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I just finished reading it and I am dying to know how it would end. Will Quinn ever open up completely, will she find love. Is what Puck said to Santana in last chapter gonna damage her relationship with Brittany. Are people ever gonna stop bullying Brittany... etc. It is really really great story. And god I would love for it to be finished. But I get it you know, its been years since you stopped writing it. Life gets in the way, inspiration is not there. But.. but.. but.. you know?

It’s a beast of a story, in terms of word count, so thank you for taking the time to read it. I think when it comes to Quinn, I’m actually not really certain where her story is going all the time. Quinn’s character has always been the one I’ve had a difficult time planning, so her character sort of just falls into place and adapts to what’s going on in that universe. I think Quinn is still coming to terms with loving herself after a lot of inner turmoil that hasn’t really been properly expressed, and my goal with Quinn has always been to find her a way to be at peace and let people back in past all her guards. Whether that ends up being romantic love remains to be even planned, but I think her platonic feelings for the group of her friends are strong, and maybe her relationship with Brittany - someone that has had so much if her own heartache - will help her to open up and be more free with her feelings.

What happened at the last chapter with Puck is a terrible cliffhanger for me to have ended on - I’m super sorry leaving it where I did. I don’t think that there is a way for it not to impact Brittany and Santana’s relationship - it’s the first time Santana has had a direct and negative confrontation after revealing her sexuality, and that is hard for anyone. For me, it’s really important in stories about relationships to explore what a couple will do when one or both of them deal with an overwhelming ordeal. We’ve seen a lot of Santana supporting (or defending) Brittany through some of the bullying she’s experienced, but there is a lot Santana needs to deal with and needs support through.

I think Brittany’s bullying story line is weaker than I wanted it to be, but I do think her self confidence is growing to the point she might take more action for herself in the future should it happen again. Maybe not the conventional sort of action you’d expect - but it is Brittany, so…

We’ll see, I suppose. 😓

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so can you mix pokemon and brittana, trainers that fall in love in the battle

“Santana, what is this?” Brittany said, underneath a pile of clothes, books, and odd trinkets from the contents of Santana’s closet. 

“Don’t open that,” Santana snapped, quickly grabbing the shoebox from her hands. Brittany tilted her head to the side, but nodded, letting her girlfriend have her privacy. She was, after all, invading fifty percent of her room.

That said, that didn’t stop Brittany from peeking later that night while Santana was making dinner. Inside the shoebox was a pile of assorted colored cartridges and a scraped and battered looking gaming console. Excited, Brittany grabbed one of the many cartridges and turned the system on.

Your very own Pokemon legend is about to unfold. A world of dreams and adventure with Pokemon awaits… Let’s go!

“What are you doing?” Santana interrupts, and Brittany realizes it’s been an hour since she turned on the game, not five minutes like she had thought.

“Oh my god! Brittany!” she shouts.

“I’m sorry! I just peeked!”

“You saved over my file!” She howls, snatching the game away, unconcerned about the embarrassing fact that Santana Lopez plays Pokémon. “I had a level 93 Arcanine…!" 

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Arent u gonna finish ITYTD? :(

My final review for my thesis is August 7th. If I don’t fail and graduate grad school, I’ll be able to get back on track with ITYTD. Until then, I’m pulling all nighters to get everything else done in time. Sorry it seems like it was abandoned… It’s been difficult juggling my time.

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I know you get asked a lot about if you will finish ITYTD and I wont lie, I would love it if you would finish it. But there is one thing that I would really like to know is, how did you envision it to end?

It’s a story about love and self acceptance, overall. And about family in a way. I actually originally planned a very complicated plot for a trilogy in that universe, so to explain the overall ending would be a bit odd. It seems a bit ambitious now, so I think I should probably just get my shit together and focus on this story. But yeah, the ending deals a lot with challenging the individual characters to really examine themselves and why they chose the path they did. Sorry if it is a bit vague; I’ve been considering changing some of the ending of ITYTD for a while because I feel like some of the things I set up for the ending fall a bit flat. But I suppose readers just care more that it gets updated. I still hope it does, someday.

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if you have no intention to ever go back to writing your amazing story you should just say it instead of letting us sit here and keep on hoping that some day you might get back to it. sorry, i love the story it's just not really fair. if you are done, we should be too.

You know, I am not surprised that there are people with this opinion, and in fact, I definitely expected more of this. But to tell me that you love my story and that it’s not fair that you have to wait for a free source of entertainment isn’t very encouraging. It’s also not very nice.

Now, on top of everything else I have to deal with - moving, work, not being paid for my work, apartment problems, emotional stress from my family that lead me to crying to my supervisor because it’s literally the only support system I have right now, my graduate thesis, summer classes, bills, post-poning my graduation, etc…

…I also have to factor in that I have not written my story in over sixth months.

You love my story? Let me tell you something. I love my story. It’s part of me. It’s something that I have learned from, grown with, hoped with, cried over, and found love through. It’s also my coping mechanism. I write to relieve stress. To help find a small source of happiness through my hectic life.

I’m not writing for your attention, for followers, for popularity. I write for me and only me. I write because it’s what I love doing, and I’m sorry that my life gets in the way sometimes. A lot of the time. 

Now I don’t like excuses. I hate making excuses. And I’m not afraid of failing, but I’m not going to fail. Because I am going to finish this story, in spite of the fact that everything about asks like these makes me want to give up on the whole Brittana fandom. 

