One of the best things about Super Junior is that they have So Much Content. I mean they have 8 albums, not counting singles, repackages or overseas releases. Plus they have more sub-units that some groups have members lmao. I was still discovering MV’s that I didn’t even know existed for the first 9 months of being a fan. And then there’s concerts, variety shows, documentaries, solo’s, acting, and too many shows a member has been an MC for to count them all.  

Things every Kpop fan has heard before part 2

“Are they gay?”
“They all look the same”
“I don’t think any of them are attractive”
“So you like anime?”
“Why can’t you talk Korean then?”
“Why do the guys dye their hair and wear makeup?they can’t be straight!”
“It all sounds the same”
“How can you tell them all apart?”
“Why are they so pale?”
“The music is so generic”
“You like Korean pop! Hopefully in the south HAHA”
“It’s just a phase”
“Why is there some English words in the song?”
“There dancing is so good!”
“Are you sure that’s not a woman?”
“Why do the girls all look so young”( and I’m like she 30 though)
“There the Korean version of __________”
“What’s the point in liking them if you can’t understand them”
“Asia has hip hop?”
“The music videos are so weird”