this is got-that1d's 12,000th post

i just thought i would take the time to thank you all for following got-that1d this blog means the world to me.(you can tell because i like live on here) i mean it when i say i love you all 

i am also going to take the time to say a special thank you to the people that have become friends because of the blog. 

  1. 1ddaily-updates.tumblr.com: Nicki and Crystal have hands down become my really good friends, and have welcomed me on their blog and i love them for that and so much more. 
  2. ifidieyoungwouldyoucare.tumblr.com: there are no words for this girl but thank you sarah for being a good friend i love you!!! 
  3. ohitsallen.tumblr.com: Allen is one of the best people and runs one of my favorite blogs. so if you don’t follow him do it now!!! LOVE ALLEN!!! 
  4. onedfashion.tumblr.com/ontherightdirection Nico what do i even say about Nico. because he is probably one of my favorite people in this world i love him and his blogs are flawless. 
  5. hedoesntbelieveinlove.tumblr.com jose i think you all know i love jose 
  6. paynerspenis.tumblr.com: this blog has just murderd me we both love liam. she s everything go follow. hey i just followed you but here’s a promo reblog me maybe. 

this is a small list of a long list of the people that has made me love this blog more and more. so thank you to my friends and thank you to the followers that i don’t know. i want to know you all msg me and maybe next time i do this you will be on it. 

i love you thank you for following xoxo –chris