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↑ That’s Heegain over there

So hey guys this is my 2nd half of 2013 follow 69ever! Thank you for making my dash wonderful and moving!~

special mention for tanz and chleo (my non-kpop fan buddies) for giving me tips and yea… fangirl company

special mention also for patrice-unnie. It’s been a while since I’ve talked to you

talk to me also, okay? Have a blessed christmas everyone!


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most of you changed your urls. so if I missed anyone, feel free to message me.

TVXQ Song Rec List~

PICKING FAVORITE TVXQ SONGS IS LIKE ASKING ONE TO CHOOSE BETWEEN ONE’S CHILDREN. IT’S NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE. So, oh my goodness, I don’t even know.. here in no particular order ;A; (the ones that have links are either mv/pvs OR my fav perfs of them)^^

  • Darkness Eyes - DB5K
  • 愛せない愛したい (Aisenai Aishitai) - DB5K
  • FORCE - DB5K
  • Blink - Homin
  • One - DB5K
  • Break Out! - DB5K
  • HEY! (Don’t Bring Me Down) - DB5K
  • 악녀 (Are You A Good Girl?) - DB5K
  • Love in the Ice - DB5K
  • Bolero - DB5K
  • W - JYJ
  • 9095 - DB5K
  • Thank You My Girl - Homin
  • Back to Tomorrow - Homin 
  • [[Basically the entire TONE album…]] - Homin
  • Survivor - DB5K
  • どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (aka Doushite) - DB5K
  • Nobody Knows - DB5K
  • Empty - JYJ
  • I.D.S. (Ideal Scenario) - JYJ
  • In Heaven - JYJ
  • いつだって君に (Floor on the Intelligence Remix) - JYJ


bioniciris replied to your post: r u srs no you need to listen to more k-indie 0k k-indie is wonderful would u like suggestions

Jang Kiha and the Faces! I love themmmmmmm

okay i will check them out! :D

pinatahearts replied to your post: r u srs no you need to listen to more k-indie 0k k-indie is wonderful would u like suggestions

did you like urban zakapa? ^______^

pinatahearts replied to your post: r u srs no you need to listen to more k-indie 0k k-indie is wonderful would u like suggestions

oooooh suggestions: 10cm, aquibird.. also this tumblr: fuckyeahkindie.tumblr.c…

thanks! and i like urban zakapa, but perhaps not as much as standing egg? :)

heecheoul replied to your post: r u srs no you need to listen to more k-indie 0k k-indie is wonderful would u like suggestions

zitten, neon bunny and lucitte tokki

thanks!! hehe i can’t believe i didn’t start listening to k-indie sooner


Thank you for being one of the sweetest people ever, even before I knew you were you (if you know what I mean n____n) I know your birthday is already over where you live, but it’s still your birthday here!!^^v Anyway, I hope today was magical and the rest of your year will be most rewarding<3333 Thank you for always being there for me<3

heecheoul asked:

i actually only read the manga if i can't wait for the next ep release and that never happens since i'm a bit picky with the anime i watch aha. woahh those are all new! wait i've never heard of the first one tho :o but out of all you listed i'm planning to watch K, Tonari and Zetsuen and also some old anime ones heh :D and you're watching FMA! how is it so far? i've seen you like sword art a lot, its like an rpg sort of anime i think? is it good? c:

Lately, I’ve only been reading the manga if people collectively say it’s far superior to the anime and I also really like that respective anime (e.g. Kuroshitsuji and Pandora Hearts). I used to be alot better about reading it orz like I read all the Death Note, Code Geass (the manga for CG SUCKS, though), and Vampire Knight obsessively, but slowly I weaned off it and it’s been all about the anime lately, haha orz 

BUT YES, YES, YES SAO IS MY FAVORITE OF ALL THE ONES I’M CURRENTLY WATCHING BY A LANDSLIDE. AHHH<33 You should watch it omfg. And yeah it’s mmorpg, which I didn’t think I’d even like since I’m not into that stuff but it’s like.. amazing, I can’t even express it properly.

And I’ve only watched 1 ep of FMA so far, hahah, it’s.. interesting! But I know it is loved by the masses so I’m going to continue watching it and hope I get into it more ^^; 

AND OK I JUST FRIEND REQUESTED YOU ON MAL AND I SEE YOU ARE WATCHING CODE GEASS AHHHHH. FAVORITE ANIME EVER<3333 And R2 is even better than the first season. SOrufjw;ofjaw;oijf sobs. I’m just eankam on MAL ^o^ but what do the red items on your list mean? Or is that just a styling thing? Haha.

But I really love Tonari (it’s so funny omfg) and Zetsuen (all the allusions to Shakespeare<33) and K is… really cool. I didn’t really know what I was expecting what with all the teasers and previews and countdowns, but it’s good!! Daisuke does the voice of Kuroh, and it’s kind of perfect??? And my Mamo-chan is doing the voice of a character who hasn’t gotten much screen time yet but I’m excited ahhhh I’m obsessed with VAs ;A;<333


heecheoul asked:

✿゚✿゚✿゚✾✾✾✾✾✾✾ ✖ ★

Tumblr failed at notifying me that I had a message so I didn’t get to see this until now.. I’m sorry ;A;

My perfect girl: Song Qian/Victoria Song

My perfect boy: Choi Siwon

Sexual orientation: Straight! ^^

Everything else: Thank you so much sweetie, you’re a doll n___n <333


TRIIISH! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BB ♥ You are one of the most unique people I know and it’s so refreshing, really. Intelligent and sweet, I’m so lucky to know you. Sometimes I think back to when you would only message me anonymously and you always brightened my day with those little messages ;~; thank you <3 But please, don’t let anyone (not your parents, not your friends, not your family) break you. You’re a bright, young girl with so much to offer and I’m so sorry that the people in your life don’t seem to realize that. Keep the things you love and the things you’re passionate about close and surround yourself with them. Eventually, the spark of those things will ignite every other part of your life and then no one will be able to extinguish your fire. Just know that you have people that love and care about you and you’re never, ever alone, even though there are times when it may seem like it. Anyway, I hope you have a year better than the last and that you’ll find the happiness you deserve. ♥

heecheoul asked:

why is your bias so perfect?

