’s bad manners, he is normally very cocky when new people are around but good at heart.’

‘Oh,’ You said softly, ‘Is he your brother?’

‘Oh dear Omega,’ Another hearty chuckle left his mouth, ‘I have no brothers, just an elder sister.’ He explained, ‘But since I see you are interested in knowing him, that was my ex boyfriend. But don’t worry Omega, you are still a better hook up then him so don’t worry.’

At that moment you didn’t know how to feel or respond. So the father of your baby was still seeing his ex boyfriend yet he kept you around for a good fuck? Something about that just didn’t sit well with you, well besides the fact that you were being paid to have his baby. Oddly enough you did muster up a small smile when he called you a better hook up, but then you remembered you were basically a sex worker to him and nothing more. You would make sure he was nothing more because this was all for the money and not for finding a man.

‘Alright then, as long as you are okay then I will go.’ Heechul announced, ‘I will give you a call tomorrow to see if you are okay.’

‘I will not see you tomorrow?’ You asked.

‘Omega, you horny little girl,’ He teased, ‘ But I am not sure. I have some things to sort out with my dear best friend, so goodnight.’

‘Goodnight…’ You said softly as the call ended.

The line went down and you collapsed on the couch. You didn’t know if it was from being tired or what you had just learnt about Kim Heechul. Rubbing your face profusely, you just went and collapsed on your bed because right now all you wanted was sleep. Your neck ached a little, but that didn’t stop you from drifting to sleep because that was always the case when you were overworked at your job. Whilst sleeping, Zhoumi raced back to Heechul’s and barged through the door to find an empty apartment.

‘Heechul?’ He called out and got no response, ‘Fuck…Chul?’ He wondered around and called before shouting, ‘HEECHUL!’

‘Out here you idiot.’ Heechul called from the balcony.

Zhoumi ran to the door and let out a reassuring sigh, ‘Thank god…’

‘What do you want, Seasoning?’ Heechul asked, a glass of wine in his hand and a cigarette in the other.

‘Smoking again?’ Zhoumi asked, walking towards his boss and leaning against the banister while Heechul looked forward at the cityscape.

‘Shit day.’

‘I heard Kyunghoon is back.’

Heechul sighed, ‘You knew about this?!’

‘No no no,’ Zhoumi waved his hands in defence, ‘Y/N told me when I dropped her at home, she seemed very worried about you Chullie.’

‘The same should be said about her,’ He took a drag before releasing the fine smoke, ‘The bastard thought she was a prostitute.’

‘And what did you say?’ Zhoumi asked, turning to face the same direction as Heechul and placing his elbows on the banister, ‘Does Kyunghoon know that you aren’t bi, right?’

‘At this rate I don’t know what my fucking preference is.’ He admitted, ‘But aren’t you meant to be with your new boyfriend?’

Zhoumi rolled his eyes, ‘Why is everyone calling him that?!’

‘Because the bastard phoned me earlier, right after Hoonie left actually, and scolded me for overworking his precious boyfriend when that was his job,’ Heechul joked, enjoying the way his employee blushed profusely, ‘Get going, you deserve this. Tell the brat I said hello.’

‘Are you sure?’ Zhoumi asked, his eyes soft and worried.

‘I’m a big boy, Seasoning.’ He smiled delicately, ‘Now get going.’

Zhoumi turned to give his friend a big hug. Heechul may have this unwelcoming aura about him, but he was a good person and once you knew him, you would never want to let him go. The elder heard his front door close and suddenly he threw his wine glass to the floor and screamed in frustration before falling to his knees right besides the mess he had created. Tears fell down his cheeks as he flicked his finished cigarette off the balcony and balled his hands into fists. His sobs came in harsh sections as he then just fell onto his ass and sat against the banister with his wet face in his hands.

‘Have you seen Y/N?’ A voice asked.

‘No, she hasn’t phoned in either,’ The other responded, ‘Aren’t you here best friend, Amber?!’

‘Shut up Changmin,’ Amber snapped, ‘Like you said, I am here friend not guardian angel.’

‘Awww and here I though I could count on you,’ Another joined, walking in, ‘I am sorry I am late, I overslept.’

Lifting your hair up, you exposed your neck and left Changmin and Amber open mouthed in a loud gasp, ‘H-have you checked the mirror today, Y/N?’

‘No,’ You nodded at Changmin, ‘I didn’t have time. I literally just ran out the house while half changing so I could get here.’

Changmin rubbed his face, trying not to laugh, ‘Ummm Amber, take her to the bathroom and just yeah…GO!’

