heechul and his boyfriends

jonghyunbase  asked:

Hey do you mind explaining what's going on with that M& D video?? Ive basically just been hearing little bits of people freaking out over the last couple days and I don't really know who to ask to help me understand... Basically what Ive heard is apparently Heechul's stylist boyfriend made an appearance / had some influence in the MV but I can't actually find much background on who the "boyfriend" is or his history with Heechul?

haha, ok, so basically Heechul’s “boyfriend” is Gunhee. You can stalk the Gunheechul tag for more posts (here is one) (this ship is great because Heechul is the one who unabashedly kisses EVERYONE in super junior, but now Gunhee is kissing him on tv and he’s getting embarassed?? Heechul getting embarassed/defensive??? HEECHUL?? Heechul has finally met his match in snark and cheek omg)

Gunhee is Heechul’s old friend, and his stylist. After getting discharged from the army, Heechul introduced his fans to Gunhee through this instagram video.  (you will frequently be shocked by how un-het these two are together omg)

Heechul and Gunhee are very close, and often refer to each other in social media. Heechul has referred to Gunhee as the one he loves. They have been spotted taken vacations together, Heechul Dragged Gunhee Onto WE GOT MARRIED (the reality tv show where he pretends to marry someone, but instead he took his ‘bf’ along with him…), they’ve kissed on tv, and Heechul Came Up With Their Ship Name. (he tags every pic of the two of them on instg with their shipnames)

(This is Heechul’s instg pic, tagged Gunheechul)

(Gunhee’s instagram vid)

(more adorable gunheechul)

Basically, Heechul appears to be in a relationship with Gunhee, and he has done everything to be transparent to his fans about it short of announcing it. He can’t exactly come out: so long as everyone can perceive their actions as ‘fanservicey skinship’ he’s safe from the social reparations of coming out. His career and social life would be affected because he’s a star. This is a really really good post that analyzes their relationship: My Take On Gunheechul.

So the Gunheechul ship is basically all of us freaking out over the coupley things the two dorks do on a regular basis, one of which is the M&D video. Heechul got a bunch of famous friends onto his last vid, but this time he got his “friend and stylist” onto an MV. Heechul’s ability to take someone whom he appears to be in a relationship with and put them in a music video endorsed by (the very likely homophobic) SMEntertainment is what is amazing and what is making us freak out, haha.