Aahhhhhhhhhhh. I can answer this in either a five thousand word essay or one emoticon… 


..let’s stick with the emoticon for now and I’ll work on my Kyuhyun novel for another time.. ㅋㅋ <3

heecheoul asked:

bellsss do code geass and KUROBAS please


  • My favorite female character: TOO MANY. Kallen, C.C., Cornelia and Shirley.. 
  • My favorite male character: Lelouch (and Suzaku)
  • My favorite book/season/etc: Oh man, both are so good. Probably R2, though.
  • My favorite episode (if its a tv show): I DON’T KNOW. I like the fun, filler episodes a lot but also the heart-wrenchingly tragic ones.. I like the episodes with Mao and when Lelouch and Suzaku are on speaking terms. I think my favorite(s) are the last 5 or so.. when you think Lelouch and Suzaku have just lost it and then it all falls into place and you’re never the same ever again. 
  • My favorite cast member: Sakurai Takahiro, probablyyy
  • My favorite ship: Platonic SuzaLulu but also Suzaku x Euphy, Lulu x Shirley and Kallen x Suzaku 
  • A character I’d die defending: Lelouch
  • A character I just can’t sympathize with: NINA.
  • A character I grew to love: Rolo?
  • My anti-OTP: I..dk! Nina x anyone? 
Also, there is no section for this, but I just want to say how gorgeous Kanon is like omfg, my heart stops whenever he’s onscreen. 


  • My favorite female character: Coach!
  • My favorite male character: Kise, hehe<3 (I do also have a soft spot for Midorima)
  • My favorite book/season/etc: There’s only been 1 but I’m so excited for 2!!!
  • My favorite episode (if it’s a tv show): When Kise and Midorima are watching Aomine (I forgot his team name) vs Seirin and the one when Kagami jumps even when he can’t jump. I think those are 2 separate eps.. he hurts himself playing Midorima, right? I think..
  • My favorite cast member: Ono Daisuke n_n
  • My favorite ship: Kise x Kuroko
  • A character I’d die defending: Coach? Does she need defending?
  • A character I just can’t sympathize with: HS!Aomine
  • A character I grew to love: Takao~
  • My anti-OTP: Uhhh.. I don’t think I have one? 

I really need to rewatch the series, I miss it :(

heecheoul asked:

top 3 wines!

Oooooo omg.  Do you mean types or like.. brands? I’ll just do this, hehe:

(All reds, obviously^^)

  1. Merlot
  2. Cabernet
  3. Malbec

AND I STILL CAN’T GET THIS BOTTLE OF WINE OPEN FROM LAST NIGHT OH MY GOD. I swear the cork is super glued in there or something. My dad’s friend has a vineyard and he sent me some of his wine, but it’s like he didn’t really want me try any since I can’t get the cork out??? Sobs :( And it’s a Merlot! 

heecheoul replied to your post: heecheoul replied to your post: i was trying to…

i was actually staring at that pic a few hours ago and i can’t see his dick. its either because of the water or he’s too damn good at hiding it

omg WHY i… i can’t believe you just said “dick”? i think this is the first time so i’m still… in…. shock. dont even wanna ask you why you’re staring at this picture in the first place tsk but i think my impression of you has changed after tonight :’)

royalgengchul replied to your post: I did a really stupid thing today. After knowing…

at least you’re not from an unknwon country in Europe >_< the closest they got were Spain or Germany..so yeah… that must be nice <3 smelling the same perfume that Jae si using ..do you happen to know what Junsu uses? lol .. ireally wanna know that

aww don’t say that bya~ who knows what’s going to happen in the future?! i seriously love his fanmeetings cos if not for them, i wouldn’t have found out little details like he uses kiehl lipbalm and neutrogena hand cream. but of course the biggest highlight for me was the confirmation of him hanging out with heechul kkk… i’m sorry idk what junsu uses (or yoochun… lol).. but hell i don’t even know what heechul uses so…  (╯︵╰,)

heecheoul replied to your post: I did a really stupid thing today. After knowing…

i buy men’s perfume if it makes you feel better. i suggest trying it again once a month and if you still liked the faint scent after 2-3 days, you should buy it c:

hehe thank you trish. yeah me too, actually. if i buy that, it’s not gonna be my first men’s perfume. i’ve been wearing ralph lauren’s polo blue on and off for a while now and a good half of my perfumes are unisex… idk why but i’ve never owned perfumes which are too ‘feminine’. i’m glad there’s you to make me feel a little more normal.. ♥

heecheoul replied to your post: top 3 wines!

ooh i would actually elaborate more on this ahaha like do you like them sweet? or half sweet/sour? how old do you like your wines? try using an ice pick or the hammer method!!

Hmmmm, probably half sweet, half sour. I don’t like really fruity wines, bleh. And you know, I’m not too particular about age. At least 2 years, though, I suppose? How about you?? What is your wine taste? ^o^