And with that, their manager just burst out laughing while he walked away. You looked at Amber in confusion as she herself was trying to muffle her laugh. Did you forget to wash off some toothpaste foam from this morning or some dried up coffee? But none of those things seemed to be a reason to be shoved into the small employee bathroom. You allowed her to drag you to the bathroom and force you to look into the mirror while picking up your hair, which you didn’t end up doing. Seeing what they saw, Amber just burst out laughing while holding her stomach.

‘Wh-what?’ You stuttered, broken at what you saw as well.

‘They are hickeys baby girl,’ Amber said breathlessly still laughing, ‘You have been marked heavily there.’

‘No no no no.’ You walked closer to the mirror, trying to rub the bruises but whined in pain instead because you couldn’t even remember Heechul being that rough, but then again.

‘Hey stop, you are going to make them worse,’ Amber pulled your hands away, ‘How did you not see these let alone feel the pain?’

Blushing red, you tucked some hair behind your ear, ‘Nothing was their last night but I did feel some pain but assumed it was from bending at work all the damn time!’

Looking at the mirror again, you examined the dark purplish marks that decorated your fair skin. How the hell did you not notice them? They were huge and looked painful. Skimming your finger over the hickey, you allowed the memories of last night to flood your mind. The way Heechul held you down and ravished your body. His lips sliding down your tender skin and sucking softy on your perking nipples. His hot tongue trailing down between your legs and causing your body to ignite in desperate pleasure. The way his willowy fingers prepared you but didn’t stop him from taking you roughly, which explained the new additions to your skin. Heechul was never gentle, never considerate yet you were okay with it.

‘Y/N?’ Amber called, snapping her fingers in front of your face, ‘Y/N!’

‘Yes…yes?’ You removed your fingers and shook your head.

Amber smiled with a little smirk, ‘So who is he?’

’N-no one, don’t worry.’ You reshuffled your hair so that your neck was covered, trying to walk away.

‘Wait!’ Amber held your arm, ‘Talk to me y/n, you have never not told me when you have someone in your life.’

‘Except this person isn’t in my life.’ You exaggerated your words, watching Amber’s eyes grow twice in size, ‘Don’t look at me like that llama…’

‘You didn’t know the guy?’ She asked and you nodded in response, ‘Was it a hook up?’ You nodded in agreement, ‘YOU HAD SEX WITH A STRANGER!?’

‘Shut up!’ You bombarded her with covering her mouth with your hand, ‘Can we not be revealing my life out here? You know what Changmin is like!’

‘Yeah we all know what I am like,’ The devil stood at the door, leaning against the doorframe and smirking, ‘So our little Y/N is hoeing around?’

‘I’m not hoeing around!’ You rolled your eyes, removing your hand from Amber.

‘So you know him?’ Amber asked, wiping her mouth, ‘Is this friends with benefits? Are you sleeping with, Sehun!?’

‘What? NO!’ You waved your hands, ‘Why would you even thin-‘

‘Hello?’ Someone called from the front, cutting you off, ‘HELLO?’

‘We will be with you sir in just a moment,’ Changmin called out, looking over his shoulder but then back at the two females in front of him, ‘Just having some technical problems.’

‘No no, I am looking for Y/N.’ The voice then sounded very familiar to you but yet you couldn’t put your finger on it but it still caused your heart to stop beating. Did Heechul come to see you?

Amber looked at you and you looked at her. Changmin just said okay and then looked at you for answers because he wasn’t very impressed about this current situation. Was this happening now? Like was this honestly happening to you right fucking now! The person still stood at the front, hands shoved in his pockets as he whistled. Taking a deep sigh, you pushed passed your two fellow employees and went to face your demon. Head down, you reached the front and then lifted your head to have your blood run cold.

‘Hey there you little slut.’ A sly grin on the mans alluring features.


jonghyunbase  asked:

Hey do you mind explaining what's going on with that M& D video?? Ive basically just been hearing little bits of people freaking out over the last couple days and I don't really know who to ask to help me understand... Basically what Ive heard is apparently Heechul's stylist boyfriend made an appearance / had some influence in the MV but I can't actually find much background on who the "boyfriend" is or his history with Heechul?

haha, ok, so basically Heechul’s “boyfriend” is Gunhee. You can stalk the Gunheechul tag for more posts (here is one) (this ship is great because Heechul is the one who unabashedly kisses EVERYONE in super junior, but now Gunhee is kissing him on tv and he’s getting embarassed?? Heechul getting embarassed/defensive??? HEECHUL?? Heechul has finally met his match in snark and cheek omg)

Gunhee is Heechul’s old friend, and his stylist. After getting discharged from the army, Heechul introduced his fans to Gunhee through this instagram video.  (you will frequently be shocked by how un-het these two are together omg)

