❝ I still love you not matter what…. ❞

Plot: Heechul get jealous when his girlfriend is close with Kyuhyun (because they have same age), so Heechul becomes a bit possessive towards his girlfriend

Pairing: Heechul x Reader

Words count: 1,6k+

Genre: Angst and fluff

For anon, I hope you like it!.


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‘Have you guys seen Y/N?’ A voice asked through the recording studio.

‘Ahhhh the last time I saw her was with Kyuhyun,’ Another responded, ‘Why Heechul hyung?’

‘Aish, she has been spending an annoying amount of time with that maknae of ours.’ A frustrated grunt left his lips. ‘Sometimes I wonder if she comes to work to see me or him, Yesung.’

‘Is someone maybe jealous.’ The turtle man teased, ‘Plus aren’t they close?’

‘That doesn’t substitute the fact that she is MY GIRLFRIEND!’ Heechul stormed out the room.

You and Heechul had been together for a record of three years. Yes you were close to four years younger then him, but he loved you anyway. But out off all the years you both had been together, he never once fell an urge of being jealous. Not even with your close relationship with Kyuhyun. Truth be told, you two got along well because he was your age and you both attended Kwanghee University together. Storming down the halls, he hears a laughter that was music to his ears.

‘YAH!,’ Heechul shouted in the cafeteria, ‘Jagiya!’

‘Why are you shouting, Heechul?’ You asked with a raised brow, ‘I am right here.’

‘Just wanted to show you how much I love you,’ A cheesy grin spread upon his face as he took a seat next to you and placed an arm around your shoulder, ‘Aren’t I the best boyfriend?’

‘The greatest,’ You playfully rolled your eyes before pushing his arm off, ‘But back to answering you question Kyu-’

‘Which was?’ The elder butted in.

‘Hyung, aren’t you recording?’ Kyuhyun asked innocently.

‘Yes, and?’ Heechul snapped.

‘No I was just asking,’ Kyuhyun rubbed the back of his neck, ‘Ummmm I will have to put a pin in this little conversation, Y/N. Bye.’

With that, the maknae was on his feet and scrambled towards the studio where his other hyung’s were. Slightly irritated, you turned to face your boyfriend who had an innocent expression plastered across his alluring features.

‘What was that for?!’ You asked, throwing your hands up dramatically.

‘I have no idea what you are talking about.’ Heechul played dumb.

‘Why are you here Heechul?’ You asked, rubbing your temples to release the tension within you.

‘Can I not spend time with my beautiful girlfriend?’ A raised brow upon his face.

‘You see me everyday at home, Chullie,’ You pointed out, standing up ‘You know I came to see Kyu since he is enlisting next month.’

Before Heechul could say anything, you were gone. Just rolling his eyes and making a childish face toward you, he stood up and walked back to the studio. Upon arriving, Kyuhyun was in the booth and recording his vocals. Sighing, he collapsed on the couch. Days passed and Heechul was starting to get oddly clingy and possessive over you.

‘Yah!’ He shouted from the couch, ‘Where are you going?’

‘To have coffee with Kyu.’ You said, grabbing your purse.

‘Dressed like that?’ He looked you up and down.

‘What’s wrong with what I am wearing?’ You asked as you looked down at the black skirt and white button up shirt you were wearing.

‘I don’t like how short the skirt it.’ Your boyfriend now walked towards you, ‘Your legs are only for me to see, now please go change.’



Rolling your eyes, you just went and put on a pair of black skinny jeans on and tucked the shirt in. You rather not start a fight with him and ruin your mood. Changed, you made your way to the little cafe that you and Kyu often met up at for some coffee and a friendly chat. Thirty minutes into the meet, you hear your name being called which caused you to roll your eyes.

‘Ah hyung,’ Kyu stood up and bowed, ‘I didn’t know you were coming?’

‘Yeah, neither did I.’ You turn to look up at the grin spread on Heechul’s face.

‘Well I figured I might as well spend some time with my lovely girlfriend and little maknae.’ Heechul spoke as he pulled a chair from the nearest table and taking a seat next to you.

‘I’m your only maknae.’ Kyu muttered under his breath.

‘Excuse me?’ Heechul asked, lacing his finger with yours and placing your connected hands on the table for all to see, especially Kyuhyun.

‘No umm it was nothing.’ Kyuhyun smiled at his elder.

