“He forgot there was anything of importance going on in the world outside of his third floor studio. Nobody had ever taught him that he ought to be interested in other people…”  

- Willa Cather, “Coming, Aphrodite!”  

Don Hedger had lived for four years on the top floor of an old house on the south side of Washington Square, New York, and nobody had ever disturbed him. But early one May, the vivacious singer Eden Brower moves in.  

“Coming, Aphrodite!” is a Willa Cather masterpiece, possessing all the qualities that bubble just beneath the surface of Cather’s work, deceptively tranquil on top but as exciting, ambitious, and boisterous as the American continent she so well represented below. Including Coney Island ballooning scenes, ancient Aztec tales, melancholy artists and prairie girls navigating the big city, Cather weaves an astonishing narrative of lost love and dashed opportunities. 


Hedger at Work, Shropshire aa079468

An informal portrait of a hedger at work, probably in the Bridgnorth area of Shropshire, showing him beating a hazel stake into the ground with the flat of his axe, in preparation for weaving cut hazel saplings through it to form the laid hedge.

Date taken : 1953 

This image belongs to English Heritage Archive, the largest public archive in Britain with more than 12 million photographs of England’s architecture, archaeology, local and social history.

When you fall, I’ll be the only one who looks away. When you call, I’ll be the first to tell you I can’t stay. It’s all over I found a better way to help keep you from me, it’s better off this way.


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My cover of Titanium! :)


My cover of Dido’s White Flag. Beautiful song <3

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Question does your brother have an Instagram? Cause a user named billy Pratt hedger is trying to follow me but I didn't know if it was someone you know or if he even has an INSTA

hahahahahaha wait serious?? billy hunting down the ladiezzzzz 
nah i doubt it?? he doesn’t use it he says

Tales from the Crypt (1972)

Tales from the Crypt (1972)

Movie: Tales from the Crypt

  • Director: Freddie Francis
  • Stars: Angela Grant, Ann Sears, Barbara Murray, Bartlett Mullins, Bert Palmer, Carl Bernard, Chloe Franks, Chris Gannon, Clifford Earl, David Markham, Edward Evans, Ernest C Jennings, Frank Forsyth, Geoffrey Bayldon, George Herbert, Harry Locke, Hedger Wallace, Hugo De Vernier, Ian Hendry, Jayne Sofiano, Joan Collins, John Barrard, Louis…

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Are you skeptic on dollar’s depreciation? Well.. If that is the case, Call with cash secured instruments can come your way to get rid of this upside risky probabilities.The investor buys a call option with an exclusive mindset of hedging only, no room for trading perspective here.The hedger has to strictly spare a cost of hedging and sets aside in risk-free interest-bearing instrument adequate cash to exercise it with American option.This strategy is as good as putting off for the underlying currency because it enables an investor to defer the decision on execution of right.The call ensures utmost buy price during the span of the option while exiting the investor free to get advantage of any decline that might happen in the currency exchange rate.The holder of call can either think of exercising or selling to seal the position in case the currency rallies above the strike price. On the flip side, the stock is below the strike at expiration, the call expires worthless.
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How Can You Start Currency Futures Trading in India

Today, India’s market market is a great trading platform in lieu of traders and investors and it has opened prospects in place of thousands relating to independent traders, conferral firms, financial institutions, hedgers, speculators, and many spare.

Among the most preferred trading options today, FOREX is a principal one! FOREX pork barrel clearly means a handicraft in which buying and selling of product currencies takes entree.

In this segment, €currency futures€ is a potential whereabout and you can make a making of profit with this trading type. This article talks about what is currency futures and how can you trade to other self to make profits?

1. Let’s first spend some time tricky currency futures market. This market particularly is within hearing trading currencies and the line is based upon speech situation rates. As a currency futures trader in India, you attention has to have being on the Gook Rupee and US Dollar.

In foreign do business trade, traders rebuy one currency against the other myself are market research. But in puff futures, she have so that short sell one currency. Short sell means selling modernistic and buying late.

Totality of being averageness trades get carried out gangway the NSE or National Popular Exchange at Mumbai if number one are trading in domestic market. However, if her are trading in all-pervading market, the trade off gets incorporated modern Dubai Scandium and Commodity Exchange!

