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7 Years - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook X Reader - Part 13

Hey guys, how are you? Here’s the next part that you’ve all been patiently waiting for. I’m so excited to write the next parts just because I want to try something out. Be prepared for it.

Anyway, you guys do like the idea of going to Japan right? It was so spontaneous and unplanned but I personally think it’s coming out alright…

Lots of love for you all and I hope you enjoy this part! 💖

Don’t be afraid to drop a message to me whether it’s anonymous or not because I really like interacting with you all. 💗💗

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After hanging out by the koi pond, you were both told to return to your rooms and get ready for the long day that was planned the next day. After separating from Jungkook and doing as you were told, you lay in bed thinking about what the next few days had in store for you.

You were awoken the next morning by Ji Hee, explaining that you were expected to be gathered downstairs for breakfast. Dragging yourself out of your bed, you headed to the bathroom with fresh clothes and had a shower. When you stepped out of the bathroom, Ji Hee was sitting down on her bed, waiting for you.

“You’re ready right? Let’s go.” She offered you a smile which you returned with enthusiasm. You were among the few students who arrived early which allowed you to have breakfast first. Following Ji Hee, You lined up with a tray carrying two bowls, intent on getting some fresh miso soup and rice.

Setting your tray down on a table, you seated yourself across from Ji Hee and begun to dig in to your breakfast. Ji Hee silently done the same, although her eyes traveled to the other side of the room and widened a bit before returning back to their normal size.

“Looks like Jungkook just woke up…” When you heard your boyfriends name, you turned in the direction Ji Hee was looking and had to stop yourself from choking on your soup. Jungkook stood at the front of the line, arms crossed and was still adorning his pyjamas . He had mild bed hair and an old pair of iron man socks along with slippers. You whipped back around, trying to contain your snickering whilst Ji Hee let a few giggles escape her. You weren’t sure how long you spent trying to calm yourself down but a tray was suddenly slammed down next to you, causing you to let out a loud yelp.

“What’s so funny? It must be hilarious since I heard you choking on your laugh halfway across the room.” Slowly raising your eyes up to meet Jungkook’s, you shot him an innocent smile. He was scratching his cheek, eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“Nothing. Just sit down and eat.” Doing as he was told, he too began to take big spoonfuls of his miso and rice.

“So why are you all dressed up? Are you cheating on me?” He caught the joking tone laced in your voice and glanced down at himself, chewing on his rice.

“Yeah, with Jae Hyun. After we made up yesterday, he proposed to me and we’re eloping here in Japan.” His answer caught you by surprise but you soon regained your composure, trying to think of a witty comeback.

“I approve as long as me and Ji Hee are bridesmaids.” Said girl choked on her food at your proposal and her eyes snapped in Jungkook’s direction, waiting for his reply.

“Wait, you’re not going to object?” He drew his eyebrows together in confusion once again.

“I’m not the whipped one in this relationship Jungkook, you are.” Instead of arguing back, he resumed eating his breakfast and you felt immense satisfaction at your victory. Ji Hee grinned at you before mouthing something. You had no idea what she was trying to tell you and Jungkook suddenly stood from his seat, tray with empty bowls in hand.

“We are cute, aren’t we?” Ji Hee flushed pink before looking down at her food, avoiding making eye contact with Jungkook. He in turn smirked and affectionately patted your head, putting his tray away and heading back up the stairs.

“That was embarrassing…” Ji Hee’s quiet voice reached your ears and you let a delicate smile appear on your face.

“Come on, what’s more embarrassing than him coming down looking like that?”

“But he didn’t even look bad.”

“That’s beside the point.” It was at this moment where you had finished your food and stood from your seat, Ji Hee doing the same. You both returned your trays before heading back up to your room, preparing yourself for the sightseeing you would have to endure.

It’s never a school trip without a day dedicated to sightseeing.


Your class had soon gathered at the reception of the hotel and you were currently waiting for the tour bus to come collect you.  