Don’t guilt trip me. I am already beating the crap out of myself for disappointing all of you, even though I’m supposed to be writing for me.  You haven’t gotten an update because for months and months the only thing ITYTD has been about is about how much the readers want a fucking update.

I want to enjoy writing. Don’t make me hate something I love. 

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whats your thesis proposal?

A girl who has no friends

(aside from her stuffed animal companion)

discovers a wishing well

that is actually a portal to the land of wishes.

Wishes take physical form as stars that grow on trees, and the girl decides to grant her own wish. Wishes are granted by releasing the stars from out of the well - her wish is for a real friend. Her dog stuffed animal can come to life in the Land of Wishes, but will return to his stuffed animal form outside of it.

In the LoW, the girl encounters strange creatures. They are all a variation of an animal + some form of container. 

A bat lantern

A bird cage

And a teapot turtle

These creatures eat the wishes, which is why not all wishes come true (they feed on ungrantable wishes). They are friendly, but when the girl goes to the wishing tree to pick her wish, she awakens an unfriendly and protective guardian of wishes.

And ultimately sacrifices her wish (and her dog) to escape from the well unharmed.

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will you ever write glee/pokemon fic? :D make it happen

Yes, I will. I recently figured out the baseline of my plot. Granted, it might change, but it’s essentially this:

Once childhood friends, Brittany, Santana, and Quinn graduate from the Pokémon Academy at odds. Santana, heir of the infamous Fire Gym of the Unova Region, sets her sights higher than merely Gym battles and chooses to pursue the ultimate goal of Pokémon Champion. Brittany, despite her parents desire for her to follow their footsteps and become a Pokémon Lab Technician, choses to become a trainer instead. Quinn has admirable goals to be a trainer, but secretly wishes to pursue fame and fortune at the Poké Star Studios. Her path is clashed with world renowned Pokémon Musical star, Rachel Berry.

Meanwhile, Team [Insert Name] is attempting to lure out the strength of a dark source of power from the cold depths of a sub-zero terrain. 

There’s more to it; part of the story takes place at the Pokémon Academy, the other half takes place during the travels of the heroes. 

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we really need ITYTD :(

Hey Valentine here

HeeBee’s sick at the moment and still busy with school work. So sorry about the lack of ITYTD at the moment, but like her health and school come first always.

Also ‘I Need a Medic’ and the ‘Knife Thrower’s Daughter’ were both updated this weekend. If you haven’t read them I highly encourage you to.

The rest of this post is to help with your need of some Brittana love.

Keep reading

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So ITYTD..how is that coming along?

Two days graduated, but I was anticipating this question sooner, lol. I’m still a bit in recovery and I had to move, but I’m feeling good about doing some writing soon. I’ll try to keep you all updated… Or not, sometimes I feel like it would be hella rad to just drop a chapter like a Beyoncé album.

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wait are you going to update ITYTD? like really? ok, I'm too happy right mow!!

Uh… Yeah… I know it’s been a while but I really just needed the time to get some other stuff squared away. I’m on vacation now, and so I’m writing a bit more. Although, I think I need to bounce some ideas back and forth with someone. That usually helps my writing. I need internet so I can get Skype running.

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Hey Heebee!!!! How goes things? Life? and what not?

Life is interesting, for a lot of reasons. I got a really cool job and I’m actually being paid really well. Getting used to my new apartment, but I haven’t bought any furniture yet because I’ve had some other expenses to pay off. Adjusting to not being a student, still, which is a surprisingly difficult thing to do - moreso I think because I still work at my school. 

Hm… A lot has been going on, and I’m not sure I wanna make a horribly lengthy post about it. Uh… I told my sister about my girlfriend? Well, about myself in general as well. That was pretty cool, I guess. She called me an idiot for being scared, but then lightened up when I started crying (good tears, mostly relief). 

Oh, I cooked a turkey? That was really cool. Do you wanna see it? I’m very proud of how it turned out. I made dinner for the RAs that couldn’t go home for Thanksgiving. Payin’ it forward, ‘cause I’ve had a lot of good things happen since I graduated. I feel like I should post pictures of things, but I also feel a little lost with tumblr lately… 

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Monochromeheartbeat, I don't know you in any sort of personal familiarity, but I do know your work and the influence you've had on this fandom. I've always been very impressed with you about both those things. Your story is by far one of the best on the Brittana market, a household name if you will, and we're blessed by it in these dark times for Brittana. You are a gift. I suppose I'm trying to say people adore your work, and you should be very proud of it. Wishing you well, Gorshenin.

I definitely know who you are, and I’m always really conflicted if I should respond to these sort of things privately or freak out publicly because I’m fangirling. Even though I haven’t read INAM, it’s on the top of my to-read list when I lift my ban from reading fanfics (I banned myself to keep myself productive, but it’s hardly worked). I hear the most wonderful things about your story.

I’m very proud of ITYTD, and thank you for such kind words, but… I feel I’m letting the fandom down because I haven’t updated in months. Still, I don’t want to dismiss your message. I’m not sure what prompted it, but it’s welcome, appreciated, and made me jump out of bed so I could add a GIF to the response. I hope you are well and that progress with your story continues to go smoothly - or if it hasn’t, that it will. I have the utmost respect for you. : ]

Also, so that you do know me in a sort of personal familiarity, you can call me HeeBee if you like. Or Heebs, heebster, hee-to-the-bee, etc. I’m 23-years-old-of-age and I really like Pokémon. Also, my um… valentine is a huge fan of your story.