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best musical quotes with no context

- “the funk of moral fiber rotting”

- “for a clitoris is holy amongst all things, said he”

- “driving mad at twelve miles an hour”

- “i have maggots in my scrotum”

- “southern motherfucking democratic republicans”

- “she was the happiest corpse i’d ever seen”

- “he ran into my knife ten times!”

- “rising on a sea of marshmallow foam”

- “on the lake there was a boat, and in the boat there was a man”

- “it’s not like i’m a healthy person”

- “how do you get this gold shit off?”

- “imagine a world with no children, close your eyes and just dream”

- “four jews in a room bitching”

- “bobby maler he’s the best, looks so nasty in those khakis”

- “you’ll be obsessed with all my forest expertise”

- “i’m fucking the fucking president, oh yeah”

- “i got carried away, and not just by balloon”

- “if i stop smoking crack”

- “don’t use a toaster while standin’ in the shower”

- “she got them heebies and jeebies from moonshine and cheap wine and reefer and candy cane”

- “you’ll have kids and they’ll hate you too”

- “a potpourri of contradiction”

- “this is called an aneurysm hook!”

- “please reward our pluck and save this duck”

um you know what’s unsettling? the realization that people i knew so well before are strangers to me now. the knowledge that i’ve so passively lost people. making eye contact with them across the hall, or having a rare conversation with them, having to act familiar, despite me not knowing anything about them anymore. that gives me the heebie jeebies. 

1920s Slang we should bring back for the 2020s:
  • Dewdropper: A lazy person
  • Giggle water: Alcohol, liquor
  • Bee's Knees: An extraordinary person/thing/idea
  • Butt me: "Can I have a cigarette?"
  • Cat's Pajamas: See "bee's knees"
  • Dolled up: Dressed up
  • Egg: A rich person
  • Flapper: A stylish, opinionated modern woman
  • Get a Wiggle On: Get going
  • Heebie-Jeebies: A spooked feeling
  • Ossified: Someone who is drunk
  • Putting on the Ritz: Doing something with style
  • Swell: Wonderful.
Things to appreciate about Lance

.Says things like razzle dazzle and heebie-jeebies

.Human slinky. Can straight up put his legs behind his head

.Has the back muscles of a young Michael Phelps

.Will spend the whole day in a wishing well collecting coins for his friends.

.Uses humor as a coping mechanism for his crippling self doubt

.Naruto runs

.A shameless furry

.Speaks Spanglish

.Refers to himself as Lancey Lance

.Sharp work, Samurai

.His skin is pretty than yours.

.Brags about his friends when their not around

.Will over share personal information about his life to complete strangers.

.Likes dancing in puddles, eating cheese, and taking naps

.Will rise from a coma just to shoot your ass

.Dancing queen

.But first, let me take a selfie

.Bi Icon

.Is a straight up freak. Ten out of ten would be into wearing handcuffs


This is sketchy as hell.

For people who see this post… why? Why would anyone like this?
This is a weird invasion of childhood moments that weren’t released by choice.

You don’t just get someone’s yearbook. 
You either go to the school those years, or you hunt this down from someone else that has one.

Everyone wants to know whatever they can about Ryan’s past, but can we at least let him decide when he releases or okays pictures from his own childhood?
It’s exciting and fun to know more about someone!
This is not one of those times.

Leaving out the name of the school makes no difference.
It’s still creepy and weird.

“For the sake of his privacy”
If there was any care at all for his privacy this wouldn’t have been posted.
Especially not on a side account with no other posts than to reblog this same thing.

I blacked out the name just for the fact that they shouldn’t get more named recognition for this kind of negative digging.

If people out there care for Ryan’s actual privacy and life, please…
Give this post no notice when you go by it.
Don’t encourage this kind of hunting stalking behavior.

Ryan should mean more to this to any true fan who cares deeply for his well being and privacy of his life.
If he wanted it released, it’d be out on an Extra Life or a stream.