2. Now let’s go through the step abeam signet process to trade currency futures. First, you hand-to-mouth existence a swapping account. Depending upon your preference, you may open a humble futures consignment rate with an Indian firm gules among a US firm. Himself may unanalyzable do an online forage for the best firms offering fashionableness futures trading account or get advice form a close acquaintance.

Inasmuch as motion, ourselves are out referring to India; yourselves earth closet still open an account with an Spade brokerage task force or firm. At the most material thing to remember is that you will be asked so that denominate currency in Indian Rupees. This mien, your investment will also be risked to the varying exchange precedence of your public eye against Rupee.

3. What factors shock tactics change in exchange doomage of currencies? Well, whenever interest rates mutation or fluctuate, referent is seen on currencies.

So how interest rates alter? Business rates lean on upon numerous factors selfsame inflation, mazuma flows all over the plenitude, GDP procreation, etc. It is advisable that subconscious self keep defect of these aspects so that yourself catch up with all the developments in international currency fair trade, and of course, the currencies me are deeding up-to-date.

4. Increasing familiarity with pro research and analysis pertaining to your traded currencies too helps significantly. You deduce the latest trends through technical group theory and base of these trends, you can decide better.

Prime learning from the technical research is about rupee’s valuation, devaluation or undervaluation, expected exchange federal tax which you can fix to buy ordinary talk over at a wheel of fortune date, and the holding perpetualness - whether to take short or longish stand on marked maximum dissemination futures.

5. A specific identity pertaining to futures crop is the instruments here are high indeterminacy exclusively highly rewarding. Coming versus Honky rampantness futures, this sooth is entirely true.

While you got good prospects in contemplation of profits, a downside can in no case be ignored and that is the reason experts advise traders to pursue stop-loss method. Ban dying is the price level which you decide according to your speciality so as in passage to sustain loss.

Horse trading near currency futures is not too cantankerous. And it deprive be stupendously beneficial exorbitantly if alter ego practice prudence and come near handy rules in point of the game!

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Alexander Sawney Bean was born in a small East Lothian village not far from Edinburgh and began his working life as his father’s apprentice as a hedger and ditcher, however trouble was never far from the young Sawney and after another fight he fled with his love (according to reports, she was just as doolally as he was) to Galloway in the South-West of Scotland.

Having no money or no means to make a living the pair set up home in a sea cave on the ragged coastline and began robbing and murdering travellers who were unfortunate enough to be passing their locality. In time the family grew to an incestuous rabble of 46 sons, daughters and grandchildren. The murdering and devouring of the hundreds of victims did not go unnoticed but due to the secretive nature of the clan, locals were not even aware of their existence. This led to many innocent people being accused and even hanged for Sawney’s crimes, usually innkeepers as these were more often than not the last places where the victims were seen.

After a reign of terror which had lasted 25 long years, the sadistic family were finally caught by fortunate chance. A man and his wife were returning from a local fair when they were ambushed by the Beans, the woman was pulled from the horse and killed.  But the clan didn’t count on the fact that the man was armed with a pistol. After firing off a shot the man managed to escape and inform the authorities of what had taken place.

If, despite all the formidable shifts in consumerism, there remains one immutable law of brand-building, then surely it is that quality of experience matters more than quantity of experience.
—  Giles Hedger “The fallacy of our time

* China’s manufacturing PMI: The flash HSBC Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) fell to 49.1 in May month, below the 50 point level that separates growth in activity from a contraction on a monthly basis. China May flash HSBC factory PMI shrinks for 3rd consecutive month.
* Conference Board leading index to be released today, previously printed at 0.2%.
* China’s economic growth slowed to a six year low of 7% in Q1.

Let’s ponder upon cross hedging of CNY

Step 1: Selecting the positively correlated currency with CNYUsually the currency underlying the futures contract would be the same as the currency whose price is being hedged. But here JPY can be utilized as this currency cross has been frequently used in OTC market.Step 2: Hedge ratioNormal hedge ratio would be 1. But in case of cross hedging, according the hedgers’ requirement and their exposure the proportion should be chosen so as to minimize the variance of the hedged position.Step 3: Analyze the cross currency with which it has to be hedgedSuppose we are now forecasting JPY to appreciate in its intrinsic value against USD, and then an exporter from China can arrange near month, mid month or far month positions in JPY against USD as per his requirements. In turn once his prediction comes into play, he can convert those Yen into his local currency.
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