Heechul and Gunhee are very close, and often refer to each other in social media. Heechul has referred to Gunhee as the one he loves. They have been spotted taken vacations together, Heechul Dragged Gunhee Onto WE GOT MARRIED (the reality tv show where he pretends to marry someone, but instead he took his ‘bf’ along with him…), they’ve kissed on tv, and Heechul Came Up With Their Ship Name. (he tags every pic of the two of them on instg with their shipnames)

(This is Heechul’s instg pic, tagged Gunheechul)

(Gunhee’s instagram vid)

(more adorable gunheechul)

Basically, Heechul appears to be in a relationship with Gunhee, and he has done everything to be transparent to his fans about it short of announcing it. He can’t exactly come out: so long as everyone can perceive their actions as ‘fanservicey skinship’ he’s safe from the social reparations of coming out. His career and social life would be affected because he’s a star. This is a really really good post that analyzes their relationship: My Take On Gunheechul.

So the Gunheechul ship is basically all of us freaking out over the coupley things the two dorks do on a regular basis, one of which is the M&D video. Heechul got a bunch of famous friends onto his last vid, but this time he got his “friend and stylist” onto an MV. Heechul’s ability to take someone whom he appears to be in a relationship with and put them in a music video endorsed by (the very likely homophobic) SMEntertainment is what is amazing and what is making us freak out, haha. 

Drabble Bakery: Heechul 21&29

For anon

Genre: Fluff 

Words: 600


‘Yah Jagi!’ A voice shouted, clicking their fingers in front of your face.

‘Wait what?’ You came back to reality, almost drowsy in some sense.

‘Earth to Y/N?’ The voice chuckled, taking a seat next to you, ‘You have drool on your mouth, daydreaming hurts.’

‘Oh, sorry.’ You wiped it away with the back of your hand, not really meaning the apology.

‘Am I that boring?’ He teased.

‘Yes.’ You stated flatly, ‘Like why am I here, Heechul! I have a job!’

‘And that is being Kim Heechul’s girlfriend.’ He said proudly.

You rolled your eyes but that was mostly due to annoyance rather then amusement. You were a hairdresser and friends with some of the most amazing beauticians in the country, which was a plus when Kim Heechul is your boyfriend. The man always took pride in his looks and appearance which was a good thing, until it became a hazard to your working life. Since Gunhee wasn’t around now on a daily basis for these “Heenim moments”, as he likes to call them, you were thus stuck with it.  

‘You get pampered more then a bloody woman does, Chul!’ You scolded, ‘Like I had to cancel three appointments just so I could come to your MANICURE!’

‘My hands are money makers, darling.’ He poked your forehead.

‘Yeah cause your face isn’t that great anyway.’ You smirked, knowing that he would get offended.

A look of complete shock and horror befell his face, ‘Take it back!’

‘Will you admit that you are worse then a girl at getting beautified?’


‘Then I stick to my word.’ You grinned, standing up and walking away since you knew he couldn’t run after you due to waiting for his appointment.

Kim Heechul was famous for his overdramatic demure, but all you knew was that he was just a big baby. A big baby that you loved, but also wanted to throw in front of a busy half the time. It wasn’t that the male was high maintenance, but he was just…. well….you know…yeah okay he was just a damn load of high maintenance but you loved him regardless. You walked out the shop knowing that you just needed a breather before stepping back inside.

A young lady called Heechul’s name and escorted him to the working station before taking his hands, ‘You have nice hands, you know?’

‘My pride and joy.’ He said with confidence just as you walk in.

‘Said no normal man ever.’ You teased.

‘And the devil is back.’ Heechul rolled his eyes.

‘Only because my true master summoned me.’ You witted back.

‘Oh? Kyuhyun is here?’ Heechul looked around comically for the maknae.

‘Oh you poor thing,’ You patted his head, ‘Your old age has gotten you delusional. You are now calling out to people who aren’t even anywhere close to you…’ The young lady couldn’t help but laugh at the banter that you and your boyfriend shared, ‘Ha! I told you I was funny!’

‘In your dreams sweetheart,’ Heechul scoffed, ‘In no world is Y/L/N Y/N funnier then Kim Heechul!’

At that moment your phone began to ring so you stood up and walked towards Heechul and bent down to whisper, ‘And in no world are you getting any sex tonight, Mr Kim.’ Your voice soft before answering the phone, ‘Hello?’

‘YAH! No come back! Men have needs, Jagiya!’

‘Is there something wrong sir?’

‘My girlfriend is truly the devils spawn…’