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I love your art so much. Thanks for all the Tokyo ghoul blessings. If you're still taking requests, can you PLEASE draw Eto and a separate Noro too. It'd be the cherry on top of my (our) cake (~^.^)~

ohhhman thank you!! these two give me the heebie jeebies but in…… a good way

A 2D Bendy Fanfiction

An AU of 2D Bendy, inspired by @squigglydigglydoo and @shinyzango. Written and illustrated by myself, accompanied by chocolate. Enjoy!

“Dear Henry,

It seems like a lifetime since we last worked on cartoons together. 30 years really slips away, doesn’t it?

If you’re back in town, come visit the old workshop.

There’s something I need to show you.

Your best pal,

Joey Drew”


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Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Epilogue

A/N: *sobs hysterically* Here it is you guys! The final chapter of the Delta series! 😭 😭 I hope you guys like this ending as it’s super fluffy and I may or may not have cried like a littl baby while writing it!! ENJOY! - Delilah ❤️

One Year Later

Bucky let out a low groan as he opened his eyes. The room was dimly lit with the exception of the bright streaks of sunlight coming through the blinds. Ugh, he was not a morning person at all. Rubbing his hand along his jaw, he tensed when he felt the small bruise forming under neath his jawline. Immediately, he was reminded of your slumbering self lying next to him. 

He carefully turned onto his side, propping himself up on the pillow beneath him. As creepy as it sounded, he loved watching you sleep. It was literally his favorite pass time whenever he wasn’t running around on missions and saving the world. He made sure you knew that you were the foundation of this family, the most important aspect of his life and he’d do anything to make you happy, even if it was only for a second. 

“This isn’t twilight, alpha,” you murmured, peering up at him with half lidded eyes. “Watching me sleep is giving me the heebie jeebies.” 

Bucky let out a small chuckle and bent downwards, pressing a small kiss on your lips. You craned your neck higher, forcing your lips onto his with much more force. He moaned at your eagerness and in one move, he flipped you on top of him, resting you onto his lap. 

“Don’t act like you don’t like it, doll,” he says, his voice still rough from the slumber he was just in. His bottom lip stuck out slightly as he ran his tongue along his pink flesh. You let out a small whine. 

“Alpha,” you cried, scooting closer to him. Your legs swiftly straddled his waist, with your hands on his shoulders. “Don’t tease me.”

He leaned forward, pressing his forehead against yours, his eyes set on yours. This was one of the many things you loved about him, how he could completely undo you with just a simple gesture and a simple look. He had so much power over you, and vice versa. Maybe you both really were soulmates.

The small sleeping gown you wore clung tightly around your body, showing off every curve on your body. Bucky got it for you for your anniversary this year and insisted you wear it every night to bed. Of course, that lead to a numerous amount of naughtiness each night. 

The team was honestly surprised that after a year, the two of you were still in your honeymoon phase. You always told them it was due to the fact that you had an amazing husband that gave you two amazing little children. 

Bucky’s hands slithered around your body, slowly hitching the end of the night gown higher and higher, until his hands were rested on your breasts. He gently began kneading them, his eyes watching yours for your reaction. 

Your eyes closed, your head falling back as he worked you. Man, the things he could do with his hands. 

“Oh, honey…” he inhaled sharply. You opened your eyes, looking down at the brown haired man in confusion. Immediately, you felt yourself growing red with embarrassment. 

The bit of the night gown that covered your breasts was completely soaked through. And by soaked, it was practically transparent now that you got a better look. You had been nursing the twins for over a year now, so it was bound to happen every once in a while, but you figured your body would magically stop one day. But to your dismay, that wasn’t the case at the moment. 

You could see the small trails of milky liquid traveling down Bucky’s wrists, past his forearms, and down his elbows. With a gasp, you pulled away from him, covering yourself hastily. 

“I-I’m sorry!” you cried, reaching over to the night stand and grabbing the box of tissues. You plucked one out and turned to him. You reached forward to wipe his arms, but was immediately cut off by his lips crashing against yours. 

