Hedy Lamar, not only do I think she’s the most beautiful woman to grace the silver screen..she was also bisexual.

Oh and did I mention a genius? She had it all.

At the beginning of World War II, Lamarr and composer George Antheil developed a radio guidance system for Allied torpedoes, which used spread spectrum and frequency hopping technology to defeat the threat of jamming by the Axis powers.[6] Though the US Navy did not adopt the technology until the 1960s, the principles of their work are now incorporated into modern Wi-Fi, CDMA and Bluetooth technology,[7][8][9] and this work led to their being inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2014.[6][10]

“I was getting along in my thirties. In the industry, these were the suicide years. So many actresses attempted suicide as they approached forty. Why? I suppose for many reasons. Speaking for myself, I was beginning to get tired. Really physically tired. The emotional strain, plus the hours and the pressures, were taking their toll.” - <b>Hedy Lamarr