hi everyone!! so i figured i’d make this little list of all of miguel’s songs that mention, relate, or allude to sexuality for anyone who’s sex-repulsed or just uncomfortable with sex but still want to listen to his music. or if u just want to listen to all of his sexual songs… it’s up to the individual… hee

a few of these mention sex very briefly, i know, but i also know that some people don’t want to hear about sex at all, so.

anyway this list might (screw “might,” more like “DEFINITELY”) get long SO i’m putting it under a readmore.

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Random cute thing: I’m an inch taller than manperson.

I’ve always been pretty self conscious about being tall, big boned and a little tubby. ‘cause the stereotype is guys want a petite girl, right? Someone shorter and thinner, someone they can easily pick up in their arms, right?

I’d settled for not ever being able to have that.

And yeah, I’m slightly taller, but he actually likes that. Several times while he was here we’d be hugging and he’d go “hee. So tall. I like it.”

Also? He can lift me no problem. I weigh over 100 kg, and he can lift me just like that. <3

Hee. I was just looking at planetary correspondences for the tree of life… saw some put Pluto in Kether… and lets see… here on my tree I call the first sphere “Chaos”. Guess that would mean the planet would be Eris. Eris displaces Pluto. Nice. ;-)