The tissues in your hand dropped onto the mattress as Bucky kissed you fiercely. His metal hand wrapped around your back and pulled you close to him, which lead you to straddling his lap once again. He pulled away from you, taking in the sight of your blissed out face. 

“Don’t. Apologize. I. Love. All. Of. You.” he says as he plants soft kisses all over your face. You felt your heart swell with love as he placed a final kiss upon your lips. His hands were cupping your face lovingly as he stared down at you. 

“Bucky, it’s still gross though.” you murmured, covering your chest with your arms. 

“Y/N,” he says softly. He reached forward and wrapped his hands around your wrists, pulling them away from your chest. “There’s nothing gross about it.” 

You scoffed, rolling your eyes at him. That was easy for him to say, he was a male! You barely could look yourself in the mirror without clothes now ever since you had the twins. 

“Besides,” he says huskily, his hands travelling to your back, gently pushing you closer to him so his face his resting onto your soft skin. 

I’ve always wanted to try delta’s milk.” 

Your eyes nearly shot out of your head at his confession. Was he okay right now? That was just something that people didn’t really do, however, you knew your husband and Bucky never lied to you. Especially when it came to bedroom talk and all. 

You felt his breaths hit your skin, creating goosebumps along the flesh. He pressed a small kiss to your collarbones, traveling all the way down until his lips reached the curve of your breast. You shivered into his touch. 

Bucky’s lips connected with your left nipple, his tongue circling it slowly. You let out a small moan, arching your back into his mouth. You knew this should be wrong, but it felt so good, you didn’t care anymore. 

With a small smile on his lips, he gave a gentle suck, surprising you both. Your hands instantly tangled themselves in his locks, tugging on them gently. This earned you a small, husky moan from him. 

“F-Fuck, alpha,” you whimpered, grinding your hips onto his. “That feels so good.”

He sucked harder, taking your whole nipple into his mouth. Sucking on your sensitive nub. He hummed deeply, sending a wave of vibrations throughout your chest. Never in a million years did you see this happening, you always figured men hated this, but here you were. And you’d be a liar if you said you weren’t enjoying yourself. 

He growled, burying his face deeper into your chest. You grinded your hips down faster, placing one of your hands onto his thigh for support. 

“Jesus, you taste so fuckin’ sweet, baby,” he groaned after pulling away from your breast and switching to the other one. 

You let out a cry as he sucked harder this time, dragging his teeth against your sensitive nub. You made a mental note to make this a morning routine from now on. His mouth could make you crumble in just a few short seconds.

But just as things were getting good, the sounds of high pitched cries caused the two of you to freeze. 

Somehow, Bucky had this little magical talent which allowed him to instantly recognize which baby it was. When he peered over your shoulder, his eyes squinted with focus, you figured he must’ve lost his talent somehow. 

“Noah?” you ask, dipping your nose into his neck and inhaling softly. 

He shook his head, smiling once he recognized the sound. 

“Nope,” he replied, dramatically popping the “p” and playfully rolling over on top of you. “It’s Isabel.” He placed a quick, passionate kiss onto your lips before getting out of bed completely and making his way into the kid’s room. 

You sighed, leaning back against the headboard of the bed. 

This was your life now. You lived in an amazing apartment a couple blocks away from Stark tower, with your amazing husband, Bucky and your precious little son and daughter, Noah and Isabel.

If you would have asked yourself a year ago where you thought you would end be by now, the old Y/N would’ve probably said something along the lines of being in a house full of cats and watching the Twilight series every night. 

But this? This would never have crossed your mind. Not one bit. And you loved your life now. Especially with Bucky in it. 

The sounds of Bucky laughing, followed by two pairs of giggles pulled you out of your thoughts. You looked up just in time to see him carrying your two little babies in his arms. 

Noah squealed with excitement as soon as he caught a glimpse of you, while Isabel (who’s always been a daddy’s girl) clung to Bucky’s shirt with her tiny hands. 

Noah crawled over to you, his blue eyes wide with excitement. You scooped him up into your arms and cradled his little body to your chest. 