“You did pay Jae Hyun back right?” His enthusiastic nod made you sigh in relief and you turned back to Ji Hee who you had been previously conversing with. You didn’t get a chance to continue your conversation however as your tour bus had arrived and you climbed up to the roofless upper deck, making your way to the very front. Sitting yourself down, you watched as Ji Hee sat on the other side allowing Jungkook to sit unbelievably close to you.

“Ever heard of personal space? I didn’t know you were this touchy.” He only scooted closer to you and placed his face before your own, this time purposely invading your space. From around his head you spotted Jae Hyun climbing up the stairs and you pushed Jungkook’s face to the side, calling out to him.

“Hey, Y/N… what’s up?” You offered him a polite smile and motioned to the seat beside Ji Hee.

“Sit with us. Jungkook being the only guy is so tiring.” In all honesty, you expected him to reject your offer but he instead fell into the seat you had motioned towards and smiled back at you.

“Thanks. You saved me from having awkward bus conversations.” Ji Hee giggled beside him and his smile grew wider at the delicate sound that escaped her.

Potential relationship? You hoped so. Seeing them sitting together made you realise how compatible they were despite the fact that Ji Hee was trying to surpress the crimson blush slowly spreading on her face whilst Jae Hyun took no notice, initiating a conversation between them.

“What, are you playing matchmaker now?” You returned your attention back to attention deprived Jungkook and rolled your eyes. “Are people around us not allowed to be happy?”

“I’d rather you think about yourself first.” You couldn’t stop the warm smile that spread on your face when his words left his mouth.

“That’s so sw-”

“When you’re angry you take it out on me so I think you should focus on being happy. I don’t deserve the backlash f-”

Not everything that came out of Jungkook’s mouth was sweet so you should have expected this. Glaring at him, you clenched your fist and waved it before his face.

“If you don’t shut up I’ll show you what backlash looks like.” He pressed his lips together, amusement dancing in his eyes. Of course he wasn’t being serious and neither were you, you both understood that.

Deciding against continuing your playful banter, you rested your head on his shoulder whilst he pulled his phone out to check messages.

“Tae’s begging me to ask you to bring back snacks for him too.” You began to absentmindedly play with the rips on Jungkook’s jeans.

“Why can’t you?” He began tapping at his phone, supposedly presenting Taehyung with your question. “He said he enjoys it more when it comes from you.”

That seemed like a good enough reason.

“Okay, whatever.” Jungkook replied to Taehyung with your answer and in the next few moments his phone began buzzing with multiple messages, showing how grateful and excited Taehyung was.

If anything made you happy it was Taehyungs joy over presents.


By the end of the day you were sure you had heard enough history behind the different locations that you could write an essay on each one and get a top grade. It wasn’t boring but the constant monotone droning from the middle aged tour guide had made the whole journey uncomfortable.

“Because you’ve all been great today, I’ve decided to take you to Sapporo factory as my treat. I know some of you are dying to do some shopping.” The conspicuous glance your teacher sent Hye Mi’s way had made half the class giggle. When said girl had heard the name of the popular shopping centre, she shot right out of her seat and stumbled down the stairs.

You let a smile grace your lips at the all too familiar scene. Hye Mi’s love for shopping wasn’t news to you and her actions reminded you of your younger years, when you were still friends and she wasn’t out to ruin your life.

Following in Hye Mi’s footsteps, albeit in a calmer manner, you stood beside Ji Hee. She had spent the whole tour conversing with Jae Hyun after her timidness temporarily melted away.  You gave her a knowing smirk and she placed her hands on the sides of her face, trying to hide her pink dusted cheeks.

“So… how was the tour. What did you think of that last place?” Her mouth opened and closed, trying to find a suitable answer to give.

“It was very… pretty.” This caused you to raise an eyebrow and your smirk grew, if that was possible.

“The fish market was pretty?” Eyes widening, she began to stutter before looking in Jae Hyun’s direction and then back at you.

“Y-yes. There were loads of different fish.”

“Oh, I know. I saw them. But what about you? You seemed really busy with your deep conversation with Jae Hyun.” That seemed to be the final straw for Ji Hee and she squealed before leaping at you and burying her face into your shoulder.

“Stooop! I get it, I know what you’re thinking!” Ruffling her hair, you chose to stop playing around with her and took a step back.

