the signs as underrated animated films

Aries -  Meet The Robinsons

Taurus - Treasure Planet

Gemini - The Black Cauldron

Cancer -  The Iron Giant

Leo - The Road to El Dorado

Virgo - Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Libra - Brother Bear

Scorpio - The Rescuers Down Under

Sagittarius - Anastasia

Capricorn - Balto

Aquarius - Ferngully

Pisces - Oliver & Company

how to make a dreamcatcher mobile🌟

ok so first off your going to need a few things 




-crystal chips (optional, but highly suggested)

1st step: make a circle out of sticks

step 2: dress it up and glue it together

step 3: for those long strings that come down i made some that are just crystals with strings like this 

or i would add sticks to it like this

basically all i did for those was i got some string, tied a knot at the bottom, and glued it on to the crystal chips

step 4: design the circle of sticks any way you like

and i added a tigers eye in the middle

step 5: put it all together!

and then your done! have fun my little witches (I know a lot of you know that I changed the name of this post a few times to appease some of you, but I decided to change it back because frankly making a piece of art respecting the land I was born on (Canada) and incorporating witchcraft into it is not cultural appropriation)

Friendly little witch tip! 🌿

Listen up witches! I know it sucks ass to clean your room but you gotta do it man, it may seem that it takes a lot of energy and time but as soon as you do you will have so much energy to finish up all the other crap you’ve had to get done.


These are the two air plant babies I just got from Lowe’s. They’ve perked up a lot since I brought them home. They weren’t in the best of conditions and were really in need of some water. The little containers they were in were also full of glue??? So I cleaned them up and put them in these adorable little jars I snagged on clearance 🌿💖✨

🔮Shoutout to my underaged witches who can’t afford to let other people know about them.
🔮Shoutout to the people who picked up a book one day and decided to call themselves a witch.
🔮Shoutout to the witches who started learning from a young age and didn’t give up even when people told you to.
🔮Shoutout to the witches who were told they were invalid and yet are still witches.
🔮Shoutout to the people supporting witches of any age, gender, race, sexuality, size, or shape.
🔮Shoutout to the witches that do stuff on their own terms.
🔮Shoutout to the witches who don’t want to be defined for just what they practice and believe in.

You. Are. Valid. No matter what ANYONE may say against it.

I just hope this gives people having a hard time accepting themselves as a witch a little more hope. It doesn’t matter what you do or what you did to get you here, you are an important witch and I love you. -Max

🌑New Moon Tarot Spread🌑

This spread is designed to help y'all with your manifesting on the New Moon, or you know, whatever transitions and such you’re hoping to achieve. This spread works fine with tarot and oracle cards. I hope this is helpful to some of you and please enjoy! 

The First Card - This is where you currently are, what’s going on for you in the present moment. Recognize this energy and decide if it’s useful for your manifesting stuff. Do you need to shift or change something?

The Second Card - This card is meant to give you an idea of what mental shifts you should be making to help your manifestations come about, or what new mental outlook you hope to have!

The Third Card - This is a little reminder of your spiritual gifts and abilities, it’s something positive to say about yourself. It can also represent some new spiritual stuff to call into your life.

The Fourth Card - This is something you can totally manifest this new moon with a bit of help from the universe. This is meant to come about in the next few weeks!!

The Fifth Card - This is a card that represents something you need to ask for help with. Ask people around you for a hand, or get connected with your spiritual team to really make this one happen. You can’t do it alone, and you don’t have to! This could also be about a block you have with receiving this thing, so get that looked at.

The Sixth Card -  This is the long term potential of what you’re manifesting this new moon. It represents what is possible in the next moon cycle or even more if that’s what you wish to see!