“Hey baby cakes,” you cooed, pressing a kiss to his chubby cheeks. He giggled and flailed his hands in the air as you did so. 

The bed dipped as Bucky sat next to you, Isabel still clinging to her father’s shirt with all her might. She looked up at him, her eyebrows furrowed with frustration as he tried to pry her away from his collar. She let out a small little growl and placed her forehead onto his chest. 

“I think this one’s gonna be an alpha, doll.” he chuckled, looking over at you. 

Noah, however, took your face in his two hands and planted a small, slobbery kiss onto your cheek. You giggled as he pulled away. 

“And I have a feeling this one is an Omega,” you replied, taking his little hand into yours. 

Bucky leaned over, planting a kiss onto your cheek. 

“To the moon and back, right doll?” he asks, his blue eyes staring into yours, this time with pure love and admiration. 

You smiled, feeling your heart swell with love for the second time that morning. 

“To the moon and back, Bucky.” 

-FIN!   😭 😭

I just want to give a special thanks to all the lovely people who have stuck with me throughout the entire series and supported me through it! (also staying with me through my craziness lol!) I’m so sad this is ending omggggg ❤️ ❤️

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“When I was thirteen my dad, my older sister and I moved from Cleveland, OH to Wilmington, NC and rented an old one-story house. It had two living rooms separated by a wood-paneled wall. We didn’t use the side that you had to enter through the kitchen. We just stored boxes in that side of the house. We all were kind of depressed because we lived in Cleveland for ten years and we missed our friends.

We only lived there for 6 months after things got intense. It was the only place that my dad ever broke the lease. It started out innocent enough. My dad worked long hours so my sister and I were always home alone and we watched a lot of Johnny bravo and power puff girls. We noticed a long scratching sound one night and she muted the TV. It was coming from the wall behind the TV. The room on the other side was the unused living room. We both went to check but there was nothing there. We told our dad the next day and he put out mice traps but they never caught anything even though the scratching sound continued.

I started sleeping in her bed most nights after that. One night we heard banging in the kitchen but we were too scared to look. In the morning we went out and my dad was making breakfast. He asked us why we opened all the cabinet doors and said that if we did have mice then they would get into the food. We didn’t but we didn’t tell him about the noises.

One morning at breakfast my dad asked me if I remembered anything from the previous night. I said no and he told me what happened. He woke up and I was standing at the foot of the bed staring at him. He was spooked and said my name. I didn’t respond and he told me to go to bed and I just stood there. Then I walked to his window and stared out of it. He asked me what I was doing and I said her crying is keeping me up. He said no one is crying and told me to go to bed. I said okay and walked out. My dad is very no nonsense and doesn’t believe in ghosts at all but he looked really unsettled. My sister looked horrified. She wouldn’t let me sleep in her bed anymore.

About a month before we moved away my sister and I were watching TV. She turned it off and said she had to tell me something. When I was at school she was on the computer. The computer desk was against the wall that had two glass sliding doors with 4 floor to ceiling windows. The doors led to a closed in sun room. She said all of a sudden the glass sliding doors and windows started violently shaking. No windows were open and nothing else in the house shook. And we didn’t live by railroad tracks.

One day it happened to me. My sister was in Cleveland visiting friends and my dad was at work. I was on the computer reading fanfiction. When all of a sudden the glass doors and windows violently shook. I instantly started crying and ran out of the house. I sat on the driveway until my dad came home. I told him but he didn’t dismiss it. He just looked away. I asked if it ever happened to him and he said yes.

A couple weeks later I shot up in bed alerted by loud noises in the kitchen. They immediately stopped. I heard my dad’s door and my sister’s door open. I came out too and my dad turned on the light. One kitchen chair was on the floor. One was on top of the table and the other two were on their backs. We all slept in my dad’s bed that night.

We moved to Chattanooga, TN two weeks later.”

By: Princess_PeachX (Creepypasta are great, but does anyone have any good true creepy stories?)