An ask I just made for moepseudoroids, although it’ll have to wait to be published until all the mods are ready for a very daunting anon magic (which turned Hedgeshock into a shota and both Buckfire and Purprill into their normal pseudoroid selves (or was it animal versions?), and that’s a bit hard for my comerads to draw, so it’ll take a while uvu ).

Hedgeshock’s asks won’t be published until later, as she is on a break (because most asks were directed at her), but feel free to ask Buckfire or Purpril a ton of questions! They need it!

Or you can ask to join as another pseudoroid from the zx or zxa series!

Sorry for the plugs but the ZX series is very unpopular, which makes it hard to run a blog such as this eve