You just sucked up the fact that Heechul popped out of no where. He was your boyfriend and you loved him very much, but over the past few days he was popping out of nowhere way to often. He all but followed you when you went to get your hair done, as if not trusting you. You swore he looked through your messages as well when you were asleep because your phone wasn’t in the same position you placed it in before going to sleep.

‘So maknae,’ Heechul started conversation, ‘Are you ready for your enlistment?’

‘Sort of, scared mostly but Leeteuk hyung gave me a reassuring speech.’ Kyuhyun admitted. ‘I am going to miss you all, especially you, Y/N’

Kyuhyun reached over to pat your hand but only to hit the table. Heechul moved your joined hands away before the younger could even touch it, knocking his coffee of the table as a result, ‘You are making a mess Heechul!’

Heechul just apologised and went to ask for someone to clean up the mess and arrived in less then three seconds flat before placing a possessive around you, ‘Now what were we taking about?

‘Nothing, we are done,’ You stood up and yanked Heechul to his feet, ‘Thank you for the amazing coffee chat, Kyu. I will see you later when I don’t have a pyscho trailing my every move.’

‘Who are you calling a psy-’ Heechul was cut off as he was whisked away from the cafe.

Pulling him down the sidewalk, you called a taxi. Both of you got in the vehicle and it was oddly quiet. Giving the address, the driver brought you to the destination. Storming into the apartment, Heechul trailed behind you before shutting the door.

‘What is your problem?’ You finally snap, taking your coat off.

‘I have no such problem Y/N’ He clarified.

‘Then why are you acting like a stalker, Heechul. A possessive stalker!’

‘I wouldn’t be a stalker if my girlfriend would remember who her BOYFRIEND IS!’

At that moment you knew exactly what was happening, ‘A-are you jealous, Heechul?’

‘When did you get so smart?’

‘Don’t be snide, I was just asking.’

You narrowed your eyes at him. You never ever pictured you would have this type of situation on your hands. Heechul was a man who had a large pride and ego, nothing ever got him down. He had confidence in everything yet he was getting slightly broken over the fact that you were close to another member, considering the fact that Yesung is even closer with his sister but  he wasn’t ready to run him up a flag pole.

‘Of course I am jealous, Y/N!’ He admitted, ‘I don’t like the idea that you spend so much time with him, enlistment or not! You are my girlfriend, NOT THAT MAKNAE’S!’

‘I never said I was his!’ A snapped comment swung his direction.

‘Well you sure act like it.’ His eyes rolled.

‘You take that back, Kim Heechul!’ You poked his chest, tears forming in your eyes ‘You know I would never cheat on you.’

Before he could even reply, you stormed to the bedroom and locked the door behind you. Throwing yourself on the bed, you sobbed your eyes out. You heard Heechul banging on the door franticly. The fact that he thought you were mildly with someone else made you sick in your stomach. You would have thought that three years together would have had him trusting you more.

‘Yah, Y/N! Open the door!’ He banged, ‘We are not done here.’

‘Go away Heechul.’ You spit, hearing the door open, Shit, he found the spare key.

‘Can I come in?’ He peeked his head in.

‘Well you are in anyway.’ You sat up, ‘What do you want?’

‘Listen I am sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. You know I have no filter sometimes.’ He confessed, ‘But you can’t blame me for being jealous. You just get along so well with Kyu that it frightens me slightly…’

‘What are you scared off?’ You asked, wiping your nose with a tissue.

‘Of you leaving me,’ His voice fell soft, as he took a seat at the foot of the bed with his back to you ‘You and the maknae are like the same person, I have heard so many comments regarding you two. You are the female version of him, or you should be dating him instead of me.’

Sighing, you crawled towards him and hugged him from behind, ‘Why do you take those things to heart? I thought you were Kim Heechul, the man who didn’t care what others said.’

‘I am Kim Heechul out there, but with you, I am just plain Heechul,’ He turned his head to look at you, ‘Please don’t leave me Y/N, I am so sorry.’

‘I wasn’t planing on leaving you,’ You place a kiss on his cheek, ‘I love you way to much. But next time you turn into a psychopath, I will not hesitate in smacking you on the head.’

Pulling you into his lap, he placed a kiss on your lips before pressing your foreheads together, ‘You smack me on the head anyway jagiya, but I still love you not matter what….’