“I wasn’t thinking anything. Oh look, Jae Hyun is coming. You guys should do some shopping together.” Using that as your cue to leave, you jogged to Jungkook and grabbed his hand in yours dragging him towards the centre of the group.

“I want you all back here in an hour and a half. No later than that. Is that clear?” A chorus of yeses was heard and everyone immediately set out on their ways.

“I need to get the snacks out of the way otherwise I’ll forget. What do you want to buy?” Jungkook shrugged his shoulders and looked off into the distance. His eyes suddenly grew big and he pointed in the direction he was looking at.

“A new pair of Timberlands.”

You should have expected as much. Allowing him to drag you to the shoe shop he had pointed out, you sat and waited for him to pay for his new Timberlands. You really should have stopped him but the excitement he was showing was too special to ruin. After he was done, you made your way to the supermarket across from the shop and purchased enough snacks to feed even Jin for a good few weeks and that was saying a lot.

“We still have time. What do you want to do?” Glancing down at your watch, you noted that you still had a little over half an hour left.

“I guess we could go do some clothes shopping.” Jungkook didn’t protest which you took as his approval and you headed towards a small but chic shop.

Something immediately caught Jungkook’s eye and he made a beeline straight for a clothing rack. He pulled out an article of clothing before turning his head in the other direction and heading for another rack. Searching through the different tops, he then pulled out another item before strolling back to you.

“Here, I know these will look great on you.” You stared at the beige wide leg shorts he was holding in one hand and the white off the shoulder ruffle top he had in the other. The warm feeling that splashed your cheeks was not new to you and you already knew there was no way to to prevent the red taking over your face. You had to give it to him, he really knew how to style clothes.

He began to guide you towards the checkout when you had taken both from him and the cashier greeted you warmly. Whilst she was scanning the clothes and folding them, you glanced at the items displayed at the desk. Catching sight of a pair of round glasses, you gently pulled them from the rack they rested in and held them towards Jungkook’s face.

“You’d look cute in these.”

“I think the word you’re looking for is handsome.” He took them from you and inspected them before putting the glasses on. You managed to choke back a squeal before it escaped you.

“Actually you do look handsome in them.”

Removing them from his face, you placed it on the desk and the cashier scanned them. After reading the total cost, you paid her with your newly exchanged money and left the shop, Jungkook following close behind. He stuck his hand in the bag and pulled out the glasses, putting them on once again.

“I like them. Thank you, Y/N.” he placed a sweet kiss to the side of your head before taking some of your bags from you.

“It’s okay Kookie, I’m gla- hey why are you taking the bags with food? Jungkook, don’t open those, they’re for Tae!” He ran ahead of you and you jogged to catch up with him, readying yourself for the chase he had just started.

You wanted to be mad at him but you’re not sure if you can stay angry at him while he is wearing those glasses because, if anything, it took the meaning of stunning to another level and you were definitely not mentally prepared for that.


Ryan, you’re Luke Skywalker. You’re battling Greg, who’s Darth Vader. When space adventurer Lando Calrissian, Wayne, comes in to help. Colin keeps entering as other Star Wars characters.
The trick is, every time they speak they have to use these exact number of words. Greg, you can only and always have to use 2 words, Colin you always have to use 3 words, Ryan you always have to use 4 words, Wayne you always have to use 5 words.


The Culprit

Kouta (Kindaichi) 
The culprit
was Kaito.


But also…
I’m gonna pretend I didn’t read that “tee hee pero.” 

Their Line texts read

Kaito: Kouta-san, the culprit for those Yahaba cup photos was me (lol)
Kouta: It was you?
Kaito: Tee hee pero*

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

*pero is the sound effect used for when someone sticks their tongue out playfully.

anonymous asked:

HOW WAS STREETCAR? Did you meet GA? Hope you had fun!

I did have fun! Felt good, felt organic. Thank you. :) (Someday I’ll be tired of that. Today is not that day.)

