courtneyosgan  asked:

I am having sooo much trouble with my hedgehog at bath time. He is terrified of the water and I feel so awful. Any tips on making him more relaxed and comfortable with bath time?

I’d say 95% of hedgehogs hate bath time. They will desperately try to climb out of the sink and give you the look of “why? I trusted you! How could you?” And then proceed to pout for the rest of the day.

  • Try and make bath time short and rewarding for him (giving him some treats).
  • Avoid getting soap/water around his face. I know my hedgehog hates that the most.
  • Avoid giving him a full bath workup, only doing so if he really needs it. Foot baths with just a shallow amount of water will get you very far.
  • Skip the soap unless you really need it.

In my opinion, hedgehogs are also the biggest drama queens in the animal kingdom. From my experience, the bath time ‘protest’ is just them throwing a tantrum equivalent to that of a human child. You gotta do what you gotta do. That includes bath time. He’s gonna have to deal with it.



Pusuke used growl! It’s not very effective…
Shaymin used attract! It’s super effective!