I don’t have a huge write-up to do. Ismat did a much better one. I loved the play. I had seen it in the movie theater, and I was moved by it, but it was WAAAAYYY more intense in person. I caught myself with my mouth hanging open several times (and not JUST because, truly, Gillian’s boobs are a wonder). And…we were in the front row, so it was fucking weird because like, I’m watching this drama play out and engrossed as fuck in it, and then like, I feel like I have to pull my feet in because I don’t want Stanley to trip over me. I did that any time any of the actors walked by, which was often. THAT SHIT WAS CLOSE. I’m still stunned by that. 

And, you know, the stage revolves, so a couple of times, there was Gillian Anderson, as Blanche (EDIT: ARGH I CALLED HER STELLA AGAIN, BRAIN TOO SMALL), doing a scene, three feet from my face. I was both inside of and outside of the moment. It was very surreal. In particular the one that a lot of played out RIGHT in front of us was when she’s talking to Mitch at the front door, with the stuffed tiger. Like, she was right there. Right there. And she was Blanche, but then she was also Gillian Anderson whaaaaaatttt. It was overwhelming. 

I thought everyone was great. Honestly I really liked the kid who played the…kid, that Blanche inappropriately kisses. He just hit the perfect note of kind of awed and wowed and also bewildered and freaked out and trying to cover all those feelings with politeness and basically the living embodiment of the “mark me down as scared and horny” gif. I was joking that that kid is Tumblr. :) How about being a teenage boy (or however old he really is) and having it be your job to have Gillian Anderson kiss you on the lips every night? Man. 

But aside from that, I really think Ben Foster is FANTASTIC in this. The way he does the role, he does it with this kind of tense, loud sarcasm, almost like he’s playing to an (imaginary) (or is it) audience, and I find it chilling. Just the way he talks to her with this fake-chipper weariness that covers barely restrained fury. I think it was Ismat who said when we were talking about it, we’ve all known someone like this. It’s so true. 

And I think Vanessa Kirby is great too. The only time I cried watching it the first time (in the movie theater) was when she’s crying at the end as Blanche is being taken away, and I got teary at it again here. Stella’s such a heartbreaking character because she just wants everything to be OK, but she’s also carrying such a burden of having to walk so many tricky lines to keep it that way. I like what she does with it. 

Um, let’s see. There were no technical mishaps that I was aware of, except maybe that pretty much no water came out of the shower at the end and I feel like normally her hair is supposed to get a lot wetter. She got a standing ovation at the end and it she was lovely and smiley and it was wonderful. It was a pleasure to clap hard for her while staring directly at her face, not that far away from me, and hope she could feel my love and everyone else’s too.

I was reading one of those interviews recently where Gillian talks about wanting to do the play with a revolving stage that’s in the middle of the audience, because of the claustrophobic nature of them all being trapped in the two rooms (and, I’m sure, the voyeuristic compulsion to watch people’s dramas be played out and be horrified but also take pleasure in it). I was thinking about that a lot while watching it. I’m glad she held out for a theater that could do it that way. 

So if anyone wants to hear about our experience meeting Gillian, Ismat did mostly cover it, but I’ll throw in my angle too. We waited for her to come out and they had us line up near the bar, and then Gillian poked her head out of the box-office window and yelled out to the crowd that she was selling hamburgers. Hee. Then the line moved VERY fast – I have many thoughts on this but I’ll save them for another time, but while I’m sorry the organizing at the theater-management level is necessary I think it’s definitely the right call – and we were near the front so I barely had time to freak out. I had her sign my program; she said “How are you?” and I said “I’m totally drained after watching that; I can’t imagine how drained YOU are” and she kind of laughed and said “oh…I’m fine” and it was very cute. She was very smiley and friendly. Then I just thanked her and told her that the show was fantastic and she thanked me and was very nice. Then I moved on and twirled for a while. She was lovely and it was lovely. :)

I’m feeling very un-eloquent (ineloquent? See, I told you) tonight, so I’m sorry if this is disappointing. I got to hang out with friends this week, some friends I’ve known for a good 15 years or so, and some I’ve known for a lot shorter. It was pretty damn great, and it’s always sad to have that real-life connection for a few short hours or days and then have it be gone again. Fandom friendships – or, friendships originating in fandom – have meant so much to me in my life, and this week was no exception. :)